Abstracts from

WILLS 1540 - 1619

for Alveston, Elberton, Littleton on Severn & Olveston.

Transcribed by Leslie Mahler

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WEST, John - Olveston (proved at Canterbury)


MORS, Edward - Olveston (proved at Gloucester)

Edw Meryle; Jn Long; Jn Moul; Rob Body; dtr Isab exec


WETHERS, Richard - Littleton (proved at Canterbury)


BAKER, John - Olveston (proved at Canterbury)


DIER, Elizabeth - Olveston (proved at Canterbury)

land in Somerset to bro Rob; cousin Thos Wasseborough; sis Mary; fathers sis Bridget Philles; Jn Da…; bro Thos; godtr Agn Fowler; exec father in law Thos Segar; overs Thos Pryer, Geo Fowler, Wltr Bowlton & Wlm Batton


CHAMPNIES, John - Elberton

poor: Rich Han…, Jn Seller & Wlm Winter; childr Henry, Bridget, Anne & Thos; Kath West; wife Anne exec; overs Henry Champnies & Morris Smith


ATKINS, Richard - Alloston (proved at Canterbury)


TISSEN, Ellen - Woodhouse, Olveston (proved at Canterbury)


ORCHARD, Thomas - Littleton (proved at Canterbury)


HAYNES, Robert - Inst, Olveston (proved at Canterbury)

LUCY, Edward - Alveston, gent (proved at Canterbury)


DIER, John, senr - Tockington, Olveston, yeo (proved at Canterbury)

dtrs Margt & Mary; bros Thos, Wlm & Rich D; Jn son of Wlm Haynes decsd; Jn son of Jn Smythe decsd; svt Eliz Hicks; cousin Kath Dyer; uncle Thos Pullen; wife Mary exec; overs Henry Parmiter gent, Thos Horte, Jn Smythe & Thos Dyer


BOYES, Catherine - Littleton, widow

son Rich B; 3 childr of Wlm Haynes; Wlm Boyes, his wife & 3 childr; dtr Ann B exec; overs Wlm Hayenes of Coott & Wlm Boyes of Littleton; witns Phil Jones

FLOYDE, Catherine - Olveston, widow

son Maurice Tovy, his wife & sons Maurice, Thos & Jn; son Geo Tovy; Eliz Webb; Cath Flower; goody Edwards; Joan Earle; Jane wife of Wlm Howell; Wlm Smithe; son Nichls Tyson exec; overs vicar, Jn Tovy & Anthony West

HICHINGES, John - Elberton

land in Olson to sons Wlm & Edward; childr Anthony, Jn, Alice & Jane; land in Allowston to dtrs Cath & Mary; Joan Greene & her childr; wife Cath exec; overs Jn Garlicke of Tortworth, Rich Taylor of Ercotte; witns Jn Smieth of the Forge & Jn Smith of the Boxtree

HILL, Henry - Ercott, Alleston

bro Jn H; bro in law Jn Smith; sis Alice Legg; bro Rob Legg; father in law Geo Legg; Jn Bishop; exec mother Joan Legg; overs Thos Haynes of Ercott

HOWELL, John - Littleton on Severn (proved at Canterbury)

MAERTEMER, Thomas - Ackeley, Oulveston, husb childr Thos, Wlm, Agn & Geo; cousin Jms Mortimer; sis in law Margt Wodshall; wife Alice exec; overs Jn Hollester, Wlm Horte of Tokenton & Thos Segear; witns Alice Waker

MERICKE, Richard - Olveston

son Thos & his legacy from Eliz Heynes; childr Joan & Jn; bro Edward; Wltr Fraw; wife Agn exec; overs Thos Hort & Wlm Hort; witns Jn Dier, Thos Dier, Wlm Alford, Geo Mortimr & Ralph Greene

SMITH, Morris - Olveston, singleman

sisters dtrs Joan & Eliz Haull; exec sis Eliz Haull; overs Thos Seagr & Anthony West; witns Ralph Greene vicar, bro Jn S of Westuete & Jn Smithe, miller

WERRETTE, William - Elberton, vicar

dtr Eliz exec; witns Giles Dimocke clerk curate of Elberton, Jn Pansell gent & Nichls Smith


HANCOCKE, William - Elberton (proved at Canterbury)


ARCHARD, Margery - Littleton on Severn, widow (proved at Canterbury)


BAKER, Edward - Tockington, yeo

dtrs Bridget, Eliz & Alice; execs son Jn & Wlm Bye; overs Jn Smyth of Olveston & Edward Pilande; witns Jn Fill, Thos Morse & Jn Tomes

BURNELL, John - Tockington, Olveston

son Wlm; son; dtr; wife exec; witns Simon Burnell & Oswald Baker

GRAYE, Christopher - Tockington, Olveston, husb

poor of Almondsbury; Margt Pulley; wife Margt exec; witns Wlm Camptnes, Jn Barlye & Wlm Gyrgyfeill

LONGE, Edward - Olveston, husb

childr Edward, Jn & Bridget; Jn Tomes; wife Elnr exec; overs Jn Smith & Thos Seager of Olveston; witns Ralph Greene vicar

TEYSON, Nicholas - Elberton (proved at Canterbury)

WEST, Anthony - Olveston, blacksmith childr Jn, Thos, Eliz & Margt; Joan Andres; wife Mary exec; overs Jn Smith, Wltr Boulton & Jn Wickies; witns Ralph Greene


BAKER, Richard - Littleton on Severn, husb

dtrs Joan, Margery & Margt; wife Eliz; son Wlm exec; overs Rob Periman & Wlm Boys husb; witns Jn Edward & Thos Prige

CHAMPNEYS, Henry - Elberton (proved at Canterbury)

EARLE, Thomas - Cote, Olveston bur Awste; wifes bro Wlm B…; Wltr Barret; wife Christian exec; overs Jn Seger & Wlm Foster; witns Thos Pryn

(JONES, Morris ?)

childr Mary, Jn, Thos, Margt, Edward, Anne, Jane & Joan; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Orchard, Jn Fill, Rich Agrae, Thos Eerle & Morris Waall

SMITH, Morris - Elberton

Jane & Anne dtrs of Wlm Haynes of Cote; Jn & Eliz childr of Rich Johnes of Wolbrye; wife Florence exec; overs son in law Rich Johnes, Wlm Haynes of Cote & Jn Smithe of the Bridge


BARLYE, John - Olveston

son Wlm; other childr; Mary Selcoke; wife Eliz exec; overs Wlm Chamneyes of Wodhouse & bro Thos Barlye of Alveston; witns Rich Yeomans & Edward White

HANCOKE, Catherine - Elberton

Wlm Smyth; Rich son of Rich Symons; 6 childr of Wlm Pearse of Berkeley; Margt dtr of Wlm Pearse; dtr Agn Pearse; son Nichls H & his wife; son Jn H; exec son Wlm H; overs Rich Taylor minister of Elberton, Jn Dowding & Giles Clarke of Alleston

HORTE, Thomas - Tockington, Olveston (proved at Canterbury)


DOWDINGE, John - Elberton (proved at Canterbury)

GRAFTON, Thomas - Alveston

land in Ircote to son Jn; son Edward; dtr Anne; childr Thos, Jn, Wlm, Margery & Mary & their grdfthr Thos Orchard & uncle Wlm Orchard; cousins Joan, Anne, Mary & Eliz Worlocke; wife Alice exec; overs Rich Orchard, Edmund Champneys of Littleton & Thos Dymr ye of Alveston; witns Roger Powell, Jn Goodman & Giles Clarke

SMITH, John - Tockington (Olveston)

Thos, Rob & Margery childr of Edward Hill of Tockington; Isbl dtr of Margt Hall of Olveston; Jn son of Rob Segare of Olveston; Rob Hurne of Caddribroocke, Almondsbury, husb; Wlm son of Jn Haines of Tockington; Jn son of Jn Smythe of Tockington; wife Joan exec; overs bro Jn S & Thos Dier; witns Roger Powell clerk

SMYTHE, John - Elberton

dtr Jane wife of Jms Champneys; dtr Agn; land held of Sir Thos Sadler; wife Isbl exec; overs Jn Smythe of the Bridge, Elberton, Jn Smythe of Olveston & Wlm Heines of Cote

SMYTHE, Robert - Elberton

poor of Olveston; son Thos & his childr Rob & Joan; Rob & Wlm sons of Morris Wall; Thos, Joan & Rob childr of Jn Smythe of the Bridge; land at Tockington to son Wlm; Jn Smythe carpenter; svt Wlm Pearce; wife Ellen exec; overs Jn Smythe of the Bridge, Elberton, & Jn Smythe of the Boxtree

WITHERS, Richard - Littleton on Severn

land in Thornbury to Phil son of Thos Withers of Oldbury decsd; Rich, Phil & Kath childr of Phil Withers of Littleton decsd; Wlm Walter of Cowhill; Alice Howell of Littleton; svt Edward Jayne; wife Joan exec; overs Jn Smyth & Phil Withers; witns Rich Orchard, Jn Steevenes & Rob Earle


MERRICK, Edward - Tockington, Olveston

Wltr Fryer, his wife Alice & their childr Jms & Margt; Joan dtr of Rich Merrick; dtr Joan M exec; overs Thos Souger jr & Wltr Bowton; witns Thos Morse & Jms Tasker

PARKER alias ATWAYE, Richard - Alveston

sons Wlm, Jn & Edward; wife Joan exec; overs Thos Dymrye & Jn Hancock; witns Thos Pratt


BOULTON, Walter - Olveston, husb

childr Jn, Margt & Alice; witns Agn wife of Mr Ralph Greene

DOWDINGE, George - Tockington (Olveston) husb

childr Geo & Mary; wife Agn; witns Thos Hollester

EARLE, Joan - Littleton on Severn, widow

Jn son of Jn Earle of Hill; Agn dtr of Rich Earle decsd; dtr Joan Walker of Cowhill; son Jn E & his childr Jms, Thos, Joan & Christian; son Rob E exec; overs Rich Orchard & Wlm Boyce; witns Phil Withers & Wlm Busher

HARPER, Thomas - Olveston (proved at Canterbury)

PARMETER, John - Tockington, Olveston, gent (proved at Canterbury)

SMYTH, William - Littleton, husb

Agn dtr of Jn Mates of Auste; mother Agn S exec; overs bros Wlm Boyce & Rich S; witns Jn Russell & Edmund Champneys

SYMONDS, Thomas - Woodhouse, Olveston

Wlm Champnies; kinsman Edward Symonds of Acton; witns Jn Gane


WICKES, Thomas - Alveston, yeo

wife Joan; childr Thos, Nichls, Edward, Geo, Moses, Joan & Joshua; sis in law Dorothy Ward; execs sons Jn & Wlm; overs Nichls Veale of Alveston gent & bro in law Jn Taylor of Vealsend; witns Thos Pratt, Wlm Parker & Laundres Taylor


PERRYMAN, Robert - Littleton on Severn (proved at Canterbury)

SMYTHE, Florence - Elberton

son Wlm Heines of Cote, his wife Eliz & dtrs Jane & Agn; Margt wife of Thos Hollyster of Tockington; Wlm son of Rob Heines; dtr Eliz wife of Rich Jones & their dtr Eliz; Joan Brooke; Launsell Elbroe; godtrs Margt Hollyster & Mary Champneys; execs son in laws childr Jn & Eliz Jones; overs Rich Jones, Wlm Heines of Cote, Jn Smythe of the Bridge & Jn Smythe of the Boxtree


CLARCK, Margaret - Elberton, widow

childr Thos, Jms, Joan & Jane; son Jn C exec; overs uncle Jn Smythe; witns Jms Champnes

HAMPTON, William - Tockington, husb - bond with Alice Baker of Tockington,

widow & her son Jn B, dated (15?) oct 1604

HANCOCK, Thomas - Inst, Wolson (Olveston)

childr Morris, Eliz, Anne & Jn; wife Agn exec; overs Jn Walter of Horefild & Thos Edmonds of Inst; witns Rich Taylr minister of Elberton & Jn Edmonds

HEYNES, William - Coate, Olveston

dtrs Jane & Agn; sons in law Adam & Jn Orchard; godson Jn Enrye; bro in law Wlm Boyce; Lawnsell Elbroe; wife Eliz exec; overs Jms Champneys of Elberton, Wlm Boyce of Littleton & Jn Harte of Auste

MYLARDE, Joan - Owlston (Olveston)

father in law Alex Bruton exec; Agn Myles; overs Jn Filde & Ewan Griffin; witns Wlm Chamnes

SMYTHE, Robert - Olveston, yeo

childr Eliz, Bridgett, Mary & Morris; mother; wife Joan exec; overs father in law Jn Orchard & bro Jn S; witns Jn Hollwey, Wlm Buddinge & Ralph Greene vicar


BABER, John - Olveston, gent (proved at Canterbury)

MARTEN, John, jr - Elberton (proved at Canterbury)

PEERS, William - Olveston

Thos Gyllett; wife Alice exec; overs Ralph Greene vicar & Thos Midleton

SMITH, John - Elberton (proved at Canterbury)

SMITH, John - Littleton on Severn (proved at Canterbury)

WEEKES, Joan - Alveston, widow

dtr Joan W; son Wlm W exec; overs bro in law Jn Tayler of Alveston & Thos Weekes of Long Newnton, Wilts; witns Landres Taylor, Cath Hutchins, Eliz wife of Jn Taylor, Margt Taylor & Dorothy Ward


BRUTON, Alexander - Woodhouse, Olveston

dtr Margt; bro Henry B; wife Isbl exec; overs Nichls Franckombe, Jn Fyll & Jn Dyer

HORTE, William - Tockington, Olveston

childr Jn, Thos, Wlm, Rich, Edward, Joan, Edith & Cath; Henry, Alice & Rich Dymry; Jn Yeevans; Rob Payton jr; wife Agn exec; overs Simon Burnell, Edward Brasy & Wlm Dymry

HOULT, Alice - Elberton, widow

dtr Eliz wife of Rich Simons & their son Wlm; Wlm, Jacob, Mary, Nichls, Ellen, Judith & Agn childr of Jn Pickman; Joseph, Mary & Margt childr of Nichls Smith; exec son in law Nichls Smith; overs Jn Smith of the Box & Rich Taylor vicar


LEGG, George - Ircott, Alveston, husb

son Rob; son Jn L & his childr Mary, Anne, Edward & Jn; Eliz Hill; dtrs childr Edith & Ann Brook; dtr Alice Brook; Margery Milendyne; exec son in law Chris Brook; overs Nichls Legg & Rich Skull

MARWENT, Thomas - Olveston (proved at Canterbury)

SEAGER, Agnes - Hasell, Olveston, widow

poor of Alveston; son Jn S & his childr Rich, Thos & Alice; Edward son of Agn Hancock by Jn Dyer of Woodhouse decsd; dtrs Agn Hancock & Mary Adies; Mary & Joyce dtrs of Jn Dyer of Woodhouse decsd; Jn Adies of Frampton & his childr Anne, Margery, Mary & Jn; son Jn S & his son Jn; son Jms S; Jn, Eliz & Morris childr of Thos Hancock of Inst decsd; legacy from Edward Baker; son Jn S exec; overs Jms & Thos Seager

SEAGER, Thomas, senr - Olveston, yeo

Jn Seager of Over & his son Thos; Nichls Gromage; decsd son Jn & his sons Thos & Jn; godson Thos son of Edward Hill; svt Edward Longe & his father in law Thos Middleton; svt Eliz Parker; poor: Jn Edwards, Chris Stredewe, Jn Godwyn, Jn Stephens, Rob Gromage & Wltr Fryer; son Thos S exec; overs Thos Morse of Tockington & Jn Seager of Hasell

WIGOLL, John - Elberton

bro Nichls W; Thos, Jn & Elnr childr of Rich Tuile; exec Rich Tuile vicar of Elberton; witns Rich Fowler & Rich Simones


Apparently none of the wills have survived, as only inventories are found for this year.

BADDER, Nicholas - Tockington, Olveston (proved at Canterbury)

CHAMPNIES, John - taken by Edward Bracie, Jms Ayler & Wlm & Edmund Champnies

EARLE, Christian - Cote, Olveston, taken by Arthur Baker, Jms Matts & Wlm Skrin of Awste

GILES, Thomas - "Oldson", taken by Thos Budinge & Thos Seger

HICKMANS, Morris - taken by Jn Thurston, Jn Peasley & Wlm Hickmans

HICKS, John, senr - Olveston taken by Jn Hoolbrocke, Thos Hollister, Thos Sighna & Henry Duddinge. Mention of Edward Duddinge of Charleton & his bro Jn D

HOLLISTER, Thomas - Tockington, Olveston, yeo (proved at Canterbury)

JOHNES, John - Hasell, Olveston - taken by Jn Pollen, Jn Segar, Jn Tayler & Jn Smithe

MACHIN, Joan - dated 1608, taken by Wlm Tovy, Rob Cooke & Thos Sighma

ROCHE, William - Olveston, singleman, taken by Jn Tovye senr, Thos Haynes senr, Jn Tovye of Elberton & Jn Garlond

TOVYE, Agnes - Olveston, widow, taken by Rich Watts & Thos Hort; exec Wlm Tovye


DIER, John - Tockington, Olveston

5 childr; witns Jn Goodman, Thos Sharman & Edmund Stenger

DIMERY, James - Alveston

cousin Jn Dimery; Matt, Joan, Eliz, Thos & Cath Dimery; childr of Rich Tayer; bros Rich & Jn D; bro Wlm D & his son Henry; bro Thos D exec; witns Jn Wickes & Henry Clarcke

FISHEPOLE, John - Olveston, yeo

Margt dtr of Domynecke Haynes; exec Morris son of Domynecke Haynes; overs Domyneck Haynes & Thos Veale; witns Thos Hort & Wlm Symes

GILLET, John - Olveston

son Thos; wife Eliz exec; overs uncle Wlm Peers

GREENE, Robert - Alveston

dtr Susan & Hobbs Pullen; execs childr Wlm & Ellen; overs Thos Smyth & Rich Watts of Ircott; witns Thos Arthrington, Wlm Berry & Thos Baynton

HEATH, George - Tockington, Olveston

childr Jn & Joan; wife Margt exec

HOLBROOKE, Catherine - Olveston, singlewoman (proved at Canterbury)

MARTON, Joan - Elberton, widow

Wlm Hancocke of Auste; Wlm Latteridge of Auste; Rich Latteridge of Thornbury; dtrs Margt & Ellen; son Rob M exec; overs Jn Peaseleye & Jms Champnyes

PARMITER, Henry - Tockington, Olveston (proved at Canterbury)

PROUTE, Samuel - Olveston

childr Sam, Nichls & Eliz; wife Judith exec; overs Wlm Cox of Olveston & Rich Fowler of Elberton; witns Thos Smith & Rob Cox

RODDMAN, John - Tockington, Olveston

wife; Rich Hobbs; witns bro Thos R & Margt Peerce

SCRIVEN, John - Elberton

wife Agn exec; overs Wlm Hancocke & Rich Fowler

TAYLER, Richard - Elberton, clerk

childr Thos, Rob, Jn & Ellen; bro Thos T of Bucknell; sis Eliz Grumege; wife Ellen exec; overs Evan Powell parson of Charfield & Humphrey Stodard parson of Rockhampton; witns Jn Thurston & Rich Foweller

TOVEY, John, senr - Olveston, yeo

bro Maurice T of Elberton; svt Agn Merrick; dtr Mary Herryn; dtr Faith; Wlm Dyer; Jn Holdbrooke; son Jn T exec; overs Nichls Francombe & Thos Fill; witns Thos Haines jr


BARLY, Thomas - Tockington, Olveston

childr Wlm & Mary; Rob son of Thos Haines; son in law Thos Hill; house at Alleston; son Nichls & his childr Rich & Eliz; wife Marian exec; overs Thos Haines senr & Jn Smyth jr

CLARKE, William - Alveston, husb (proved at Canterbury)

DYMERY, John - Alveston, husb

Joan dtr of Thos Dymery; poor of Thornbury; witns Margt Keeble, Edward & Thos Parker

a court deposition concerning this will is found near the end of 1616. The introduction mentions Wlm Ryder, mayor of Thornbury, Guy Selcocke & Eliz Hoop. Dated 20 june 1611. Those mentioned:

1. Jn Seager of Hazell, Olveston, yeo, age 50 - his wife & Parkars wife are childr of bros

2. Julius Keeble of Alveston, husb, age 28, born near Siston, his wife Margts father lived at Wotton under Edge

3. Wlm Rider, mayor of Thornbury, age 35

4. Edward Parkar of Alveston, yeo age 52; Jn Dymery decsd & his bro Thos; Ann Clearke; Agn wife of Humphrey Spicer of Alveston

5. Thos Parkar of Alveston, age 18, born Acton, son of Edward P

also at the end of 1616, there is a deposition stating that Thos Morse of Olveston gent & Jn Addies of Frampton on Severn gent went to an office in Westminster at the request of Jn Seager of Hazell, dated 18 feb 1608

GARLAND, William - Olveston, singleman

kinsman Thos Edmonds & his 3 childr; Joan Browne of Henbury; exec father Jn G; witns Jn Usseles

HAINES, Thomas, senr - Olveston, carpenter

Wlm son of Jn Haines carpenter; Thos Edmonds of Inst; Agn Merrick; son Rob exec; overs bro Jn J & Thos Midleton

HUNGERFORD, John - Ercott, Alleston

childr Jn, Margt & Anne; wife Kath exec; overs son Wlm H of Hambroke; witns Chris Broocke & Wlm Beares

KEBBELL, Edward - (Olveston?)

aunt Margt Buret; sis …; wife Eliz exec; witns Jn Dier, Jn Smyth, Thos Fell & Jn Holbrock

SEAGER, Thomas - Elberton, yeo

bur near father in Olveston; poor of Rockhampton & Tytherington; godson Thos son of Jn Seager of Over; kinsmn Wlm Edmonds; svts Mary Haines, Joan Brooke, Thos Hill & Jn Stevans; tenants Wlm Symes, Thos Baylie & Jn Rickets; Wltr Fryer; Jn Stevens of Hasell; wife Alice; Jn Waulter of Horfield yeo; dtr Eliz exec; overs Jn Seager of Hasell, Thos Morse of Tockington & Wltr Webbe of Elberton; witns Geo Morse

TILER, William - Groony, Alveston

2 dtrs named Ellen; 3 other childr; wife exec; witns Thos Webbe & Jn Hancocke


BAKER, Margery - Littleton on Severn, singlewoman (proved at Canterbury)

COLLEMORE, Joan - Olveston

son Thos; dtr Joan exec; witns Agn & Ralph Greene

DIER, Richard - Olveston, singleman

poor of Henbury; Gillian Andrees; Joan Reede; Wlm Latchemoore; sisters son; Jn Hollister; bro Wlm D; sis Agn; Thos Ignam; Thos Seager & his wife; Edward Grene; Joan Tovy; Rob Cooke & his son; Mary Sampsone; exec uncle Ralph Greene; overs Jn Tovy & Rob Cooke

HIGGINBOTHAM, Ralph - Littleton on Severn, clerk

childr Jane, Jn & Ralph; Mary Holbroke; wife Edith exec; overs Ralph Greene clerk & Wlm Boyze; witns Jn Holbrooke

LOVELL, Katherine - Olveston, singlewoman

Agn, Joan & Jane Lovell; bro Jn L exec; overs Wlm Eyton & Jn Dringe; witns Thos Hort, Wlm Price & Moses Randell

MARTON, Ellen - Elberton, singlewoman

sis Margt M; bro Jn M & his son Thos; sis in law Joan Mrton; uncle Wlm Hancocke of Auste; Wlm Latteridge of Auste; Rich Latteridge of Thornbury; bro Rob M & his unborn child; exec bro Rob M; overs Jn Peasely & Jms Champnyes

MOORE, Richard - Tockington, Olveston, labourer

wife Mary exec; overs Edward Bracye & Geo Morse

MORTIMER, William - Olveston

Geo Mortimer & his childr Jn, Henry, Joan, Eliz, Mary & Christian; Jms Mortimer & his childr Thos, Mary & Margt; Thos Adye; Chris Stradowe; Rich & Cath Wyman; Bowlton the tyler; Eliz Jordann; Wltr Peerce; Rob Bromadge; widow Stephens; bro Geo M exec; overs Nichls Francombe & Rich Yeomans; witns Wlm Mortimer & Ralph Greene

RODMAN, Thomas - Olveston, blacksmith

childr Thos & Margt; aprntc Rich Hobbs; wife Bell exec; overs Mr Ralph Greene & Thos Midleton

WATTS, Richard - Earthcott, Alveston (proved at Canterbury)


BAKER, Arthur - Tockington, Olveston (proved at Canterbury)

BROOKE, Alice - Alveston, widow (inventory)

appraised by Wlm Tyler gent, Rich Tayler, Thos Dymery & Wlm Weekes yeo

CHAMPNYES, Ann - Elberton, widow

land in Thornbury to son Henry C; dtr Bridget & her son Jn Baylye; kinsman Rich Fox of Hamun; son Thos C exec; overs Jms Champnyes, Rich Folen & Henry Smyth

DIMRIE, Richard - Olveston, yeo

son Jn; wifes childr Maurice, Eliz & Mary Smyth; childr of sis Urslie; Rich son of Thos Dimrie of Alveston; Rich son of Wlm Dimrie of Elberton; Rich son of Rich Tayeare of Thornbury; Rich son of Wlm Budinge of Olveston; Edward son of Maurice Walle; wife Joan exec; overs Thos Dimrie of Alveston & Jn Orchard of Almondsbury

HICMAN, William - Elberton, taylor

childr Cath, Rich & Thos; dtr Mary & her aunt Shepperd; (decsd?) son Edward; legacy of Henry Hicman to dtr Agn; legacy of Thos Shepperd to son Wlm; wife Agn exec; overs Jn Thurston senr & Rich Vowler

PRIER, Alice - Olveston, spinster

masters childr Joan Fishpill & 3 others; Edith Pearse; Agn Marshe; Agn Taylor; bro Jn P exec; witns Edward Fishpill

RANDALL, Moses - Olveston

wife of Davy Valentes; godson Moses Wyman; Alice dtr of Rich Boulton of Tockington; dtr of Wlm Prise; son in law Jn Gurgefeild; dtr of Rich Yemans; wife Edith exec; overs Ralph Greene vicar & Jn Hoolbrooke

TAYLOR, John - Vealesend, Alveston, yeo

childr Thos, Rob, Susan & Mary; wife Eliz exec; overs Nichls Veel gent, Jn Segar of Hasell, bro Rich T & Thos Dymerie; witns Thos Janson & Lawndres Taylor

THURSTON, John - Littleton

land in Oldbury to sons Thos & Edward; Wlm son of Arthur Stones; dtr Alice under 21; Jn Parry; Wlm Arthur; Francis Taylor; Rich Foster; Rich Earle; son in law Phil Boyce; exec uncle Rich Archard senr; overs Wlm Boyce & Jn Whitfield; witns Rich Russell & Wlm Stones


ADIS, Thomas - Woodhouse, Olveston

dtr Alice; wife Eliz exec; overs Nichls Framcomb & Anthony Field

DOWDIN, Margaret - Elberton, widow

Jn & Rob Pickard; godtr Margt Pickard; son Wlm Smithe & his childr Rich, Jn, Joan & Mary; Wlm Hancocke & his dtrs Margt, Agn, Cath & Joan; Margt dtr of Wltr Webb; son Henry Dowdin; son Wlm Smith exec; overs Wltr Webb & Wlm Hancocke; witns Nichls Parnell

HORT, Jane - Tockington, Olveston, widow

dtrs Joan & Mary; Joan & other childr of Jn Loffell; Margt Cox & her dtrs; Eliz Chamell; Henry Reeme & his sons Rich, Henry & Jn & dtrs; sons Thos, Wlm & (Custer?) Hort; Mary wife of Wlm Tossey & their son Edward & other childr; Thos son of Wlm Hort; Agn & Joan Towey; Rich Wales & his bro Thos; son Chris H exec; overs Ralph Greene clerk, Jn Loffell & Thos Hort

SKULL, Richard - Earthcott, Alveston

godtr Joan Hungerford; wife Margt exec; witns Thos Smith & Rich Dier

SMITH, Katherine - Littleton on Severn, widow

bro Jn Baker of Thornbury, his wife Agn & their dtrs Mary & Judith; Edward Swayne & his wife Susan; Jn son of Thos Pach; Thos Pryer of Thornbury; Jn Pach senr; exec Thos Pach; overs neighbs Wlm Boyce & Rich Orchard jr; witns Wlm Bourne

WHITE, Edward - Woodhouse, Olveston (proved at Canterbury)


BAALL, William - Woodhouse, Olveston, husb

land in Almondsbury to wife Joan; dtr in law; son; witns Nichls Francombe, Eliz Adie widow, Rebecca wife of Rich Pearce & Agn wife of Chris Houlder

GREENE, William - Littleton

Peter Croome & his childr Rich, Jn & Eliz; bro in law Hobbs Pullen of Tytherington & his 4 childr; late father Rob G; Eliz dtr of Rich Smith of Littleton; Joan Pullen & Thos Morton svts of Peter Croome; sis Ellen G; witns Thos Smith

SKULL, Margaret - Earthcot, Alveston, widow

Joan dtr of Jn Hill of Earthcot; Rob Shippen of Acton; Alice Stock; Thos & Rob sons of Thos Smith of Earthcot; widow Doging of Thornbury; Jn & Margt Hill; exec Thos Smith; witns Thos Jocham

SMYTH, Nicholas - Elberton, weaver

son Joseph by present wife Joan; childr Margt & Nichls; son Thos exec; overs Jn Jones & Rich Fowler; guardians Henry Doudinge & Henry Smyth; witns Thos Haines

TAYLER, Richard - Earthcott, Alveston, yeo

dtr Eliz wife of Wlm Berry & their childr Wlm, Rob, Jn, Henry, Agn, Joan, Eliz & Rich; Jms Eddies, his wife Alice & their son Jms; wife Margery exec; overs Wlm Hobes of Itchington, Thos Jocham of Earthcot & Jn Dimock of Over; witns Thos Smith & Jn Hill


CHAMNYES, James - Elberton, gent

childr Eliz, Rich, Jane, Bridget, Jn & Toby; wife exec; overs bro Edward C, Thos Champneys, Rich Waller & Henry Smyth; witns Rich Fowler

CLARKE, Giles - Alveston (proved at Canterbury)

CLARKE, Samuel - Alveston

bros Rob & Giles; sisters Agn, Alice & Joan; aunt Faith Whelpley; Thos Tyler; Tho Grome; bro Jn & his 5 childr; bro Wlm & his 3 childr; godmother Alpas; Rob Barnet; Jn & Thos Ford; Jn Earle; Wlm Willcokes; Barbara & Thos Lyppett; mother; godfather Nichls Tyler; Rob Tayler; Thos Maunsell; exec father Giles C; witns Jn Clarke & Geo Wikes

PRYNNE, Bridgett - Olveston

son Jms P; Wlm Goodman; son Jn Smyth exec; overs nephews Henry Smyth & Jn Jones

SMYTH, Eleanor - Elberton, widow

Wlm & 4 other childr of Maurice Walle; son Thos S & his 6 childr; dtr Kath S & her childr Rob, Thos, Wlm, Kath & Mary; kinswmn Edith Reeve; Margery Reeve; Margt Vidler; son Wlm S exec; overs Wltr Webbe senr & Henry Doudinge; witns Thos Haines notary

SYMONS, John - Olveston, husb

wifes son Jn Evans; Benn Ellabee; poor of Almondsbury; wife Marian exec; overs Ralph Greene vicar & Edward Beasie; witns mother in law widow Horte & Goody Lynche

TYLER, William - Alveston

son Nichls; nephew Wlm Haynes jr; wife Jane exec; witns Giles Clarke, Thos Dymery & Jn Prigge

WATTS, Thomas - Olveston, husb

bro Edward; exec Thos Dyper innholder; overs Jn Oliver taylor; witns Jn Baker


ADIES, Isabell - Woodhouse, Olveston, widow

son Jn A & his dtr Eliz; dtr Jane; son in laws dtr Alice Taylor; son in law Rob Taylor exec; overs Mr Ralph Greene & landlord Nichls Francombe; witns Geo Morse

GODDEN, John - Olveston

dtrs Ellen & Margt; wife exec; overs Ralph Greene vicar

MIDLETON, Thomas - Olveston, yeo

land in Hill to dtr Mary; goods at Frampton Cotterell; wife Elnr exec; overs Mr Ralph Greene vicar & Jn Smyth senr; witns Thos & Wlm Haines

SMITH, Joan - Elberton, widow

son Joseph S & his wife Bridget; childr Nichls, Margt & Thos; Jn son of Joseph Smith; son Joseph S exec; overs Henry Smith & Jn Jones; witns Henry Dowdinge & Rich Fowler

SMYTH, John, senr - Tockington, Olveston, yeo

poor of Thornbury & Almondsbury; son Thos S of Olveston decsd & his childr Edward & Dorothy & their mother Margt wife of Thos Prior of Henbury; Joan & Cicely Jones; kinsman Thos Haines of Olveston & his sons Jn & Thos; kinsman Wlm Haines of Inst & his childr Wlm & Agn; son Jn S of Olveston & his childr Jn, Eliz & Mary; dtr Edith S; son Jn exec; overs Thos Storke & kinsman Thos Haynes of Olveston; witns Thos West

WAKER, John - Olveston; inventory taken by Jn Tovy, Thos Storke, Henry Waker, Wltr Woohall & Thos Seager

WALLE, Maurice - Olveston, yeo

childr Rob, Margt, Jn & Thos; wife Cath; wifes aunt Eliz Simson of Stone; son Wlm exec; overs Thos Seger of Dilling & Jn Orchard of the Worthie; witns Jn Garland & Jn Long


ALFORD, William - Tockington, Olveston

2 dtrs; son; wife exec; overs Geo Mortimer & Nichls Francombe

HAINES, Morris - Olveston

childr Morris, Agn & Joan H; poor of Almondsbury; wife Cath exec; overs Edward Brasie & Rob Hunt; witns Jn Crosseman, Domne Haines, Thos Ridge & Jn Elkins

MACHIN, James - Olveston

sons Jn & Henry; wife Joan exec; overs Thos Hort & Wlm Champnys; witns Edward Brace & Wlm Burnell

MIDLETON, Eleanor - Olveston, widow

son Jn Longe & his father Edward Longe decsd; dtr Mary M; son Thos M decsd; son Edward Longe & his dtr Jane; dtr Bridget wife of Wlm Haines & their dtr Joan; son Edward Longe exec; overs Jn Smyth; witns Thos Haines

SMITH, Nicholas - Alveston, husb (proved at Canterbury)


ARCHARD, Richard - Elberton (proved at Canterbury)

FRANKCOMBE, Nicholas, senr - Woodhouse, Olveston, yeo

land in Tockington to sons Edward & Nichls; dtrs Mary, Eliz & Kath; wife Kath; previous wives; svt Wlm Jones; dtr in law Mary White; chidlr of son Rob F & dtr Jane Gwilliams; son Rob exec; overs bro in law Jn Toovy & Edward Bracy; witns Wlm Bourne

HAINES, William - Inst, Olveston, yeo

childr Wlm, Agn & Nichls; wife Jane exec; overs Thos Edmonds & Jn Edmonds of Inst; witns Joseph Smith & Jn Hollm

HILL, Edward - Inst, Olveston, gent (found in 1620)

poor of Almondsbury; sons childr Mary, Eliz & Edward; svts Rowland Thomas, Jn Baker, Henry Prewett, Mary Hort, Joan Handcoke & Joan Smyth; Wlm Lugge; Edward West; Thos Baker; Anne Crowne; son Thos exec; overs cousin Wltr Hill & Wlm Rider of Thornbury gent; witns Rob Arthington & Peter Crowne

HOLLWAIE, John, senr - Olveston, yeo (found in 1629)

wife Martha & her dtr Joan Hollwaie; childr Margery & Jn; dtr Maud & her childr Margery & Joan Hicks; dtr Joan wife of Wlm Bampton of Lateridge, Iron Acton; son Wlm exec; overs Jn Smyth senr & Thos Middleton of Olveston, yeo; witns Geo Morse

PARRYE, John - Littleton, labourer

dtrs Margery & Agn; dtr Cath living with Thos Thurner of Cowhill; wife Mary exec; overs Wlm Boyce & Rich Russell jr; witns Rich Orchard senr & Phil Withers

deposition 24 feb 1619 mentioning Jn Adlam of Inst & Wlm Lugge of Elberton; concerning Mr Thos Hill of Inst & his wife who lived with Jn Adlam while her husb was away

1. David Valentine of Olveston, husb age 46

2. Wlm Wade of Olveston, husb age 25

3. Joseph Smith in Olveston 3 years, before at Northweeke, age 30, born at Elberton

deposition concerning Thos Hill of Olveston & Margt Haynes

1. Agn Merrick widow, of Olveston for 40 years, born Pucklechurch, age 60

2. Eliz Stradewe of Olveston for 44 years, age 70

3. Rich Boughton or Bowden of Olveston, age 55 tyler & his wife Christiana, married 30 years, from Auste, age over 40