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Transcribed by Lindsey Withers

SOUTH MOLTON is a market and corporate town and parish, giving name to the hundred in which it lies; 181 miles W. by S. from London, and 27 N. W. by N. from Exeter; pleasantly situated on the western bank of the beautiful river Mole, which falls into the Taw about six miles to the south. This stream, from which the town derives its name, is available in propelling the machinery of mills in the manufacture of woollen goods, as also to the turning of several grist mills. The river is crossed by a new bridge of one arch, the old one of three having been destroyed by a storm in the month of October, 1841. The town received a charter from Queen Elizabeth, which was confirmed and enlarged by Charles II. The municipal government of the town, as regulated by the new act, is vested in a mayor, four aldermen, and twelve councillors, under the style of the 'mayor and burgesses of the borough and parish of South Molton.' In the guildhall, which is a commodious building of Portland stone, are held the general quarter sessions for the town and borough. A new and convenient prison for felons has been recently erected, and a market-house for corn; in the latter are held meetings for general purposes. Some other important improvements have been effected in the town, amongst which is lighting it with gas, and new-flagging the footways of the principal streets.
The parish church, which is situated at the north of the market-place, is a very fine Gothic structure; the cemetery in which it stands is also much admired; the living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the dean and canons of Windsor. The other places of worship are for Independents and Wesleyan Methodists, and one for Baptists is in course of erection. Here is a public school for teaching boys writing and arithmetic, endowed by the late Hugh Squire, esq., of Westminster; and another, called 'the Blue-coat School', for the education and clothing of seventy poor children of either sex. The vicinity of Molton boasts many beautiful prospects, and some fine elevations, commanding luxuriant views, enriched by some noble seats: amongst others, 'Castle Hill,' the charming seat of the Earl Fortescue: the house is a noble edifice, surrounded by a fine park. At Warkleigh, in the neighbourhood, has been erected a new rectory house, for the Rev. W. Thorold; it is a beautiful specimen of the Tudor style, and reflects considerable credit upon the architect, Mr George Abbott, of Barnstaple. The weekly markets are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 'Great Markets' are held on the first Saturdays after the 12th February and the 25th March; and the Saturdays before the 23rd April, 1st August, 10th October, and 12th December. The fairs are on the Wednesday before the 22nd June, and the Wednesday next after the 26th of August. The parish contained in 1831, 3,826 inhabitants, and, in 1841, 4, 274.
NORTH MOLTON, in the hundred of South Molton, is a village about three miles from the town of that name, and derives its appellative, 'North', from its locality on the river Mole. Serges, and some other woollen goods of inferior fabrics, are the only manufactures of this place. There were formerly some extensive mines of copper, iron, and manganese; but they have long ceased to be worked, although not exhausted. The parish church of All Saints, and a chapel for Wesleyan Methodists, are the buildings here for divine worship. There are six alms-houses for poor families, endowed by the Earl of Morley, who is the patron of the church living here. The Right Hon. Lord Poltimore is lord of the manor, and holds a manorial court annually. Fairs, the 1st Tuesday after 11th May, and November 12th. Population of the parish in 1831, 1,937; in 1841, 2, 121.

   POST OFFICE, East-street, SOUTH MOLTON, John Thomas, Post Master - Letters from LONDON, EXETER, PLYMOUTH, CORNWALL and all parts of the South and East arrive every morning at half-past seven, and are despatched every evening at half-past six. - Letters from BARNSTAPLE, BIDEFORD, &c. arrive every morning at half-past seven and evening at half-past six, and are despatched every morning at half-past seven and afternoon at half-past five.
   Letters from BRISTOL and the North arrive every afternoon at half-past five, and are despatched every morning at half-past seven. - Letters from CHUMLEIGH arrive (by horse post) every afternoon at half-past five, and are despatched every morning at eight.

Acland Thos. Palmer, esq. Little Bray
Bawden Humphrey John Norris, esq. (magistrate), South st.
Bawden Rev. Joshua, South st.
Bennett Rev. Edwd. Chittlehamholt
Binford William, esq. (magistrate), Broad street
Blackmore Rev. Richard, Charles
Bond Rev. John Hamilton, Romansleigh
Burdett Rev. William, Parsonage, North Molton
Bury the Misses, Parsonage lane
Chichester, ___, esq. the Hall, Chittlehampton
Chichester Rev. R. W. Chittlehampton
Clarke Rev. Theophilus, Ivy Lodge
Ebrington the Right Hon. Viscount, M.P. Castle Hill
Fortescue the Right Hon. Earl, Castle Hill
Frowde Rev. John, Knowstone
Gould Rev. James, George Nympton
Hodkin Mrs. Charlotte, South st.
Hole William, esq. Church yard
Hutton Rev. Henry, Filleigh
Hutton Rev. Henry John, West Buckland
Johnson Mrs. Mary, South st.
Karslake Rev. William H. Meshaw
Knapman Capt. Wm. Stevens, South st.
Knight Frederick Wynn, esq. M.P. Simon's Bath
Maitland Rev. Thomas Henry, Parsonage House
Melhuish Rev. Charles, High Bray
Newton Rev. Edward, East st.
Nott Mrs. Mary, East st.
Paramore Mr. William, East st.
Passmore Rev. Hugh, East st.
Penney R. P. G. esq. King's Nympton
Rolle Miss ____, Chittlehampton
Scott Gilbert, esq. Cockerham
Southcomb Rev. Edmund, Rose Ash
Southcomb Mrs. Susannah, East st.
Tanner James, esq. King's Nympton
Thorn Rev. Wm. Grulstone House
Thorne Rev. Jos. Bishop's Nympton
Woolcott Mr. William, Paradise

BLUE COAT SCHOOL, Church yard - John Warren, master
FREE SCHOOL, East street - John Walters, master
Hulland Mary (day) South st
INFANTS' SCHOOL, North Molton - Mary Cann, mistress
Melton Mary & Elizabeth (boarding), East street
NATIONAL SCHOOL, near the Church - Mary Ann Hazel, mistress
NATIONAL SCHOOL, North Molton - William Cann, master
Rossiter William (boarding and day), Paradise
Saunders Sarah (boarding), Paradise
Stanbury Eliza (boarding and day), Barnstaple street
Webber John (day), South st

Gillard Edward Knight, Church lane
Pearse & Son, Broad st
Pearse John gilberd (& town clerk), Broad street
Riccard & Son, Church yard
Riccard Russell Martin (and clerk of the peace), Church lane
Shapland John Terrell, Broad st.

Dobbs James, East st
Manning Andrew, Broad st
Skardon James Chas. Barnstaple st

Bowden John, Cooke's cross
Chapple John, East st
Clark Richard, Barnstaple st
Latey James, East st
Marles William, South st
Rowcliffe William, Barnstaple st
Tozer Thomas, East st
Vernon James, South st
Vicary Thomas, Barnstaple st
Webb John, Exeter Inn yard

NATIONAL & PROVINCIAL BANK ON ENGLAND, Broad st - (draws on the London & Westminster Bank) - John Longworth Dames, manager
SAVINGS' BANK (Branch of Devon and Exeter), Church lane - (open daily) - Edw. Knight Gillard, agent

Berry George, South st
Berry George, jun. East st
Bulled John, Cooke's cross
Kingsland Robert, Barnstaple st

Bird Peter, North Molton
Bird Thomas, North Molton
Buzzacott Henry (white) East st
Comins James (white) King st
Gough William, North Molton
Griffiths Charles, Broad st
Harris John, Back lane
Holmes John, Barnstaple st
Moor Richard, South st
Oliver William, East st
Sage James, East st
Sage James, East st
Smith John, North Molton
Snow George, South st
Tepper Thomas (white) Duke st

Dunn Bickham, Broad st
Searle John, King st
Tepper Amos, Broad st

Adams James, Duke st
Aggott James, South st
Bird John, North Molton
Bird Robert, North Molton
Chapple Charles, Barnstaple st
Cock George, South st
Drake Thomas, East st
Frayne John, North Molton
Howe William, North Molton
Hulland William, South st
Huxtable William, East st
Mairs John, Barnstaple st
Mairs Thomas, East st
Nott John, Cooke's cross
Nutt William, East st
Thomas John, East st
Thorne William, North Molton
Widgery William, East swt

Baker William, South st
Cock George, South st
Cole William, East st
Dunn Robert, Barnstaple st
Fuke Richard, East st
Hawkes Henry, South st
Hill Edward, East st
Hill John,m South st
Quantock Samuel, South st
Smaldon James, Barnstaple st
Widgery John, Town's end

Hacche John, Cooke's cross
Hunt John, South st
Oram William, Broad st
Snow Robert, King st

Bates George, South st
Oram William, Broad st
Pearce John, East st

Dunn Henry, Broad st
Paige John Allen, Queen st
Tanner John, Broad st

Latey James, East st
Oram William, Broad st
Webb Richard, Broad st

Collacott John, Duke st
Collacott John, jun. Duke st
Letherby William (& turner) East st

Bentley John, Barnstaple st
Bright William, jun. East st
Cole George, Queen st
Reed William, East st
Vernon John, South st

ATLAS, Jno. Terrell Shapland, Broad st
CLERICAL, MEDICAL AND GENERAL (life), John Galliford, South st
COUNTY (fire) & PROVIDENT (life), James Marden, South st
CROWN, William Deagon, Queen st
ENGLISH & SCOTTISH LAW (life), John Searle, King st
FREEMASONS, John Terrell Shapland, Broad st
GLOBE, Richard Tepper, Broad st
NORWICH UNION, Riccard & Son, Church yard
PHOENIX, John Searle, King st
ROYAL EXCHANGE, William Paramore, East st
ROYAL FARMERS', Bickham Dunn, Broad st
SUN, W. J. Tapp, East st
WEST OF ENGLAND, Samuel Pearce & Son, South st

Cann William, Barnstaple st
Rowland Thomas, King st
Vicary Thomas, Barnstaple st

Kingdon Oliver, Mill lane
Sanders James, South st

    ;(see also Shopkeepers, &c.)
Chant Robert, King st
Dakin John, South st
Deagon William, Queen st
Hawkes Henry, South st
Kingdon Abraham, Broad st
Mills John, Broad st
Sheppard Richard, East st
Smith John, South st
Tanner John, Broad st
Vernon John Crute, South st
Webb Richard, Broad st

Burgess Fras. (& perfumer) Broad st
Chapple Thomas, East st
Dunn John, King st
Quick Wm. (& perfumer) East st
Richards Frederick, South st
Rowcliffe John, Broad st

Aggot Henry, South st
Burgess John, Broad st
Doherty Susan, East st
Manning John, Church lane
Pearce William, East st

(See also Taverns & Public Houses.)
George (commercial and posting) William Saunders, Broad street
White Hart, Jane Western, East st

Breayley William, Barnstaple st
Buzzacott Henry, East st
Comins James, King st
Comins John, Broad st
Griffiths Charles, Broad st
Powell Lewis, South st
Thorne William, Broad st
Trawin Henry, East st

Baker Thomas and Henry (and builders) Duke street
Cock John (& builder) Adelaide pl
Hacche John, Cooke's cross
Smith John (and builder) South st
Tout Thomas, East st

Brown John, Broad st
Haydon John, Broad st
Hill Elizabeth, South st
Huxtable Robert, Broad st
Mardon James, South st
Merson William, East st
Passmore Mary, South st
Sawtell Robert, Broad st
Trawin Mary, East st
Webber James, King st
White John, East st

Avery John, North Molton
Cole George, Queen st
Cridge John, Duke st
Dyer Peter, East st
Gould Nicholas, East st
Hooper John, South st
Sanders James, East st
Stoneman John, North Molton
Thorne Michael, South st
Winacott Johnm South st

Bowden William, South st
Collacott William, Duke st
Gould John, North Molton
Kingdon William, East st
Nott John, East st
Shapcott Henry, Back lane

Ley Nicholas, North Molton
Ridler John, Hay Mill
Ridler Thomas & George, Mole Mill

Badcock Elizabeth, East st
Burgess Mary, North Molton
Carter Jane, South st
Griffiths Ann, Broad st
Hodge Jane, North Molton
Holloway Maria, South st
Nutt Elizabeth, South st
Nutt Mary Ann, East st
Rowcliffe Mary Ann, Broad st
Shapland Elizabeth, Barnstaple st
Tapp Elizabeth, East st
Tapp Grace, Duke st

Comins John, Broad st
Powell Lewis, South st
Prescott John, East st
Trawin Henry, East st

Bishop William, Barnstaple st
Phillips John, Barnstaple st
Short John, South st

Flashman Theophilus, Barnstaple st
Holmes John, South st
Packer John, South st
Passmore Francis, North Molton
Smyth William, Broad st
Tapp John, East st
Tepper Richard, Broad st

Avery Mary, Barnstaple st
Bishop William, Barnstaple st
Bowden Margaret, Cooke's cross
Coles James Matthews, East st
Curtis Michael, North Molton
Dinner John, North Molton
Dunn Richard, south st
Edgcombe Mary, East st
Frayne John, North Molton
Hobbs Elizabeth, East st
Mayne Ann, Barnstaple st
Nott John, Cooke's cross
Pearce William, Barnstaple st
Perrey Thomas, East st
Snow William, East st
Thorne John Duke st
Tout James, Barnstaple st
Tuckett William, Barnstaple st
Warren William, East st
Westcott John, North Molton

Bradford Elizabeth, South st
Webb Harriet, South st

Brown Thomas, Broad st
Cutcliffe John Elworthy, Broad st
Flexman & Son, Duke st
Furse Robert, East st
Harding John Nott, Broad st
Ley Richard, North Molton
Southcomb Wm. Thomas, South st
Tanner Richard Elworthy, South st

Crispin Henry, South st
Cutcliffe Charles Elworthy, East st
Salisbury Isaac (road), East st
Skardon James Charles, Barnstaple st
Warmington Augustus Henry, East st

Hodge John, East st
Huxtable William, Barnstaple st
Kingdon & Vernon, South st
Manning Charles, Broad st
Moore Samuel, South st
Odam George, Church lane
Pearce John, East st
Sheppard George, East st
Thorne John, Duke st
Wilmets William, East st

Bird William, North Molton
Burgess Henry, North Molton
Deagon William, Queen st
Tepper Thomas, Duke st

Furse George, East st
Smith William Gould, East st

Anchor, Sarah Hitchcock, South st
Barnstaple Inn, Mary Mountjoy, Barnstaple street
Castle, Ann Lock, North Molton
Exeter Inn, William Baker, South st
Fortescue Arms (--), Broad st
Fortescue Arms, Thomas Letherby, North Molton
Golden Lion, John Fry, South st
Half Moon, William Hill, South st
Hare & Hounds, John Kingsland, East st
King's Arms, Mary Manley, King st
New Inn, Charles Knill, South st
North Country Inn, Jas. Lake, Barnstaple st
Poltimore Arms, John Avery, North Molton
Poltimore Arms, Wm. Veysey, North Molton
Red Cow, William Aggott, East st
Red Lion, John Graddon, Barnstaple st
Ring of Bells, Mary Tout, Duke st
Rose & Crown, Henry Searle, South st
Somerset Inn, Mary Frayne, North Molton
Star, Elizabeth Dunn, East st
Swan, James Crocombe, North Molton
Tiverton Inn, George Gillard, East st
Town Arms, William Bright, East st
Tradesman's Arms, Christopher Jones, North Molton
Unicorn, George Cole, Queen st

Retailers of Beer.
Alexander James, East st
Dimmock Thomas, East st
Dockings John, Cooke's cross
Gregory Samuel, East st
Hookway John, South st
Tout James, Barnstaple st
Vernon John, Cooke's cross
Wotton Abraham, East st

Mc. Kinnel Richard, Paradise
Tremeer Joseph, South st

Bickell Richard John, Broad st
Bradford Philip, South st
Foster Henry, South st
Lyddon William, Broad st

Bird William, North Molton
Griffiths Charles, Duke st
Moor Henry & Son, South st

Chant Robert, King st
Deagon William, Queen st
Huxtable Robert, Broad st
Tanner John, Broad st

Bawden Humphrey John Norris, South Molton
Hitchcock, Maunder, & Hitchcock, East st, & at Exweeke, near Exeter
Maunder James & Sons, Heasley Mills, North Molton

Pearce John, South st
Saunders James, South st

Cock John, brick maker, Adelaide place
GAS WORKS, South Molton - John Galliford, clerk
Greenslade Elizabeth, stay maker, East st
Hill Richard, farrier, North Molton
Jones Wm. plough maker, North Molton
Lyon Pasquell, jeweller, Broad st
Shapland John, veternry surgeon, South st
SOUTH MOLTON GAOL, East st - George Tepper, governor
STAMP OFFICE, Broad st - Amos Tepper
Thorne Wm. Mules, pawnbroker, East st
Tucker John Sanger, dyer, Church yard
UNION WORKHOUSE, South Molton - Robert Jewell, governor; Margaretta Jewell, matron


Superintendent Registrar - Jas. E. Jackson Riccard, Church yard
Of Marriages - John Elworthy Cutcliffe, Broad st
Of Births and Deaths - James Coles, East street

To LONDON, BRISTOL, &c. the Royal Mail (from Barnstaple) calls at the George Inn, every evening at half-past six; goes through Tiverton, and thence by the Great Western Railway.
To BARNSTAPLE, the Royal Mail (from London) calls at the George Inn, every morning at half-past seven - and the Emerald Mail (from Bristol) calls at the White hart, evening at half-past five.
To BRISTOL, the Emerald Mail (from Barnstaple) calls at the White Hart, every morning at half-past seven; goes through Witheridge and Tiverton, and thence by the Great Western Railway.
To EXETER, the Ruby Omnibus, from the Tiverton Inn, and the Queen, from the Fortescue Arms, every morning (Sunday excepted) at eight.

To LONDON, Whitmash & Co. from the White Hart, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.
To BARNSTAPLE, George Flashman, from East st. daily - Whitmash & Co. from the White Hart, every Sunday, Wednesday, & Friday morning - Philip Baker, from Mill lane, and - Chapple, from south st, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
To EXETER, Thos. Murch, from South street, every Monday and Thursday.
To TIVERTON, Philip Baker, from Mill lane, every Tuesday and Saturday.