Abstracts from

WILLS 1590 - 1599

for Cromhall, Rangeworthy, Tytherington & Wickwar

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The parish registers for Cromhall begin in 1653; those for Rangeworthy in 1704; Tytherington in 1662; Wickwar in 1689. There are some bishops transcripts available, but they are generally fragmentary. Therefore, the following wills provide information that may be unavailable elsewhere.


FARRE, David - Cromhall, yeo

wife Joan; son Walter & his son Walter; bros Wlm & Rob F; Joan & Joyce dtrs of Wlm Farr; Margt Gloucster; Cicely Grommuche; Agn Alle; Agn Cullymore; Edie Farr; Joan Farr at Anthony Whites; son Jms exec; overs Wlm Rogers & Wlm Farre

HILL, John - Tytherington

childr Rich, Agn & Mary; wife exec; witns Jn Latye, Jms Pullin & Jn Patch

PULLYN, Oswald - Tytherington, husb

Mary, Jane & Rich childr of Wlm Hobbs; sons Jn & Jms; Oswald son of Rich Lenye; Jn Pullin & his childr Wlm, Mary, Alice, Edith, Jn & Jms; Jn Chamberlayne; son Thos exec; witns Jn Lacy, vicar & Jn Trotman

TROTMAN, Elizabeth - Wickwar

poor of Wotton under Edge; son in law Griffith Trotman; dtr Kath Trotman & her dtrs Ursula & Sara; dtr Mary Trotman; Rich son of Griffith Trotman; dtr Alice Mabbott; son Jn Dangerfeilde; dtr Joan Jeffreis; sons Francis, Jn & Wlm Trotman; son Thos Dangerfe ilde exec; overs Edward Trotman & Thos Graill of Huntingford; witns Rich Grayll


BURGE, Agnes - Rangeworthy

Agn dtr of Jn Hardin; Jn Burge & his childr Joan, Agn & Jn; sis in law Mary Hardin; (relatives?) in Little Sodbury; exec Jn Hardin

PITMAN, Thomas - Wickwar

Cath Hicks of Yate; wife Alice exec; overs Wlm Ferre & Wlm Browne of Stidcote

WEBB, Edward, senr - Rangeworthy

childr Edward & Margt; Jn Nelmes; wife Eliz exec; witns Rich Dole, Wlm Mylwarde & Edward Webb


CROOME, William - Wickwar

son Jn; bro Jn; Joan dtr of Wlm Farr; late father Jn C; wife Mary exec; witns Wlm Farr & Thos Crome

GRAILE, Robert - Cromhall

sons Jn & Wlm; wife exec

MANNSELL, William - Tytherington

Wlm & Jms sons of Thos Frind; Brice Mannsell, his son Rob & other childr; Isaac Webbe; bro Thos M; sis Joan M; execs wife Isab & son Brice; witns Jn Latye, Oswald Stiche & Jms Hobbes

ROSIER, Ellis - Wickwar, yeo

Rich Batten; Jn Horwood; Wlm Parsons & his wife Margt; Joyce Harryes; Jane Dracotte; Marryan Fysar; godtrs Isab Forde & Frances Barten; godson Ellis Roberts; Geo Hallyer; execs Jn Horwood & Wlm Parsons; overs Jn Hyll & Jms Webbe

THOMAS, Alice - Wickwar, widow

son Jn; dtr Edith exec; witns Jn Harrald, Rob Coosen & Wlm Croome

THOMAS, John - Wickwar

childr Jn, Alex & Susanna; wife Cath exec; overs Geo Hoper & Jn Colwell of Alderley


MAUNSELL, John - Cromhall

sis Joan Smythe; godtr Sara Jenkyns; wifes godtr Margt Picke; Mary Yonge; wife Agn exec

PACKER, John - Tytherington

childr Wlm, Steven, Joyce, Joan, Edith & Thos; 2 dtrs named Eliz; son Edward exec; overs Oswald Stiche, Jn Patche, Jn Parsone & Andrew Pulyn


BRUTON, Joan - Tytherington

son Jn; Jms & Joan Martimer; Agn & Susan Lima; Wlm Grove; Mary dtr of Jn Baker; exec Wlm Hobbes; overs Jn Lacye, Wlm Clerke & Jn Baker

BRUTON, Susan - Cromhall, widow

godtr Susan Pach & 6 other childr of dtr Ellen Pach; son Jn Martin & his childr Edward, Eliz & 3 others; Susan Dannell & 3 other chlidr of dtr Margt Barnard; dtr Eliz Lenny, her childr Julian Hobes, Eliz & 2 others; kinswmn Susan Barne; kinsman Rob Griffi n & his bro Jn Everatt; Susan dtr of Dorothy Smythe; Susan Martin; Susan Allen; dtr Joan Bruton & her childr Thos, Jn, Eliz & Susan; sons Thos & Rob Martin; exec son in law Peter Brutton; overs Thos & Rob Martin

BURTON, Alice - Tytherington

Morris son of Jms Martimer; sis Jane (wife?) of Jms Martimer; wife of Giles Perriman; mother Joan Burton exec; witns Wlm Hobbs, Wlm Clercke & Edward L

DANIELL, Thomas - Cromhall

dtr of Edward White; Agn Parker; Anne Marten; godson Jn Marshe; Anthony Daniell; Jn Lipyat; wife Agn exec; witns Jn Dymerie senr&jr, Jn Clarck & Edward Goodman

GROVE, Richard - Tytherington

childr Eliz, Nicholas & Helen; bros in law Wlm, Nicholas & Jn Smyth; sisters in law Joan & Helen Smyth; childr of sis Judith Jones; childr of bro Thos Grove; Wlm son of Wlm Brewton of Ichington; Rich son of Jn Hill; childr of Abraham Collymore; wife Edith exec; witns Jn Lacy, Jms Pullen, Wlm Browne & Wlm Brewton

LEGGE, Robert - Itchington, Tytherington, husb

childr Mary, Lucy, Emm, Susanna, Chris & Edward; wife Joan exec; witns Thos Buddinge, Jn Hobbes, Henry Grove & Wlm Clarke

MABOT, Edward - Tytherington

childr Edith, Christobel, Jn, Agn & Sythe; wife Eliz exec; witns Jn Latye, Jn Willshere & Jms Howlder

TRATMAN, John - Tytherington

childr Mary, Rich, Wlm & Agn; wife Amy exec; witns Jn Pullin, Oswald Stiche & Jn Lacye


COOKE, Agnes - Wickwar

bro Joseph; (bro?) Arthur; mother; father in law; bro exec; witns Wlm Hanckehorne, Jane Colwell, Ellen & Eliz Webb

HURNE, John - Wickwar

Jn Garleke, Wlm Franckobe & Jn Franckobe of Tortworth


WALCOTT, Agnes - Rangeworthy, widow

dtrs Ellen Hobbs, Margt Smyth, Eliz Holder, Edith Mansell, Joan Vidler; son Rob W; Eliz Mansell; Thos Smyth jr; Brice Vidler; dtr in law Joan Walcott; exec son in law Thos Smyth; overs Brice Mansell & son in law Rob Hobbs

WILLIS, Thomas - Rangeworthy

2 sons; wife Margt exec; witns Jn Seburne, Thos Tilladdame, Thos Price & Jn Jones


ARNOLD, Isabel - Cromhall, widcw

sons Rob & Thos A; Jn & Jane childr of Thos Arnold; Margt, Margery, Mary & Alice dtrs of Rob Arnold; Edith Rogers; Edith Orchard; Agn & Isab Everet; son Thos A exec; witns Jn Demrey & Rob Allen

BROWNE, Thomas - Cromhall, day labourer

wife Parnell exec; witns Jn Tanner & Rich Sandes

CAM, Margaret - Wickwar

son Francis & his childr Arthur, Eliz, Margt & Mary; Margt dtr of Nichls Bainham; Thos Tomes senr; Thos Cam senr; 3 childr of Alex Tomes; decsd dtr Mary wife of Nichls Bainham & their childr Thos, Henry, Alex & Jane; son Thos C & his dtr; son Henry C exec

CULLYMORE, Robert - Tytherington

childr Agn, Eliz, Nichls, Jms, Wlm, Isaac, Thos & Jn; wife exec; witns Jn Lacye, Jn Pullen, Wlm Hobes & Jms Houlder

HARROLD, Margaret - Tytherington

Margt & Agn dtrs of Wlm Bishop; Agn & Eliz dtrs of Rob Cullimore; Agn Broune; Eliz & Joan dtrs of Edmund Simes; Alice Lyppet; Eliz Prichard; Rebecca & Agn Hickes; Abraham Cullimore & his wife Agn; Rebecca Wyllshere; Rebecca Mousehole; Agn wife of Peter Webbe; Jn Harold; Jane dtr of Rich Stocke; Jn son of Jn Burges; Alice Shermane; Jn Cullimore; exec Wlm Browne

LAWRENCE, Thomas - Cromhall

son Guy & his 2 dtrs; Rich Dymerie of Bibston & his wife; dtr Margt Jobbins & her childr; son Henry & his 4 childr; childr of Jn Dymerye; godson Thos Dymerye; Thos & Ellen Jobbins; svt Alice Ewen; Rich son of Thos Lawrence; wife Joan exec; overs son Henry L

RODMAN alias TALLER, Roger - Wickwar, husb

childr Edith, Thos & Jn Rodman; dtrs dtr Edith Jennens; wife Joan exec; overs bro Jn R alias T, cousin Sam R alias T & Jn Sarneye; witns Thos Jennins

WEBBE, John - Rangeworthy

Jn Nealmes & his dtrs Mary & Gilian; bro Edward W & his dtr Joyce; exec bro Edward W; overs Rob Wauker & Anthony Hill

WILSHIRE, John - Tytherington

childr Jn & Agn; Thos & Margt childr of Jn Wod; wife Isab exec; witns Jn Lutye, Oswald Stiche, Rob Culmor & Wlm Brome


ALLEN, William - Cromhall

Thos, Jn, Rob & Eliz Allen; Jn & Joan Apasse; Jn Frene; Jn (Hincome?); exec Rob Allen

BURGES, John - Wickwar

sons Wlm & Thos; land in Tedbury to son Jn; bro in law Jn Nicolas; wife Agn exec

CURNOCKE, Thomas - Cromhall, tucker

childr Arthur, Rob, Jn, Abel & Marion; wife Lucy exec


BUDDING, William - Cromhall

Eliz, Wlm & Jn childr of Thos Fydler; Jn son of Joan Fydler; Edith & Joan Fidler; execs wife Joan Fydler & son in law Rob Patch; overs Rob Griffyn & Wlm (Babbs?)

MANSELL, Brice - Rangeworthy, husb

house at Whitfield to son Rob; childr Phil, Jn, Thos, Eliz, Dorothy, Susanna, Mary & Arthur; Jn Smithe alias Rodman; wife Edith exec; overs Rob Hobbes & Thos Smith

SARNEY, John - Wickwar, weaver

childr Wlm, Jn, Edward, Arthur & Mary; wife Edith exec; overs Edward Knight, Francis Cambe, Geo (Vinke?) & Jms (Weeke?)