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Notes on Totnes Trained Bands and Volunteers

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 32 (1900), pp. 93-105.


T.W. Windeatt

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Trained Bands were local militia regiments organised on a county basis. The system was inaugurated during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I for the defence of the realm. It was controlled by the Lords-Lieutenant of counties who were expected to appoint professional soldiers to drill the militia and teach them to use the pike and musket. Membership of the Trained Bands was compulsory for freeholders, householders and their sons, i.e. men who had a stake in the country and were therefore expected to defend it from foreign invasion or local rebellion. In practice, servants and hired substitutes were often sent to attend the training sessions, which were held once a month during the summer. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Adomes, Larences97-8
Angel, Thomas103
Asborne, Christofer98
Aymet, Tobey97
Babshe, Roge98
Ball, H101
Bampfield, John Esq94
Barber, ---erey97
Barter, John98
Bastard, Baldwin John Polexfen104
Bastard, William104
Bath, Earl of93-4
Bedford, Rt Hon Francis Earl of95
Bewes, Captain104
Bickford, Alfred103
Bickforde, John96, 98
Bidlake, John103
Blackle, Willame98
Blacler, Edward96, 98
Blackler, Philep97
Blackler, Richard98
Blackler, Roger97
Blackmore, Henry103
Boletler, Lucke98
Boller, Thomas96
Brand, G101
Brooking, Mr John100
Brooking, Mr William98
Broucke, John jnr98
Broucken, Willame97
Brouken, Mr Christofer96
Brouken, John96
Browen, Robarte97
Browen, Thintye98
Bryett, James Theodore Sheldon103
Bryett, Theodore103
Buckingham, John103
Buller, General105
Burgoyne, John103
Cliffe, John100
Clifford, Mr99
Clifford, Lord105
Cokey, Willame96
Cole, James97
Cole, John97
Cuming, Samuel jnr103
Dart, Philip103
Dart, William103
Datinge, Mr96
Denner, John103
Densberey, John97
Derry, John103-4
Dibbell, Walter97-8
Dolbeare, John100
Dowese, Mr96
eff, Antinye96
Ellis, Richard103
Emet, Martinge98
Enerey, Thomas98
Enfrey, James96
Evens, Frederick103
Fairfax, Sir Thomas99
ffarewell, Christofer97
ffell, Mr John96, 98
ffelde, Nicholas (also ffelle)97
ffelde, Thomas98
ffonskey, Mr98
ffrinch, Willame96
Finch, James103
Fortescue, Lord100, 104
Fowel, Colonel99
Giles, Sir Edward Knt94
Gist, Nicholas98
Goolde, Nicholas97
Goring, Lord99
Grine, Mr Willame96-7
Grine, Roger97-8
Hains, Dr102
Haker, Seret97
Hakines, John97
Hamilton, A H A Esq101
Hardin, Thomas103
Hares, Gorge98
Haries, Nicholas jnr96
Harris, Thomas103
Hawke, John103
Hawode the widoe98
Heath, George103
Heath, James Pulling103
Heyward, William103
Hodge, Christofer jnr96
Holditch, Philepe97
Holditch, Willame97-8
Hole, John jnr98
Homberes, Bartholomew97
Hore, John Henry103
Horwell, Edwarde98
Huxham, Samuel Esq103-4
Inch, Christofer97
James, Mr Henrey97
Kellock, Frederick103
Kellock, Thomas Creaser103
Kennicott, John96
Laskay, John97-8
Laye, Mr Philip (Ley)96-9
Ley, Mr John99
Lidstone, Thomas96
Light, Private105
Lingworthy, Antney97
Loader, John Bernard103
Macey, John96, 98
Maceyes, Mr96
Mallett, John snr103
Mallett, John jnr103
Marks, John103
Marks, Joseph103
Marting, Richard jnr97
Marting, Thomas snr97
Marting, Thomas jnr96-7
Martinge, James, jnr96
Martinge, Mr Richard snr97
Mason, Charles George103
Mason, John Browne103
Matters, Private105
Maye, Francis103
Maye, Henry103
Maye, John103
Maye, William Bennett103
Menerd, Christofer97
Menerd, Tritrome98
Miles, John103
Miller, Robarte98
Napoleon III93
Niner, Arthur Browse103
Noreies, Walter96
Nores, Mr Richard97
Oldreive, John Lewis103
Oldrey, William Harry103
Pares, Richard98
Parker, Willame97
Parkere, Robarte96
Parrott, George Jasper103
Pites, John97
Pode, J S Esq100
Pokell, Christofer (Potell)97-8
Pollardes, Colonel Amos99
Poncharde, Thomas97-8
Pounchard, Willame98
Presswell, Henry Jardine103
Presswell, William Jardine103
Prideaux, Colonel Sir Edmund102
Pristod, Mr (also Pristode)96
Protheroe, Thomas103
Pulling, John103
Punchard, Richard100
Rees, James103
Rees, John103
Renoles, Mr98
Rogers, Commander101
Ruston, Captain William103
Sarell, Lucke97
Saueray, Mr Richard97
Saunders, John100
Saunders, Samuel103
Seaman, Henry103
Searle, James Dimond103
Seymour, Colonel Sir Edward Bt94, 99
Seymour, Lord Webb101
Shairp, Stephen Francis103
Sheleber, Henrey96, 98
Shortt, John97
Shortt, Nicholas97
Shortt, Richarde97
Shortt, Willame96
Skelton, Sir John100
Slatter, John103
Smith, Mr W97
Sowode, John (Sowed)96, 98
Sperke, James97-8
Spurway, Thomas94
Strode, Sir William, Knt94
Strowe, Thomas97
Stube, Gorge (Stabe)98
Sunter, Richarde97
Symons, Philip103
Tayler, John97
Taylor, Herman103
Thomas, Samuel103
Tillard, Mr William97
Tillderde, Simone97
Tiller, William100
Toucken, Nicholas96
Towsan, Gorge96
Trowman, Williame96
Tucker, Edmund103
Tucker, John jnr97
Victoria, Queen103
Voyze, Richard (Voysey)96-7
Voyze, Walter98
Wahape, Dockr96
Watson, Richard Huxham104
Waymouth, Walter96
Whiteway, Richard104
Williams, Private105
Williams, Samuel104
Wills, Charles104
Windeatt, Lieutenant F K105
Windeatt, John101
Windeatt, Milford101
Windeatt, William Fabyan104
Winter, John Loud104
Wise, ffrisete96
Wise, John snr97
Wise, John jnr97-8
Wise, Mrs Margret97
Wise, Mr snr96
Wise, Mr Nicholas95
Wise, Nicholas jnr98
Wise, Mr Richard snr97
Wise, Mr Richard jnr97
Wise, Samell97
Wise, Walter96-7
Wise, Willame97
Wolf, John96
York, Duke & Duchess of105
Youe, Willam97