Index to

Mary Ann (Shepherd) Cole's Scrapbooks

A former resident of Morwellham, Tavistock, Devon

Covering years 1874-1915


Index prepared by Linda Nelson, G.G.Granddaughter, <lbdwnelson[at]hotmail[dot]com>

Note: In response to lookup requests I will send only transcripts of the original articles and only by e-mail. As dates were often not included, I have done my best to date as many as possible. Some most certainly will be incorrect.

The following index should be as a guide. While looking for dates, I have acquired notes pertaining to some of the following surnames. These I will share, but ask for your patience so I might continue my own interests and still have a family life.

Page numbers are to Scrapbook #1, unless otherwise indicated.


Name                  Place                 Event                 Date                  PageAbel, Betsey          Wilmestone            Death, aged 46        Feb. 27th.            37Abel, G.H.            Wilmestone            Husband                                     37Abercrombie, Ralph    Pimlico               (Hon.) Inherited      c1887                 57                                            See - GillAdams, J.             Tavistock             Funerals              1899                  49,279Adams, Mary           Tavistock             Library               1799                  52Alexander, Dr.        Stalbridge, Dorset    Testified             1897                  45Alexander, J.J.       Tavistock             Urban Council         1899-1900             118Alfred                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Alfred, Ann           Gunnislake            Death, 51 years       c1880                 53Alford, Miss          Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Alford, D.P.(Rev)     Tavistock             A compiler for "The                         46                                            History of Plymouth"Alford, W.            Tavistock             Bd.of Guardians       1899                  245Alford, William  H.   Tavistock             Marriage              Oct.7th.              214-bAllen, Annie          Tavistock             Inherited             1900                  46Allen, Bertha         Tavistock             Inherited             1900                  46Allen, Bevill         Tavistock             inherited             1900                  46Allen, H.C.           Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Allen, T.             Lydford               Mourner               1900                  137Anderson, (Mrs)       MaryTavy              Wife or Rector        1899                  225Anderson, I.K.        MaryTavy              Reverand              1899                  225Andrews, Ellen        Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Andrews, W.           Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2,Andrews, W.           Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  49,279Argall (Miss)         Tavisotck             Funeral               1899                  225Argall, (Mr.& Mrs.)   Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  225,245Argall, B. (Mrs.)     Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Arthur, J.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Ash                   Lydford               Bearer                1900                  137Ash (Dr.)             Holsworthy            Funeral               1897                  46Ash, T.               Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Austen, (Mrs.)        Tavistock             Library               1799                  52Ayers, (Miss)         Plymouth Rd.,         Head Mistress         1899-1900             118Babbage, Gilbert      Ashleigh Villa        Innkeeper/retired     1887-1892             43-#2Babbage, Gilbert      Tavistock             Bearer                1899                  245Babbage, J.           Tavistock             Farmer/Merchant       1899                  245Babbage, John         Tavistock             Livery Stable         1881&1899             61,245Backwell, John        Tavistock             Brother               1899                  49,50Backwell, John        Lydford               Supplied coaches      1900                  137Backwell, John        Whitchurch            Carriages             1887-1892             43-#2Backwell, Tryphenia   Tavistock             Mother                1899                  50Backwell, William     Tavistock             Father/Pub,Inn        1899                  49,279Backwell,William H.   Tavistock             Fatal accident        1899                  49,50Badcock, Lindsey T..  Tavistock             Unitarian Minister    1883                  113,114Badger, W.A.          Lydford               Rector                1900                  137Bailey, W.J.          Tavistock             Bearer                1899                  245Baker                 Tavistock             Death, aged 61        Feb.11th.             93Baker, S.V.           Petertavy             Rev/Relative          1879                  24Baker, W.             Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Baker, W.E.           Tavistock             New Residence         1899-1900             118Baker, W.E.           Lydford               funeral               1900                  137Balgay (Miss)         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Barkell, W.           Tavistock             Clerk                 1900                  225Barnes,               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Barrett, R.           Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Barrett, R.           Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Barrett, W.H.B.       Tavistock             Funeral               1897                  46Barrows, (Mr.)        Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  46Barron, J             Yelverton             Funeral               1897                  46Barrons, S.           Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  49Barton,               Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Batchelor,            Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Bate, A.              Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Bate, A.              Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245 Battams               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Battams,              Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Battams, Emma         Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Battams, G.B.         Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Battams, G.B.         Tavistock             Funeral               1897                  46Battams, J.B.         Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Battams, Lillie       Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Batten, W.H.          Tavistock             Bearer                1899                  245Bawden, M.            Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Bawden, M.            Tavistock             Organized relief                            92Bayley, A.G.          Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Beatty, E.T.          Tavistock             Rev/Service           1881                  61Beatty, E.T.          Tavistock             Organized relief                            92Bedford, Francis      Tavistock             7th.Duke, Library     1818                  52Bedford, John         Tavistock             Plate & flagon        1761                  46Bedford, John         Tavistock             Library               1810                  52Bedford               Whitchurch            The Duke              1887-1892             43-#2Bedford,              Tavistock             Donated               1883                  113,114                                            Drake's StatueBedford Mining Co.    Horrabridge           Liquidation           1890                  43                      & Plymouth            Bellamy, M.           Wallabrook            Water scheme          1899                  118Bence-Jones,          Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Bennison, David,(Jr.) Tavistock             Wife's death          c1879                 255Bennison, David,(Sr)  Tavistock             Predeceased           c1896                 199Bennison, Priscilla   Tavistock             Death, aged 77        c1896                 199Bennett, (Miss)       Lidford               Funeral               1881                  61Bennett, A.L.         Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Bennett, A.L.         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Bennett, Edward                             Plague                1794                  46Bennett, Frederick    Buckland Monachorum   Marriage                                    163Benson, (Miss)        Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  46Benson, (Miss)        Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Berriball, H.         Whitchurch            Searched home                               110Berriball, H.         Tavistock             Bearer                1899                  245Bettye, Robert        Landrake              Wadebridge            1896                  76,256Besly, (Mrs)          Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Best, Samuel          Tavistock             Library               1818                  52Best, Samuel          Tavistock             Death                 1829                  52Bewes, Austis (Mrs)   Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Bewes,Charles         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Bibbings,(Miss)       Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Bickell, T.K.         Lamerton              Funeral               1897                  46Bickle, T.W.          Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Birley, Baxendale     Whitchurch            Attends wedding       1887-1892             43-#2Birley, (Colonel)     Whitchurch            Brother-in-law        1887-1892             43-#2Birley, Eva           Whitchurch            Neice                 1887-1892             43-#2Birley, Frances       Whitchurch            Bridesmaid            1887-1892             43-#2Birley, Mabella       Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Birley, (Mrs)         Whitchurch            Sister                1887-1892             43-#2Blagden               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Blake-Humfrey, J.     Tavistock             Reverand              1881                  61Blake-Humfrey, J.     Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Blanchard, (Mrs.)     Leigh, Milton         Death of daughter                           19                      Abbott                See - PerryBlatchford            Moortown              Penal servitude       1872                  92Blatchford, H.        Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  46Blatchford, H.        Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Blatchford, J.        Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Blight, J.P.          Callington            Morwellham            1903                  11Blowey, W.            Buckland              Funeral               1899                  46Blowey, W.H.          Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  46Bloye (Miss)          Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Blythe,William        Tavistock             Death, 51 years                             53Boehm, J.E.           Tavistock             R.A.Sculptor          1883                  113,114Bodilly, F.           Wadebridge            Solicitor             1896                  76,256Boggis                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892                43#2 Boggis (Mrs)          Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  224Boggis, T.            Sampford Spiney       Petertavy             1879                  24Boggis, T.            Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Bolt                  Gunnislake            Birth a son                                 213-bBolt                  Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Bolt, J.              Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Booker, B.S..         Bickham               Head gardener         1897                  46Bosworthick, Amy      Devonport             Benefit concert       1882                  153Bowden,               Lifton Station        Storm, worst                                224                                            Since 1894Bower, (Captain)      Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Bowhay, Albert,       Gunnislake            Doctor                                      110Bowhay, R.,           Tavistock             Bd. of Guardians      1899                  245Bowhay, T.T.          Tavistock             Bd. of Guardians      1899                  245Bradshaw, F.          Lifton Park           Supplies water        1899-1900             118Braund, J.            Tavistock             Bd.of Guardians       1899                  245Bray, Edward A.       Tavistock             Founder, Library      1799                  52Bray, T.              Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Bredon, A.            Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Bredon,C.             Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Bredon, G.            Bude                  Buckland Monachorum   1897                  46Bredon, S.            Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Brodrick, C.C.        Tavistock             Surgeon                                     110Brook, (Miss)         Plymouth Rd.          Head Mistress         1899-1900             118Brook, Elizabeth      Combe Edge            Inherits                                    248                      Hampstead Heath       Brooke, Robert        Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Brookes,(Mrs)         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Brown, F.J.           Tiverton              Wellington,Som.       1899-1900             5Brown, T.             Tavistock             Fire Brigade          1899-1900             118Browne, (Miss)        Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Bryant, F.J.          Brentor               Petertavy             1879                  24Bryant, F.J, (Rev)    Petertavy             Lydford               1900                  137Buller, A. (Rev)      Pounds House          Tavistock             1881                  61Buller, George F.     Pound                 Tavistock             1897                  46Buller, J.(Mrs)       Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Burd, (Dr.)           Okehampton            Buckland Monachorum   1897                  46Butler, A.            Petertavy             Late rector           1879                  24Burnard, C.           Plymouth              Mayor                 1883                  113,114Calmady,              Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Camozzi, J.J.         Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Cann, J.P. (Rev)      Davidstowe            Petertavy             1879                  24Cardew, Frederick,    Combe Edge            Hampstead Heath                             248Carpenter, J.         Exeter                Tavistock             1899                  245Carpenter, Lucy       Tavistock             Death                 1806-1881             61Carpenter-Garnier, J. South Devon           M.P.,son of Lucy      1881                  61Carpenter-Garnier     Tavistock             Executor                                    57Carpenter-Garnier     Tavistock             Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Carter                Tavistock             Jeweller              1887-1892             43-#2Carver,Clarentia      Whitchurch            Aunt                  1887-1892             43-#2Caser, Jane           Morwellham            Murdered              B:1818-?              42Chambers, Cuthbert    Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Chambers, W.H. (Jr.)  Whitchurch            Rev./son              1887-1892             43-#2Chambers, W.H.(Sr.)   Whitchurch            Death                 1899-1900             118CChambers, W.H.        Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Champernowne,W.       Marytavy              Funeral               1881                  61Champernowne,W.       Petertavy             Conducts funeral      1879                  24Chapman               Tavistock             Adjutant              1883                  113,114Chapman, F.           Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Chapman, J.B.         Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Chappell, Elizabeth   Plymouth              Death                 1915                  42-#2Chappell, James       Plymouth              Death                 1903                  42-#2Chard, Hannah         Tavistock             Death, 62 years       c1881                 53Charles Andre Patton                        Deceased husband                            248Charles Elizabeth R   Hampstead Heath       London/Death                                248Charles, Henrietta    Tavistock             Daughter                                    248Charles, Jane         Tavistock             Inherits                                    248Charles, Joseph,      Tavistock             Inherited                                   248Charles, Robert F.    Dartmoor Park Hill    Schoolmaster                                248Charles, Robert F.    Tavistock             Nephew                                      248Chave, T.             Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Chegwin (Mrs)         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Chegwyn, E.S.S.       Plymouth              Examinations                                1Chegwyn, Edith        Stonehouse            Married/London        1899                  1Chegwyn, Richard      Stonehouse            Father                1899                  1Chegwyn, Martha E.    Stonehouse            Death, aged 34        1890                  1                                            See ShepherdChenhall, S.          Tavistock             Masonic funeral       1899                  49Chichester, Arthur    Whitchurch            Bestman               1887-1892             43-#2Chichester, (Miss)    Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Chichester,           Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Chichester, C.G.      Whitchurch            Captain               1887-1892             43-#2Chichester, Florence                        Inherited- see Gill   c1887                 57Chichester, Gertrude  Grenofen              Marriage              1887-1892             43-#2Chichester,Harriet E. Grenofen              Bride's Mother        1887-1892             43-#2 Chichester, H.        Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46.49,Chichester, Hamlyn    Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Chichester,           Whitchurch            Hall                  1887-1892             43-#2Chichester, Henry     Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Chichester, Hugh      Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Chichester, J.        Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Chichester, John      Buckland Monachorum   Funeral/organist      1897                  46Chichester, Richard   Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Chichester, W.H.      Buckland Monachorum   J.P.                  1897                  46Chichester, W.H.                            Employer of                                 110                                            Sally CrabbChichester, W.H.                            Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Chilcott              Tavistock             Solicitors            1900                  45Chilcott,             Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Chilcott, E.          Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Chilcott, E.W.        Tavistock             Magistrates' Clerk    c1899-1900            118Chilcott, Edward      Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Chilcott, Edward      Tavistock             Death/Solicitor       c1899-1900            118Chowen, H.            Tavistock             Masonic Lodge #449    1899                  49Chowen, H.            Tavistock             Estate agent          1881                  61Chowen, J.            Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Chowen, J.C.          Burnsville            Funeral               1897                  46Chowen, J.C.          Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  49Chowen, J.C.          Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Chowen, John C.       Lydford Junction      Death, aged 79        1899                  6Christy, H.A.         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Christy, Muriel       Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Chubb,                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Chubb, G.             Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Chubb, R.             Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  49Chubb, R.             Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Churchill, (Miss)     Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43=#2Clark, A.J.           Efford Manor          Whitchurch            1887-1892             46Clark, Arthur         Whitchurch            Bestman/brother       1887-1892             43-#2Clark, C.O.           Whitchurch            Guest                 1887-1892             43-#2Clark, Erving         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Clark, Frances        Whitchurch            Neice/Bridesmaid      1887-1892             43-#2Clark, Frances Lucy   Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Clark, Henry          Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Clark, Henry          Little Efford         Tavistock             1881                  61Clark, Henry          Milton Abbott         Death                 c1899-1900            118Clark, Hilda          Whitchurch            Gift                                        43-#2Clark, Hugh           Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Clark, Paul Treby     Whitchurch            Major/Marriage        1887-1892             43-#2Clark, T.             Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Clark, T.             Tavistock             Death                                       53Clark, T.             Tavistock             Rev./ceremonies       1883                  113,114Clark, Richard        Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Clarke, F.            Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Clarke, J.F.          Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Clarke, James         Tavistock             Lance-Corporal        1899-1900             225Clay, (Dr.)           Plymouth              Childbirth            1897                  45Clemens,              Whitchurch            New houses            c1899-1900            118Clemo, J.                                   Birth of a daughter   Jan.8th.              53Clemo, William        Tavistock             Death                 c1899-1900            118Clifton               Tavistock             Death                                       163Clymo, Susan          Liskeard, Cornwall    Death, aged 79?       1890                  60Cobblestone,          Radcliffe             Funeral               1881                  61Cock, Richard         Tavistock             Married at                                  53                                            Register OfficeCocking, Eliza        Latchley, Calstock    Death, aged 50                              214-bCocks, Emma           Tavistock             Servant               1900                  225Cocks, John           Tavistock             Birth of a son                              26Cole, George          Morwellham            Death, aged 55        1868                  59                                            at CrowndaleCole, George          Milton Abbott         Death, aged 30        1894                  124-bCole,                 Whitchurch            Baker                 1887-1892             43-#2Cole, Mary Ann        Bangor, Michigan      formerly Tavistock    1885                  274-b                                            Mother of Wm.Cole, T.              Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Cole, T.J.            Tavistock             Urban Council         1899-1900             118Cole, William         Milton Abbott         Death aged 66         1890                  60Cole, William         Bangor, Michigan      Formerly Tavistock    1885                  274-b                                            Death Apr.20th.       Coles,                Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Coles                 Union House           & Officers            1900                  225Coles, Frederick J.   Wadebridge            Tea merchant          1896                  76, 256Coles, G.             Tavistock             Master Workhouse      1899                  245Coles, G.             Tavistock             Bd.of Guardians       1899                  245Collacott, J.         Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Collard, Annie        Moor View             Death, 70 years       1879                  41,56Collard, Annie        Tavistock             Cousin, to M.A.Cole   1879                  41Collard, Edward       Tavistock             Husband               1879                  41,56Collard, F.           Tavistock             Funeral               1979                  24 Collier, Fred         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43=#2Collier,              Tavistock             Major                 1881                  61Collier, J. Mortimer  Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Collier, William      Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Collins, Robert       Middlemoor            Death, aged 59        c1881                 53Colly, Alonzo         Calstock              Death, at 5 months                          26Colly, Thomas         Calstock              Father                                      26Colmer & Pupils       Devonport             Music teacher         1882                  153Commins, John         Tavistock             Library               1799                  52Cooke,                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Coombes, W.J.B.       Wadebridge            Wine Merchants        1896                  76,256Coombes,John B.       Wadebridge            Employer              1896                  76,256Coombes, Wm.H.        Wadebridge            Wine Merchants        1896                  76,256Coombs,               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Coney,                Whitchurch            Major                 1887-1892             43-#2Courtenay, (Mrs)      Walreddon             Relief                                      110Coppin, E.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Coppin, Glayds        Whitchurch            Decorated church      1887-1892             43-#2Coppin                Tavistock             Wreath                1899                  245Cornelius E.,         Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Cornish               Tavistock             Archdeacon            1897                  46Cornish, Edith        Tavistock             Cousin                1900                  248Cornish, Henry        Tavistock             Solicitor                                   248Cornish, H.(Mrs.)     Stone Post            Death, 81 years       c1882                 77                                            See RundleCornish, John R.      Tavistock             Son of Henry          c1882                 77Cornish, Mary L..     Tavistock             Daughter              c1882                 77Cornish & Chilcott    Tavistock             Solicitors            c1882                 77Cory, A.E.            Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Courtenay             Walreddon             Gave relief                                 110Couzins, Alfred       Ford                  Death                                       42=#2Cox, E.H.             Whitchurch            Major                                       43-#2Crabb, Sally          Tavistock             Eccentric                                   110Crabb,                Gunnislake            Brother                                     110Crabb,                Plymouth              Sergeant,             1896                  76, 256Cranch, T.H.          Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Cranch, T.H.          Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Cranch, T.H.          Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Crapp,Charles         Tavistock             Library               1799                  52Creber                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Creber, J.            Tavistock             Bearer                1899                  245Creber, Walter        Whitchurch            Death, 55 years       c1880                 26Crighton, (Dr.)       Eastborne             Death                 June 30th.            57,198Criper, W.            Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Crossman              Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Crowe                 Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Cruse,Andrew H.       Waldheim              Father                                      84Cruse, Anna           Waldheim              Death, 5 months                             84Cruse, Katherine      Waldheim              Mother                                      84Cruze,  son of        Tavistock             William/Death         Feb. ?                93Cuddleford, J.        Tavistock             Bearer                1899                  49Cudlip, G.            Tavistock             Library               1799                  52Cundell, G.B.         Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Curnow, Jane          Tavistock             Marriage at                                 53                                            Register OfficeCurry,(Colonel)       Whitchurch            Gift                                        43-#2Dart.                 Plymouth              Dectective-Inspector  1896                  76,256Darton, R.T.M.        Lydford               F.R.C.O Organist      1900                  137                                         Davy                  Plymouth              New villas            1900                  225Davey, C.C.           Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245David (Mrs)           Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2David, W.H.           Kelly College         Headmaster            1897                  46                                            Reverand              1900                  137,225Davie A.F. (Miss)     Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Davies, James         Devonport             Mariner/Marriage      .                     53Davies, W.Rhodes      Soult Molton          Rev/Wesleyan          1899-1900             118Davis, Alfred         Exeter                Manslaugher                                 42Davis, (Miss)         Tavistock             Fiancee               1899                  49Davis                 Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Daw                   Tavistock             Collected relief                            92Daw, J.J.             Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Daw, J.J.             Tavistock             Ex-portreeve          113,114               49Dawe, W.              Tavistock             Masonic Lodge         1899                  49Dawe, W.C.            Milton Abbott         Funeral               1897                  46Dawe, W.C.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Day, (Mrs)            Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Day, W.H.             Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Deacon,Flora          Whitchurch            Bridesmaid            1887-1892             43-#2Deacon, Barrington    Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Dease, (Dr.)          Wonford Asylum        Principal                                   42Dennis, A.            Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Dennis, A.            Lydford               Undertaker            1900                  137Dennis, J.            Tavistock             Mourner               1881                  61Dennis, J.            Tavistock             Bd.of Guardians       c1899-1900            245Dennis, John A.       Tavistock             Undertaker                                  79Dennis, John  A.      Bucktor Cross         Erects villa          c1899-1900            118Dickenson, Ada        Whitchurch            Inherits              1899-1900             246Dickenson,Edith       Whitchurch            Inherits              1899-1900             246Dickenson, Henry      Whitchurch            Inherits              1899-1900             246Dingle, Messrs &Co.   Tavistock             Gave relief                                 92Dingle, E.R.          Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Dingle, H.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  145Dingle, J.W.          Tavistock             Inquest               1899                  1Divett, J.R.          Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Doble, E.A.(Miss)     Tavistock             Death, 44 Years                             55Doble, H.T.           Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Doble, H.T.           Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Doble, H.T.           Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Doble, H.T.           Tavistock             Bd. of Guardians      1899                  245Doble, R.D.           Tavistock             Urban Council         1899-1900             118Dodington             Whitchurch            Captain               1887-1892             43-#2Doidge, (Mrs)         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Doidge, Harriet       Marytavy              Marriage              c1881                 53Doidge,               Woodley               Tavistock             1899                  245Doidge, C             Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Doidge, C.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Doidge, J             Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Doidge, T.            Tavistock             Masonic Loidge        1899                  49Doidge, T.            Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Doidge, T.            Tavistock             Urban Council         1899-1900             118Doran,                Tavistock             Gillow & Co.          1881                  61Down, F.              Tavistock             Bearer                1899                  49Down, J.              Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Down, J.              Tavistock             Bearer                1899                  49Down, Richard H.      Tavistock             Death, 47 years       c1881                 53Downes, Ellen         Whitchurch            Inherits              1899                  246Drake, (Miss)         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Drake, (Mrs)          Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Drew, Bessie          Tavistock             Wed                                         214-bDrew, (Mr)            Tavistock             Lordship's agent                            110Drew, J.              Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46,245Drew, James           Artiscombe            Death, aged 57        1882                  166Drew, Jas.            Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Drew, T.              Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Duke, H.E.            Exeter                Solicitor                                   42                                                                  DefendedDunn,                 Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Dunn, A.E.            Tavistock             Election agent                              246Dunn, G.              Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Dunn, G.              Lydford               Wreath                1900                  137Dunn, George          Tavistock             Ironmonger/Death      c1889-1900            118Dunn, H.              Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Dunn, J.              Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Dunn, J.C.            Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Durdan, Henry         Sydenham House        Death  aged  60       c1880                 7Easterbrook, G.       Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Eastcott, W.          Tavistock             Bearer                1899                  49Eastlake, Mary        Tavistock             Death, aged 77        c1880                 26Eastlick, John        Tavistock             Death                 1894                  120Eayers, M.            Tavistock             Septic System         1899-1900             118Ecroyd, (Mrs)         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Edgecombe,            Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Edgecombe & Stannes   Tavistock             Chemist & Druggest                          1Edlin, Holberton      Plymouth              St.John's                                            Ambulance classes                           37Edwards, J.           Tavistock             Bedford Lodge         1899                  49                                            #1753  W.Bro.Edwards,J.C.          Devonport             R.N & detachment.     1882                  153Elford, W.H.          Devonport             Police constable      1882                  153Elliot, Richard       Morwellham            Found dead            1882                  166Emdon,                Devonport             Questioned Act        1882                  153Endean                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Endean & Co.          London                sent funds                                  92Escott                Tavistock             Ironmonger            1878                  92Escott, (Mrs)         Tavistock             Sold pistols          1878                  92Evans, (Miss)         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Evans, Edith B.       Princeton             Death                 c1880                 26Evans, Richard        Princeton             father                c1880                 26Eveleigh              Whitchurch            Colonel               1887-1892             43-#2Eveleigh              Tavistock             Police sergeant       1899                  50Eyre, (Miss)          Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Fane, (Mrs)           Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Farnham, Henry        Tavistock             Birth, a son          c1880                 7Featherstone, S.      Petertavy             Rev                   1879                  24Featherstone, S.      Whitchurch            Tavistock             1881                  61Featherstone, S.      Whitchurch            Replaced              1898                  118Featherstone, S.W.    Whitchurch            Reported ill lady                           110Fergusson-Eden        Whitchurch            Major                 1887-1892             43-#2Finzel                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Folland, John         Plymouth              Death, late of                              53                                            TavistockFoot, Margaret        Tavistock             Death                 1897                  120Foot, Thomas                                Late husband                                120Ford, Everard         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Found, Maria          West Woolfardisworthy Death                 1893                  41Fox, (Capt.)          Wellington, Som.      Presided              1899                  5Fox & Fowler          Tavistock             Purchased bank        1889                  45Fox & Fowler                                Ceased to issue Notes 1889                  45Fox, R.W.Fitz?        Tavistock             Masonic Lodge         1899                  49Fox, Reginald W.      Grimstone             Funeral               1897                  46Fox, Sylvanis         Linden,               Wellington            1897                  46Friend                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Friend, Elizabeth     Tavistock             Inherited             1900                  46Friend, John          Tavistock             Near Whitchurch                             139                                            Down/ for                                            Convalescent home.Friend, Philip        Tavistock             Inherited             1900                  46Fuge, T.              Tavistock             Bd. of Guardians      1899                  245Fuge, W.              Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Fuge, W.              Horrabridge           Death                 1899-1900             118Fuge, Wilmot          Petertavy             Death, aged 76        c1881                 53Fuller, F.            Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Furze, John           Tavistock             Mount Tavy Lodge                            140Furze, Mary Ann       Asaph                 Death (Polly)         c1883                 140                      North Wales           See Wood                                    Gale, (Mrs)           Tavistock             Servant               1900                  225Garland, John         Morwellham            Police Constable      c1881                 53                             Garland, John         Morwellham            Father                c1881                 53Garland, John R.      Morwellham            Death, son of         c1881                 53Gaud, H.              Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Gaud, H.D.J.          Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Gaud, H.H.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  49Gaud, H.H.            Whitchurch Rd.        Owned property        1900                  225Gaud, H.H.            Whitchurch            Funeral               1899                  245Gay, Susan            Wellington            Death, see Gill       1897                  286Geake, J.F.           Tavistock             Tailor, sold business                       1Gear, J.G.            Tavistock             Clergyman             1881                  61Gee, Emily            Modbury               Mother                1900                  45Gee, George           E.London              Father                1900                  45Gee, Harold           E. London             Death, South Africa   1900                  45Geisse, J.W.H.        Tavistock             Petertavy             1879                  24Gerry, Harriet        Mary Tavy             Wife                  1880                  53Gerry, W.             Horrabridge           Marriage/Tavistock    c1881                 53Gibbings, G.H.        Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Gibbings, R.          Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Gibbons, A.(Miss)     Petertavy             sister                1879                  24Gibbons, G.           Petertavy             brother               1879                  24Gibbons, T.           Petertavy             son                   1879                  24Gibbons, Thomas       Petertavy             Rev/Death, 63 yrs.    1879                  24Gibson, H.A.          Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Gibley, G.            Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Giles, J.             Tavistock             Bd. of Guardians      1899                  245Giles, W.             Walkhampton           Funeral               1897                  46Gill                  Tavistock             gave relief money                           92Gill, Alice Mary      Bickham               widow                 1897                  45Gill, Augusta L.      Pimlico               Will dated Nov.       1887                  57                                            Was proved July 8th.?Gill, Emeline R.      Crowndale             Tavistock/Death       1897                  45Gill family           Tavistock             300 years                                   lGill, H.              Colcharton            Buckland Monachorum   1897                  46Gill, Harold          Tavistock             Deceased brother      1879                  45Gill, Herbert         Colcharton            Executor              1897                  45Gill, Herbert         Cholwell              Death                 1897                  1Gill, J.B.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Gill, John (Capt.)    Wellington, Som.      Marriage                                    5Gill, John H.         Tavistock             late father           1879                  45Gill, John R.         Crowndale             Tavistock             1900                  45Gill, Mary Noel       Wellington, Som.      Neice to groom                              5Gill, R.B.E           Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Gill, R.B.E.          Stalbridge Dorset     Death                 1897                  45Gill, Reginald, B.E.  Tavistock             Banker & J.P.         1897                  45Gill, Susan R.        Wellington, Som.      Death, aged 74        1897                  286Gill, W.              Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Gill, W.T.            Crowndale             Executor              1897                  45Gill, W.T.            Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Gill, W.T.            of Hazeldon           Death                 1899-1900             118Gill, W.T.            Weymouth              2nd. Marriage         1899-1900             45Gill, W.T.(Master)    Wellington,Som.       Pageboy & nephew                            5Gill, William         Sunnyside             Death                                       1Gill, William         Venn, Lamerton        Rev/J.P./Death        June 25th.            57Gill, William .       Tavistock             Reverant              1881                  61Gilmore, (Mrs)        Tavistock             Funeral               1897                  46Gillow & Co.,         London                Undertakers           1881                  61Gladstone, (Lieut)    Wellington,Som.       Bandleader                                  5Glanville, A.         Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Glanville's boy       Tavistock             Payment for vermin    1787                  46Glanville, H.         Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Glanville,R.          Yelverton             Funeral               1897                  46Goldsworthy, J.       Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Goodyer               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Gorman, Edward,       Princeton             Death                                       53Gorman, Mahala,       Whitchurch            Marriage - See                              53                                            NewcombeGraig,                Buckland Monachorum   lst. Carriage Funeral 1897                  46Grantham              Buckland Monachorum   l of lst - 3          1897                  46                                            carriages FuneralGranville & Son       Tavistock             Bedford United        1890                  43                                            To sell assetsGranville, A.         Tavistock             Masonic Lodge         1899                  49Green, C.F.           Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Green, C.R.           Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Green, E.C.           Buckland              Reverand              1897                  46Greenfield            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Greenfield, T.W.      Tavistock             organized relief                            92Greenfield, T.W.      Tavistock             thanks Duke of        1883                  113,114                                            BedfordGreenfield, T.W.      Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Greening              Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Gribble               Tavistock             Masonic Lodge         1899                  49Gribble, Ann Davy     Bridge Farm           Death age 6                                 214-b                      Stokesclimsland       Gribble, Philippa     Stokesclimsland       Mother                                      214-bGribble, William      Stokesclimsland       Father                                      214-bGriffith, C.W.H.      Tavistock             Rev/brother           1900                  225Griffith, Mary        Tavistock             Death see             1900                  225                                            Johnstone & MawsonGriffith, S.W.N.      Cumnor,Oxford         Vicar/father          1900                  225Crighton, R.W.        Eastborne             Doctor/Death                                57Crighton, R.W (Mrs)   Lyngate House         Died just be                                57                                            Husband                                     Criper, W.            Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Groube                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Guest, Theodora       Blandford             Lady Riding with Gill 1897                  46Gullick               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Haddy                 Tavistock             Relieving officer                           110                                            Bd.of Guardians                             Hadow, Mary L.        Tavistock             See Cornish           1882                  118Haffer, J.            Tavistock             Masonic Lodge         1899                  49Halfpenny (Mrs)       Devonport             aid concert           1882                  153Hallett, J.W.         Beerferris            Funeral               1897                  46Ham, Matilda (Miss)   Tavistock             Death, aged 23        c1880                 7Hamlyn, J.            Tavistock             Urban Council         1900                  118Hamlyn, James         Devonport             H.M.Dockyard                                53Hamlyn, Louisa        Devonport             Marriage              Sept. 16th.           53Hambury-Williams      Whitchurch            Colonel               1887-1892             43-#2Hammick (Admiral)     Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Hammick, St.V.(Sir)    Whitchurch           Colonel               1887-1892             43-#2Hammick               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Hammick,St.V.         Mary Tavy             Rev,Sir,Bart.         1881                  43-#2Hammick, W.           Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Hannaford, W.J.       Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Hanns, Hezekiah       Rowden                Death                 1903                  1Hanns, Hezekiah       Tavistock             Uncle                 1899                  49Hanns, Louisa         Tavistock             Death, aged 74        1897                  41Hanns, Louisa         Rowden                Cousin                1897                  41Harness Wm. H.        Tavistock             Library               1799                  52Harris                Whitchurch            Admiral & Lady        1887-1892             43-#2Harris, C.            Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Harris, C.H.(Miss)    Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Harris, E.M.(Miss)    Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Harris, J.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Harris, J.H.          Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Harris, John          Tavistock             Town mill burns                             55Harris, R.            Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113.114Harris, Richard       Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Harris, Russell       Tavistock             Town mill burns                             55Harris, W.            Holsworthy            Funeral               1897                  46Harvey, C.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Hatton (Mrs.)         Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Haverfield            Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Hawken,Jane           Efford Manor Lodge    Whitchurch            1887-1892             43-#2Hawken, Thomas        Efford Manor Lodge    Whitchurch            1887-1892             43-#2Hawker, F.F.          Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Haynes, Prebendary    Buckland church       Vicar                 1897                  46Hayne, R.J.           Buckland              Petertavy             1879                  24Hearn J.H.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Helson, W.            Tavistock             Masonic Lodge         1899                  49Helson, W.            Tavistock             Bd. of Guardians      1899                  245Henderson, (Mrs.)     Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Hendy                 Tavistock             Possibly William      Feb.                  93Henry, Richard        Tavistock             Inherited             1900                  46Higgins, (Mrs)        Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Higman, James         Morwellham            Fellow worker         1903                  11Hill, George          Tavistock station     Signalman             1899                  50Hill, J.              Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Hill, John James      Cox Park, Calstock    Death age 16                                53Hill, T.              Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Hill, W.              Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Hillson,              Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Hoar, Harry           Reddiford Farm        Attempted murder      1878                  92                      Lamerton/Milton Abbot & suicideHoare, (Mrs.)         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Hobbs, (Mr.)          Lydford               Bearer                1900                  137Hocking, C.F.         Devonport             Aid concert           1882                  153Hodge, Thomas         Tavystock             Payment for vermin    1787                  46Hodge, Wm.            Gunnislake            Searched for body     1880                  30Hoggins, C.R.         Devonport             Rev/Stoke Church      1882                  53Holloway,             Buckland Monachorum   Captain               1897                  46Holman, C., (Rev.)    of Durham             Wesleyan circuit      1899-1900             118                                            at TavistockHolmes, J.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Holmes, P.            Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Holmes, T.            Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Home, (Mrs)           Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Honey                 Tavistock             Death, 91st.Year                            2#2Honey                                       Son/Doctor                                  2#2Honey, W.             Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Honey, W.             Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Hooper, (Mrs)         Whitchurch            Gift with T. Northway 1887-192              43-#2Hooper, R.            Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Hopper, J.            Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Hornbrook             Devonport             Committee member      1882                  153Horswill, Thomas      North of England      Former Purser at                            2-#2                                            Furze Hill Mine,                            Horton, G.            Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Hortop, John          Tavistock             Death, aged 66        c1881                 69Hosken                Lydford               Nurse & Staff         1900                  137Hoskens, (Miss)       Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892Houlditch, E.H.       Tavistock             Under Sheriff of                            246                                            DevonHughes                Whitchurch            Major                 1887-1892             43-#2Hullah, T.            Calstock              Tavistock             1881                  61Humphrey, J. Blake    Whitchurch            Rev. Canon            1887-1892             43-#2Hunn,                 Gunnislake            Birth, a daughter                           214-bHurrell               Whitchurch            Gift                                        43-#2Hutching, W.C.        Devonport             Benefit concert       1882                  153James, J.B.           Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49James, Lucy           Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2James, Rose (Miss)    Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2James, William        Post Bridge           Death, age 47         c1881                 53Jackman, F.           Buckland Monachoroum  Funeral               1897                  46Jackman, F.           Tavistock             Bearer                1899                  49Jackman, J.           Buckland Monachoroum  Funeral               1897                  46Jackman, J.           Tavistock             Masonic Lodge         1899                  49,245Jackson, S.O.         Beerferris            Funeral               1897                  46Jago,Robert           Whitchurch            Colonel               1887-1892             43-#2Jefford, E.           Buckland Monachoroum  Mourner               1897                  46Jesse, (Mrs. & Miss)  Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Job, J.               Buckland Monachoroum  Funeral               1897                  46Job, W.               Tavistock             Bd. of Guardians      1899                  245Johns                 Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Johns, N.             Tavistock             Fitzford              1883                  113,114Johnstone             Whitchurch            Colonel               1887-1892             43-#2Johnstone             Whitchurch            Gift with Mrs.Rowe    1887-1892             43-#2Johnstone, A.K.       Tavistock             Funeral               1900                  225Johnstone, Allen      Tavistock             son                   1900                  225Johnstone, J.D.       Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  49,61Johnstone, J.Douglas  Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Johnstone, J.Douglas  Tavistock             Clerk for Bd. of      1899                  245                                            GuardiansJohnstone, J.Douglas  Tavistock             Husband               1900                  118Johnstone, J.D. (Mrs) Tavistock             Mary Griffith         1900                  245Jope,                 Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Jones,                Horrabridge           Police Constable                            110Kelly, A.             Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Kelly, (Mrs)          Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Kelly, Maitland       Kelly College         Opened new wing.      1899-1900             118Kennard               Lydford               Wreath                1900                  137Kennard               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Kerslake, (Miss)      Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Kerslake, T.          Tavistock             Bedfprd Lodge 282     1899                  49                                            P.P.G.,St.B.                                Kerswell, J.          Tavistock             erected two houses    1899                  118King, Rosa            Devonport             Wife/widow            1882                  153,166King, Samuel,         Devonport             Sergeant/Death (37)   1882                  153,166King, W.              Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Kingdon, J.(Rev)      Tavistock             Congregational Church 1899-1900             118Kingdon J.(Rev)       Appointed to          Rochester             1899-1900             118Kingdon,J.(Rev)       Tavistock             Lydford               1899-1900              137,245Kingdon,John          Okehampton            Signalman, at inquest 1899                  50Kingdon, Kate         Devonport             Aid concert           1882                  153Knight, T.L.          Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Knight, Thomas        Tavistock             Librarian for 3 yrs.  1829-1832             52                                            Until death.Kossler (Mrs)         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Lampen                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Lamphee, Harrietta    Tavistock             Death, age 67         Jan.22nd.             53Lamphee, Philip       Tavistock             Husband                                     53Landon,               Whitchurch            Lieut -Colonel        1887-1892             43-#2Lane                  Devon                 Constabulary          1897                  46Lark                  Tavistock             servant               1900                  225Lark, E.              Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Lark, F.B.            Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Laws, T.B.            London                Liquidator of Bedford 1890                  43                                            United Mining Co.Leamon,               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Leamon                Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Leamon, Edward F.     Tavistock             Surgeon                                     149Leamon, Mary          Tavistock             Death, 90th year      1890                  149Leat, (Capt.)         Wellington,Som.       Guard of honour                             5                                            Wellington Co.,                                                                         VolunteersLe Neveu, (Rev)       Whitchurvh            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Le Neveu, H.G.        Buckland              Rev.,at graveside     1897                  46Le Neveu,             Weymouth              Vicar of Tavistock    1899                  45Le Neveu              Tavistock             Rev.                  1900                  49,225Lethbridge            Lydford               Nurse                 1900                  137Lewis, W.J (Rev).     Tavistock             Wesleyan Chapel       c1881                 53Liddell               Yelverton             Dr.                   1897                  46Lillicrapp,(Misses)   Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Loam, J.              Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Loam, J.              Tavistock             Schoolmaster          1881                  61Lock, John            Gunnislake            searched for body     1880                  30Lopes, Henry          Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Lopes, Massey         Buckland Monachorum   Hon.Sir, Bart         1897                  46Lopes,Massey          Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Lord, (Mrs)           Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Lovell                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43#2Lovell, J.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Luard                 Whitchurch            Major                 1887-1892             43-#2Luxton                Tavistock             Late clerk of                               118                                            MagistratesLuxton, Robert        Tavistock             Death/solicitor (71)  Sept.21st.            53Mace, Lily            Tavistock             Servant               1900                  225Macshane (Mrs.)       Tavistock             Death/Women's                               42-#2                                            Temperance Movement                         Macshane, J.E.        Tavistock             Funeral               1897                  46Macshane, J.E.        Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Macshane, J.E.        Meadows Villa         Husband                                     42-#2Macshane, J.F.        Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61 Maddeford             Lydford               Bearer                1900                  137Maker, James          Tavistock             husband of            July 10th.            198Maker, Mary Ann       Tavistock             Death, 32 years       July 10th.            198Mallett, W.H.         Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Manning,              Whitchurch            Doctor                                      43-#2Mant, Esther          Tavistock             Neice & servant       1899                  1Marks                 Tavistock             Principal mourner     1899                  49Marshall, Daniel      Launceston            Landlord -Belle Inn   1896                  76,156Marshall, Edred       Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46,137Martin & Winter       Tavistock             Tailors                                     1Martin                Whitchurch            Gift                                        43-#2Martin (Mrs.)         Tavistock             Post mistress at                            139                                            Bedford Square                              Martin, Bessie        Morwellham            See Willis/widow      1903                  11Martin, Gilson        Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Martin, Ivey E.       Tavistock             Daughter of T.D.      1903                  11Martin, Ivey E.       Chapel St.            Daughter of Bessie    1971                  11Martin J.             Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Martin, F.            Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Martin, George P.     Taunton               husband               1900                  246Martin,George P.      Taunton               Wilts & Dorset Bank   1899                  246Martin, J.            Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61 Martin, J.S.          Morwellham            Inspector of Mines    1903                  11Martin, Susan T.      Whitchurch            Inherited             1899                  246Martin, Thomas D.     Morwellham            Fatal accident        1903                  11Martin, William H.    Gunnislake            brother to T.D.       1903                  11Martineau, (Miss)     Tavistock             Cousin                1799                  52Martyn, W.W.          Lifton                Rev/rural dean        1879                  24Mason                 Whitchurch            Search on a Home                            110Mason                 Berealston            Drainage work           1899-1900           118Mason, (Mrs)          Reddiford Farm        Aunt- M.Peardon       187892Mashford,             Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Mashford, Iset (Mrs.) Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Possibly Isaac -      Pixon FarmMathews, J.           Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Mathews, J.           Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Mathews, Joseph       Tavistock             Bedford Lodge #282    1899                  49Mathews,              Tavistock             Major                 1883                  113,114Mathews (Mrs.)        Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Mathews, W.           Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Mathews, W.W.         Exeter                Solicitor/Defence                           42Mathews, W.           Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  49Mawson, W.H.          Tavistock             Cousin- M. Griffith   1900                  225May, J.               Tavistock             Deputy relieving      1899                  245                                            Officer                                     May, John Robert      Wonwood               Death, aged 37                              37May, Marshall L.      Hurdwich              Death ,aged 22                              163May, R.               Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24May Robert            Wonwood               father                                      37May, T.A.             Grendon               Funeral               1897                  46McKeller,             Exeter                Solicitor, Murder                           42                                            trialMcMaster,D            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Meadows,              Lydford               Bearer                1900                  137Medland, J.           Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Merrifield, G.        Tavistock             P.P.G.Supt.Wks.       1899                  49                                            All P.M. Bedford                                            Lodge 282             Merrifield, George    Tavistock             Superintendant Fire   1883                  55,113                                            BrigadeMerrifield, William   Tavistock             Librarian             1841-1871             52Michell, Cecilia E.T. Whitchurch            Inherits              1900                  246Michell, Percy T.     North Petherton       Nephew/executor       1900                  246Michell, S.V.P.       Tavistock             Brother               1900                  246Michell, T.           Redruth               Late father           1899                  246Michell, Wm.P.        Holwell               J.P.&D.L.             1879                  24Michell, Wm.P.        Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  69Michell, Wm.P ryce    Whitchurch            Death, age 90         1899                  246Miles, John           Tavistock             Death,age 70          May 17th.             93                                            WatchmakerMiles, John (Mrs.)    Tavistock             Death, aged 75        1888                  149Milford, John         Tavistock             Ganger, of            1899                  50                                            L &S.W.R.Millar, (Mrs)         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Minhinnett            Tavistock             Solicitor             1903                  11Minhinnick, J.        Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  49Minhinnick, R.        Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Minhinnick, R.        Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Minhinnick, W.        Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             113,114Mitchell, Joseph      Newquay               Captain/Death         1897                  120Morgan, Jacob         Princeton             Father                                      53Morgan, Margaret      Princeton             Death, age l                                53Monk, H.E.            Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Monk, H.E.            Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Monk, Thomas          Tavistock             Bell ringer of        1794                  46                                            the 6th.bell                                Montagu, Horace       Devonport             Colonel               1881                  153Moore, (Miss)         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Moore                 Tavistock             Founder of Drake                                            Statue                1883                  113,114Moore, William G.     Tavistock             Birth, a son                                                      Late of PrincetonMoore-Stevens         Whitchurch            Colonel               1887-1892             43-#2Morgan, Jacob         Princeton             Father                                      53Morgan, Margaret      Princeton             Death aged 1                                53Morris, (Miss)        Buckland Monachorum   Mourner, first        1897                  46                                            carriage                                    Morris, J.            Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Morris, Stanley       Buckland              Funeral, first        1897                  46                                            carriage                                    Morris, William       Essex                 Woodford Hall         1864                  45                                            Father of A.Gill                            Morris, William       Essex                 Poet-painter, Brother 1897                  45Morshead, (Miss)      Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Morshead, Frederick   Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Morshead, H.J.        Tavistock             Late,Rev/executor     1897                  45Morshead, H.J.        Tavistock             Mourner               1881                  61Morshead, R.          Tavistock             Partner in            1897                  45                                            Until 1889Morshead, R.          Lamerton              Buckland Monachorum   1897                  46Morshead,Reginald     Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Morshead, Reginald    Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Morshead, Reginald    Tavistock             Parner/Trader Bank    1889                  46Morshead, Walter      Lamerton              Funeral               1897                  46Morshead,Walter       Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Mortimore, G.         Fogintor Granite      Birth, a daughter                           53                      WorksMoses, S.             Tavistock             Clerk                 1881                  61Moyse, T.             Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Mudge,                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Mudge, Ann (Miss)     Tavistock             Death, aged 74        Jan.6th.              53Mudge, G.             Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Mullen, Richard       Tavistock             Father                c1881                 53Mullen, Richard       Tavistock             Death, 13 weeks.      c1881                 53Murphy                Whitchurch            Captain                                     43-#2Murray                Torquay               Sent relief Funds                           92Muzzlewhite           Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Nattle, (Mrs.)        Stokeclimsland        Lower Hampt           1880                  10                      Cornwall              daughter              Nattle, Wm.Henry      Gunnislake            Testified at Inquest  1880                  30Neal,                 Lydford               Nurse                 1900                  137Neat (Mrs)            Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Neat  (Mrs.)          Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Neat (Mrs)            Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Neat, L.(Miss)        Tavisotck             Funeral               1900                  225Neil/Neal             Lydford               Nurse                 1900                  137Nelligan, J.          Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Newcombe, George      Walkhampton           Marriage              Sept.22nd.            53                                            See- GormanNewman, Albert        Sampford              Marriage              Sept.11th.            53                      Spiney Church         See Penwell                                 Newman,W.S.           Coryton               Petertavy             1879                  24Newton, J.H.          London,S.W.           Birth, a daughter     Sept.4th.,            53Newton, H.J.          Tavistock             Premature son                               53Newton, H.J.          London,               16 Bessborough St.                          53Norrington, Charles   Plymouth              Lamerton/Death        1900                  225Northcote, (Mrs.)     Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             137Northcott, (Mr.)      Lydford               Bearer                1900                  137Northey               Tavistock             Doctor                1881                  61Northey               Reddiford Farm        Attended injured      1878                  92Northey (Mrs)         Alexandra Villa       Death, aged 82        c1880                 7Northey, E.P.         Okehampton            Buckland Monachorum   1897                  46Northey Gilbert       Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Northey, J.           Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Northway, H.          Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Northway, T.          Whitchurch            & Mrs.Hooper          1887-1892             43-#2Northway, W.          Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Northway, W.R.        Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Northway,W.R.         Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49                                            P.P.J.G.D.Northway,W.R.         Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Northway,W.R.         Tavistock             Bd.of Guardians       1899                  245Nosworthy,S.          Tavistock             Ceremonies            183                   113,114Ourry, Katharine                            Inherited -           c1887                 57Oxenham, Henry        Dinnathorne           Death,46 years        c1880                 53                      Whitchurch                                                        Oxford, Herbert       Mount Wise            Danger of Drowning    c1882                 153                      Devonport                                                         Palmer                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Palmer, G.            Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Palmer, R.            Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Palmer, R.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Palmer, T.M.          Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Palmer, Willie        Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Paull                 Tavistock             Organized relief                            92                                            for familiesPaull,  F.J.          Calstock              Funeral               1897                  46Paull, Jas.           Calstock              Funeral               1897                  46Paull, S.             Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Paramore, J.H.        Dunterton             Tavistock             1881                  61Parnall, J.           Tavistock             Masonic Lodge         1899                  49Parr                  Whitchurch            Captain               1887-1892             43-#2Payne                 Devonport             Police Constable      1882                  153                                            Fatal injuriesPearce                Tavistock             Stationmaster         1899                  50Pearce, H.            Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Pearce, H.            Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Pearce, F.H.          Tavistock             Bedford funeral 282   1899                  49Pearce, J.            Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Pearce.               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Pearce, W.            Tavistock             Death, 72 years                             53Peardon, Mary A.      Reddiford farm        Attempt on            1878                  92                      Lamerton/             her life                                                          Milton Abbott                                                     Peardon, R.(Dick)     Reddiford farm        father                1878                  92Pearse, J.            Tavistock             Relief for Families                         92Pearse, John          Penzance              Surgeon/Death         c1880                 53                                            Late of TavistockPearse, T.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Pearse, T.E.          Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Pearse, T.F.          Woodovis              Funeral               1897                  46Peek, J.              Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Pelly                 Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Pengelly, H.          Tavistock             Death, aged 76        c1880                 7Penrose               Gunnislake            Police Constable                            30,31Penwell, Edward       H.M.S.Simoon          Military Messman                            53                                            FatherPenwell, Janie        Sampford              Marriage eldest       Sept. 11th.           53                                          Spiney church         DaughterPeny, T.              Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  49Peny. W.              Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  49Percival              Exeter                Inspector             1899                  50Perkin, A.            Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Perkin, H.            Buckland Monachorum   Mourner               1897                  46Perkin, J.            Ottery                Gulworthy             1879                  10Perkin, Robert        Lower Hampt           Suicide               1879                  10                      Stokeclimsland        Perkin, Robert        Gunnislake            Body found            1880                  30Perry, Arthur (Mrs)   Hazeldon              Death  after                                19                                            1st. childPerry, J.             Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Perry, S.             Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Pethick, J.           Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Pethick, J.           Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Petherick, J.         Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Petherick, J.         Tavistock             Lighting for          1899-1900             118                                            The villagePetherick, Jabez      Tavistock             Ironmonger/           1903                  11                                            NegligencePetherick, Jabez      Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282                           Petty, H.M.           Gulworthy             Vicarage at           1900                  118                                            Milton AbbottPetty, H.M            Lydford               Reverand              1900                  137Pethybridge,A.E.A.    Lydford               Inherits              1900                  46Pettybridge,F.        Tavistock             Masonic Lodge         1899                  49Philip                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Phillips              Lydford               Bearer                1900                  137Phillips, (Mrs)       Horrabridge           Funeral               1897                  46Philips,A.            Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Philips, A.           Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Philips, H.Leigh      Tavistock             Curate                1899                  49Philips, H.Leigh      Tavistock             Parish Church         1900                  137Philips, William      Luckett               testified             1880                  30                      StokeclimslandPhilpotts,Harris      Tavistock             M.D./Marriage         c1881                 53Phillpotts            Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Phillpotts, H.J.      Lamerton              Tavistock             1881                  61Physick, Henry S.,    St.Louis              formerly              Aug.18th.             53                      Missouri, USA         Tavistock, as son                           Physick, William      Tavistock             Librarian, till Death 1832-1842             52Piper, A.             Tavistock             Masonic Lodge         1899                  49                                                                  #1783Pitts, (Mrs.)         Buckland              Predeceased her       1897                  45                      Monachorum            brotherPlowden               Whitchurch            General               1887-1892             43-#2Porter, Amy Eliza     Tavistock             Daughter/Inherits     1900                  46,137Porter, Arthur        Whitchurch            Gift                                        43-#2Pote,Eliza Jane       Plymouth              Married                                     163                                            All Saint's ChurchPotter, E.            Plymouth              Tavistock             1899                  49Pridham, E.           Plymouth              Funeral               1897                  46Pring, Annie (Miss)                         Tavistock             married to J.Taylor                                                                      founder Library       1799                  52Prout, (Mrs.)         Whitchurch            Gift                                        43-#2Prout, R.             Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Puddicombe, A.T.      Buckland Monachorum   Canon                 1897                  46Pullman, W.W.         Wellington,Som.       Clergyman                                   5Quance, T.            Tavistock             Bearer                1899                  245Quick, John           Tavistock             Librarian             1895 -present         52Radcliffe, C.         Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Radclyffe             Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Radclyuffe            Whitchurch            Major                 1887-1892             43-#2Raddall, Warne        Plymouth              Funeral               1897                  46Radford, A.J.V.       Copseham Esher        Tavistock             1900                  46Radford, A.L.         Lydford               Son                   1900                  137Radford, A.E.A.       Tavistock             Now Mrs. F.           1900                  46                                            PethybridgeRadford, Arnold R.    Tavistock             Inherits              1900                  46Radford, Arthur       Lydford               Wreath                1900                  137Radford, Arthur L.    Tavistock             Already provided for  1900                  46Radford, Baby         Lydford               Grandchild            1900                  137 Radford, Bertie       Lydford               Grandchild            1900                  137Radford, Cecily       Lydford               Grandchild            1900                  137Radford, Charles      Lydford               Alderman/nephew       1900                  137Radford, Daniel       Mount Tavy            Death                 1900                  46Radford, Daniel       Tavistock             Relief for victims                          92Radford, Dickey       Lydford               Grandchild            1900                  137Radford, Dorothea     Lydford               Grandchild            1900                  137Radford, Emma L.      Tavistock             Daughter, inherits    1900                  46Radford, Ernest W.    Tavistock             Nephew                1900                  46Radford, Geo.(Mrs)    Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Radford, Geo.H.       Chancery Lane         Son-in-law            1900                  46Radford, Harold T.    Tavistock             Inherits              1900                  46Radford, Howard E.    Tavistock             Inherits              1900                  46Radford, Herbert      Lydford               Mrs./Wreath           1900                  137Radford, Hilda        Lydford               Grandchild            1900                  137Radford, Hubert G.    Tavistock             Provided for          1900                  46Radford, Kitty        Lydford               Grandchild            1900                  137Radford, Laurence     Lydford               Grandchild            1900                  137Radford, Myles        Lydford               Grandchild            1900                  137Radford, Ursula       Lydford               Grandchild            1900                  137Radford, Walter W.    Tavistock             Predeceased           1900                  46                                            his fatherRalph, Mr.            Tavistock             Tailor, died before   1899                  1                                            Partner                                     Ramsey, J.Scott       St.Bride's Church     Rev/cousin of bride   c1881                 53Rapson, Ann Grace     Plymouth              Wife - (Shepherd)     1894                  153Rapson, George        Plymouth              Death, aged 65        1894                  153                                            of DockyardRaymont, S.           Tavistock             Bearer                1899                  49Raymont, S.           Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Raymont, William      Heathfield            Death, aged 50        c1881                 69Reade, Alice Jane                           Cousin                                      248Reade, Robt.C.L.      Harrington-square     Rev. at St.Mary's                           248Reddicliffe           Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Reddicliffe, H.       Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Reddicliffe, J.       Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Reed, Catharine A.    Launceston            Death, (58) Horwill's                                            Endowed School                              37Reed, Richard         Launceston            husband                                     37Reed, (Messrs.)       Plymouth              Previous Employer     1896                  76,256Rendle, E.C.          Tavistock             Steward for the       1899                  49                                            Duke of BedfordReynolds, Messrs.     Tavistock             father & son          1871-1881             52                                            Librarians Riccard, (Miss)       Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Rice                  Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Rice, T.H.            Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Rice, R.              Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Rich, David           Marytavy              Death,aged 58         1897                  286Rich, H.              Marytavy              Wife                  1897                  286Richards, J.          Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  49Richards, L           Tavistock             Portreeve             1881                  61Richards, S.          Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Richards,S.           Tavistock             Secretary             1883                  113,114Richards, Samuel      Tavistock             Portreeve                                   92Richards, W.          Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  49Richards, Wm.John     Mutley,               Commercial            1896                  76,154                      Plymouth              Traveller                                   256Richardson            Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43#2Roberts               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Roberts, Samuel       Colorado, USA         Death, formerly       c1881                 69                                            Of Tavistock, 36Robins, (Miss)        Tavistock             Rode in one           1897                  46                                            of lst.carriagesRodd,                 Tavistock             Held inquest          1899                  1Rodd, R. (Junior)     Stonehouse            Solicitor                                   42                                            For Treasury                                Rodd, R.R.            Maristowe             W.M. of Maristowe     1899                  49                                            Lodge                                       Rodd, R.R.            Tavistock             County Coroner        1899                  50Rodda, John           Lower Dimson          Takes body            1880                  30Gunnislake            out of Tamar                                Roe, (Mrs)            Tavistock             With Mrs.Drake        1900                  225                                            & Miss NeatRogers                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Rolston, J.           Devonport             Doctor                1882                  153Rosevere, Louise      Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Rosekelly, Issac      Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49                                            P.P.G.Supt.Wks.Rosevere, Louise      Tavistock             Funeral               1900                  225Roskelly, T.          Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Roskilly, J.          Tavistock             Cousin                1899                  245Roskilly, T.          Tavistock             Cousin                1899                  245Rowe                  Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Rowe, (Miss)          Tavistock             School Board          1900                  225Rowe                  Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Rowe, A.              Tavistock             Masonic Lodge #666    1899                  49                                          Rowe, F.              Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Rowe, James           Plymouth              Manager               1896                  76,256                                            Ind.Coope & Co.,Rowe, N.W.            Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Rowe, Philip          Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Rowe, R.,             Tavistock             Funeral               1897                  46,Rowe, R.              Tavistock             Chairman              1899-1900             49,118                                            Urban CouncilRowe, Susan           Tavy Moor             Death -see Gill       1897                  186                      Wellington,Som        Rowe, T.P.            Tavistock             Funeral               1900                  137Rowe, Theo.           Tavistock             Banker                1900                  45,46Rowland, G.           Tavistock             Vice-Chairman         1899                  245                                            Bd. of GuardiansRowse, H.             Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Rundle                Tavistock             With Mr.Crowe         1900                  225Rundle, E.C.          Buckland              Steward for the       1897                  46,92                      Monachorum            Bedford                                     Rundle, E.C.          Tavistock             Steward for Duke of   1881                  61                                            Bedford               Rundle, E.C.          Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Rundle, John          Tavistock             Brother-in-law        1879                  45Rundle, John          Tavistock             Library               1817                  52Rundle, John          Tavistock             formerly M.P.         1881                  118Rundle, Nich.(Mrs)    Tavistock             Neice, Library        1799                  52Rundle, Grace         Tavistock             Death/Mrs.Cornish     1882                  118*Russell, H.P.         Marytavy              Rector to preach                            37                                            At Exeter Cathedral                         Scobell, John         Holwell               Reverand & 2 sons     1900                  246                                            InheritsScobell, (Miss)       Holwell               Daughter (Michell)                          246Scoble, George        Horrabridge           Birth, a daughter                           26Sercombe, F.J.        Starcross             Married at West       1899                  p.1                                            Hampstead, LondonShambrook, J.         Tavistock             Clerk                  1900                 225Sharland John         Wellington, Som.      Father                                      5Sharland, Hattie      Wellington, Som       Bridesmaid & Sister                         5Sharland, Jessie      Wellington, Som.      Married                                     5Sharp, Wilhelmina     St.Bride's Church     Marriage              c1881                 53Sharp, William        Liverpool             Banker/Father         c1881                 53Shepherd, Anne        Tavistock             Death,aged 76         1876                  286Shepherd, Elizabeth   Plymouth              Death see Chappell    1915                  43-#2Shepherd, Elizabeth                         wife of John          1890                  286Shepherd, Emily M.    Plymouth              Death, 34 years       1890                  286Shepherd, John        Kingswood Cottage     Death, 49 yrs.        1879                  286                      GunnislakeShepherd, Richard     Tavistock             Death,84 years        1880                  p.2Shepherd, Sarah       Hatchwood             Death,see Willis      1878                  p1Shipston, C.P.        All St.Church,        Reverand                                    163                      PlymouthSimmons               Tavistock             Among Principal       1899                  49                                                                FuneralSimmons               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Simmons, Henry        Tavistock             Death, aged 80        c1880                 53Sims, (Mrs)           Tavistock             Funeral, lst.Coach    1881                  61Sims, (Mrs.)          Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Sims, C.J.            Whitchurch            Funeral               1897                  46Skinner, (Mrs)        Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Skinner, A.           Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Skinner, E.E.B.       Gulworthy             Vicar                 1899-1900             118Skinner, Harry.       Tavistock             Bedford Lodge #282    1899                  49Skinner, H.           Tavistock             Urban Council         1899-1900             118Skinner, H.           Whitchurch            Funeral               1899                  245Skinner, J.           Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Skinner, J.S.         Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  49,245Skinner, W.           Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Skinner, W.H.         Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Skinner, W.H.         Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  49Skinner, William      Tavistock             Death                 Jan.                  93Sleman, J.            Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Sleeman,              Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Sleeman,C & Sons      Whitchurch            Undertakers           1899                  245Sleeman, Winnie       Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Smale, Elizabeth      Stowford              Death, 86 Year        **                    **Smallwood             Tavistock             Funeral               1900                  225Smallwood, G.W.       Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Smith, E.             Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Smith, Sydney         Devonport             Benefit Concert       1881                  153Smith, W.             Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Smith, William        Bratton Clovelly      Late father                                 53Smith, Wm.Vosper      Devonport             R.N./Married                                53                      Stoke Church          Smyth, Thomas E.,     Tavistock             Doctor                1899                  49Smyth-Osbourne        Tavistock             High Sheriff                                246                                            Of DevonSnell                 Tavistock             New residence         1899-1900             118,225Snell                 Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Snell, H.J.           Plymouth              Funeral               1900                  137Snowden-Smith         Tavistock             Dr / testified        1899                  1Snowden-Smith         Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Snowden-Smith         Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Snowden-Smith         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Soltau                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Southcombe            Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Southwood, Henry      Plymouth              Death of Niece                              53Southwood, Maria      Plymouth              Death of Niece                              53Sparrow               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Spear                 Dunterton             Won election                                246                      Tavistock             for Unionists         Spear, A.             Tavistock             Bd. of Guardians      1899                  245Spear,A.              Tavistock             Executor              1897                  45Spear, Alfred John    Holland Bradstone     Death aged 3                                214-bSpear,Alfred          Holland               Father                                      214-bSpear, Mary           Holland               Mother                                      214-bSpear, J.W.           Tavistock             J.P.&Chairman         1899                  245Spears, J.W.          Tavistock             Magistrate            1899-1900             118Spencer               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Spencer, E.           Petertavy             Grammer School        1879                  24Spencer, E.           Tavistock             Reverand              1899                  49Spencer,E.            Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Spencer, E            Tavistock             relief after fatal                          92                                            DrowningsSpencer,E.            Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Spencer, Eliza        Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Spencer, K            Tavistock             Doctor                1883                  113,114Sperling              Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Sperling, H.M.        Lewdown               Funeral               1897                  46Sperling, H.M         Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Splatt, Collins       Tavistock             Capt., Mounted        1883                  113,114                                            VolunteersSpry, J.              Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Spry, J.              Whitchurch            Bearer                1899                  245Spry, John            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Spry, Joseph          Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Squire, J.            Buckland Monachorum   Supplied Mourning     1897                  46                                            CarriagesSquire, J.            Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Squire                Lydford               Undertaker            1900                  137Squire, Jno.          Tavistock             Bedford Lodge #282    1899                  49Squire, W.            Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46St. Aubyn             Exeter                Prosecutor                                  42Stanbury, D.          Lydford               Funeral               1900                  137Stanbury, W.S.        Lydford               Funeral               1900Stannes, J.           Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Stannes,J.            Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Stannes, James        Tavistock             Chemists                                    1Staurt, D.H.          Tavistock             Masonic Lodge #666    1899                  49Stephen               Exeter                Mr. Justice                                 42                                            Spring AssizesStephens,C.           Whitchurch            Funeral               1899                  245Stephens, J.S.        Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Stephens, T.E.        Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Stephens, W.          Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Stevens, J.           Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Stevens, W.           Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Stevenson             Weymouth              Vicar,Rev.Canon       1899                  45Strachan              Whitchurch            Gift                  Colonel               43-#2Straker, E.           Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Straker, E.           Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Straker, E.           Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Sweet                 Plymouth              Funeral               1900                  137Symonds, G.D.         Coryton               Rector                1900                  137Symons                Buckland Monachorum   Organist              1897                  46Symons                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Symons, E.            Wadebridge            Prosecutor            1896                  76,256Symons, W.            Gulworthy             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Tait, W.J.            Tavistock             Petertavy/Rev.        1879                  24Tait, W.J.            Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Tait, W.J.            Tavistock             Relief telegram                             92Tait, W.J.            Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Tapson, William       Tavistock             1st. Librarian        c1799                 52Tarner, W.E.          Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Tauranac, H.H.        Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Tayleur               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Taylor, A.            Tavistock             Election agent                              246Taylor, C.H.          Milton Abbott         Retired from          1899-1900             118                                            Vicarage                                    Taylor, T.J.          Mary Tavy             Seeking water         1899-1900             118                                            SupplyTeague, E.            Tavistock             Father                                      53Teague, Katie         Tavistock             Death, aged 9                               53Terdrey, Sarah        Tavistock             Death, aged 60        c1880                 7Terdrey, Charles      Gas House             husband               c1880                 7Terry                 Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Theed,S.V.            Whitchurch            Surgeon                                     110Thomas, Wm.           Wellington, Som.      Uncle &                                     5Thornton              Tavistock             Ceremonies                                  113,114Thornton              Whitchurch            Gifrt                 1887-1892             43-#2Thynne, J.F.          Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Tickle, A.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Tickle, E.            Tavistock             Funeal                1899                  245Tolman                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1891             43-#2Tomlinson             Tavistock             Organist              1900                  225Tonkin                Tavistock             Jury foreman          1899                  1,50Tooker                Princeton             Postmaster                                  224Toop.                 Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Toop,R                Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Toop, R.A.            Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Toop, R.A..           Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49                                            #2527Toop, R.N.            Whitchurch            Funeral               1899                  245Toop, R.J.            Tavistock             Masonic Lodge #2527   1899                  49Toye, S.              Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Trebilcock, H.        Tavistock             Masonic Lodge         1899                  49Tregedeon, W.A.       Old Woodhouse         Death, 17 months      c1880                 7Trelaway,             Whitchurch            Dowager Lady          1887-1892             43-#2Trevelyan,            Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Trevethan, J.         Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Trigg                 Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Tripe, F.Penson       Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Tuff (Miss)           Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Truscott              Tavistock             Stables burn                                118Truscott, T.          Tavistock             Masonic Lodge         1899                  49Truscott, T.          Lydford               Supplied              1900                  137                                            Mourning coachesTucker, F.            Horrabridge           Petertavy             1879                  24Tucker, Marwood       Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Turner, (Mrs.)        Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Turner, (Mrs.)        Lydford               Wreath                1900                  137Turner, Dorothea M.   Tavistock             Granddaughter         1900                  46Turner, J.H.          Plymouth              Tavistock             1900                  49Turner, John H.       Plymouth              Wadebridge Witness    1896                  76,256Turner, Lydia L.      Tavistock             Inherits              1900                  46Turner, R.            Bickleigh             Reverand              1897                  46Turner, W.H.          Lydford               Funeral               1897                  46Turner, W.Radford     Tavistock             Grandson              1900                  46Tyhurst, (Mrs.)       Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Vanstone,T.           Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Vigras, A.            Tavistock             Brother-in-law        1899                  245Vincent, (Miss)       Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Vincent, C.           Tavistock             Organist              1881                  61Vincent, C.J.         Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Vosper, J.            Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Wainwright, E.        Princeton             Mastercook a son                            53Wallop, John          Tavistock             Candidate for                               246                                            Liberal party                               Waldron, Joseph       Milton Abbot          Diamond               1903                  42-#2                      Mount Ford            Anniversary                                 Waldron, Mary         Milton Abbott         Wife/Married          1843                  42#2                                            Nee ManningWalkden, S.           Whitchurch            Funeral               1899                  245Walkem, Emma          Plymouth              Death, 21 years                             53Walker (Mrs)          Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Walker, C.H.          Walkhampton           Petertavy             1879                  24Walker, C.H.          Walkhampton           Funeral               1899                  46Walker, Charles H..   Walkhampton           Funeral               1881                  61Walker, Emily J.      Walkhampton           Wife                  1891                  Walker,J.D.           Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Walker, W.E.Rowell    Fitzford Cottage      Death, 19 months                            214-bWalters, Elizabeth    Petertavy             Death, 73 years       c1881                 69Ward & Chowen         Tavistock             Crowndale             1900                  214-b                                            clearance sale                              Ward                  Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Ward, J.              Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Ward, R.              Morwell               Buckland Monachorum   1897                  46Ward, R.              Morwellham            Funeral               1899                  49Warren, E.            Tavistock             Clerk                 1900                  225Water, Lilian         Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Waterer               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Watkins, (Mrs)        Gunnislake            Saw body first        1880                  24Watson, F.            Devonport             Benefit concert       1882                  153Watts, Frederick      Tavistock             Executor              1900                  46Webb, R.M.W.          Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Webber                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Weekes, Elizabeth     Fairchilds            Death, 76 years                             214-bWeekes, Thomas        Fairchilds            husband                                     214-bWells, M.A.           Tavistock             Clergyman             1881                  61Wernthal, Adolph      Weymouth              father                1899                  45Wernthal,Charlotte    Weymouth              Mother                1899                  45Wernthal, Ida         Weymouth              Marriage              1899                  45West, Eliot,(Mrs)     Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225West, Eliot, (Mrs)    Whitchurch            Inherits              1900                  246West, Mary            Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2West, R.E.            Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Westaway              Tavistock             Superintendant                              139                                            For Destruction                                             Post OfficeWhitchurch, Walter    Tavystock             Possessions of a      1740                  46                                            of loomsWhite, Ada            Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2White, Cynthia        Whitchurch            Niece & bridesmaid    1887-1892             43-#2White                 Whitchurch            Major                 1887-1892             43-#2White (Mrs)           Tavistock             Housekeeper                                 55White, T.             Tavistock             Bd. of Guardians                            245White, Leedham        Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2White, Tyndale        Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Whitehair (Mrs.)      Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Whitemore, James      Tylehyst              Alexander Park        c1880                 53                                            Redland, a sonWhite-Thomson,R.      Tavistock             Colonel, Sir                                246                                            Unionist CommitteeWiddicombe            Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Wilkes, (Mrs.)        Tavistock             Inherited             1900                  46Wilkinson, W.F.N.     Camelford             Birth, a son          c1880                 53Wilkinson,W.J.        Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Willcock              Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Willcock              Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Willcock, Emma        Whitchurch            Widow                 1899                  245Willcock, J.W.        Whitchurch            Bd. of Guardians                            110Willcock, John        Anderton              Son of John W.        1899                  245Willcock, John W.     Anderton              Death, aged 60        1899                  245Willcock, Joseph      Anderton              Son of John W.        1899                  245Willcock, (Misses)    Tavistock             Wreath                1900                  225Willcock, Walter      Tavistock             Brother               1899                  245Willcock, Walter W.   Tavistock             Nephew                1899                  245Williams (Dr.)        Tavistock             Lecturer                                    37Williams, Bessie      Tavistock             Death, 10 months                            26Williams, F.M.        Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Williams, G.          Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Williams, G.          Tavistock             J.W. Bedford          1899                  49                                            Lodge 282Williams, G.          Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Williams, G.          Tavistock             Brother to J.D.&      1899                  245                                            Cousin to WillcockWilliams, H.          Tavistock             Cousin to J.W.        1899                  245Williams, J.          Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Williams, J.D.        Buckland              Funeal                1897                  46                      Monachorum            Williams, J.D.        Tavistock             Bedford Lodge         1899                  49                                            282Williams, J.D.        Tavistock             Brother to G.         1899                  245Williams, J.D.        Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Williams, J.R.        Tavistock             Cousin                1899                  245Williams, Joseph      Tavistock             Death, 65             May 13th.             93Williams, Thomas      Tavistock             Death of              c1880                 26                                            DaughterWilliams, W.          Petertavy             Funeral               1879                  24Williamson            Whitchurch            Colonel               1887-1892             43-#2Willesford, R.        Tavistock             Funeral               1881                  61Willis, Charles       Hatchwood             Death/husband         1876                  1                      Cottage               Sarah ShepherdWillis                Tavistock             Doctor                1899                  245                                            See MartinWillis, Elizabeth     Morwellham            Death, 79 years       c1884                 140Willis, Harry (Mrs)   Clydesdale            Birth, a son                                209                      Surbiton              "Elza"?Willis, Sarah         Hatchwood             Death, aged 40        1878                  209                      Cottage                                                           Willis, Thomas        Gulworthy             Death, 78 years       c1883                 2#2Wills, John Colman    Tavistock             Death, 68 yrs.                              57,79Wills, Sarah Jane     Tavistock             Death, 71 years                             57,79Wilmot                Lydford               Bearer                1900                  137Willson               Whitchurch            Admiral               1887-1892             43-#2Windealth, Wm.        Tavistock             Library/Member        1799                  52Winney                Tavistock             Chairman Of Liberal                         246                                            CommitteeWinsor                Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Winsor, R.D.          Walkhampton           Teacher-trainer       1897                  245Winsor, T.L.          Tavistock             Funeral               1899                  245Winter, Elizabeth F.  Tavistock             Widow                 1899                  1Winter, W.T.B.        Tavistock             Death, tailor         1899                  1Witheridge, (Mrs.)    Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Witheridge, G.        Tavistock             Bearer                1899                  49Witheridge, G.        Parswell              Death                 1888                  210Witheridge, Maria     Prospect Place        Death, aged 81        1898                  210Wolfe                 Whitchurch            Major                 1887-1892             43-#2Wolferstan, H.        Buckland Monachorum   Funeral               1897                  46Wolferstan, T.        Plymouth              Solicitor             1897                  45Wollocombe, J.H.B.    Lamerton              Vicar                 1900                  137Wood                  Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Wood, Mary Ann        St. Asaph             Death (Polly Furze)   c1883                 140                      North Wales           aged 44                                     Woodley               Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Woolcocks, James      Tavistock             Death, 77 years       c1880                 7*Wonnacott, F.         Tavistock             Wreath                1899                  245Wonnacott, J.         Tavistock             Bedford Lodge 282     1899                  49Wonnacott, J          Tavistock             Ceremonies            1883                  113,114Wonnacott, Richard    Statford              Death, aged 44        c1881                 53                      WhitchurchWonnacott, T.C.       Tavistock             Reverand              1900                  137Worth, R.N.           Tavistock             Author of "The                              46                                            History of PlymouthYelland, E            Tavistock             Bearer                1899                  49Yelland, E.           Tavistock             Testified             1899                  50Yelland, E.           Whitchurch            Bd. of Guardians      1899                  245Yole,                 Whitchurch            Gift                  1887-1892             43-#2Yeo, John             Lamerton              Death, 83 year        June 25th.            57                      Orchard Barton                      Lewtrenchard