Coleford, Gloucestershire


Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830

Transcribed from microfiche by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1993

"COLEFORD is a chapelry in the parish of Newland and the Hundred of St Briavel, lying 20 miles from Gloucester. The Grammar School there was founded in 1632 by Edward Bell. In the returns for 1821 Coleford is shown as having 1,801 inhabitants."
ATWOOD ThomasHosierColeford
BANISTER FrederickCurrierColeford
BATHURST Chas B.Esq.Lydney Park, Coleford
BATTEN ThomasSurgeonColeford
BEACH ElijahShopkeeperColeford
BEECH HumphreyBoot & Shore MakerColeford
BENFIELD JosephStone MasonColeford
BIGHAM JohnGrocer & DraperColeford
BROOKSHAW NicholasBlacksmithColeford
BUTT JamesClothes DealerColeford
CHANNEY AnnMrs.Coleford
CLARKE WilliamEsq.Willsbury
COOMBS JamesSaddlerColeford
COURT JamesPainter & PlumberColeford
DAVIES RichardRevd.Staunton
DOUGLAS HenryRevd.Newland
DUCAREL Philip J.Esq.Newland House
EDWARDS JohnCabinet MakerColeford
EDWARDS JohnInnkeeper/Public Ho.Plume of Feathers
EDWARDS RichardInnkeeper/Public Ho.Royal Oak
EVANS JohnCarpenterColeford
FERNEY MosesHatterColeford
FRYER Henry H.Esq.Lambsquay House
FRYER Henry HooperAttorneyColeford
GARNSEY T.R.Revd.Christ Church
GODWIN ThomasInnkeeperJovial Colliers
GREENING BenjaminWatch MakerColeford
GRINDELL HenryTiler & PlastererColeford
GRINDELL ThomasInnkeeper/Public Ho.Red Lion
HAFFENDEN JamesEsq.Clearwell Court
HARRIS GeorgeIronmonger & butcherColeford
HARRIS Josiah EvansButcherColeford
HARRIS KeziahStraw Hat MakerColeford
HARRIS MilsonButcherColeford
HARRIS WilliamSkinnerColeford
HARROP JamesPlumber & GlazierColeford
HATTON JohnInnkeeperOstrich, Newland
HATTON ThomasTailor & DraperColeford
HOLDER ThomasInnkeeperAngel Inn & Posting House.
HULIN WilliamTiler & PlastererColeford
JAMES JohnIron / Coal MasterLydney
JAMES PhilipStone CutterColeford
JAMES RichardGentColeford
JAMES ThomasEsq.Coleford
JAMES WilliamStone CutterColeford
JENNINGS JohnSurgeonColeford
JONES GeorgeCarpenterColeford
JONES JosephWatch makerColeford
JONES MaryMistressBaptist Free School, Coleford
KEARSEY RichardMillerColeford
KEMEYS JosephCooperColeford
KERBY Mary AnnMillinerColeford
LOCKE Frederick Wm.Druggist Etc.Coleford
MARSH ThomasSurgeonColeford
MARWOOD Thomas EnglishRevd.Bicknor
MONTAGUE WilliamIron / Coal MasterCinderford Iron Co, Lydney
MOORE JosephBoot & Shoe MakerColeford
MORGAN GeorgeInnkeeperOld White Hart
MORGAN JaneStraw Hat MakerColeford
MORGAN TheophilusRevd.Newland
MORGAN Theophilus Rev.SchoolmasterGrammar School, Newland
MORRIS WilliamBlacksmithColeford
MUSHET?? DavidEsq.Coleford
NASH RichardBaker & MaltsterColeford
NEWMARCH JohnCarpenterColeford
NICHOLSON ThomasPostmasterColeford
NICHOLSON ThomasGrocerColeford
NICHOLSON Thomas junBooksellerColeford
PEARCE MaryMaltsterColeford
PEARCE WilliamCabinet MakerColeford
PEEL William H.Esq.Aylesmore House
PEWTNER EsaiahSchoolmasterNational School, Coleford
PHILIPS Thomas EvansLinen/Woollen DraperColeford
PITTAWAY WilliamHair DresserColeford
POOLE HenryRevd.St Paul's Park End
PORTER RichardInnkeeper/Public Ho.White Hart
PORTER SamuelStone CutterColeford
PORTER ThomasInnkeeperKing's Head
PORTER WilliamLinen/Woollen DraperColeford
POWELL JamesDraper & GrocerColeford
POWELL James junDraper/GrocerColeford
PRESTON JohnBaker & Flour DealerColeford
PROBYN JohnEsq.Coleford
PROSSER Mary AnnDressmakerColeford
PROTHEROE EdwardIron / Coal MasterPark End
RIDOUT GeorgeEsq.Newland
ROBERTS WilliamAttorney & Fire OffColeford
ROSSER ThomasStone CutterColeford
STEEL AnnBlacksmithColeford
STEPHENS ThomasSaddlerColeford
STOCKHOLM JohnSchoolmasterNational School, White Clift
TAYLOR SamuelSchoolmasterBaptist Free School, Coleford
TEAGUE PeterIron / Coal MasterColeford
THOMAS WilliamTailorColeford
TOMLIN JamesClothes DealerColeford
TRIGG JeremiahInnkeeper/Public Ho.Traveller's Rest, White Clift
TROTTER ThomasDraper & GrocerColeford
WATTS JohnBakerColeford
WATTS JohnPotterWhiteclift
WATTS WilliamBuilderColeford
WHITE Richard & SonLand Agent/AuctioneerColeford
WILCOX HenryTailorColeford
WILCOX WilliamCabinet MakerColeford
WINTLE GeorgeRetail BrewerColeford


[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand on 21st October 1993]