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Extracts from the Red Book and Notes on the Pipe Rolls of Henry II

Trans. Devon Assoc., vol. XXXIII, (1901), pp. 363-398.


T.W. Whale

Prepared by Michael Steer

The paper was submitted at the Association’s July 1901 Exeter meeting. The Red Book (Liber rubeus de Scaccario) was first compiled by the Exchequer during the reign of Henry III. It contains documents from the post-Conquest period up to 1230. These include deeds and grants, as well as records of serjeanties and material from pipe rolls. The Red Book has been deemed second only to the Domesday Book in importance for its wealth of genealogical information. Pipe rolls are the annual financial records of the Crown. They are the written record, maintained by the Exchequer, of the monarchy’s accounts for a particular financial year. They are some of the earliest available financial records from the medieval period and one of the richest sources of history from that era. The article is from a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal that can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Abbas, Walter364
Abbe, Roger391
Acford, Roger de379
Achard, William370
Alba Mara, John de391
Alba Marla, Earl of397
Alba Marla, William de370
Albemarle, Reginald de390
Albernun, Engeram de378
Albus, Thomas384
Allingeston, Edwin of393
Allingeston, Elliot of393
Allingeston, Osbert of393
Allingeston, Roger of393
Alneto, Richard de378
Alneto, William de366, 379
Alraville, Matthew de378
Archbishop, Roger the383
Arsic, Robert374
Aubermarle, Galfrid de369
Augo, Osbert de377
Augo, Yvo de377
Aula, Warin de376, 380
Avenel, Galfrid379
Avenel, Matilda (Heiress)366
Avenel, Nicholas382, 394
Bacun, William369
Balecorda, Hugh de379
Bardulf, Hugh367-9
Baron, Richard Le379
Barri, Reiner de380
Basset, Thomas369
Bastard, William380
Bauzun, Richard381
Beauchamp, William393
Beaumont, Henry de393
Beaumont, Richard de393
Beaumont, Viscount of Mayne390
Becket, Thomas a373
Beiven, William378-9
Bekatone, Osbert de377
Bello Campo, Thomas de393
Bello Monte, Thomas de378
Belstana, Baldewin de378
Beuz, Cecilia de377
Bigantone, Walter de380
Bikele, Robert de384
Biketon, William de383
Bissoplega, Richard de383-4
Bloet, Bishop Robert374
Blundus, William382
Bocland, Wido de381
Boeles, Roger de379
Bohunt, Margaret de370
Bollay, Muriela de398
Bonavilla, Richard de379
Borhard, William de368
Bosco, Ralph de382
Bosco, Roardi, William de382
Bosleya, Hamelin de382
Boterellis, William de (Boterius)377, 383, 388
Boun, Humfrey de374
Bozun, Robert384
Bozun, William384
Brahosa, William de381, 390, 397
Brailega, Daniel de380
Bray, Ralph de393
Breose, William de (Brahosa)366-9, 372, 376, 384, 391
Briggere, W365
Brionia, Wido de378
Brioniis, Adeliza de387
Brioniis, Richard de387
Brito, Ansger376
Brito, Walter373, 376
Brittany, Earl of370
Brittaville, Wido de381, 384
Briwerre, William de366, 383, 397
Briwes, Robert de371
Bruera, Antony378
Bruwere, John366
Bruwere, Richard373, 376
Bruwere, William373
Bulkeworthy, Roger de373, 376
Burdun, Peter368
Burdun, Richard368
Burtone, Richard de382
Buteford, Milo de369
Buzun, Roger381
Buzun, William381
Bygot, Robert le384
Bykele, Robert de (Bykelegh)370, 398
Caisere, Henry le396
Campbne, Henry de275-6, 380
Campellis, Roger de (Campeus)375, 377, 380, 382
Campo Ernulphi, Henry de378
Campo Ernulphi, Roes de382
Campo, William de383
Camppus, Henry de380
Campville, Galfrid de376
Cantelupe368, 397
Cantilupe, Simon de375
Carbonel, Alicia389-90
Carbonel, William389-90
Cardinan, Robert de384
Careville, Hugo de381
Cauceis, Robert de375
Chartrai, Philip de381
Chartray, Richard de368, 376, 380-1
Cheine, William de379
Chelli, Nicholaus de (Chelidone)378-9
Chester, Earl Hugh of372, 384
Chester, Ralph Earl of390
Chetenore, William de381
Clare, Earl of372, 377
Claville, Walter de382
Cofphin, Richard378
Colebroc, Alexander de377
Coleville, Richard (Coletune)378, 384
Colum, John de384
Columbariis, William de373
Conan, Earl370
Cophin, Elias378
Corbin, Roger369
Cornutus, Roger378, 396
Cornwall, Earl of365, 394
Cotes, Galfrid de384
Courtenay, Robert de366
Crachard, Pagan384
Creuebere, William de378
Croc, Walter376
Crote, William384
Crues, Otuel de380
Crugalain, Osbert de377
Crugalen, Ralph de383
Cultura, Henry de369
Curcy, William de373
Curtenai, Hawisa de (Cortenay)366
Curtenai, Hugh de367
Curtenay, Eustachius393
Curtenay, Hawisa de383
Curthose, Robert372, 377-8
Dacus, Gelein378
Dacus, Joselin382
Dacus, Robert378
Daggaville, Alicia378
Daggaville, Richard378
Dapifer, Oger370
Deli, Reginald de (eli)379
Devon, Richard Earl of365, 386-7, 392
Devon, Vicecomitissa, Adeliza387
Dinan, Oliver de392
Dinan, Roulond de370, 394
Dinant, Hugh de (Dinham)379, 381
Droscumbe, Richard de393
Du Cange387, 391
Dunesmore, Salvaric de384
Dunstanville, Earl Reginald de365-6, 374, 378, 386, 392, 396
Dunstanville, Robert de388
Edward I393-4
Edward II393
Edward IV392
Egloshall, William de377
Eisse, Baldewin de378
Eisseliga, Walter de371
Ely, William of387
Espec, Richard378
Esse, Baldewin de380
Essex, Galfrid Earl of389
Essex, Henry of387
Estre, Galfrid de367
Estre, Richard del369
Estre, Robert de366
Estre, Thomas de382
Ewias, Robert de370
Exon, John Duke of393
Exonia, Bishop of (Exeter)364, 372-4, 377, 383, 391
Fauvel, William380
Fenna, Robert de383
Feritate, William de370, 384
Farariis, Roger de384
Ferendon, Nicholas de398
Ferrariis, Henry de366
Ferrers, Earl William de368, 390
Feugeres, Ralph de384
Finemere, Gilbert de382
Fishacre, Martin de383
Fitz Amfrid, Wimund368
Fitz Anculf, Richard380
Fitz Anculf, William380
Fitz Anfrid, Roland378
Fitz Atard, Roger382
Fitz Baldwin, Robert369, 380
Fitz Bernard, John Bernard377
Fitz Bernard, Luke383-4
Fitz Bernard, Richard381
Fitz Bernard, Robert378, 396
Fitz de Bractone, Fauvel379
Fitz Cadio, Ralph378
Fitz Earl, Henry369, 383
Fitz Elias, Ralf379
Fitz Elyas, Gerard382
Fitz Etard, Roger377
Fitz Floer, Nicholas387
Fitz Galfrid, Robert (Gaufrid)364, 381, 383, 386, 389
Fitz Garin, Richard383
Fitz Gerold, William396
Fitz Gilbert, Robert379
Fitz Godwin, Ansgod382
Fitz Hai, William380, 397
Fitz Hamo, William392
Fitz Harding, Nicholas371
Fitz Herbert, Matthew382, 384
Fitz Herbert, Peter368, 376
Fitz Herbert de Pine, Simon378
Fitz Herbert, Roger384
Fitz Herding, Robert380
Fitz Hugo, William380
Fitz Ilger, Robert378
Fitz Ivo, Ralph383
Fitz Ivo, Richard369
Fitz John, Matthew392
Fitz John, William377-8, 380-1, 391
Fitz Luke, John393
Fitz Martin, Robert364, 390
FitzMartin, William364-5
Fitz Milo, Roger373
Fitz-Nicholas, Henry371
Fitz Nicholas, Robert382
Fitz Osulf, Richard371
Fitz Pagan de Putteford, Richard382
Fitz Radulph, Richard381
Fitz Ralph, Walter380
Fitz Ranulf, John383
Fitz Reginald, Philip380
Fitz-Reginald, William367, 374, 382, 394
Fitz Reinfrid, Pagan377
Fitz Richard, Richard369, 383
Fitz Richard, William383
Fitz Robert, Thomas380
Fitz Robert, William367, 376, 380
Fitz Roger, Philip381
Fitz Roger, Robert (Regis)380
Fitz Roger, Thomas379
Fitz Rogo, Simon370, 378
Fitz Samaric, Roger379
Fitz Stephen, Archebald380
Fitz Stephen, Eustace386
Fitz Stephen, Ralph364, 377, 381, 390
Fitz Stephen, Robert386, 397
Fitz Stephen, William396
Fitz Turold, William384
Fitz-Stephen, William378, 384
Fitz Walter, Gaufrid394
Fitz Walter, William379, 382
Fitz Warin, Fulco382, 392
Fitz William, Henry369, 391
Fitz William, Odo396
Fitz William, Reginald371
Fitz William, Richard381, 394-5, 398
Fitz William, Robert366-7, 373, 379, 394
Fitz William Dispensarius, Richard378
Fitz Somer, Robert379
Fitz Wimund, William377
Flandrensis, Erkenbald381
Flandrensis, Stephen382, 397
Flemeng, Herchenbald379, 381
Folcland, Walter de379
Foliot, Robert374
Fonte Galgani, Robert de383
Furnell, Henry391
Furnellis, Alan de377-9, 391
Furnellis, Galfrid de383
Furnellis, Philip de394
Gatesdene, Agatha384
Gatesdene, William de384
Glosheyl, Matthew de383
Gloucester, Robert Earl of365-7, 372, 377, 388-9
Gloucester, William Earl of382
Greynville, Richard de382
Gurdet, William378
Haia, Matilda de368
Haiulestone, William de379
Hia, Richard de375
Hall, Mr Hubert364, 369, 376, 394
Hamberia, Ralph de (Hamptone)382, 384
Hamme, Galfrid de380
Hanton, Ralph de397
Hartland, Johel of395
Haulla, Garin de365
Hay, William377
Helion, Geolin de378
Helyon, Joslin de382
Henry I364, 366, 372-3, 377-8, 380, 382, 385-6, 389, 395
Henry II364-8, 370-3, 376-7, 382, 384-6, 389, 392
Henry III371, 384, 393, 398
Hereford, Bishop of370
Hesedone, Osbert de380
Hewe, Henry de la384
Hidone, John de378
Hidune, Richard de383
Hiwis, Philip de380
Hokeweye, Richard de383
Hole, Joel de380
Holme, Urglas de384
Holne, Serlo de381
Hornei, Robert de379
Ilbert the Moneyer387
Iou, Eustachius de377
John, King365-71, 374, 376, 382, 384, 391, 393-4, 397
Jou, Eustace de390
Kaynes, William de382
Lameil, Peter de377
Lammeis, William de383
Lampreda, William383
Landechei, Adam de377
Langeford, Roger de378
Lascy, Hugo de370, 374
Lavonatora, Roger de377
Lega, Galfrid de378
Lega, Ralph de373, 376, 378
Lega, Walter de379-80
Lega, William378
Lega, Simon de378
Leicester, Earl of374, 391
Le Neve398
Leveri, William375
Liddestone, Reginald de378
Liega, William de394
Lincoln, Bishop of374
Lingesire, William de381
Lomene, William de382
Londonia, Richard de379
Londonia, Thomas de382
Londonia, William de368
Londre, William de la365, 369
Longus, Durant380
Lucy, Galfrid de380
Lucy, Richard de370
Lupus, Gregory378
Luscy, Galfrid de394
Luttone, Henry de369
Madox368, 388, 391, 395-7
Malherbe, John383
Malherbe, Ranulf379
Malherbe, Richard394
Malherbe, William373
Mandeville, Gaufrid de389
Mandeville, Roger de388-9
Marescallus, Gilbert (Marshal)377, 387, 391
Marescallus, John364, 387, 390, 396
Marisco, Galfrid de380
Mauduit, William393
Maundeville, Robert de368, 376
Meduana, Galfrid de392
Meduana, Isabella de394
Menestre, Jordan de377
Meriet, Micholas de371
Mertone, Philip de380
Mesthale, William de383
Middeltone, Nicholas de366
Moles, Joel de378
Monasteriis, Robert de373
Monte Acuto, Drogo de373
Monte Acuto, William de368
Mortain, Earl of376
Mulchewis, Nicholas de382
Muncellis, William de380
Musbiria, Philip de379
Neuille, Alan de391
Neville, Galfrid de383
Newburgh, Henry393
Nicholas, Pope366
Niger, Roger384
Nimet, Ralph de380
Nimet, Roland de378
Nonant, Alicia de364, 397
Nonant, Henry de367, 384
Nonant, Roger de367, 390
Nonaunt, Richard de384
Norothocot, Edil de377
Northamptonshire, Sheriff of370
Novo Mercato, William de368
Oliveri, William369
Oreweie, Robert de373
Orewey, Ralph369
Ormaul, William de (Orvalle)364
Omnibus Sanctis, Roger de379, 381
Orsi, William de380
Orsuals, William de364, 389
Orvaus, William de386
Oskereville, Ralph de378
Osward the Moneyer388
Otri, Henry de382
Painell, Fulk (Paganel)397-8
Patricius, Earl389
Paynel, William369
Penhaker, Roger de384
Pennart, Baldewin de377
Penpol, Serlo de384
Pesliporis, William384
Peverel, Robert394
Peverel, William365-6, 390, 397
Pevrel, Hugh (Paynel)365-6, 370, 390
Pictavensis, Hugh382
Pictavensis, William382
Pillande, Erkenbald381
Piperel, William398
Pipperel, Richard366
Piro, Robert de (Pirario)364, 389-90
Pleistowe, Ralph de381
Plessis family393
Plumtone, Prior de (Plintone)377, 383, 388
Poer, William381
Poher, Ralph381
Poher, Robert378
Pola, Maurice de381
Pole, Sir William391
Polyerd, Anger de383
Pomeraie, Henry de366, 377-8, 382-3, 391
Pomeraie, Julian de382
Porock, Antony do379
Port, Adam de (Wallia)368-9
Portemort, Robert de375
Prous, Walter394
Punchardun, William de378
Purford, Dominus de369
Pyperellus, Hugh (Pipperellus)383
Quarere, Abbot of380
Raddone, Richard de (Radune)377, 380, 388
Raelega, Richard de371
Raile, Walter de379
Ralee, Hugh de (Ralega)373, 379, 381, 388
Ratomago, John de383-4, 395
Raddona, Richard de395
Redone, Baldwin de383
Redueries, Earl Richard de390
Redvers, Baldwin de396
Reichel, Mr395
Reigny, John de385
Renham, Gocelin de380
Revel, William368
Reygni, William de381, 383-4, 390
Reyni, Roger de382
Richard I365-8, 371, 376, 385-6, 389-91, 394, 397
Richard II365, 393
Ripariis, Earl Richard de365-6, 386
Risdon, Tristram387
Rivel, Mabel371
Riveres, William de365
Roger, son of Archbishop Roger377
Roke, Ralph de (Roche)377
Rothomago, John de395
Rothomago, Ralph de377
Round, Mr J.H.371-2
Ruaberga, William de381
Sai, Elyas de374
Salisbury, Bishop of373
Sanctæ Mariæ Ecclesia, Robert de381
Sancto Christofero, Ernald de382
Sancto Vidasto, Hugo de383
Sancto Winnoco, Joel de377
Sancto Wynnoco, Walter de383
Sandruge, Stephen de383
Sanzauer, Ralph (Senzaueir)382, 389
Scotia, Eustace of390
Seccheville, Philip de380
Secheville, Robert de369
Sele, Ailward de la393
Semer (Sagmer)391
Siccavilla, Ralph de (Seccheville)379-80
Siccaville, Henry de381
Silvain, William370
Soeylini, Ascuil de393
Somerset, Sheriff of371
Sopcumbe, Henry384
Sore, John le (Sorus)369, 383
Spec, Richard379-80
Spichwich, Michael de373
Spineto, Herbert de379
Squidimore, Godefrid de370
Stana, Robert de379
Stanga, Ralph de377
Standes, Robert de381
Stantora, Stephen de377
Stephen, King395
St George, Henry de383
Stiward, Alured393
St Mary Church, Robert de390
Strathern, Earl of393
Strathern, Lady Matilda393
St Stephen, Robert de384
Susche, Roger la369
Swereford371-3, 386
Taisson, Philip395
Taisson, Ralph395
Taisson, William395
Tallebot, William378
Talumpna, John de377
Tavistoke, Abbot of364, 378
Tessun, Ralph368
Teyntone, Drogo de383
Thony, Robert393
Thony, Roger393
Tilly, Henry de (Triyli)368
Tirel, Roger379
Toeny, Constance de393
Toeny, Roger Lord393
Tony, Matilda de393
Tony, Ralph de370
Torel, William367, 376, 390, 397
Toreth, Bartholomew369
Torintone, Hamelin de367
Torintone, John de367
Torintone, William de367, 382
Torkaringa, Galfrid de377
Torkinge, Hugh de383
Totiscumba, William de396-7
Totum, Richard per379
Tracy, Henry de367, 391
Tracy, Matilda de376
Tracy, Oliver de365-6, 372, 375, 380, 391, 397
Trasci, William de (Traci)365-7, 372, 377, 379, 390-1, 394, 396
Trecarl, Jordan de377
Trekar, Richard de383
Trelunge, Richard de383
Tribus Minetis, Joslen382
Tribus Minetis, William de378
Tueuertone, Nicholas de380
Turberville, Henry365
Unfranville, Henry de382
Valletorta, Ralph de366, 381
Valletorta, Reginald de364, 384
Valtort, Robert de364, 376
Valtort, Roger de364, 389
Valtorte, Hugh de395, 398
Venmene, Robert de377
Ver, Robert de378
Veteriponte, Robert de (Viezponti)381, 384, 389
Vitiberewe, Egidius de369
Wadetone, Osbert de377
Walensis, Richard369
Warewast, Bishop389
Warwick, Earl of393
Welpamhe, Alexander de383
Wias, Robert de380
Wicha, Hugh de378
Wiford, Osmund de380
William I372
William brother of Earl Reginald378
Wlmartone, William de380
Worcester, Bishop of370
Wotalta, Edward de377
Wykes-Finch, Rev W393
York, Archbishop of370, 375
Zuche, Roger la393