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WILLS 1544 - 1567

for Cromhall, Rangeworthy, Tytherington & Wickwar

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The parish registers for Cromhall begin in 1653; those for Rangeworthy in 1704; Tytherington in 1662; Wickwar in 1689. There are some bishops transcripts available, but they are generally fragmentary. Therefore, the following wills provide information that may be unavailable elsewhere.

Early entries from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury:

Wills were proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), or the equivalent for York (PCY) if the deceased had land, or possessions in more than one diocese. The originals of the Wills mentioned below are held at The National Archives (formerly Public Record Office), and may be located via its DocumentsOnline section.

1479 - Wolworth, William - Wickwar

1503 - Wolworth, Richard - WIckwar

1508 - Martyn, Walter - Cromhall

1509 - Worlok, Margaret - Cromhall

1510 - Holway, Richard - Wickwar


CROME, Robert - Cromhall, husb 1544

child Thos & Isab; bros dtr Jone; Wlm Pogye; N Garword; Jn Andrews; wife Jone exec

CROME, Thomas - Wickwar 1544

son Thos under 20; 2 dtrs; unborn child; Lucy, Rob, Wlm & Joan Webb; Thos Bishop; Agn Bruton; Thos Heskyn sr & jr; svt Jn Colymor; Thos Crome of Cromhall; Thos Crome of Wickwar; Jn Barett; Jn Grafton; Morris Kyte; Roger Dran; cousin Thos; wife Alice exec; overs: Rich Crome, Rob & Thos Webbe

PITTS, John - Cromhall, husb 1544

wife Edith; svts Isab Mansell, Jn & Humph Robinson; Ellen Bersley; execs Thos Webe of Wickwar & Wlm Parkey of Cromhall


LEGGE, John - Wickwar 1545

child Jn, Thos, Jone & Isab; wife Elnr exec; overs Jn Wylshyre

SQUALL, George - Wickwar 1545

child Jn, Jms, Wlm, Ellen, Joan, Edith, Rich & Margt; wife exec

STYNCON, William - Rangeworthy 1545

sons child Jn & Thos; execs: wife Ellen & son Alex; overs: Jn Walker & Thos West

VIDLAR, Thomas - Cromhall, turner 1545

child Wlm, Rob, Ellen & Eliz, all unmarried; wife Alice exec

WOOLWORTH, Ellen - Wickwar 1545

Alice Crome; 2 dtrs in law; Joan & Margt Fynymer; sis Grovell; dtrs Maud & Lucy; Margt Undwood; Juliane Wilshere; Alice Bishop; svt Walt Coke; Ellen Walcott; Ellen Ashton; execs: dtrs Edith & Joan; overs: Henry Fynymore & sons Rob, Thos & Wlm


ALINGE, John - Tytherington

Jn Wyle; Eliz Alinge; exec Thos Gabb

BIGGEGOOD, John - Tytherington

son Jn; bro Rob; 2 other child; wife Agn exec

GRIFFY, Robert - Cromhall, husb

son Thos; 2 sons named Jn; wife Margt exec

SKEY, Elizabeth - Tytherington

Margt Wyvett; Alice Lypyett; execs Jn Collymore & Jn Hobbys alias Clarke

SKEY, Robert - Tytherington

wife Eliz; Mary, Jn & Edith Roch; Jn Wood; Geo Webb; exec Wlm Brown; overs: Rich Hawsins

WILLIS, Thomas - Wickwar, carpenter

Thos & Geo Belsyre; wife exec


FYLL, William - Wickwar

son Rob; dtrs Kath, Agn, Edith & Ellen; wife Eliz exec

HOUSEMAN, Richard - Tytherington

Thos Gab & his wife & son; Jn & Agn Solmon; Jn Alcock & his wife & dtr; Jn & Ellen Agrove; Rich Kimpe & his wife; Owen Kimpe & his 6 child; execs: bro Rich & Rich Kimpe

WEBLEY, Katherine - Wickwar, widow

child: Henry, Mary, Alice & Agn; exec son Jn

WORLOCK, John - Cromhall, husb

child Rob, Joan & Agn; wife Alice exec


FRYNDE, John - Tytherington

child Wlm, Jms & Agn; wife Isabel exec

OKELEY, Mary - Wickwar, widow

late husb Robert Okeley of Nettleton, Wilts; dtr Alice; son in law Rich Underwode


AP ROBERTS alias MILLARD, Richard - Cromhall

children; wife Agnes

SOMMERS, John - Tytherington

son Thos; dtr Susan; Wlm & Jn Mannsel; father Mansel; wife Isabel exec

WILTSHIRE, John - Wickwar, taylor

sons Thos & Jn; dtr Ellen; unborn child; wife Julian exec


LEGGE, Joan - Igynton, Tytherington, widow

son Thos & his child; Agn Cucke; Joan dtr of Jn Legge; sons Rob & Jn; Agn Yestemad; exec son Wlm

VOWLE, John - Wickwar, yeo

land in Chipping Sodbury to dtr Joan & her husb Jn Coke; exec Jn Coke

WEKS, Joan - Wickwar (?)

son Jn; dtr Eliz; Rich Wyks


CROME, John - Cromhall

son Thos; son Wlm exec

MARTEN, James - Cromhall

land at Ashworth to bro Thos M & his child; bro Wlm M; svt Pernell Downe; godson Andrew Marten; Wlm Bruten; Margery & Isab Downe; Agn Alyn; present wife Isab exec; superv: bro Thos M

VIDLAR, William - Cromhall, taylor

child Agn, Isab & Edward; wife Agn exec


BAYLYE, William - Igynton, Tytherington, husb

dtr Ellen; Edith Collymore; godson Jn Collymore; wife Ellen exec

CLARKE, John - Tytherington

child Jn, Rich & Mary; Edw & Joan Smyth; Jn, Agn & Joan, child of Thos Grove; wife Ellen exec; overs: Geo Webbe & Thos Grove

MAUNSELL, Thomas - Cromhall, miller

Geo Fawen; Agn Fylde; Agn dtr of Thos Mannsell; child Thos, Jn & Joan; wife Agn exec


COLYMORE, Joan - Igynton, Tytherington, widow

dtr Margt; execs: sons James, Jn & Edw

COLYMORE, John - Igynton, Tytherington

sosn Jn & Rob; dtrs Kath & Ellen; wife Margt exec

STEDS, John - Igynton, Tytherington

sons Wlm & Henry; son in law Thos Pits; dtr Alice; Thos Typpet of Amseberehill; Jn Pyryn; Thos Steds; execs: all children listed

THOMAS, William - Wickwar, gent

land in Nibley; dtr Grace; wifes children: Rich, Wlm, Eliz & Mary More & Kath Joyes; wife Alice exec; overs: bro Jn Thomas & Thos Bycke of Frampton

YATE, William - Tytherington, vicar

svt Florance; kinswmn Margt Yate; bro in law Walter Fawsett & his dtrs Agn, Joan & Alice; Agn Gabb; Alice dtr of Wlm Harris; Jn Adcock; Jn Lyppet; Rob son of Jn Yate; Mr Sparrie, dean of Hawkesbury; Jn Man curate of Rangeworthy; Nich Webbe; exec nephew Hugh Yate


ALLYN, Hugh - Cromhall, husb

dtrs Agn, Alice & Margt; sons Jn, Rob, Wlm & Edward; son Rich & his sons Peter & Wlm; son Thos & his son Jn; execs:wife Anne & son Thos

LAWRENCE, William - Cromhall

land in Newport, Berkeley; son Rich & his mother Joan; 2 sons named Wlm; dtr Julian, wife of Jn Dylar; wifes mother Bayly; dtr Margery; younger dtr Julian; unborn child; execs: Wlm & Richard Lawrence; overs: son Wlm L & son in law Jn Gyles

TOMES, John - Wickwar

sons Alex & Jn; dtrs Agn, Ellen & Isab; exec wife Agn; overs: Rob Dorney & Jn (Jorichim?)

WORLOCKE, Robert - Cromhall, husb

childr: Rob, Morgan, Rich, Henry, Kath & Alice; wife Agn exec


ADAMES, Thomas - Tytherington

childr Geo, Rob, Thos, Isab, Joan & Margt; bro Rob; wife Alice; all childr execs; overs Geo Webbe & Rob Adams

ALYNCH, Thomas - Tytherington

sis Juliane Browne; execs son Rich & dtrs Alice & Joan; overs Jn Colymor, Geo Webe & Jn Polyng

BRUTON, John - Tytherington, husb

childr Agn, Geo, Thos, Jn & Ellen; bro Jn; Rich Granger; sis Agn; wife Joan exec; overs Geo Webb, Wlm Mansell, Rob Bruton & Wlm Crome

COLYMORE, Andrew - Tytherington

Agn Marten; Jn & Rob Pache; Edward & Jn Colymore; Wlm Browne & his dtr; Rob Adnis; Jn Hix; Jn Bery; Rich Polyn; Joan Lepeatt; Jn Atwoode; Thos Holder; Abraham Webbe; Thos Brayne; Peter Colyng; Cath Smyth; execs father Jn Colymore & Geo Webb

COLYMORE, Edward - Tytherington

childr of Wlm Colymore; bro Thos; Wlm & Edward sons of Rob Colymore; Thos & Eliz childr of Jn Colymore; execs bros Jn & Jms C

COLLYMORE, Margaret - Tytherington (not Dollymore as given in index) mother Eliz Hyx; dtr Joan; Isab wife of Geo Hyx; execs sons Thos, Wlm, Edw & Jn; overs Thos & Wlm Hyx, Geo Webbe, Jn Nelme, Edward Leg & Jn Colymore

DYMRYE, Isabel - Cromhall, widow

dtr Agn; dtr Margery exec

DYMRYE, John - Cromhall, husb

childr Joan, Ellen & Jn; Thos Adye & his son Jn; Jeyne Owen & his son Jn; son Thos exec; overs Thos Hicks & Jn Garnar

HICKES, Richard - Cromhall, yeo

bro Morgan; mother & her son Rich; bro in law Alex Neale; exec wife Edith; overs father in law Thos Neale, Alex Neale & Morgan Hycks

HOBBES, Ellen - Tytherington

dtr Mary; sis Margt; Jn Agrove; Nicholas Achere; Jn Hyx; execs sons Jn & Rich; overs Geo Webbe

HOBBES, William - Tytherington (fragment / not Berkeley, as given in index) son Rich; Alice & Jn Hobbes

POLING, John - Tytherington

dtrs Joan, Susan & Isab; Rob Taylor; wife Joan exec; overs Geo Webbe & Jms Polyng

SMYTH, Eleanor - Rangeworthy, widow

dtrs Joan & Alice; execs sons Hugh, Jn, Rich & Thos; overs Thos Dymery, Steven Barbor, Jn Lynney, Thos West & Alex Stynckone

WALTER, Thomas - Cromhall, dyer

dtr Agn; bro Wlm; Thos Harold; wife Joan exec

WORLOCKE, Alice - Cromhall

dtr Joan Fydlar; Agn & Jn Fydlar; Joan Nelme; Nicholas Downe; Rich Heryng; svt Alice; son in law Thos Dymery exec; overs Rich Crome & Thos Marten


ADAMS, Robert - Tytherington

bro Thos; sis Isab, Eliz & Margt; Wlm Kne; sis Joan Awpas; exec Geo Adams

BROUNE, William - Tytherington

house at Thornbury to dtr Edith; Jn Hyx; wife Alice exec; overs: Jn Colymore senr, Geo Webe & Jn Sellman

COLLYMORE, John - Tytherington

son Jn; 2 other childr; grandchildr; Rich Polyng; Edw & Peter Colymore; Jn Selmon; Jn, Thos & Alice Baley; Rob & Joan Pache; Edy Browne; Jn Awode; Wlm Howysman; wife Alice exec; overs: Jms Polyng & Geo Webbe

MYLL, John - Wickwar

son Rich; wife Margery exec


CANNELL, William - Rangeworthy

Nicholas Webbe, clerk; wife Mary exec

CLARKE, Richard - Tytherington

Mart Meryot; Edward Smith; Jn Hyxe senr; mother Smyth; Rich Brayne; Agn Maunsell; execs: sis Mary & bro Jn; overs: Jn Randall, vicar, Nicholas Webbe & Wlm Paste

EDWARDES, John - Tytherington

5 childr; wife Edith exec; overs: Nicholas Webbe & Jn Hobbes senr

PULLEN, James - Tytherington

childr Thos, Andrew, Mary & Joan; wife Margt exec

ROBORO, John - Tytherington

Jn Hyxe; Benedict Hyxe & his bro Peter; Margt Knyght; wife Eliz exec

WEBBE, George - Tytherington

poor of Thornbury, Wickwar & Rangeworthy; Alice Hunte; sis Isab; sons Abraham, Isaac & Jn; Ellen Colynge; Thos Hobbys; dtrs Judith & Joan; Nicholas & Peter Webb; Wlm Hycks; childr of Thos Alynche; childr of Jn Polen; Rich Hycks; wife Isab exec


ALLEN, Agnes - Cromhall, widow

childr: Alice, Margt, Rob, Jn, Wlm, Rich & Edward; Rob son of Thos Aleine; execs: all children

BAYLIE, Ellen - Tytherington

Rob Welles; Wlm Colimore; dtr Ellen exec

GROVE, John - Cromhall

Ellen Bourford; Edward Vowles; execs: Jn Goodman & Agn Benolde

HOPER, William - Rangeworthy

sons Chris & Henry; dtrs Elnr & Abre; Eliz dtr of Joan Woker; execs: sons Jn & Rich; overs: Wlm Dole, Nich Webbe & son Geo H

WALKOTT, Thomas - Wickwar

sons Rob, Thos & Anthony; svt Jn Richards; wife Kath exec; overs: Thos Bysshop, Thos Webe, Thos Cam & Thos Past


ACHERNE, Margaret - Tytherington

Agn Agrove; Margt Knyght; execs: son Edward & dtr Alice

FYLLYMORE, Harry - Wickwar, tanner

childr Margt, Henry, Jms & Alice; svt Henry Hoper; execs: childr Joan, Christian & Agn; overs: Jn Colymore of Sodbury, Wlm Bowre of Brodston & Wlm Fyllymore of Cam

PACHE, William - Tytherington

Wlm & Jn sons of Rob Pache; Joan Woode; sons Wlm & Jn; Eliz & Thos Adams; Eliz Longe; Joan, Eliz, Edith & Peter Pache; execs: wife Margt & Rob Pache; overs: Nicholas Webbe & Peter Webbe

ROBOROWE, Elizabeth - Tytherington

Peter & Nicholas, sons of Jn Hixe; Benedict Hixe; Cath Corier; Alice Adcoke; Margt Knight; Alice Kne; Anthony Ayler; execs: Jn Hixe & his wife Joan


BAKER, Richard - Tytherington

dtr Joan; unborn child; wife Mary exec; overs Jn Hobbs, Peter Crew & Jn Randal vicar

BROWNE, William - Tytherington

dtr Edy; wife Alice exec; overs Jn Solmon, Jn Colymore & Geo Webbe

CROME, John - Wickwar

childr Rich, Jn, Thos, Wlm, Agn, Joan & Alice; wife Margt exec; overs bro Rich C, Thos Bysshop & Rob Stoke

GRIFFIN, Thomas - Cromhall

son Rob; dtr Susan; wife Agn; father in law Rob Martin; overs Rich Martyn & Edward Martyn

MANSELL, Agnes - Cromhall

Thos, Joan & Rob Screvyn; Alice Potter; Joan Mansell; son Thos exec

PACHE, Robert - Tytherington

son Wlm; dtr Eliz; execs son Andrew & dtr Joan; overs Jn Randall vicar & Margt Pache


FYSHER, Robert - Tytherington, husb

son Rob; poor of Chipname, Sodbury & Thornbury; Humphrey Collymore; Edward Merote; wife Alice exec; overs Nicholas Webe & Jn Benat

MARTEN, Robert - Cromhall, husb

childr Jn, Thos, Rob, Margt, Eliz, Ellen & Joan; bro Thos; Rich Everode; wife Susan exec; overs Jn Serney & bro Edward M


COLLIMORE, John - Stedcote, Tytherington

childr Rob, Peter, Andrew, Abraham & Margt; wife Eliz exec; overs Peter Crewe, Peter Webbe & Thos Smithe

HOULDER, John - Ichington, Tytherington

childr Thos, Jn, Agn, Joan, Chris & Martha; son Jn Wylliams; Rich Brayne; Wlm Besse of Dyrram; Jn Hyxe; Cath Coryer; Henry Hawkes; Wlm Sinam; Agn Shepherde; exec son Anthony

HYXE, Morgan - Cromhall, yeo

late father Thos; son Arthur; cousin Thos Hixe & his son Wlm; Alex Neale & his sons Thos, Rob, Henry & Sam; first wifes childr Rich, Wlm & Juliane Lawrence; wife Margt exec; overs father in law Arthur Crewe, Alex Neale & Thos Hixe

ROGERS, William - Cromhall

wife Agn; farm of Hethend; son Wlm exec; overs Thos Marten & Thos Dimerie


PACKER, Elizabeth - Tytherington, widow

Jn Grafton; Joan, Agn & Wlm Packer; son Jn jr; Jn Leppet; Thos & Joan Yles; Agn Dolman; Geo Addams; Thos Pache; Jn Packer senr; execs Agn & Jn Packer jr; overs Jn Randall, Peter Webb, Wlm Smith & Jn Powell

PACKER, Richard - Tytherington

2 sons named Jn; childr Agn, Rich & Wlm; Nicholas Yles; execs wife Eliz & son Jn jr; overs Jn Randal, vicar, Rich Packer & Thos Yeles


COLLYCKE, John - Cromhall

son in law Thos Stynchecombe; dtr Agn; sons Rich & Morgan; wife Joan exec

CROME, Isabel - Wickwar, singlewoman

Arthur, Jn & Leonard Vyser; Jn, Edward & Mary Hill; mother Alice Hill; Isab Farre; Isab Hughes; wife of Jn Winklyn; Joan Barritt; Eliz Bowre; Joan Crome; aunt Joan Colwell; sis Edith Crome exec; overs Jn Hille & Thos Webbe

CROME, William - Ichinton, Tytherington

dtrs Alice, Edith, Joan & Eliz; son Thos; wife Agn exec

PYKE, Joan - Cromhall

dtrs Kath, Joan & Margery; Thos Ayssene; Rich Pycke; exec son Rob