Fifth Report of the Botany Committee

Trans. Devon. Assoc., vol.   45, (1913), pp. 117-126.


W.P. Hiern. (Ed.)

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Committee’s Fifth Report was presented at the Association’s Buckfastleigh meeting, 23rd July, 1913. Botony refers to the scientific study of the physiology, structure, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification, and economic importance of plants. The Association’s Botany Section was founded in 1908 to promote the study and enjoyment of Devon's wild plants, including bryophytes (mosses), lichens and fungi. Their Report can be found in a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal that can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Committee Members.

Miss Rose E. Carr-Smith,
The Hon. Mrs. Colborne,
Sir Alfred Croft,
Miss C. E. Larter,
Mr. C. H. Laycock,
Dr. H. G. Peacock,
Miss C. L. Peck,
Dr. A. B. Prowse,
Miss Helen Saunders,
Mr. A. Sharland,
Mr. T. Wainwright,
Mr. W. P. Hiern (Secretary)


Acharius, Erik120
Allioni, Carlo120
Armstrong, E.F117, 120
Armstrong, H.E117, 120
Ascherson, Paul Friedrich August125
Asher, William Willard120
Beauverie, Jean120
Bell-Irvine, Mrs122-3
Benthall, Rev C.F122
Bernhardi, Johann Jacob126
Bory, Jean Baptiste, de Saint-Vincent122
Brent, Francis126
Brokenshire, Mr F.A118
Brown, Robert125
Buchenau, Franz Georg Philipp122
Candolle, Augustin Pyramus de125
Carr-Smith, Miss121-2
Crantz, Heinrich Johann Nepomuk von120, 124-5
Curtis, William120
Donn, James121
Druce, Mr118, 122
Dunn, T.S125
Ehrhart, Jacob Friedrich123
Focke, Wilhelm Olbers118
Foucaud, Julien124
Fries, Elias Magnus123
Gærtner, Joseph120
Gay, Claude120
Genevier, Léon Gaston125
Gray, S.F124
Harvey, Rev H.H118
Haworth, Adrian Hardy121
Hayne, Friedrich Gottlob119-20
Hicking, Mr J118
Hoffmann, Georg Franz123
Hoppe, David Heinrich120
Horton, E117, 120
Hudson, William124
Ingham, Mr W.H123
Kersten, Otto120
Kitaibel, Pàl119, 121-2
Klebs, Georg Albrecht123
Kützing, Friedrich Traugott118-20, 125
Larter, Miss117-8, 121-3
Lea, Mr T122
L’Heritier, Charles Louis, de Brutelle
Léssing, Christian Friedrich123
Lindberg, Sextus Otto123
Luscombe, Ellen125
Mackenzie, F120
Marshall, E.S125
Mill, Phillip120-1, 124
Moss, Charles Edward122
Müller, P.J118, 120
Nylander, Wilhelm118
Peacock, Mr H.G120, 123
Peck, Miss120
Persoon, Christiaan Hendrick121
Philippi, Rudolfo Amando123
Quélet, Lucien123
Rogers, Mr119, 125-6
Roth, Albrecht Wilhelm120-1
Rouy, Georges124
Royle, John Forbes120
Russow, Edmund August Friedrich123
Saunders, Miss H119
Schott, Heinrich Wilhelm118
Schreber, Johann Christian Daniel von120
Schultz, Carl Friedrich121
Scopoli, Giovanni Antonio120, 124
Scott, M.M122
Sharland, Mr A120
Smith, James Edward124
Sonder, Otto Wilhelm120
Stenton, R122
Swanton, E.W121-2, 124
Trinius, Carl Bernhard von120
Tulk, Miss124
Unger, Franz Joseph Andreas Nicolaus121
Wainwright, Mr T117
Waldstein, Franz de Paula Adam von119, 121
Warnstorf, Carl Firedrich123
Weihe, Carl Ernst August120
Wettstein, Richard122
Willdenau, Carl Ludwig von118
Williams, F.N125
Wilson, William M123
Wood, William124
Young, Dr T118