Coleford, Gloucestershire


Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

"COLEFORD is a chapelry in the parish of Newland and the Hundred of St Briavel, lying 20 miles from Gloucester. The Grammar School there was founded in 1632 by Edward Bell. In the returns for 1821 Coleford is shown as having 1,801 inhabitants."
ATWOOD Thomas Hosier Coleford
BANISTER Frederick Currier Coleford
BATHURST Chas B. Esq. Lydney Park, Coleford
BATTEN Thomas Surgeon Coleford
BEACH Elijah Shopkeeper Coleford
BEECH Humphrey Boot & Shore Maker Coleford
BENFIELD Joseph Stone Mason Coleford
BIGHAM John Grocer & Draper Coleford
BROOKSHAW Nicholas Blacksmith Coleford
BUTT James Clothes Dealer Coleford
CHANNEY Ann Mrs. Coleford
CLARKE William Esq. Willsbury
COOMBS James Saddler Coleford
COURT James Painter & Plumber Coleford
DAVIES Richard Revd. Staunton
DIGHTON General Newland
DOUGLAS Henry Revd. Newland
DUCAREL Philip J. Esq. Newland House
EDWARDS John Cabinet Maker Coleford
EDWARDS John Innkeeper/Public Ho. Plume of Feathers
EDWARDS Richard Innkeeper/Public Ho. Royal Oak
EVANS John Carpenter Coleford
FERNEY Moses Hatter Coleford
FRYER Henry H. Esq. Lambsquay House
FRYER Henry Hooper Attorney Coleford
GARNSEY T.R. Revd. Christ Church
GODWIN Thomas Innkeeper Jovial Colliers
GREENING Benjamin Watch Maker Coleford
GRINDELL Henry Tiler & Plasterer Coleford
GRINDELL Thomas Innkeeper/Public Ho. Red Lion
HAFFENDEN James Esq. Clearwell Court
HARRIS George Ironmonger & butcher Coleford
HARRIS Josiah Evans Butcher Coleford
HARRIS Keziah Straw Hat Maker Coleford
HARRIS Milson Butcher Coleford
HARRIS William Skinner Coleford
HARROP James Plumber & Glazier Coleford
HATTON John Innkeeper Ostrich, Newland
HATTON Thomas Tailor & Draper Coleford
HOLDER Thomas Innkeeper Angel Inn & Posting House.
HULIN William Tiler & Plasterer Coleford
JAMES John Iron / Coal Master Lydney
JAMES Philip Stone Cutter Coleford
JAMES Richard Gent Coleford
JAMES Thomas Esq. Coleford
JAMES William Stone Cutter Coleford
JENNINGS John Surgeon Coleford
JONES George Carpenter Coleford
JONES Joseph Watch maker Coleford
JONES Mary Mistress Baptist Free School, Coleford
KEARSEY Richard Miller Coleford
KEMEYS Joseph Cooper Coleford
KERBY Mary Ann Milliner Coleford
LOCKE Frederick Wm. Druggist Etc. Coleford
MARSH Thomas Surgeon Coleford
MARWOOD Thomas English Revd. Bicknor
MONTAGUE William Iron / Coal Master Cinderford Iron Co, Lydney
MOORE Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker Coleford
MORGAN George Innkeeper Old White Hart
MORGAN Jane Straw Hat Maker Coleford
MORGAN Theophilus Revd. Newland
MORGAN Theophilus Rev. Schoolmaster Grammar School, Newland
MORRIS William Blacksmith Coleford
MUSHET?? David Esq. Coleford
NASH Richard Baker & Maltster Coleford
NEWMARCH John Carpenter Coleford
NICHOLSON Thomas Postmaster Coleford
NICHOLSON Thomas Grocer Coleford
NICHOLSON Thomas jun Bookseller Coleford
PEARCE Mary Maltster Coleford
PEARCE William Cabinet Maker Coleford
PEEL William H. Esq. Aylesmore House
PEWTNER Esaiah Schoolmaster National School, Coleford
PHILIPS Thomas Evans Linen/Woollen Draper Coleford
PITTAWAY William Hair Dresser Coleford
POOLE Henry Revd. St Paul's Park End
PORTER Richard Innkeeper/Public Ho. White Hart
PORTER Samuel Stone Cutter Coleford
PORTER Thomas Innkeeper King's Head
PORTER William Linen/Woollen Draper Coleford
POWELL James Draper & Grocer Coleford
POWELL James jun Draper/Grocer Coleford
PRESTON John Baker & Flour Dealer Coleford
PROBYN John Esq. Coleford
PROSSER Mary Ann Dressmaker Coleford
PROTHEROE Edward Iron / Coal Master Park End
RIDOUT George Esq. Newland
ROBERTS William Attorney & Fire Off Coleford
ROSSER Thomas Stone Cutter Coleford
STEEL Ann Blacksmith Coleford
STEPHENS Thomas Saddler Coleford
STOCKHOLM John Schoolmaster National School, White Clift
TAYLOR Samuel Schoolmaster Baptist Free School, Coleford
TEAGUE Mrs. Coleford
TEAGUE Peter Iron / Coal Master Coleford
THOMAS William Tailor Coleford
TOMLIN James Clothes Dealer Coleford
TRIGG Jeremiah Innkeeper/Public Ho. Traveller's Rest, White Clift
TROTTER Thomas Draper & Grocer Coleford
WATTS John Baker Coleford
WATTS John Potter Whiteclift
WATTS William Builder Coleford
WHITE Richard & Son Land Agent/Auctioneer Coleford
WILCOX Henry Tailor Coleford
WILCOX William Cabinet Maker Coleford
WINTLE George Retail Brewer Coleford


[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 21st October 1993]