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The Castle of Totnes

In Fourth Report of the Committee on Peculiar Tenures of Land

Trans. Devon. Assoc., 1884, Vol XVI, pp. 172-182.


E. Windeatt

Prepared by Michael Steer

This Report provides translations of some Court Rolls of the Castle of Totnes, containing features of a special character ; also some particulars, gathered from the Rolls of various Manor Courts, to illustrate peculiarities of land tenure and manorial customs in Devon. The books or parchment rolls, on which the proceedings of these Courts were formerly recorded with great regularity, form an invaluable source of knowledge of the rural customs and mode of local government in past times. The majority have probably been lost, scattered, or destroyed ; but in spite of the havoc caused by accident, carelessness, and wilful neglect, such records may still be found in the muniment-rooms of country houses and in the offices of professional men, in far greater abundance than is generally suspected. Now that the historical value of these documents is becoming more and more recognized, it may be hoped that the progress of destruction may be stayed. The article, from a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Adams, Thomas177
Amery, Mr J.S.172
Bourton, Alice177
Brooking Rowe, Mr J172
Calsyngton, heirs of175
Charles II176
Cliffe, Walter, gent176
Coppleston, John173, 175
Corneworthy, Prioress of173-5
Courtenay, William174-5
Crespin, Mrs Mary178
Crispin, Alexander176
Crosse, Peter177
Doe, Mr G172, 176
Dorset, Cecilia, Lady Marchioness173-5
Dudley, Katerine175
During John177
Dymond, Mr R,172
Edgcombe, Robert177
Edgcombe, Robert snr176
Edward III178
Elizabeth, Queen178
Elston, William176
Elston, William snr177
Ffetypase, Antony174-5
Ffortescue, Adrian175
Fitz-Waryn, Lord175
Ford, Gilbert177
Garland, George177
Garland, Nicholas176
George I180
Goodridge, John176
Halswell, James176
Harvey, Thomas176
Hastyngs, Lord174-5
Hawkings, Richard gent.176
Henry VI178
Henry VIII173-4
Hingston, Walter177
Knight, John177
Knowles, Ibotte177
Kyrkeham, John173-5
Lidston, Edward177
Locke, Johanna175
Locke, Richard174-5
Luscombe, Edward176
Luscombe, Elynor177
Malston, heirs of175
Mary, Queen178, 180
Northbury, John174-5
Ormerod, Mr J.W.172
Paige, Vincent177
Philip, King178
Phillips, Jacob177
Pinhaye, John177
Plympton, Prior174-5
Pomeray, Edward174-5
Raysleghe, Alicia174-5
Roope, Honor177
Roope, Joan177
Roope, John, gent176
Roope, Nicholas, Esq.176
Skinner, Lewis177
Smith, Mr John177
Southcott, Thomas Esq.177
Splatton, George177
Stawell, Mr George176
Stonyard, (Stonerd), William175
Ware, Lord de la173-5
Wevell, Thomas175
William III180
Windeatt, Mr Edward172
Winter, Francis176
Woolston, Arthur177
Worthe, Antony174-5
Worthe, Thomas175
Wyse, John173, 175
Wyse, Oliver175