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A graphic and historical sketch of the antiquities of Totnes


William Cotton

London: Longman & Co viii, 101pp.: illus.

Prepared by Michael Steer

William Cotton, FSA was in his day Treasurer of the County of Devon and author of a number of books of antiquarian and practical interest. Among these; An Elizabethan Guild of the City of Exeter (1873), Gleanings from Records, The Bank Manager, and Everybody's Guide to Money Matters, A Graphic and Historic Sketch of Bodyam Castle in Sussex (1831) and The Story of the Drama of Exeter. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the Princeton University Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Abergavenny, Lord4
Adams, Mr Bartlet53
Aeneus (legendary)14, 16-7
Albermarle, Duke of69
Alured (the Giant)77-87
Ambrosius, Aurelius5, 21
Anne, Queen44
Arthur, Geoffrey ap20
Ascanius (legendary)16
Babb, Jeffery94
Bartlett, John Esq32
Bede, Venerable5, 20
Bickeley, Robert de58
Blackhall, Christopher Esq45
Blackhall, Dorothea45
Blackhall, Elizabeth45
Blackhall family45
Blackhall, Penelope45
Blackhall, Susanna45
Bogan family26
Bogan, William Esq8, 26
Boleyn, Queen Anne33
Bon, Walter de52
Bouges, Michael48
Bout, de la (also Boate)52
Bovers, John49
Brantyngham, Bishop49
Braose, Eva de7
Braose family (also Browses, & De Brose)44, 88
Braose, William de (also Bruce)6-7, 23
Breves, Savary64
Brittany, Allan de79, 81, 83
Bronescombe, Bishop36-7, 48, 52
Brooking, Christopher94
Browne Willis3-4
Browse, Nicholas45
Brues, Eva21
Brues, Sir Reginald de21
Brutus (mythical)5, 13-7, 19-20, 32
Buggins, Richard94
Cambrensis, Giraldus15
Camden3, 13, 30, 59, 61
Cantalupe, Eva7, 21
Cantelupe familyviii, 4, 23
Cantelupe, George7
Cantelupe, Milliscent7
Cantelupe, William7
Carew familyviii
Carew, Mr24-5
Carew, George DD29
Carew, Sir George, Bt22, 29
Carew, Johanna34, 64
Carew, Thomas Esq34, 64
Cary, Edward Stanley Esq58
Cary, Mrsvi
Champernon, Kathrine50
Champernown family (also De Campo Arnulphi)44
Charles I29, 35, 64, 68
Charles II29, 68
Coke, William49
Coker, Edmund49
Conka, Robert de48
Coppard, Rev W Ivi
Corinaeus (legendary)17-20
Cornish, Dr11, 35
Cornish, Mr Jamesvi, 5, 9, 33, 35, 39, 46, 56, 88-9
Cornwall, Henry Earl of7, 21
Cornwall, Reginald, Earl of7
Courthose, Robert78, 82, 87
Cromwell, Oliver50
Darr, Leonard94
Denmark, Prince George66
Dowse, Walter57
Drayton, Michael15, 19
Duchesne78, 80, 86
Dugdale47, 88, 101
Dunstanville, Lord24
Durneford family24
Durnford, Stephen24
Edgcumbe, Peter Esq24
Edgcumbe, Sir Piers (also Peter)22, 24, 26, 50-1
Edgecombe, Sir Richard8, 22, 24-6
Edmund, King & Martyr53
Edward (the Confessor)2, 23, 53
Edward I3, 7-8, 10, 89
Edward III48-9
Edward IV10-1, 41
Edward VI11, 89-90
Egerton, Sir Thomas90
Elizabeth I4, 8, 28, 63, 90
Every, Henry94
Fairfax, Sir Thomas29
FitzCharles, Charles29
FitzMartyn, Robert44
Fowril, Stephen de la37
Froude, Ven R H, MAiii, 11, 35, 75
Gifford family62
Gilbert, Davies25
Gilbert, Nicholas, alias Webber64
Giles, Sir Edward62
Giles family44
Giles, John Esq44
Giles, William62
Gloucester, Robert of87
Gogmagog (legendary)18
Goodridge, Nicholas94
Goon, Henry49
Goring, Lord28
Grandisson, Bishop48
Grenville, Sir Thomas41
Growle, Robert38
Grylls, Grace45-6
Guizot, Monsieur78
Halswell, Susanna45
Harcourt, Robert de58
Harry, William49
Hawkes, John94
Hele, Elizaeus Esq57
Hele, Penelope45
Hele, Samson70
Henry I23, 60, 84
Henry II6, 21
Henry III7, 22
Henry V24
Henry VI11, 24, 36, 49
Henry VII3-4, 8, 22, 24-5, 49, 89-90, 97
Henry VIII11, 23, 26-7, 33, 42, 50, 63
Hill, Robert49
Hille, Robert Esq34
Holditch, Philip94
Horne, Bishop71
James I34
James II69
Jeffery, Bartholomew Esq9, 26
Jeffery, George9
Jewitt, Mr Llewellynnvi, 101
Jocelyn (Prior)48
John, King3-4, 6-7, 21-3, 56, 58-9, 78, 84, 88-90
John (Prior)48
Jones, Pitman Esq3
Junius, F73
Kennicott, Dr Benjamin71-2
King, Richard J Esqvi, 88
Kirkham family41
Lacy, Bishop Edmund37, 39, 57, 75-6
Lee, Catherine55
Lee, Richard38, 54-5
Leland3, 5, 23, 27, 39, 46, 49, 51
Lincosme, Savary de64
Luscombe, Catherine55
Lye, Edward72-3
Lysons3, 26, 36-7, 42-4, 50, 52, 58
Manning, Owen73
Martin family (also Martyn)42, 44, 61
Martin, Richard46
Mary, Queen89-90
Maynard, Sir John57
Medici, Cosmo de68
Monmouth, Geoffry of13-5, 17
Montalt, John de7
Montalt, Milliscent de7
Morice, Dom83
Newman, Nicholas94
Newman, Roger6, 22
Nicholas, (Prior)48
Nonant family84
Nonant, Roger de78, 82, 87
Normandy, Robert Duke of79, 81-3
Norris, Dorothea45
Northampton, Earl of73
Northleigh, Henry70
Novant familyviii
Novant, Henry de6, 23
Novant, Roger de (also Nonant & Nuuate)6, 23
Nuatte, Roger de49
Nugent, Lord31
Oldham, Bishop52
Oliver, Rev George DDvi, 3, 36-7, 49-50, 52, 77, 84
Pendarvis, Mrs44
Pendragon, Uther (legendary)5, 21
Pluquet, Monsieur79
Pole, Sir William34, 62
Polwhele, Rev R11
Redmayne, John49
Redvers, Baldwin de85-7
Redvers, William de87
Revill, William70
Richard I4
Richard III8, 22, 24-5, 49
Richmond, Earl of24-5
Ridgway, John50
Rigaud, Professor65
Risdon, Tristram5-6, 13, 19, 62
Ronges, John de48
Rowe, Sergeant62
Rowe, William62
Rychard, Thomas49
Ryder, William37
Saint Sauveur, Nigel de79-81
Saley, Savary de64
Savery, Allan28
Savery, Catherine55
Savery, Sir Christopher28, 34, 63-4, 69-70, 94
Savery familyviii, 62, 64
Savery, Johanna34, 63
Savery, John63
Savery, Richard35, 46, 62-4, 94
Savery, Servington Esq. MA55, 64, 68-71
Savery, Stephen63
Savery, Thomas, FRS62, 64-8
Savery, Waltham Esq58
Savery, William70
Sciredun, David de59
Seiratt, Luke94
Servington family64
Servington, Johanna63
Servington, John Esq63
Seymour, Sir Edward8, 22, 26, 28
Seymour, John26
Shapwick, John45
Silvius (legendary)14, 16
Slanning, Elizabeth45
Sloane, Sir Hans67, 70
Smith, Walter50
Smyth, Barnard Esq44
Smyth, Elizabeth62
Smyth family44
Smyth, Nicolas62
Smyth, Walter, Esq44
Somerset, Edward Duke of9, 26, 29
Southam, John49
Southam, Thomas49
Speed6, 13
Stafford, Bishop45, 52
Stapledon, Bishop48
Stephen, King44, 84-7
Stoke, Abbot Richard39, 49
Swynforde, Thomas49
Tanner, Bishop51
Taylor, Carew Esq33
Taylor, James9
Taylor, John9
Thomas, Jane37
Thomas, John37
Totnais, Judhael de (also Ioel)vi, 2, 4-6, 21, 23, 27, 37, 47, 49, 58, 77-8, 82-5, 87
Totnes, Alured de84-5, 87
Tracy, Henry de87
Trist family44
Trist, Nicholas Esq44, 56
Turonibus, Martin de60
Turonibus, Robert de60
Valetort familyviii, 8, 23
Valletort, Roger de6, 8
Vitalis, Ordericus78, 82, 87
Vortigern5, 21
Voysey, John94
Wace, Master79-81
Warner, Rev Richard58
Watt, James65
Weld, Mr67
Westcote, Thomas gent3-4, 18, 44, 89
William I (Conqueror)4-5, 21, 23, 27, 37, 47, 83
William II, Rufus6-7, 23, 78, 82
William III65, 70
Wise, Ayshford Esq44, 58
Wise family42, 44
Wise, Frederick Esq44
Wise, John gent44, 94
Wise, Lewis, gent44
Wise, Samuel gent44
Wise, William John Samuel44
Worcester, Marquis of65, 68
Wright, Thomas Esq15
Yarde, Gilbert69
Yeo, Elizabeth62
Yeo, George Esq.62
Zouch familyviii, 4, 7, 23, 49, 53, 88
Zouch, Iva (or Eudo) la7, 21
Zouch, Lord John la8, 21, 24-6
Zouch, Milliscent la (also de Mont)7
Zouch, William la7