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Account Books, Ireley Farm

edited by Celia Miller for Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeological Society,
published by Alan Sutton, 1985
This information has been compiled exclusively by John Fox from the above source

Supply and Demand

Many individuals are mentioned by name in the Ireley Farm Account Book (Glos. R.O. D2163/2) but the names mean little without some indication of the trade, profession or occupation of these people. For this reason, I have attempted to identify them. The attempt was not completely successful, not least because there were several people with the same surname following different trades or professions at the same point in time, and it was impossible to be certain which one of them was trading with Thomas Smith. Where this has happened, I have listed all the individuals concerned. I have been unable to trace a few of the people named, but the bulk of Smith's business and other associates are recorded here. The result is a fairly comprehensive record of the pattern of buying and selling in a rural community during the eighteen-sixties.



  1. Census of Population
    1861 Guiting Registration sub-district P.R.O. RG9/1791
    1871 Guiting Registration sub-district P.R.O. RG10/2656
  2. Slater's Directory of Gloucestershire 1868
  3. Kelly's Directory of Gloucestershire 1870
  4. Cassey's Directory of Worcestershire 1860
  5. Littlebury's Directory of Worcestershire 1873


List of Names:

  • ADLARD, William G., Postlip Hall, Winchcomb, Paper Maker, employing about 120 women, 24 men, 6 boys
  • ALEXANDER, James, Greet, Farmer of 137 acres, employing 3 men, 2 boys
  • ALEXANDER, James, Gretton Road, Winchcomb, Hay and Straw Dealer; Coal Merchant
  • ALLEN, William, Hartpury, Gloucester, Horse Dealer
  • ANDREWS, George, Ford, Temple Guiting, Farmer of 60 acres, employing 1 man, 1 boy
  • ATTWOOD Brothers, 405 High Street, Cheltenham, Ironmongers
  • AUSTIN, Charles, High Street, Winchcomb, Grocer
  • BADHAM and BROOKES, Tewkesbury, Solicitors
  • BAIN, W., Essex Place, Cheltenham, Accountant
  • BALHATCHET, Francis Smith, Merstowe Green, Evesham, Agricultural Chemist and agent for artificial manures
  • BAYLISS, Samuel, Park Farm, Gretton, Farmer of 80 acres
  • BECKETT, Richard Allan and William, Farmers and Potters employing 6 men and 2 boys
  • BECKETT, W. and R.A., Greet Potteries: brick, drain pipe, chimney and flower pot and earthenware manufacturers
  • BELCHER, C., High Street, Winchcomb, Tailor
  • BLIZZARD and COLEMAN, Brewers and Maltsters, Tewkesbury Brewery
  • BOMFORD, Herbert, Great Washbourne, Farmer of 450 acres, employing 6 men, 6 boys, 6 women
  • BRAIN, William, Greet, Farmer of 350 acres, employing 10 men, 2 boys, 3 women
  • BROOM, David., 70 Regent Place, Cheltenham, Dealer in building materials
  • BROWN, John, Greet, Farmer of 44 acres
  • BROWN, Joseph, Sudeley Hill Farm, Farmer
  • BRUNSDEN, John, Norton, Gloucester, Cattle Dealer
  • BRUTON and KNOWLES, Albion Chambers, Gloucester, Auctioneers and Land Surveyors
  • BRYANT and GARNICK, 362 High Street, Cheltenham, Woollen Drapers
  • BURLINGHAM, H. & Co., Bengeworth, Evesham, Ironmongers, iron and coal merchants, nail manufacturers, agent for agricultural implements, manures, linseed cake, &c.
  • CANN, Christopher, Hailes Street, Winchcomb, Baker and Grocer
  • CARPENTER & Co., Cainscross, Stroud and Cheltenham, Brewers
  • CASTLE, John, North Street, Winchcomb, Saddler
  • CASTLE, Richard, Hailes Street, Winchcomb, Saddler and Harness Maker
  • CHAMPION, James, Waterhatch Farm, Winchcomb, Farmer
  • CLARE, John, William and Arthur, 133 High Street, Cheltenham, Corn and Seed Factors
  • CLUFF, Joseph, Hailes Street, Winchcomb, Grocer
  • CLUTTERBUCK, William, Westgate Street, Gloucester, Maltster
  • COCHRANE, Robert, Naunton Farm, Greet, Farmer of 500 acres, employing 6 men, 2 boys
  • COCKRELL, Joseph, 14 Colonnade, Cheltenham, Saddler and Harness Maker
  • COLE, Richard, Alderton, Farmer of 203 acres, employing 7 men, 4 boys, 2 women
  • CORNELY, Thomas, West Field Farm, Guiting Power, Farmer of 295 acres, employing 8 men, 3 boys
  • DAVIS, Jesse, Gloucester Street, Winchcomb, Chimney Sweep
  • DAVIS, William Edward, Wineyard Street, Winchcomb, Carpenter
  • DEBENHAM and FREEBODY, Cavendish House, Cheltenham, Department Store
  • DENT, John Coucher, Sudeley Castle, Magistrate and Landed Proprietor
  • DRURY, Charles, Badsey, Worcestershire, Farmer
  • EDWARDS, John, Hailes, Gentleman
  • FAWDRY, Comelius, Gretton Road, Solicitor's Clerk
  • FAWDRY, Comelius, Greet, Farmer, employing 2 men, 1 boy
  • FIRKINS, W., Twyning, Farmer
  • FIRKINS, W., Bredons Hardwick, Farmer
  • FOLKES, James, Sudeley Tenements, Winchcomb, Wood Sawyer
  • FOLL, Hattil, Beckford, J.P., Landowner of 546 acres employing 11 men, 6 boys and 1 bailiff.
    (Foll's status was founded on brewing: the Ashton Gate Brewery, Bristol)
  • FORD, LEWIS & Co., Bristol Road, Gloucester, Manufacturers of cattle troughs, mangers, dairy fittings, in marble
  • FREEMAN, J.G., 4 Chester Walk, Cheltenham, Stationer
  • GARDNER, George, Arle, Cheltenham, Miller
  • GARDNER, John, Cheltenham, Brewer, Cheltenham Original Brewery
  • GILBERT, Richard, Twyford, Norton, Farmer
  • GOUGH, Arthur, Sudeley Farm, Winchcomb, Farmer of 437 acres employing 4 men, 5 boys, 2 women
  • GREEN, Richard, Campden Lane, Didbrook, Carpenter
  • GREEN. Richard, Didbrook, Blacksmith
  • GREENHALF, Elisha, North Street, Winchcomb, Wheelwright
  • GRENHALF, Josiah, Wineyard Street, Winchcomb, Stonemason
  • GREENING, Charles, Greet, farmer of 10 acres
  • GREENING, William, Guiting Power, Carrier
  • GRIFFIN, Edwin, Hailes Street, Winchcomb, Shopkeeper
  • GRIFFIN, Thomas, High Street, Winchcomb, Saddler and harness maker
  • GRIST, James, North Street, Winchcomb, Draper and Auctioneer
  • GRIZZELL, Caleb, High Street, Winchcomb, Haberdasher
  • HAINES, John, Suffolk Road, Cheltenham, Coal Merchant
  • HALL, Clement, North Street, Winchcomb, Master Plasterer
  • HALL, William Best, Wineyard Street, Winchcomb, Plasterer
  • HANKS, Robert, Barton Hamlet, Temple Guiting, Farmer of 266 acres employing 2 men, 4 boys
  • HAMPTON, WiIIiam, New Inn, Sedgeberrow
  • HANFORD, High Street, Cheltenham, Hairdresser
  • HARRIS, James, Temple Guiting, Maltster
  • HARRIS, W., North Streer, Winchcomb, Carpenter
  • HARVEY, David, High Street, Winchcomb, Butcher
  • HASLUM, George, Gloucester Street, Winchcomb, Stationer and General Dealer
  • HASLUM, Thomas, Gloucester Street, Winchcomb, Parish Clerk and Assistant Overseer
  • HASLUM, William, North Street, Winchcomb, Builder and Beer Agent
  • HASTINGS, J., St. Pauls, Cheltenham, Butcher
  • HAWKES, G., North Street, Winchcomb, Wheelwright
  • HAZELL, Thomas, Ford, Temple Guiting, Confectioner
  • HEALING, Samuel, Tewkesbury, Miller
  • HODGETTS, Benjamin, & Son, Commercial Road, Gloucester, Sack Contractors
  • HOLLAND, Edward, Dumbleton Hall, Dumbleton, Esquire, M.P.
  • HOLTHAM, Richard, Gloucester Docks, Manure Manufacturer
  • HONE, George, Postlip Farm, Winchcomb (after 1869), Farmer of 413 acres employing 12 men, 2 boys, 2 women
  • HOPKINS, Richard, Stump Cross, Didbrook, Turnpike Road Foreman
  • HORLICK, George, Didbrook, Master Baker
  • HORLICK, Giles, Queens Square, Winchcomb, Blacksmith
  • HORLICK, Jabez, Didbrook, Baker
  • HORLICK, James, Didbrook, Wheelwright
  • HORLICK, James, Gloucester Street, Winchcomb, Baker
  • HOWMAN, Philip, High Street, Winchcomb, Chemist and Druggist, Landowner.
  • HYATT, George, Snowshill Farm, Snowshill, Farmer of 691 acres employing 12 men, 8 boys, 6 women
  • HYATT, John, Snowshill Hill Farm, Snowshill, Farmer of 450 acres employing 7 men, 5 boys
  • JACKSON, Thomas, Bishops Cleeve, Farmer
  • JACKSON, William, Stanley Pontlarge, Winchcomb, Farmer
  • JAMES, Charles, Gretton, Farmer of 130 acres employing 5 men, 2 boys
  • JAMES, John, Greet, Farmer of 7 acres
  • JAMES, Leigh, Farmcott, Guiting Power, Farmer of 315 acres employing 4 men, 2 boys
  • JAMES, Richard, Hailes Farm, Hailes, Farmer of 373 acres employing 11 labourers and 3 boys
  • JAMES, William, Gretton, Licensed Victualler
  • JONES, Joseph, Badesey, Worcestershire, Farmer
  • JONES, Thomas, Wineyard Street, Winchcomb, Haulier
  • KENDRICK, Richard, Woodlands House, Rushley Lane, Winchcomb, Landed Proprietor
  • KEY, Henry, North Street, Winchcomb, Plumber and Glazier
  • KEY, Lewington, Hailes Street, Winchcomb, Plumber
  • KINGS, George, Gretton Road, Winchcomb, Agricultural Machine Maker
  • KNIGHT, Charles William, New Inn, Hailes Street, Winchcomb, Beer House Keeper and Blacksmith
  • KNIGHT, John, Hailes Street, Winchcomb, Draper
  • LAIGHT, Ann, Didbrook Vicarage, Cook Domestic
  • LANE, David, Manor Farm, Postlip, Farmer
  • LANE, Robert, Temple Guiting, Farmer of 94 acres employing 2 men, 2 boys
  • MALLORY and GREEN, 395 High Street, Cheltenham, Ironmongers
  • MANN, Isaac, Naunton and Frampton, Farmer of 187 acres employing 4 men, 2 women, 1 boy
  • MASON, Edward, North Street, Winchcomb, Joiner
  • MILES, Barnibis, Stanway, Gardener (domestic)
  • MILLS, R., High Street, Winchcomb, Boot and Shoe shop
  • MINETT, Charles, Greet, Farmer of 155 acres employing 6 men, 2 boys, 2 women
  • MORRIS, Charles, Dumbleton Mill Farm, Dumbleton, Farmer, Miller and Baker, Farmer of 162 acres employing 12 men, 4 boys, 5 women
  • MORRIS, George, Northway, Tewkesbury, Miller
  • NASH, George, Gretton Road, Winchcomb, Builder
  • NASH, George, George Inn, High Street, Winchcomb, Inn Keeper, Public House
  • NEW, Antony, Manchester House, High Street, Evesham, General Draper, Silk Mercer &c.
  • NEW, Charles Morris Marshall, Langley House Farm, Abbey Demesne, Farmer of 238 acres employing 4 men, 4 boys
  • NEW, Herbert, Bridge Street, Evesham, Solicitor (firm of New, Prance and Garrard)
  • NEW, John, Greet, Parish Clerk
  • NEW, Thomas, Bridge Street, Evesham, Dispensing and Family Chemist;, manufacturer of soda, potash, and seltzer waters, lemonade &c., agent for the district fire office (united with Alliance)
  • NEWMAN, James, M.R.C.S., L.A.C., High Street, Winchcomb, General Practitioner
  • NEWMAN, John, North Street, Winchcomb, Stationer and Newsagent
  • NEWMAN, Richard, Boddington, Cheltenham, Farmer
  • NEWMAN, Thomas, M.R.C.S., High Street, Winchcomb, General Practitioner
  • NOTT, John, Conderton, Farmer
  • NOTT, William, Conderton, Farmer and Beer Retailer
  • OAKEY, John, Gloucester Street, Winchcomb, Stone Mason
  • OAKEY, John, Wineyard Street, Winchcomb, Stone Mason
  • ORGAN. Henry Charles, Toddington, Farmer
  • PARDINGTON, Edwin, Gloucester Street;
    Winchcomb 1861, Cattle Dealer, Boiling Well Farm;
    Winchcomb 1871, Farmer of 70 acres employing 2 men
  • PARDINGTON, Isaac, North Street, Winchcomb, Butcher
  • PARDINGTON, John, Greet Road, Winchcomb, Farmer and Pig dealer
  • PARDINGTON, Josiah, Greet Mill 1861, Miller and Baker;
    His children were described as orphans and were living in Hailes Street, Winchcomb 1871
  • PEACEY, John Freeman, Cockbury Farm, Abbey Demesne, Farmer of 300 acres employing 9 men, 7 women and 5 boys
  • PEARCE, George, Walcot and Hyde Farms, Winchcomb, Farmer
  • PEARCE, James, Bourton-on-the-Water, Cooper,
  • PEARCE, Thomas, 27 Regent Place, Cheltenham, Carpenter
  • PEARSON, George, North Street, Winchcomb, Carpenter
  • PEARSON, Henry, North Street, Winchcomb, Builder
  • PEARSON, Thomas, Hailes Street, Winchcomb, Carpenter
  • PENSAM, Thomas, Eldersfield Court, Eldersfield, Worcestershire, Farmer
  • PERRETT, Robert, Toddington, Farmer
  • POPE, Edward, Wineyard Street, Winchcomb, Farmer of 315 acres employing 6 men, 2 boys, 3 women
  • POPE, John Pearce, Sudeley Farm, Winchcomb, Farmer of 420 acres employing 8 men, 4 boys
  • POWER (Mr.), Cheltenham, Dentist
  • PRICE, George, Upton St Leonards, Corn Agent
  • PRICE, William, Stanway, Farmer of 153 acres employing 3 men, 1 boy
  • PULLOM, George, North Street, Winchcomb, Inn Keeper
  • PULLOM, Charles (son of above), North Street, Winchcomb, Muck Cart Contractor,
  • PURSER, Isaac, Gloucester, Coal Merchant
  • RASTALL, John, The Coates, Winchcomb, Plasterer
  • REEKS, Alfred, High Street, Winchcomb, Butcher (shop)
  • REEKS, Samuel, Unicorn Inn, Gloucester Streer, Winchcomb, Innkeeper and Butcher
  • REEVES, J., Gotherington, Cheltenham, Farmer
  • RICE, W. and Son, The Quay, Tewkesbury, Coal Merchant and Dealer
  • RIGHARDSON, Arthur, Greet, Farmer
  • RICHARDSON, Henry, Didbrook, Farmer of 249 acres employing 4 men, 3 boys
  • RICHARDSON, Elizabeth, Public House, Gloucester Street, Winchcomb, Innkeeper
  • RICHARDSON, William (son of the above), Public House, Gloucester Street. Winchcomb, Maltster
  • RICHARDSON, Samuel, Beckford, Farmer of 224 acres employing 7 men, 3 boys
  • RICKETTS, M.B., 381 High Street, Cheltenham, Draper
  • ROBERTS, Becket, Gloucester Street, Winchcomb, Carpenter
  • ROBERTS, John, Woodlands Farm, Winchcomb, Farmer of 45 acres
  • ROBERTS, William, Prescott Hill, Prescott, Farmer
  • ROBINSON, Thomas, Prestbury, Cheltenham, Millet
  • ROBINSON, (Mr.), North Street, Winchcomb, Draper
  • SADLER, G.W., London Road, Cheltenham, Architect and Surveyor
  • SAVORY, William and Son, High Orchard, Gloucester, Engineer, Ironworks
  • SEXTY, Charles and Lucy (brother and sister), Queens Square, Winchcomb, Boarding School
  • SEXTY, George, Gloucester Street, Winchcomb, Farmer of 90 acres employing 2 men, 1 boy
  • SEXTY, John James, Castle Street, Winchcomb, Tanner and Currier
  • SEXTY, John, Hillcroft Farm, Winchcomb, Farmer
  • SEXTY, William, Greet, Farmer of 100 acres employing 3 men, 2 boys
  • SHILL, Robert, Queens Square, Winchcomb, Master Tailor
  • SILK, Jacob, 146 High Street, Cheltenham, Grocer
  • SILVER, Josiah, Gloucester Street, Winchcomb, Master Baker
  • SIMMONS, Marianne, North Street, Winchcomb, Post Mistress
  • SISAM, Thomas Marshall, Queens Square, Winchcomb, Miller
  • SLATTER, Thomas, Frampton Farm, Greet, Farmer of 400 acres employing 10 men, 4 boys
  • SMITH, Alfred, Toddington, Farmer of 220 acres employing 3 men, 2 boys
  • SMITH, George, High Street, Winchcomb, Grocer's Shop. Grocer and Outfitter
  • SMITH, Henry, Evesham, Brazier and Tinplate worker
  • SMITH, James, Beckford, Grocer and Baker
  • SMITH, John, North Street, Winchcomb, Blacksmith
  • SMITH, John, Dumbleton, Farmer of 760 acres employing 21 labourers and 6 boys
  • SMITH, Oliver, North Street, Winchcomb, Thrashing Machine Proprietor
  • SMITH, Samuel M.R.C.S., Guiting Power, General Practitioner
  • SMITH, Samuel Edward, High Street, Winchcomb, Solicitor and Landowner (office)
  • SMITH, Thomas, North Street, Winchcomb, Farmer of 8 acres
  • SMITH, William, Greet, Veterinary Surgeon
  • STAIT, Edwin, Temple Guiting, Farmer of 400 acres employing 8 men, 4 boys,
  • STAIT, Henry, Ford, Temple Guiting, Farmer of 290 acres employing 5 men, 4 boys, 2 women
  • STAIT, J. and W., Sudeley Lodge Farm, Winchcomb, Farmers
  • STAITE, Richard, Greet, Farmer of 100 acres employing 4 men, 4 women, 2 boys
  • STANTON, William, Old House Farm, Winchcomb, Farmer
  • STEELE, Elizabeth Anne, Hailes Street, Winchcomb, Schoolmistress, Private School
  • SUTTON, Thomas, Alderton, Shopkeeper
  • SUTTON & SONS, Reading, Berkshire, Seed Merchants
  • TAWDRY, Thomas, Greet, Farmer of 200 acres employing 4 men, 2 boys, 3 women
  • TAYLOR, George, Gretton Road, Winchcomb, Blacksmith
  • TAYLOR, John, Old House, Sudeley Tenements, Farmer of 60 acres employing 1 man
  • TAYLOR, Richard, North Street, Winchcomb, Rope Maker, Sack Maker
  • TAYLOR, Robert, Alderton, Farmer of 3.5 acres
  • TAYLOR, Thomas, Beckford, Coal Merchant
  • TAYLOR, William, Dumbleton, Manager of Brickworks; Coal Merchant,
  • THOMPSON, William, Abbey Farm, Hailes, Farmer
  • TOVEY, Charles, North Street, Winchcomb, Bootmaker
  • TOVEY, James, North Street, Winchcomb, Butcher
  • TOVEY, John, Gloucester Street, Winchcomb, Linen Manufacturer
  • TOVEY, Thomas, Hailes Street, Winchcomb, Draper
  • TOWNSHEND and Co., College Street, Gloucester, Auctioneers and Agents
  • TURBERFIELD, James, Hailes Street, Winchcomb, Master Cooper
  • TURBERFIELD, John, Queens Square, Winchcomb, Wheelwright
  • TURK, Charles, New Inn Brewery, Cheltenham, Brewer, Also: Charlton Kings Brewery (with William Turk) Full Moon Commercial Inn, Cheltenham
  • TURK, William, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, Maltster
  • TURNER, William, Barton Street, Gloucester, Agricultural Implement Maker
  • TURNER and WAGHORNE, 424 High Street, Cheltenham, Butchers,
  • TYSOE (Mrs), Barton Street, Tewkesbury, Grocer & Tea Dealer
  • VILLAR (Mr.), 1 Portland Street, Cheltenham, Auctioneer
  • WADLEY, John, 7 Victoria Place, Cheltenham, Butcher
  • WAIT, JAMES and Co., Gloucester Docks, and Bristol, Corn Merchants
  • WALKER, George, Trafalgar Farm, Kineton, Temple Guiting, Farmer of 600 acres employing 7 men, 5 boys and 3 women
  • WALKER, John, Manor Farm, Guiting Power, Farmer of 400 acres employing 10 men, 5 boys
  • WALL, William, Beckford Inn, Beckford, Publican and Farmer of 90 acres employing 3 men, 1 boy
  • WALLACE, James, Gretton, Farmer
  • WEBB, Charles Fred., Stratton, Cirencester, Agricultural Implement Makers
  • WEBB and WINTLE, 31 Northgate Street, Gloucester, Bakers and Corn Dealers
  • WELLS, Elizabeth, Buckland, Farmer of 60 acres employing 2 labourers
  • WELLS. William, Greet, Farmer of 86 acres employing 2 men, 2 boys
  • WILLIAMS, Henry, Hailes Street, Winchcomb, General Dealer
  • WILLIAMS, John, 382 High Street, Cheltenham, Coal Merchant and Brushman,
  • WILLIAMS, William, Gloucester Street, Winchcomb, Plumber and Glazier
  • WILLIAMS, Samuel, Castle Street, Winchcomb, (Coats Mill, Winchcomb), Miller and Maltster
  • WOODWARD, George, North Street, Winchcomb, Boot and Shoe Maker
  • WYMAN, Job, Silk Mill Lane, Winchcomb, Carpenter


This information was kindly contributed by John Fox in April 1998]