Witheridge Census 1901

Transcribed by David Taylor

Address Name M age F age Occupation
Cannington William Dart 32y   Farm Bailiff
Lakelands Charles J H Partridge 70y   Farmer
Lakelands Cottage William Kingdom 52y   Agricultural Labourer
  Uninhabited     Uninhabited
The Manse Elizabeth A Cheney   41y Wife of Congregational Minister
  Charles Leach 40y   Domestic Coachman
The Bungalow, Fore Street Dr Richard E H Leach     Physician and Surgeon
Slew Park, Fore Street Richard Cann 40y   House Carpenter
Fore Street Mary A Sanders   57y Monthly Nurse
1 Anstey's Court Eliza Clarke   57y Retired Housekeeper
2 Anstey's Court Uninhabited     Uninhabited
3 Anstey's Court George Mildon 45y   Mason
4 Anstey's Court Uninhabited     Uninhabited
5 Anstey's Court Mary Way   71y Dressmaker
6 Anstey's Court Florence C Ford   25y Laundress
7 Anstey's Court Phillip Gard 55y   Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
8 Anstey's Court Uninhabited     Uninhabited
9 Anstey's Court Charles Leach 40y   Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
Mill Park, Fore Street John Lee Bulled 40y   Dog Breeder & Dealer
3 Fore Street James Bennett 34y   Shoemaker and Rural Postman
4 Fore Street Charles Ford 62y   Mason (Employee)
5 Fore Street Mary A Hooper   68y Dressmaker
6 Fore Street Sarah Tucker   64y Living On Own Means
7 Fore Street & Builders Yard John Clotworthy 46y   Builder (Employer)
Bow Cottage Occupant Absent     Occupant Absent
8 Fore Street William Dinner 60y   Shoeing Smith
9 Fore Street (Holloways Shop William Holcombe 52y   Tailor
Fore Street (The Lawns) Elizabeth Benson   61y Living On Own Means
Fore Street (Part The Lawns) Richard Adams 59y   Dairyman
Sunnyside, 10 Fore Street Unoccupied     Unoccupied
Lawn Cottage Dr George F Holt 32y   Surgeon
Greenslade Shop, 14 Fore Street James Greenslade 56y   Grocer Shopkeeper
15 Fore Street John Webber 68y   Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
16 Fore Street Harriet Bennett   56y Grocer Shopkeeper
17 Fore Street Robert Leach 43y   General Agricultural Labourer
1 Rose Cottage Susan Greenslade   76y Newsagent
2 Rose Cottage        
The Dairy Company, Fore Street New Building 1894      
Hare & Hounds Charles Gunn 54y   Wheelwright, Innkeeper & Mail Cart
Ditchetts, Trafalgar Square Charles Maire 23y   Corn Miller
High Cross House, Trafalgar Square Thomas Tidball 45y   Carrier
,Trafalgar House, Trafalgar Square Mark Thomas 53y   Carrier
Whitfield Bakery, West Street Selina Whitfield   64y Baker
West Street Mary A Whitfield   76y Living On Own Means
May Cottage, West Street Robert Way 50y   House Carpenter
West Street James Partridge 60y   Farmer
West Street William Comner 73y   Tailor & Draper
Fern Cottage, West Street     65y Living On Own Means
Highfield, West Street Sarah Folland   61y Living On Own Means
Leigh House, West Street William C Carter 44y   School Master
1 Coombe Road William H Tucker 48y   Bootmaker
2 Coombe Road John Down 56y   Blacksmiths Instruments
3 Coombe Road Uninhabited     Uninhabited
4 Coombe Road Edwin A Southcott     Stone Quarryman
5 Coombe Road John Crook     Retired Labourer
Cannington Cottage, Trafalgar Square Ellen Partridge   81y Living On Own Means
Part Cannington Cottage Elizabeth Gill   71y Retired Farmer
Fountain House, West Street Herbert J Mansfield 46y   Draper, Shopkeeper & Bank Manager
Cannington House, West Street George H Selley 37y   Butcher Shopkeeper
Bible Christians Chapel, West Street Uninhabited     Uninhabited
Cypress House, West Street Dr Percy W G Shelley 33y   Surgeon
Wisteria Cottage, West Street George Cocks 46y   Farmer
Commercial Inn, West Street Robert Bucknell 51y   Farmer
Post Office House, West Street George H Pullen 40y   Draper, Shopkeeper & Postmaster
Belmont, West Street Augustus Andrews 30y   Schoolmaster National School
Avonmore, West Street Uninhabited     Uninhabited
Boundy Shoes, West Street William Tolley 40y   Agent Prudential Assurance Company
1 Hayward William Partridge 49y   Bootmaker
2 Hayward John Mitchell 30y   Bootmaker
Bakers Shop, West Street Henry H Churchill 37y   Baker & Shopkeeper
1 Fords Folly Uninhabited     Uninhabited
2 Fords Folly Fred Phillips 24y   Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
3 Fords Folly John Down 27y   Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
4 Fords Folly John Sowden 60y   Mason
1 Venbridge Hill John M Parish 31y   Mason
2 Venbridge Hill William Alford 25y   Blacksmiths Implements
3 Venbridge Hill Elizabeth Bodley   46y Seamstress
4 Venbridge Hill Ann Burnett   61y Needlewoman
5 Venbridge Hill James Pickard 60y   Road Contractor
Rosemont Villa George Henry Pullen 73y   Living on Own Means
Independent Day School L Co. 4th VBDR      
1 Tracey Green William Seatherton 28y   Groom & Domestic Gardener
2 Tracey Green George E Mock 34y   Mason
3 Tracey Green Furnished     Family Absent
4 Tracey Green Charley Pickard 27y   Joiner
5 Tracey Green Uninhabited     Uninhabited
6 Tracey Green Samuel Hill 49y   Groom & Domestic Gardener
1 Pullens Row Frederick Southcott 34y   Masons Labourer
2 Pullens Row Uninhabited     Uninhabited
3 Pullens Row John Leach 45y   Road Contractor
4 Pullens Row John Ayre 73y   Retired Farmer
5 Pullens Row Eliza Southcott 54y   Needlewoman
6 Pullens Row David Drake 57y   Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
7 Pullens Row Thomas Bodley 59y   Carpenter
8 Pullens Row Furnished     Family Absent
House Opp Mitre House George Crook 69y   Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
Mitre House Amos Maire 50y   Miller
Mitre Cottage William Woolway 69y   Carpenter
The Vicarage John Peter Benson 46y   Clerk in Holy Orders
Ways House, The Square Samuel J Way 44y   Builder
Grocers Shop, The Square Uninhabited     Uninhabited
  Thomas Gooding 72y   Carrier
New House after 1880's Fire The Square Ann Phillips 61y   Sick Nurse
Bank House, The Square William Adams 77y   Retired Farmer
Bell Inn, The Square Joseph Churchill 72y   Saddle and Shokeeper
Police Station, The Square Sidney J Stone 42y   Sergeant of Police
Quanticks, The Square Henry T Trawin 44y   Wool Stapler
1 The Court, The Square Mary Addicott   75y Monthly Nurse
2 The Court, The Square Elizabeth Cockram   67y Living On Own Means
The Malthouse, The Square Charlotte Arscott   49y Seamstress
Well Cottage, The Square        
Wheelwrights Cottage, The Square Edmund Bulled 80y   Wheelwright
The Black Dog Inn, The Square Ephraim Clarke 51y   Carpenter & Innkeeper
Old Pound House, The Square Charles Baker 50y   Dairyman
Paradise Cottage, The Square Frances Addicott   71y Monthly Nurse
The Square Harriett Flew   69y Charwoman
The Square Richard Adams 26y   Masons Labourer
The Angel Hotel, The Square Thomas Dummett 50y   Hotel Manager
1 Drang        
2 Drang        
3 Drang        
4 Drang Thomas Ford 66y   Mason
5 Drang Herbert Whitfield 31y   Baker
St John The Baptist Uninhabited     Uninhabited
Cottage & Garden Church Street Emma Partridge 68y   Laundress
Quanticks Church Street William Baker 29y   Blacksmiths Implements
Litterburn Church Street Thomas Baker 39y   Postman
National School Uninhabited     Uninhabited
Toll House Uninhabited     Uninhabited
Penford Isaac Rowcliffe 40y   Dairyman
Penford 2 Uninhabited     Uninhabited
Penford 3        
Muxeries Sophia Blackford   66y Farmer
Muxeries 2        
Witheridge Mill Cottage and Gardens John Phillips 63y   Retired Agricultural Labourer
Witheridge Mill Cottage and Gardens        
Witheridge Grist Mill        
1 Bow Gardens William Greenslade 55y   Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
2 Bow Gardens James Thomas 36y   Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
1 Northernhay Row William Crook 76y   Agricultural Labourer
2 Northernhay Row James Fook 49y   Carpenter
3 Northernhay Row Thomas Bennett 57y   Retired Farmer
4 Northernhay Row Uninhabited     Uninhabited
5 Northernhay Row Henry Hodge 71y   Mason & Grocer Shopkeeper
Lashbrook Richard Elworthy 61y   Retired Farmer
1 Ebrington Row William Kingdom 22y   Carpenter
2 Ebrington Row Henry Morris 35y   Mason
3 Ebrington Row John Western 64y   General Labourer
4 Ebrington Row John Phillips 35y   Masons Labourer
5 Ebrington Row Eliza Morris   74y Charwoman
6 Ebrington Row Thomas Nott 60y   Butcher
7 Ebrington Row Robert L Palfreman 25y   Carpenter
8 Ebrington Row        
Gunhole 1 Thomas Dart 65y   Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
Gunhole 2 William Manley 55y   Butcher Slaughterman
Gunhole 3 Robert Bowden 55y   Gardener Domestic
Gunhole 4 James Thorne 66y   Newspaper Distributor