Letters to an Emigrant Minister 1841-1855


Letters sent by John Stubbs of Kendal, Westmorland and his daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Thomas Williams, to his son, Reverend Thomas Stubbs, a Wesleyan Methodist Minister, in the United States of America.

John Stubbs Kendal, England

November 15th, 1841

My verry dear Children grand children and great grand children. It is with the greatest pleasure that I sit down to write to you. After many wishes desires and prayers for a Letter from you we wear at last gratified with a Letter from you, when I have seen the Letter carrier week after week enter into s'maney houses and still none for us it made me conclude that something must be wrong. Sometimes I thought you had never got our Letter, and other times I thought of the shortness and uncertinty of Life that you might be gon the way of all Flesh. But thanks be to that kind Hand that has lengthened out your span of existence, and are spared to your family, and to the Church of God.

You cannot know how I long that you may be a great good and useful Teacher of the gospel of Christ Jesus our Lord. The Lord has made you a Blessing to many all ready and if your life should be spared another Twenty Years what good may be accomplished by the Blessing of God for that part of the world where thy lot may be cast. I know that in your youth you had not the advantage of a librel Education Like many in the ministry. Nevertheless it is not the profoundest Logision nor the greatest retrition perhaps that bringeth most souls to God. I am sertain that God has given the a Tallent use it to the glory of the giver. A dispensation of The Gospel is committed to you, and as the apostel of the gentiles saith Woe unto Me if I Preach not the Gospel.

I was gratified with that part of your Letter where you modesty hoped you are not a cumberer of the ground. No God forbid it. Work while it is Day the Night commeth when we cannot work. If you felt the longing [?] which I sometimes feel to liv my life over that I might be of some use to my fellow men. Tho I hope as you say I trust I have not all together been a cumberer of the ground. I know that an Itenerrent preacher has many things to grapple with contrary to flesh and blood, but still there is strength according to our Day. The Christian Minister I considder is a general for king Jesus, and I am sure there never was a Time when there stood more need of faithful disintrested men then at present.

Then my Dear Son cry alloud spare not lift up thy voice as a Trumpet shew the people their transgressions and the house of Jacob their sins. I never had a greater desire to do some good in the World then I have at the present, but my Day is gone I cannot travel as I used to do. I go to MealBank to talk to the people and to UnterBarrow and I have not been at Stavely this summer. In our present [plan] Im [written] down once for that place. If I am spared with life and health till Christmas I shall go to End Moor. I generly stay a few Days, Last year I preached three times while I stayed with them. This last summer I went over to Ranvenstonedale to see your Unkel Thomas. He is a verry feeble Man if he lives till Christmas he will 81 years old.

I went to Sedbergh with John Buterworth in his carr. Stayed all night at Sedbergh and walked to Ravenstonedale. It was our quarter day it was held at Sedbergh our people had a Mission Meeting in Cautley but the Evening being so wet I did not go I stayed all night at Sebrgh. The next morning when I was on the way to Ravenstonedale I met our preacher Jonathan Kershaw. Edward Burket two sons just before the quarter day they had got a letter from their Brother Edward. I met them in Cautley Lane and they read Me his Letter. I assure you I was very much disapointed Because neither you nor your family was not mentioned. He complained having a hard year having many to turn out of [Souty?] but said it would be easier for them that followed him, his Language was I thought, verry fine, he is no common writer so I believe he will be no common Preacher. His brother that is with his father in manchester is astonishing Preacher allreddy. The day after we received your Letter Edward Birkett had been over at Sedbrgh and called at our house he wanted to know if we had got a letter from you, we gave him your letter to read I told him that his son must come to a Merick, as you said if we had any good local Preachers to send them to you, he said that his Sone was often emploied for the Preachers in Manchester, so you may be sure he is ayoung man of Tallent.

When I was in Ravenstonedale your cousin and your father went one day to Kirkby Stephen to see their new Chaple. It is a prity chapel and a sunday scool atatched to it and they have got a nice Methodist Chapel in Ravenstonedale. Such a thing I never expected to see. I preached to them on the Sonday Night. So you see that we made some progress in our land in the midst of the greatest opposihon. In Kendal our opposihon is from the Church. They rob us of our Sonday Schoolers. They have built a fine Sunday Scool close to the Carpet Shop and they intend to drane our Sonday School. We have nothing but opposition in Kendal both with regard to Church and State, but the people in Kendal is as Blue as ever. When will that Day arive when envy and malis shall dye and discord afflict us no more.

I have lately beane reading the Student's guid by the Rev. John Todd Author of Lecters to Children. I red the lecters to Children when I was in manchester, you will recolect in my letter to you that I had bean one month in Manchester. I was pleased with the contents of that Book and am not less so with this. In the 16teene page of student's guide he tells the student that they must calculate on improving through life. He says Newton was in his eighty fifth year improving his Chronology. That givs me some hope that I may yet make some improvements in divinety.

The Revrent Todd says that the Student is more likely to forgett their friends then their friends is to forget them. I feele glad that you have not forgotten us. I admire that Letter a student writes to his widied mother. He portrayd your mother so xactly that it made me weepe, he says there sits my mother on the right of the Table with her knitting and a book before her and now she glances her eyes from the work on Paper to that on her needel now counts the loupes and then puts her eyes to the Book, and starts of for another round. I'll assure you this Natteral letter affected me it is the most natrul letter I have ever read.

I forgot to tell you that Edward Berkitt their Sone is a very promising local preacher. I have herd him at Kendal. If he keeps humble he will be useful in his day. It appears to me that there will be no lack of young men enter into the ministry, and as there is great openings abroad yet still I believe that there will be young men raised up to proclame to the world the uncearchabel [ritch?] of Christ.

I have just been to E Burtons to hear Jabus Letter that they had got from Africa. I thought it would Please thee to hear of his welfare they only got it the other week. But to my surprise he is no more in this world. His Mother did nothing but weepe while I remained with her. I remember thy words in one of your Letters. You were afraid that Jabus was going to a premature Grave. Europians cannot stand the climate of Africk.

Now I ahve to informe you of the Death of Wm. Beadle he died in August In twenty hours confindment of an inflamation in the bowels. His sufferings was great. He died in the Lord. What is our Life it is but as a vaper which appeareth for a little while and vanisheth away.

No father would be more glad to see you and hear you preach then yours but that is not lik to bee. Still keep up the Eunion between God andyour own soul then I know you will be useful to your fellow Men. Use every prudent means to preserve your health. You have a rising Familly to take care of. May the Lord preserve your health and Life, shall be the prayer of your Father.

Your unkl is still living at Bows when he is at home. He was over in summer. His sone William is at Aukland. He has lately lost his employ and has been lying sick but is recovered. He could not have lost his work at a worse time for Trade was never worse. His son Thomas livs in Manchester, he has a little shop and I trust is dowing prity well. When I was there they appeared comfortable. Joseph livs in Aukland nigh his Brother William. Ann and her Husband livs at Stavely. He is one of our local Preachers. He is a verry sensible man.

You ask the question concerning Robert and Rachel with regard to religion, they neither of them Joine the methodists but constantly hear them. Robert is the foreman over all Mr Wakefields works. Isabella is at home. She is verry tender. It is hard work for her to walk to Kendal. Elizabeth and her husband is now living at Staveley. He was the best Bass singer we had in The Methodist Society. They have Two fine Boys as can be seen. Thomas is prentes to Mr Wakefield. He is learning the trade of a couper that is to make powder casks. Young Robert is prentesed to a groser in Prestone. James goes to school. Margret is a fine girle like her sister Bella.

You have not told us any perticl concerning your children. How Isabella is growing in knowledg in stature nor the rest of the Children how they are? we could like to know If your Wife has her health well and what children you have. I could like to hear from you once a quarter while I live. If Mary and her husband would write one quarter and you another I think this might be easly done. As for my selfe I enjoy tolerabel health thank the Lord. My [great?] business is to prepare for another and a better world. I bless God. The sting of Death is gone. I am happy in his love But I want to be filled with all the blessings of God. The Lord Bless you and be with you all and may not one soul of you be wanting when he makes up his Jewels. Amen

Dear Brother You See I have not much room left me for what I have to say your father having taken up all the sheet as I have not much good news to tell you theirfor I shall refrain from saying much at present. As regards our trade we never experienced such a year as this. Nothing but distress on every side. Littel trade & what trade we have could not get our money witch makes it more difficulty and more unplesant. But thank God he gave us health and Strength to labour & preserves us in the land of the living.

You made inquirer is I had my organ yeat and if I still played the double Bass yeat. All things is as they were when you left us. I am in the same place in the Singing Seat as usual with the D Bass and the organ is just in the same place but the Singing Seat has regards the people that is in it is much chainged. I think their is non remaing in it but two or three that you know. There is your old friend ned Gregg as we used to call him & the two Germans William & Edward. Ann Wilson continues to Set with us [?] thare A and Ann [Ra------?] praying as usual in the meeting but Ann is often very poorly.

My Wife & me were at Stavley yeasterday Seeing Elizabeth & the children. It is but 3 weeke since they Left us. I felt much at parting with them we got much attached to the Children. They have lived with us more than two years but they are likely to be nicely situated if they have health. They send their kind respects to you all. Rachel was here on Saturday. When we read to her your letter She appeard to be very much put out of the way about Mary not writing to them oftnen. She thinks that Mary has forgot her parents. She might find as much time in 12 months to write to them. She need not shame with her Letters they can reed them very well. Her Mother thinks if she had been in England She might have Spared as much time as to have wrote a letter. Theirfor I hope you will press upon her to write to her Father & Mother as soon as posible and lett them know every particular.

You wanted to know what News would cost in England from America. I belive not more than 2 pence each week. Should glad of the opertunity of Seeing what is going on in your Country. In that way we often See the Christian Advocate through the Medium of Mr Edward Burton.

Your wife's father is still living. He is come to his daughters at Shap. He often talks about you. He his in his 74 year and is very fresh considering his years. JP Farrer wife is dead, was buried only the last weeke. Mrs. Jenings Sister Mrs. Hstwell is dead about 2 months since. Nancey Rigg wishes to be rememberd to you. She has lost her Son William, he died this last Summer. Hanah Matthewed formerly Farrer Sends her kindest love to. She lives in the same yard with us. M Watson lives in the same yard with us. She Sends her kindest respect to you.

Betty Banks wishes to be particularly rememberd to you. She [was?] disapointed you do not Say more about Isabella and So do we all. We Should like to here directly from her. We expect She will be able to do so by this time. We were calculating her Age, we find She will be 19 the next month. Mrs [Hawknegg?] Send her kind Love to you. I must be under the nessity of concluding for want of room. We all join in the kindest love to you all.

Thos and Mary Williams

The address on the envelope reads: Rev'd Tho's Stubbs, Poland, Trumbull County, State of Ohio, North America.

John Stubbs
Kendal, England

May 2nd, 1847

Dear Son,

I have to apologise for not returning you an answer no sooner, the chief hindronce was the Declining health of Isabella's Husband. He Died on the Fourth of April and and was interd on the Eight. They lived very happy together. Their Child is ten months old. How little there is to set down on in this life, all is changable in this Life. Isabella's Husband died, well he is far from a World of grief and sin.

Elizabeth is Confined of ther fifth Son she was not able to be at the Funeral of her sister's Husband. Mary and Rachel are in health at Present thank the Lord for there can be no enjoiments of the Blessings of this Life without Health. Thomas Williams and Robert Sanderson are both Well. Margret, Rachel's youngest Daughter, has been with Isabella many weks since her Husband began to grow worse. Thomas Robert and James Sanderson, Rachel's sons are all well.

And with regard to your Father I am a wonder to my Self, when I looke back to by gone Days, what a delicat man I was for some years and yeate I live that my lengthened Life may be a life of faith in the Son of God who Loved me and gave himself for Me. I was at Mrs. Jenniens on Sunday the Leventh of April talking to them of the things of god. I walked thither and the same came home and the same day shuerly the Lord helped Me. Mrs. Jennines is a fine old Lady she is in her Eighty sixt year and has all her Facelties. Mary Greenbank is with her. I asked concerning Hasterwell's family. Mary told me that her Father Lived with Martha. Likewise Martindale (that is his mother) lives with them. They live 2 miles south of Bowness. Martha's oldest child is Twelve years old and she has Ten Children the last are Twins so you see our woman are verry prolifick. I made inquiry the Age of Marys Father they thought that he was about seventy. He is not what we call an old man. My granddaughter livs next door to her that livs in Stavely Betty Swinbank her husband is a Tailor their Daughter was only married a few months till her Husband Died.

John Matthews and Eve that lived with you while you were in Liverpool are begun business in the grosery line and appear likely to do well. She makes a verry careful industrous wife. They have no children. They sende their kind Love to you.

Since I wrote to you last, many are gone of the stage of Time into the Boundless ocen of Eternity. You knew William Elwood who lived at the Spittle, he is dead some months Since. Robert Lowrance Family has been in the tipus Feever, first one and then another, from first to last of their suffering was seeventiene weeks yet they were all spared with Life. Young Robert they stood over him a whole Day expecting his death every minute but he recovered to the wonder of all that saw him. This Winter and Spring has been frought with sickness and Death. Many Children have Died. And old Peopel likewise. When I indeavour to write you a few Lines. I think before these get to a merica I may be in a nother World, for what is our Life but a Vaper that appeareth but a littel Time and then Vanisheth away.

This year has been attended with many Difficulties for the poor people of this Nation. It has beene a long and hard frost But no much Snow at Kendal. We have still high markets Provisions are very High. Flour 4 Shillings. Meal when Baked into Bread 4.3.10 per stone. Butter has been one and twopence Per Pound. Eggs Eight for sixpence. Potatoes one Shilling and Eightpence Per Stone. How often we have made light of Potatoes. But now they are a feast. With regard to Ireland that People has been much worse off than the English. Shuerly this Calamity has overtaken us because of our sins. And I am afraid that our sufferings are not over. We have had a Coulered Woman from Americk Preaching in Kendal. She was not Permited to Preach in our Chapel, as she had no proper credenciels. She is now in Lancaster. I was invited to tea where she was. She has Published her Experience. There is some wonderful things in it as I have had the oppertunity of reading it. Some things that people will not believe.

With regard to religion in Kendal I cannot say that we are Prospering, Neither do I think that there is prosperity in any other place of Worship in the Town. Instead of humbling us with regard to the scarsety we have had. I think we are more careless. But as a Nation and People I think that our Calamity is not over. The Line of Rail-Rode Between Lancaster and Carlisle was opened so'month ago. The Line from Oxenholm - Bowness was opened on the 14th of April. It was what we call a great Day in Kendal. Thomas and Mary was their. There was a larg number of people. The Day was verry fine, the sun verry imposing. It took half an Hour in gowing. But in their return twenty minits. Their now in hands in making a Reservoier at the high side of Birds Park To bring soft water in pipes to Kendal. So that every family may have it into their houses who chous. For this Convenience they must pay for it that has it. Mr. Raine told me that he was in London at Nine o clock Last night And that he was in Kendal at Eight Next morning, this is rapid work. What changes in Less than a Centery. I can just remember the Pack Horses come by our place, I was a verry little Boy. The roads wa not made passible for carts and wagons. I think that in a few years to come they will not be wanted. It is astonishing what a quantity of Good is convayed in a single traine.

And what are all these things to a dying Man like your Father. Thomas Scott Daughter Husband Is Dead and left his Widdow with two children. She was married verry young. So true is that Scripture, Hear we have no continuing City How necesary to seeke one to come. I must Draw my epistle to a Close, and comend you to God and the Word of his grace. Give our kind love to Mary Cooke her Husband and Children. May the Blessing of Heaven rest upon Both Families is and shall be the Prayer of your Loving Father, John Stubbs.

Let us Have an answer to this epistle as soone as your Conferance is over. I know that it shall be well with them that Fear God. Fare Well

Edward Birkett Widdows was over at Kendal. She wanted to know how to write to Edward. She thinks highly of Edward. She is now Living in Sedberg so that if he will faver her with a Letter it will be a comfort to her.

Dear Brother, I have just a few words to say at the end of your Fathers letter. That is we are all well in Health witch is a great Blessing. You will see in the above letter that Bell has lost her Husband. She is now coming to live with her Father and her Mother in the same yard with us. She apears to bear the berevment with resignation to the Devine will. Excuse any more as the sheet is Full. Thos Williams

John Stubbs
Kendal, England

September 19, 1849

My verry Dear Son Daughter with all your children with my grandaughter and my great grand children my Prayers shall be offered up for you all as long as long as I retain my Faculties or am a probationer here below. Your Father is now well stricken in years it's not likely that I shall be permitted long to continue in this Vale of Tears. But I resinedly can say thy will be done. This is the Lords mercy I have been now above four years incapable of dowing any thing for my support yet the Lord has taken care of me, blessed be his Holy Name. Had I a thousand years yet more to spend on this teumultious shore, I would them all resign to him who has my benefacture been. When I looke at by gone years what the Lord has done for me and wrought in me I cannot help saying goodness and mercy hath followed me all my Days. My remnant of Days I'll spend in his Praise Who did the whole World Redeme. Be they maney or few my Days are this View and shall all be Devoted to him.

I was over In Ravenstonedale at a Lovefest in June, my Nephew wished me to go over to see them once again. I went on the Railroad to Tebay in Orton Parrish and walked the other Eight Miles. When I returned they brought me to the station. I do not think that there is half of the inhabitence in Ravenstonedale there was fifty four years ago when we left it. On the 10th of June I was at whinfell had to talk in to the people abought Eternal things, o how solom is the work. And on the 19th of August was again at Whinfell stayed each time one week with them. I was appointed to Gatebeck on the First of July and the 9th of September. Tarried with them one week each time. I looke upon this as a great kindness to a superaneuated old Man.

August 26th Went to Setbergh for Joseph Severs, he being out of health. It was 10 years since I had spoken in Setbrgh Chapel. Some of my old friends was glad to see me and I believe to hear me. I know it is no common thing to hear an Old man Addressing a publick congregation upon the most momentious subjects in the World. I got Tee at Edward Birkits Widdows, she livs in a verry good House close to the Church yard, keeps boarders, has a servant. I look upon her as a clever woman. She would have a little of my hare to keepe. When you write to Edward you may let him know she thinks highely of him.

I have to tell you strange as it may appar to you, I walked to Sebergh. I sertanly wanted a chance to rest my Leggs. Mr. Severs intended that I should go by the railroad. I thought If I cannot Earne any thing with my Hands I will try to do it with my Feete. So I saved the money, Came home on the Monday I walked, the Day was extreamly hot. Changed my shirt when I got home for it was wet, very wet. Went to bed laid 18 houres, Rose well in health, Blessed be the Name of the Lord for all his mercies to Me.

I have not done with retailing to you my Travels. There was affresh opening of the Chapel at Beethwaite Green As they have got a new galery made. Both Thomas William and your Father was their. When the Meeting was over Robert Gibson tooke my home in his gig. I had a plesant weeke with the Family he livs at Arnside Tower has a large Farme. It is [stelence?] of Fighting Cocks you know where that is unless you have forgott. We used to go their in the bathing season. When I came home they brought me in their convaience untill I wanted Six Miles and three quarters of home. Came through Lovers Park, got something to Eate under one of the overgrone trees surrounded with Bucks and does, had time to contempolate what almighty Hand had done all those things. Got well home Blessed be god for all his mersis To Me. And now I wish to convay to you through this Letter my Sumer Excursions. I think that you will Wounder what the Lord has inabled Me to perform. I have bane thinking that you would be tired with the Letter and so I will conclude this subject.

Your Sister Mary has ben out of Health for Two Months with an excruating pain in her Head. She was worn down with pain Night and Day, but is a little better for which I am thankful to the Lord. She has lost maney of her Teth so that age is comming upon her. Thomas is Well so is Rachel and Robert. Margret their youngest daughter is at home. Robert is for biding in England till he can save money to bring him to Americk. All things is uncertan, I hear The Colra is carrying maney of this stage in to the invisable World. Tamely in the Midst of Life we are in Death. Thomas is upon Tramp Seeking work, James is yet an apprintes, Elizabeth is not up from her Confinement of her sixt Child, Andrew Grahams wife is Dedd. She used to meet with me in clas when they lived in Kendal. You will be suprised to know that Betty Banks is Married to Mr. Castel They live at Bowness. He has five children, Three are grown up, so you see there is nothing but change in this Life. Isabella Staintone is still living at Stavely with her Father and Mother in Law.

I lately had a letter from Ann Dixson from Manchester. She says that her father is in a pour state of health and that they feel [moved?] on his account and well they may for he has been an indulgant Father to them all. She wanted to know when we had had a letter from Americk. If spared I shall return her an answere shortely. My Dear Sone Be a faithful ambasider for christ. May heavens Blessing rest upon you all, Amen

[This part assumed to be from Thos and Mary Williams]

Mr. Antony Barnes has ben over at Kendal, he apeard quite a gentleman. He enquired after you. We gave him your Letter to Read. He gave me half a crown to act Baceo with. Likewise John Bruff has bee over at Kendal. He is very Jolly he is like a lanlord. Your cusin Thomas Stubbs is gone to Australia so we shall see him no more. Margredt Watson sends her kind Love to you. She still lives with Ann Brokebank. She has layen twenty yeares in bed. They live up our yard. Mary Granbank still inquires after you. She lives with Mrs Jennings of Fell Side. We received your Nusepapers While I was writing to you. I see the Death of Walter Prescot. How short and unsertain are all things hear. May the Lord spare your life to your family and the Church. Give our kindest love to Mary Cooke we were glad to hear that she is well.

This letter was addressed to: Rev'd Thos Stubbs, Wesleyan Minister, Cleveland, Ohio, America

Thomas and Mary Williams
Kendal, England

June 1855

Dear Brother,

We received your kind letter about 21 days after date and was very glad to hear of your welfare, but I canot say it is So with us. Your Father is not So very well. He has got very infirm he is not able to write to you, he has tryed two or three times and could make nothing of it. He has had a very Bad Winter. We never thought that he would live through the winter. He had a very sever an atack of what we called the Influenza, witch took away his facultyes and allmost the use of limbes, but in a few weeks he came round Again but cant walk much. It is very difficult for him to git up Stairs of himself. He can walk two three hundred yards, but that with great difficulty. But it is no wonder when we consider his number of years, he will be 90 the next month. We think it a very great age in this Country what ever you may think of it in yours. The reason we did not write sooner was your Father being taken Poorly in The begining of Winter, theirfor we did not know might take place aney day. So I hope you will Excuse.

You Say you have had very hard winter with you. So with us and a very Long Spring, hard Frost till into May and then very cold dry winds all through May till into June. All fodder eaten and no gras for the catel. Everything extreemly dear - flour 3/10 per Stone and Potatoes 11 and very bad, and all other things accordingly. So you will see we have hard times as well as you. And then their is the destructive war going on distroing boath life and property and an increce of taxes and trade Bad. Kendal is a very poor Place. A great deal of houses and Shops Standing Emty witch is a great proof that a town his not improving when So many Shops and houses is to Lett.

But Thank God we are in Good health. That is my Self and my wife. Your Sister Mary keepes very active of Feet and can do her House Work and Bind Boot and Shoes very well yet, but much Plagued with the Cramp in her feet and legs in the Night Time. You wanted to know how The Reformers were Coming on. They are Still Carving us a Seprate Body and made great progres in Some parts of this Country but not in Kendal. They had a Society formed in this town, had Preaching twice on a Sunday in a large Room and cept it up for two or three years. But after a while Some of the leading men Began to fall off and then the Congration fell of, So they gave up the Room and Came back to the old Body and Some joined The Ranters and other Places. We Considerd the Preachers behaved very Badley to many of Members, turned them out without any trial but because they went to hear the reformers Speak at their meetings. Your Father has not been a member of the old Body this two or three years or more. They witheld his Class Book because he went to here the reformers Speak and they Placed him up on the Platform but he did not Speak. You know his Princpels their are libral. Their is onley thin congrations in The Methodist Chaple at present. The Preachers are no visitors, they never go among the poor but they will find it out after a while that it will not do. They have lost many Thousands the last two or three years.

Your Father cant be laid beside your Mother in The Chapel Yard it is Closed as a bureing Ground. So is The old Church Yard. They are making a new cemetery up Cocklane leading to Castle just over The Gashouse Bridg. Two large fields one on eac side of the lane, one for the Church and the other for The Decenters, and two neat littel Chaples. It will be a beautifull Place when finished.

We have had Robert Sandersons wife and two children over from Preston a few Days. One of the Children is very delicate. Meg thought that a littel Kendal Air would do it good. So it did. Robert did not get over as was expectd. He mised the the Train on the Sunday morning as it Starts very earley, witch was a great disapointment to boath sides. Margret Sanderson left her Place in Preston two months ago but She is gon Back to live with her Brother Till She gets a nother place.

We were to Remember John Brough to you when we wrote to you. He and Family is gon to live in Wales. He is gon into partnership with a jentelman in the drainage pipe Business in very Extensive way. John dose nothing but Travel. Our Elizabeth and fameley is all well. They wish to be rememberd to you all. Her third Son John Can reed Music and Play Organ. I have Sould them mine. Your Uncle William is still living but very infirm. He is at Barnard Castle. Robert and Rachel Sanderson wishes to be remberd to you and the rest of her Children when you See them. Give our United Love to all.

So I must Conclude by Wishing you health and happness in this World and Evelasting Life in the World to Come. Every yours truly

your Father John Stubbs
Thos and Mary Williams