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Abstracts from

WILLS 1619

Contact: Leslie Mahler

Complete Document can be seen on L.D.S. Film #0091396 obtainable at your local L.D.S. Family History Library.


Entries marked with a "+", date from before the parish register of the locality; the will may therefore indicate family connections which are unknown by any other sources

The abbreviations should be easy to understand. Jn = John, Edw = Edward, yeo = yeoman, exec = executor, etc.

Select a letter below to go directly to entries starting with that letter



ADAMS, Elizabeth - Upton par Bitton, widow

late husbs Rob Burnell & Thos Adams; child of Thos Underhill; dtr Christian wife of Henry Sheepheard & their child Wlm, Dan, Josp, Caleb, Agn, Debr; son Wlm Burnell & his dtr Frances; dtr Johan wife of Rob Noll or Nott; sist Johan Taylors dtr in Bristol; Alice dtr Chris Brier; dtr Anne wife of Rich Powe; svt Jn Tristram; exec son Rob Burnell; superv: Jn Harding of Upton & Jn Love of Bitton yeo

ADAMS, William - Minsterworth, yeo +

son Jn; debt to Wlm Michael; ses Eliz Tonnes

ANDREWS, Eleanor - Beckford, widow

child Joan, Nich & Wlm; dtrs Margt Watkins, An Clarkson & Jain Gibbins; execs: son Oliver & son in law Sam Gibbins; overs: Thos Price, Thos Redward & Wlm Hyet

ANGEL, Alice - Gloucester

Jossina, Rich, Eliz & Anne children Rich Nashe; Thos Whittingham & wife Johane & dtr Eliz; Eliz wife Anth Bem...; Anne dtr Josse Whittingham; bro Angells dtr Jane; csn John Jacksons wife; wid Little & dtrs; Johane Madock & sons; Johane wife Thos Bishop of Brickhampton; goddtr Johane Cagley; gessipp Anne Caggley

ARRIS, Thomas - Todenham, yeo +

Wlm Bradshowe; Jn Cowper; Wlm & Joan Wood; sis in law Joan Arris, widow of Morton; kinsm Wlm Briges; godson Thos Freeman ; kinsm Jn Lane senr; Dorothy dtr of Anth Freeman & his wife Eliz; execs: Anth Freeman & his son Wlm; overs: neighb Giles Ward & Jn Faminge

ASHBY, John - Whaddon, clerk +

Abig, Jms & Jn child of Wlm A; son Wlm; exec son Sam; Rob Hebly; Rich Church & his wife; Joyce Church; Jn Clement; Wlm (Binopfrice?)

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BAKER, John - Ello, Awre

son Rich & his dtr Anne; svt Kath; execs: son Jn & dtr Johan Morgan; overs: Rich Langfield & Jn Adeane of Ello

BARTLETT, William - Corse, butcher +

sis Margy B; sis Eliz Webster & her son Rich Bartlett; sis Mary Price & her son Rich Bartlett; Mary & Eliz Stode; sis Geone exec

BEARD, Anne - Orkington, Elmeston, maid

bro in law Anth Bicknell of Cubberley; master Rich Chart of Apperley; Walt Buckle of Orkington; csn Rich Bicknell; sis Alice Gibbard; sis Elnr Joanes; Judith wife Edw Print; Judith, Wlm, Anne, chld Edw Print; my 3 sis Alice, Marg & Elnr; Eliz Cheston of Griton wid & 2 chld; exec Rob Rogers of Orkington; overs: Edw Print & Walt Buckle

BECKE, Job - Stanway, clerk

child Gabriel & Millicent; Job son of Roger Becke of the Lye; Jone wife of Thos Waterman of Tremington, Worc, clerk; Henry Cooke parson of Batisford; sis Deborah; Thos Borton alias Garret, husb of Batisford & his wife Anne; Jone Samon of Batisford; Rich Allen; execs: son Henry & wife Susan; overs: Henry Isard of Taddington, gent & Jn Tanner alias Barkessall of Winchcombe

BENNETT, John, senr - Tirley, yeo +

son Wlm & his child Jn, Wlm & Bridget; Jn & Dorothy Hutchins; dtr Margt, her husb Wlm Church, their child Jn & Margt; godson Wlm Church; Esther & Alice Church; son Jn & his dtrs Joan & Anne; son Thos; dtr Eliz Hithcins; neph Thos B; neph Jn Parris alias Pace; wife Dorothy exec; overs: son Jn & son in law Wlm Church

BEST, Mary - Twyning, widow +

dtr Joan Newe; Wlm son of Thos Newe; Marie & Jone dtrs of Wlm Moore; Eliz Moore; Jn Houlder; dtr Marie Moore; exec Rob son of said Wlm Moore; overs: Wlm Moore & Jn Best senr

BIRKIN, Johane - Haylone, Awre, widow

sons Rich, Anth & Jms; son Jn & his child Geo, Rich, Avys & Jms; son Geo & his child Jn, Geo, Mary & Eliz; dtr Margt Hamond of Lydney & her dtrs Alice, Margt & Eliz; dtr Johane; Jms & Anth Hamond; Johane Searche dtr of Margt Hamond; son Matth & his son Thos; son Wlm & his son Jn; exec son Jn; overs: son Geo & Thos Adeane senr of Myllend

BISHOP, Robert - Tortworth

Margt & Dionse dts of Wlm Longe; uncle Jn Longe exec

BODNAM, Nicholas - Minsterworth +

child Nich, Rich, Margt, Kath, Anne, Wlm; wife Dorothy exec; overs: Rich Peanes, Jn Spany, Anth Loory & Sam Knowles

BOND, Christopher - Clearwall, Newland, gent

child Silvanus, Wlm, Jane; son Rich (exec) & his eld son Geo; wife Mary

BOORNE, William - Pakenhall, husb

child Wlm, Henry, Anth, Eliz & Margy; goddtr Loayse Aston; wife Thomasine exec; overs: bro Jn B & bro in law Wlm Aston alias Carver

BOSLEY, Thomas - Randwick +

wife Cath exec; witns: Giles Nash, Nich Pytte & Thos Dangerfield

BOSLEY, Walter - Badgeworth, yeo

child Jn & Grace; dtr Susan Bicke; dtr Marie Okell & her son Arthur; exec son Thos; overs bro Wlm B

BOWER, Richard - Slimbridge +

child Rich, Marie & Eliz; wife Sara exec; overs: Thos Gilman & Jn Biford of Kingston

BOWERS alias BREWER, John - Fairford, husb

son Jn Bowers; dtrs Johan, Agn & Margt Bowers; wife Edith exec; overs: Chris Nicholson vicar, Geo Brown senr & Thos Arden yeo

BRADFORD, Margaret - Maisemore, widow

son Thos; dtr Isab Stagpool alias Baker; Thos & Wlm sons of Jn Rogers; Isab dtr of Jn Stagpool alias Baker; Jn & Rich son of Joan Murton; exec dtr Margt wife of Jn Rogers; overs: Wlm Mardon & Wlm Danley

BRINKWORTH, Henry - Tetbury, clothier +

uncle Sawnder Baylis; fath Thos B; wife Mary exec; overs: Toby Shipman of Tetbury & Wlm (Poall?) of Newnton

BROWNE, Richard - Slimbridge, laborer +

sons Rich & Jn; wife Christian exec; overs: Jn Taylor & Jn Jeffreys

BRUSHE, William - Brockworth, husb

Eliz dtr Henry Hallier; wife Joan exec

BUBB, Isabell - Great Witcombe, widow +

bro Jn & Rich Sparkes; sist Agn Milles; Jn son of Thos Sparkes; 3 sons of Walt Gregory; Wlm Ridler alias Gregory jr & his 6 dtrs; 5 child of Wlm Taylor; Jn Gregory; execs relatives Rich Sparkes & Margt Staple; overs: Rich Turner & Wlm Taylor

BUBB, Thomas - Shurdington, husb

godson Thos Bubb; wife Joane exec; overs: Thos Randle, Thos Jennings & Jn Bubb

BUCKE, John, senr - Blakeney, Awre, mercer

son Jn & his 2 child; dtr Margt Hopkins & her child; sis Margt Harmer; dtr in law Joan Buck; exec wife Margt; overs: Charl Bridgeman esq, Rich Tryppett of Fieldhouse & Jn Birkin of Haylon

BURCHALL, Thomas - Yate +

dtr Agn; bro Geo; bro Wlm & his son Thos; Wlm & Jone Stock; wife Jane exec; overs: Rich Stock & Jacob Holester

BYRTE, John - Clearwell, Newland

son Wlm in London; wife Elnr; Thos, Joan & Elnr Howell alias Simon; Joan dtr Thos Berrows of Folford; Jn son of Chris Morgan; son Rich exec

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CAM, Francis - Wickwar, yeo +

sons Franc, Arth, Henry; dtrs Mary & Jone; wife Jone exec; land in Iron Acton to son Thos; overs: cousin Jn Comes of Wickwar & son in law Henry Roberts

CAMBORNE, John, senr - Dyrham

dtr Lucrece; son Jn & his child Wlm & Eliz; Geo C & his child Franc & Thos; wife Agn exec

CARNALL, Thomas - Greete, Winchcombe, shepherd

kinswm Elnr Haye, widow; bro in law Roger Handes; kinswm Hester Handes; wife Kath exec; witns Jn Warren jr, Edmond Benbowe & Wlm Carnall

CHANDLER, William - Hawkesbury, taylor

son Matt; Winifred dtr of son Rich; wife Ellyn exec;

CLARKE, Thomas - residence unknown

child Eliz, Anne, Jane, Rob & 3 other sons; wife exec

CLEMENT, William - Marshfield, husb

son Thos & his 2 child; dtr Margt Edmonds; dtr Isab Oldfield & her child Jn & Ellen; Margt & Mary Oldfield; son Jn & his 2 child; son Wlm & his child Wlm, Jn & Elnr; son Wlm exec

CLUTTERBUCK, Blanche - St Nicholas, Gloucester, wid

son Edw- bond w Margt Badghot of Prestbury wid & Thos Chamberlain of Oddington gent; Franc son Giles Wilkinson innholder of Glouc; son Rob C & his wife Eliz; exec son Jasper C

CLUTTERBUCK, James - Awntown, Frocester (tucker?)

wife Kath; present: Ursula wife of Rich Ellen & Alice wife of Geo Pegler

COLLIMORE, John senr - Itrington, Tytherington +

my sons child Jn & 4 others; son Jn exec; overs: Wlm Collimore & Wlm Bruton jr of Itrington

COLLINS, Joan - Withington

(bro?) Edw Griffin; godchild: Rich Baker, Ann Caffeld, Mary Brasington, Edmund Perin; niece Joan Cafford; Edmund Lawrence senr; neph Rob Griffin exec

COOK, Humphrey - Kempsford

son Rich; exec son Jn; overs: Henry Curtis & Nich Godwine

COOK, Joane - Corse, widow +

'nephew' Jms C, son of Eliz C widow; dtr Margy Perkes & her dtrs Johan & Susan; Johane Hayward; dtr of Jn Bannesteyer; dtrs son Guy Hill; son James C deceased & his widow Eliz; niece Thomasine C; neph Wlm C; son Thos (exec) & his dtr Esther; overs: neighb Jn Baldwin & Rich Favell senr

COOK, John - Deerhurst, husb

son Jn, dtr Alice; land in Apperley; exec wife Joan; overs:friends Rob Cook & Jn Greening

COSBY, Christopher - Riddlesford, Berkeley cooper

sis Alice; 2 child of bro in law Wlm Hatton; bro Ptr & his dtr; godchild Benedict Bower; mthr in law Joan Broadley;

exec wife Eliz; overs: Jms Eddies of Thornbury & bro in law Jn Broadley yeo

COSSENS, Thomas - Hillesley, Hawkesbury

execs: sons Wlm, Geo & Franc; overs: Jn Walker & Wlm Roche

COWLEY, Margery - Slimbridge, widow +

dtrs Alice & Edith; Edith dtr Wlm Merchant; Marie dtr Jn Knight; Jn Clutterbook jr of Hamer; Margt Hamans; son Wlm exec; overs: Jn Brodley & Wlm Merchant

CRESWELL, Jane - Didbrook

bro Geo Agge; Thos Agge & his son Jn; Anth, Chas, Alice, Janes, Henry, Jn & Wlm Agge; sis Anne Guilby & her 3 child; Jn, Agn, Chas & Eliz Mutton; sis Ursula; sis in law Eliz Agge; Jn Plevyn; Rich son of Rich Reene deceased; exec Edw & Anth sons of bro Chas Agge; overs: bro Chas Agge, kinsm Wlm Agge & neighb Jn Hull

CRUMP, Edward - Stanway, yeo

dtr Ann; wife Ann exec; overs vicar of Didbrook

CURNOCK, Richard - Cowley, yeo +

son Jms; dtr Isab wife of Wlm Harrode; wife Joan

CURRIER, John - Upton St Leonard, yeo +

Margy Williams; my childrens child; Wlm Lowe; son Thos exec; overs: Henry Ridler & Jn Nelme

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DAVIES, Margaret - Lower Quinton, widow

dtr Eliz Bowker deceased & her dtr Eliz B; dtr Susanna Wilcox & her child Rob, Eliz, Elnr & Mary; estate of Chas Merrill, late of London; son Jn exec; overs: Jn Pilande senr & Thos Pilande

DEIGHTON, Anne - Cirencester, wid

sons Jn & Sam; exec dtr Ann James; overs: Jn Baker, Geo Spraggett & my son Nath D

DENNYS, Robert - Beckford

child Jn, Isaac, Joan, Rich & Eliz; execs: son Edmond & wife; overs: Rich Darke of Alston & Thos Redward

DREWET, Susanna - Cranham, widow +

Thos & Edw sons of Jn Churches; Kath Hunte; Eliz Williams; godson Wlm Falkes; kinsm Wlm Slaughter gent; Anne Williams; Marie Randoll; overs: Hugh Hunt & Giles Oure minister

DRIVER, Thomas - Cherington, husb

sons Giles, Jn, Thos & Rob; dtr Eliz Bolton; dtr Alice wife of Wlm Genkins; wife Marie exec; overs: friends Wlm Morrie, yeo & Walt Elliott of Frilford, Marcham, Berkshire

DUNSTER, Richard - Oldbury

sis Eliz D; sis Joan Jones; Wlm Symons; bro Chas Jones exec; overs: Henry Linck & Davy Lewes

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EARLE, Joane - Rockhampton, widow

late husb Wlme E; son Rob Lynck & his dtr Judith; Edmund Skegge, Jn Rowels, Cicely Pullen, Kath Walker& Johan dtr Rob Skegge; Lucy Rowls; dtr Anne; execs son Thos & dtr Jane; overs: Wlm Howell & Nich Well

ECOT, Jone - Rendcomb, widow

bro Wlm Easonton; bro in law Rich Ecot; bros dtr Ann Easonton; Jos, Wlm, Thos, Jone, Elnr, Margt & Sam Broade; sis Susan Chamberlain; sis Margt Broade & her dtr Jone; Susan Jeffreys; Eliz & Anne Lande; Hannah Morry; Dorothy Chamberlain; Rich Ecots wife Eliz & son Thos; bro Thos Ecot; Gabriel Robbins & his 6 child; exec father in law Wlm Ecot

EDGE, John - Abenhall, tanner

2 sons; wife Joan exec; wifes dtr Joan Pace

EDWARDS alias NOOTE, John - Oldbury, yeo

Thos & Jane Treahearn; Jn Hovell; Thos Taylor; Thos Conley; Alice Wood; Kath Davies; Catren Wallis; Joan Floner; Eliz Ayten; wife Eliz exec; overs: Wlm Hovell & Thos Treahearn

ELLCOX, Hugh - Admington, Quinton

dtr Isab Bearne & Ann Dipper; son Rich & his 2 child; execs: son Hugh & wife Ann

EVANS, Lewis - Bitton, vicar

dtrs child Marie Pouter; Eliz, Anne, Elen & Wlm Pouter; Rich Pouter & his wife Cath; (Launed?) Price; Harry Evans clerk; exec dtr Marie;

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FERRIS, Anthony - Harnhill +

dtrs Jane & Saray, wife Lettice - exec, overs: kinsmen Geo & Rich F of Ashton Keynes

FEWSTER, Alice - Edgeworth, wid

sons Rich, Rob & Jn; dtr Agn (& her son & dtr); dtr Margt (her son Rob & dtr Agn & Margt); exec son Edw; overs: Rich Cent & Edw Gale

FIELD, John - Minsterworth, yeo +

sons Rich, Jn & Thos; dtrs Margt, Eliz, Martha, Mary & Alice wife of Rob Boond; wife Judiths 2 dtrs Ann & Eliz Wood; exec wife Judith; overs: Anth Bylocke gent & Rob May

FLOWKE, Richard - Wrightfield, Deerhurst, husb

child Johan, Gyles & Rich; bro Gyles; bros dtr Prudence F; godsons Rob Mylton & Rob Morton; Johan & Isab Keere; svt Jane Etheridge; widow Rood; widow Johan Edwards; money to child from Rob Green; overs: Phil Watters, Wlm Mylton, Rob Man & Jn Flowke

FREAME, Richard - Gloucester, chandler

bro Henry; sis Hester Prichard & Sara F; execs: Edw Elliott & Richard Prichard

FRETHERN, Katherine - Sherborne, widow

son in law Thos Smyth; dtr Jane Veale & her 3 child; dtr Jone & Christian F; dtr Anna Smyth; Rob Phelps, An Cornewell & Rob Smyth; goddtr Eliz Smyth; godson Rich Smyth; grandtr Eliz Smyth; grandtr Anna F; exec son Anth F

FRETHERN, Thomas - Adlestrop, yeo

child Thos, Jane, Rob, Edw & Rowland; son Rich of Bristol; svt Jn Palmer & Dorothy Dey; wife Parnel exec; overs: friends Rich Freeman parson of Cornwell, Thos Allen & Thos Collabar

FRY, William - Newington Bagpath, parson

son Wlm; kinswm Johan Bishop; wife Margy exec; overs: Wlm Workman & Jn Sarres

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GARDINER, Edward - English Bicknor, yeo

father Jn G; cous Jn Fisher; bro in law Jn Taylor; wife; sons Wlm & Jn Gardiner (exec)

GILBERT alias TRAFULL, William - Leonard Stanley, laborer

bro in law Wlm Browne; bro Owen; wife Elnr exec; overs: Thos Sandford & Gyles Ward

GILL, Thomas - Cranham, yeo +

father Rich G of Sneadham; child Sam, Wlm, Ann & Abigail; wife Sybell exec; overs: Jn Sollers & Gyles Randle

GILMAN, Jane - Slimbridge, widow +

son Anth; dtr Alice wife of Rob Darke; son Rich & his child Rich & Eliz; son Jn & his dtr Margy; dtr in law Agn; son Wlm & his wife Margt; Kath dtr of Wilm G; sis Margy Howell; Rich son of Wlm Howell; exec son in law Rob Darke of Buckleshill, Old Sodbury; overs: Thos Davies yeo & Rich Lucas

GODFREY, John - Berkeley, husb

child Judith, Jn, Alice & Rob; son Wlm exec; overs: Thos Deminge, Jn Stones & Thos Smith

GOUGHE, Thomas - Nasse, Lydney +

execs: bros in law Wlm Guise esq of Elmore & Wlm Guise esq of Gloucester

GREENE, Joan - Sherborne, widow

dtr Margt & her husb Jn Bunting, their child Jn & Elnr; son Thos G & his child Rich & Margt; Dorothy, Elnr & Agn Greene; Mary wife of Jn Smith & their 3 child; Agn Phickett; sis Eliz Norris; son Thos exec; overs: Rich Baker & Giles Blockley

GREENE, John - Fairford, husb

widow Greenes 5 child; 4 child of Wlm Addams; 3 child of Jn Comelys; Eliz Stevens of Cireter; Margt Harbert; Edith Hatherell; Jn son of Wlm Greene; witn Chris Nicholson, vicar & Thos Arden

GREENE, Robert - Wapley, husb +

Wlm, Jane & Rob Martin; dtrs Margt & Mary; son in law Chris Jeffrey exec; overs: Jn Jeffrey & Thos Jacob

GREENHALF, Elizabeth - Southrop, widow +

sons Drew (?) & Wlm G; dtr Alice wife of Jn Farr of Shipford; dtr Eliz wife of Thos Trinder; dtr Johane wife of Jn Essington; dtr Margt wife of Jn Lisely; dtr Margy wife of Wlm Essington; Jms Taylor; Thos & Margy child of Jn Essington; Jn Jr & Alice Essington; Rob Farr; Margy, Jane & Rob Lisely; Jn Butler; Martha, Jane, Mary & Jn child of Wlm G; Margt wife of Thos G; Edw, Wlm, Elnr, Margt, Eliz & Margy Trinder; Jane & Alice dtr of Wlm Essington; Jms G ygnst son, & his son Wlm; Thos Green of Broughton, carp; execs: sons Thos & Jms G; overs: Chris Nicolson vicar of Southrop & Jn Essington senr of Fyfield

GREENING, Alice - Wick, Berkeley, widow

dtr in law Abgl G; sons dtr Hannah G; svt Ann Jobbins; knswm Alice Gardener; Walt Purnell; gddtr Alice Purnell; Rob Jobbins wife; Mary dtr Thos G; Mary dtr Rich G; Mary Andrews; Giles & Thos Gardner; kinsman Thos G of Peakington; goddtr Alice Lovell; Thos Kirkman; kinsmn Rich G; exec Jn G; overs: Jon Cole of Swanley, Jn Hill of Wirk & Thos Greening of Newtown

GREENING, Richard - Walton, Deerhurst, yeo

sons Jn & Thos; son Wlm & his son Jn; dtr Joan wife of Wlm Milton & her 4 child; dtr Eliz wife of Thos Greenway & her 2 child; dtr Susanna wife of Edw Floucke; son Rich & his sons Wlm & Rich; bro Jn G; wife Eliz exec; overs: son Rich & Rich Flouck of Garrall Well

GREVESTOCK, George - Hempsted, weaver

wife Ann; child Jn & Joan; overs: father, & Wlm Harris, bro in law; witn: Jn G minister, Wlm Harris & Jn G jr

GRUBB, Alice - Tetbury +

Jn, Wlm Brown of Somerford & their bro Thos; Danl Pearce of Downe & his bro Rob; Toby, Eline & Grace Pearce; Rob bro of Jn Brown of Churchdown; overs: Thos Wood & Jn Brown of Somersford; exec knsmn Jn Brown of Churchdowne

GUNNING, Robert - residence unknown

child Walt, Thos & Ellen; dtr Eliz Borys; Rob Palmer; wife exec

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HAINES, Joan - Gloucester, spinster

sis Eliz Woodcock of par St Marys; pres Thos Haynes

HAMONS, John - Berkeley, (grocer?)

son Wlm; wife Kath exec; present Rich Hamons & Margt wife of Jn Nelme

HANBAUCHE, Richard - Tewkesbury, carpenter

relatives Alice Chess & Eve Smith; Thos Cheese; Randall Smith; Franc Tyler; (Izord?) Price, widow; Ralph & Margy Monston; godson Rich Mason; Rich son of Lawr Litell; Isab Mopp; Henry Bankes & his dtr Bridgett; Eliz Yud; Giles Wyatt, his wife Margt & his child Rob, Roger & Anne; Eliz wife of Morris Morgan & her dtrs Jane, Alice & Christian; exec Henry Bankes; overs: Edw Arndell & Giles Wyatt

HARRIS, Eleanor - Gloucester, servant

master Rich Harbert; Wlm son Rich Alerwen; Jn & Eliz child of Rich Egborn; Jms son Matth Berrow; poor of par Trinity; Thos son Rob Robinson; sis Eliz Egborn; sis Ann Berrow; Eliz Robinson; Margy Wilse widow; Johane Grey; fellow Joliane Church; Eliz Howlett; Sisell Marshall; Helen Llewelyn; Edw Wagstaff; Mr Priol to preach; exec Rich Egborn

HAUKINS, Thomas, senr - Preston, yeo +

dtrs Eliz, Ursula & Johane; wife Margt exec; witns: Thos Haukins jr, Wlm Haukins & Jn Drewe

HAUKINS, Thomas - Greenhouse, Dymock, yeo

sons Wlm & Edmond; mother Margt

HAUKINS, Thomas - Dymock, yeo

son Thos; dtr Jane; execs: wife Anne & bro in law Rob Jakeman

HAVILAND, John - Winstone, rector

godsons Jn Meysey & Jn Cherington; child Thos, Kath, Jn, Joan, Ann & Susan wife of Rich Baffie; 'nephews' Rich, Margt & Hester Bishop; 'nephews' Jn, Eliz & Joan Baffie; son Wlm exec; overs: son Anth & son in law Rich Baffie

HEANE, David - Little Dean, yeo +

yngst son Henry; dtr Margt; bro Jn; execs wife Mary & son Jms; overs: Jn Wilst, Thos Hacket gent, Tanner Morse yeo & Jn Nurse, bro in law; Marie & Anne dtrs of sis Jone Drew; sis Ann Nurse; sis Jane & Isabel Heane; wifes sis Margt Hawkins; bro Walt Heanes sons Jn & Wlm

HEDGES, John - Longborough, husb +

Eliz Hobs alias Winstombe; Thos Deecke; wife Margy exec; overs: bro in law Anth Moore & Rich Baylie

HIATT, Roger - Rodley, Westbury

child Agn, Johan, Dorothy, Margt & Jms; son Thos & his son Thos; Wlm Carsell; son Jn exec; overs: Thos Keylock, Roger Peese & Rob Crompe

HILL, Robert - Gloucester, gent

born at Longdon; bro Jn; bro Wlm & his dtr Frances; Judith Sey; Jane English; Dorothy Thomas; exec bro Sam H

HOANE, Richard - Brockworth

son Rich & his child Rich & Isab; child Wlm, Eliz & Margt; bro Thos; Wlm Lewis of Bisley; exec son Gyles; overs: Rich Webley & bro Jn Perry

HOBBES alias CLARK, John senr, Tytherington, husb +

son Wlm; dtr Joan exec

HOLLIDAY, John - Nichoulstead, Bisley

sis Jane & her dtr Margt; Thos & Edw sons of Edw Wetmore; bro Humphrey H; wife Mary exec; overs: Jn Nichould & Ellis Brylod

HOOPER, Richard - Flowerwall, Newland

child Blanche, Margt, Geo & Edw; wife Eliz exec

HOOPER, William - Marshfield

3 child of sis Eliz Palmer; witns Thos Lewes & Jn Fisher

HORNE, John - Blakeney, Awre, yeo

child Thos, Johane, Geo & Ann; land in Quenington; execs: son Andr & wife Kath; overs: Thos Adeane of Myllend & Rob Young

HUMPHREYS (Umfreys), Thomas - Clapton, Bourton on the Water +

dtr Jane; bro Rob exec; Phil Sly; Wlm Gilbert; Alice Wakfield; Walt Mosson; Thos Silvester

HURNE, Juliane - Berkeley

mother Ursula Tought; sis Joan Hurne; sis Edith Taylor & her 5 child; father in law Wlm Tought exec

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JEFFERIS, Bartholomew - St Mary, Gloucester, husb

sis Kathr & her child; bro Jn J & his son Rob; Rich Green senr; Eliz dtr Wlm Fauck; Jn Capener; Anth Taylor; exec bro Jn J; overs: Rich Green senr & Jn Capener

JENKINS, Thomas - Winchcombe, gent

son Justinian & his son Thos; wife Anne exec; overs: Ralph Porter & son in law Rob Wilse

JENNINGS, John - Hempsted, husb

child Wlm, Jn, Eliz, Agn, Susan, Joan & Margy; wife Margy exec; overs: bro Henry J & Mr Grevestocke, minister

JOBBINS, Ambrose - North Nibley, husbn

son Jn & his child; dtr Edith & her child; child Joan, Rob; exec son Chris; overs: Wlm & Saml Tratman

JOHNSON, Thomas - Cirencester, broadweaver

Dan son of Thos Dick; wife Anne exec; witns: Wlm Cripps, Phil Shermore, Thos Dick & Jn Dobbes

JORDAN, Edmond - English Bicknor, yeo

dtr Elinor wife of Jn Rawnell; dtr Alice; sons in law Jn Shale & Thos Godwin; wife Anne exec

JOYES, William - Lechlade, husb +

2 child of Rich J; child Rich, Rob, Simon & Joan; Eliz dtr of Rob Guye; godchildren Agn Richman, Wlm Peacock, Agn Johnson & Thos Collett; Joan & Wlm child of Rich Dawes; son in law Wlm Mayline; execs: son Rob & wife Joan; overs: neighb Jn Hinton & Anth Bradnam

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KECK, William - Marston

godson Jn son of Jn Applebee; bro Thos K exec; overs: bro Jn K & bro Thos Rawlins

KEDICK, Richard - Awre

execs wife Joan & son Rich; overs: Rich Hopkins & Thos Lippet

KEEMP, Joan - Bulley, widow

dtrs Joan, Anne, Eliz, Isab & Margy; son Thos exec; overs: Thos Gosling senr & jr, Rich Kemp & Thos Williams clerk

KEMBRIDGE, Richard - Leonard Stanley

child Johane & Nich; 2 sons in London; son Walt exec

KERRY, William - Compton, Newent +

child Jn & Johane; wife Johane exec; overs: Grimbald Pawnefet, Jn Pytt & Rich Stephens

KITE, Robert - Long Marston, husb

cousin Henry K; bro Rawlins 2 dtrs; wife Mary exec; overs: friends Thos & Jn Rawlins

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LEWIS, Edith - Henton, Berkeley, widow

dtr Martha; cous Anna & Gillian dtr of Wlm Everett; dtr Margt Haull & her son Edw; kinswm Eliz Ludby; son Wlm dec; Thos ygr son of Franc Haull; exec son Nich

LICENSE, Anne - All Saints, Gloucester, wid

child Kathr, Mary & Arth; Kathr (wife) Jn Keen; my bro Harmer; Marg Keylock; exec dtr Marg; overs Rich Green & Luke Nurse

LIPPIATT, John - Hillesley, Hawkesbury, weaver

dtrs Alice & Sarah; wife Eliz exec; overs: Steph Compier & Jn Jenkins

LONDON, Jerome - Horton

sons Thos, Franc & Jerome; dtrs Johane & Alice; wife Mary exec; overs: Franc Hiat, Thos Camb & Jn Hathway

LOVEDAY, William - Sedham, Upton St Leonard, yeo

sons Thos, Wlm & Jn; Agn & Thos Lye; Jn Woodcroft; Wlm son of Edw Loveday; godson Wlm Edwards; father in law; wife Johan exec; overs: Henry Atton gent, bro Edw Loveday & Jn Edwards of Barnwood

LUMBERT, Richard - Bourton on the Water +

bro in law Hugh Marchant & his child; bro Thos L & his dtr Anne; bro in law Rich Smith; sis Alice wife of Thos Matthews; bro in law Wlm Trubie & his dtrs Anne & Margt; bro Rob L & his child; execs: bro Thos & bro in law Wlm Trubie; overs: bros in law Thos Matthews & Rich Smith

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MAISEY, Richard - Hawkesbury, husb

Eliz dtr of Thos Woper of Upton; Jane Mark; Thos Amis; Nich Dole; Rob Hopkins; exec Kath dtr of Steph Hopkins of Worley, Wotton

MANNING, Robert - Horton, weaver

Amos, Sarah, Isay & Deborah Dancie, child of sis; 2 child of cousin Jn Warkeley; 2 child of Wlm Manning deceased of Kingscote; son in law Jn Woollerie; wife Alice exec; overs: bro Roger M of Kingscote, Francis Manning of Horton & Edmund Roughbottom of Chipping Sodbury

MARSHALL, Henry - English Bicknor, yeo

wife Ann exec; child Wlm, Jn, Phil, Jane; overs: Jn Rawnell

MATTHEW, John - Cowley +

sons Jms, Rich & Wlm; dtr Margt wife of Wlm Crumpe; dtr Agn wife of Oliver Farmer; dtr Jone wife of Wlm Biddle; godchild: Steph Crumpe, Jn Farmer, Jn son of Jms Matthew, Jn son of Rich Matthew; wife Jone exec

MATTHEWS, James - Beneme, Newland, yeo

son; dtrs Alice & Joan; wife Margy

MAUNSELL, Alice - Temple Guiting, widow +

sons Wlm, Anth, Rich - exec, dtr Anne Pearte; dtr Joan Higgins; Alice Peart dtr of..., Jn son Anne Peart, Jane dtr Richard M, Jane wife Richard M; superv: kinsman Richard Surman & Edward Deane

MAWLE alias COTEMORE, Henry - Cheltenham, husb

bro Jn M als C; bros Wlm & Geo Cotemore; Margt dau of bro Geo C; godson & kinsman Henry Milton; cousins Thos & Margt Milton; Mary dtr Thos Cowles; Jane & Margt dtrs of cousin Milton; Walt, Isab & Margt child of Rich Gardener; 3 child of Thos Greening; Thos, Isab & Margt Gardener; Jeff Oley; Marie Quearne & her child; Ezek Gregory; Gwen Hymbesart; dtr of Joan Tyrkle; Jane Milton; kinswm Margt Vinson; Eliz Curtis; Isab Cowp; Ann Higge; 3 child of Rich White

MELLER, John - Northleach

sons Henry & Jn; land in Oaksey, Wilts; bro Ralph Guise; Alice wife of Geo Birt; child of Lawr Wright; child of Mich Loggin; Margt dtr Rob Alexander; bro Wlm & his son Rich; wife Mary exec; overs: Mr Wlm Dutton of Sherborne esq & uncle Thos Fifield of Farmington

MILLARD, John - Cowley +

sis Joan M & her dtr Kath; sis Kath Blake; Margt dtr of Agn Blake; Wlm Read; Rob Wilkins; wife Alice exec; overs: Dan Manly, clerk & neighb Wlm Foorde

MINCHIN, Richard - Wyck Rissington +

mother; sis Anne; bro Ambrose & his child Rich, Wlm & Anne; bro Thos & his son Wlm; sis Elnr wife of Henry Arkell & their child Wlm & Eliz; sis Margt wife of Rob Davies & her child Eliz & Amy; Wlm, Thos & Raphael Minchin; cousin Dan Hurst; cousin Jn Yale senr of Burford & his child Jn, Leonard, Simon, Rob, Abigail, Jane, Mary & Sara; execs bros Thos & Ambrose; overs: cousin Henry Hurst parson of Bourton on the Water, bro in law Henry Arkell of Over Slaughter & Rich Minchin of Barrington

MOONE, John - Badminton Parva, Hawkesbury, husb

wife Christian; sons Oswald & Wlm; dtr Elnr; dtr Eliz & her husb Nich Bennett, their dtrs Alice & Marie; svnt Giles Isaac; to widows: Eliz Moone, Deenes Hagborne, Marian Howborowe & Alice Maie; son Nich exec; overs: Rob Clarke & Oswald Foord

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NEWMAN, Robert - Southam, Bishops Cleeve, yeo

bro Rich; bro Leonard & his son Rich; sis Anne wife of Wlm Barnes of Prestbury; sis Eliz Tomes of Cranham; Frances wife of Rich Cowper of Cleeve; Margt wife of Rich Surman; sis Margt late wife of Rich Weller & their dtr Margy; svt Margy Palmer; godson Roger son of Roger Barnes; godson Rob son of Thos Hyet; Jane, Anne, Ruth, Rob, Francis, Jos, child of Rich Hamlyn & wife Joan of Bromfield; Anth Bell; (testator was exec of will of Agn Wood, mother of said Joan Hamlyn); Alice wife of Rob Tomes of Cranham; Wlm Thomas; exec Roger Barnes jr; overs: kinsm Roger Keane & bro in law Wlm Barnes

NICHOLAS, James - Swanley, Berkeley, weaver

wife Alice & son Thos execs; overs: Wlm Nolme of Todworth & cous Wlm Nicholas

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OWEN, Richard - Moreton in the Marsh

sons Rich, Anth, Jn & Nich; bro Wlm; wife exec; overs: Rich Penbury, Anth Nycolles & Simon Benford

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PACKINGER, Thomas - Gloucester

exec wife; witns Rich Brown, Ralph Saw & Jane Mason

PARKER, Agnes - Doynton, widow

Agnes wife Thomas Baldon; Thomas Baldon jr; goddtr Agnes Reade; Richard, Maud & Joan Franckcombe; Marie Noode; sister Elizabeth Franckcombe; Elizabeth wife of Thomas Franckcombe; Joyce & Julian Read; Thomas Franckcombe jr; Stephen, Marie & Agnes children of Thomas Franckcombe; Thomas Franckcombe, sisters son - exec; overs: Robert Colle & Steven Franckcombe

PARKER, Christopher - Wapley, husb +

child Sam, Thos & Joan; exec son Jn P; overs: Jn Joachim & Sim Smith; present Arth Parker & Jn Marshall vicar

PARKER, Edward - Lydons Court, Rudford, yeo +

eldst son Rich; child Humph, Ann & Jane; exec son Giles; overs: Mr Edw Cook gent, Thos Ridgewell clk of Hartpury, Humph Wilse & Jn (Coume?)

PAYNE, Hugh - Aston Blank, husb +

dtr Alice & her dtr Mary Payne; son in law Thos Hanckes, his wife Joan & their child Edmond, Wlm, Thos & Sybley; dtr Margy Bullocke; grandch Kath & Franc Freeman; grandtr Margy Kyrkes; son in law Thos Kyrkes exec; overs: Rob Williams, vicar & Jn Taylor of the Garden

PAYNE, Margaret - Ashchurch, spinster

sis in law (Lyndericye?), wife of my bro Franc Payne; present Wlm Noal & Joan Horne

PAYNE, Richard - Harescombe, husb +

sons Rich, Rob, Franc, Gyles & Jn; wife Millicent

PAYTON, Alice - Hinton on the Green, widow +

goddtr Alice Langton; Thos son Joan Higges; Jn Fox jr; wife of Wlm Price; Eliz dtr of Thos Fox; Elinor Finche dtr of Joan Payne; Rich, Anne, Hughe- child of Thos Payne; Alice & Eliz dtrs of Geo Payton; goddtr Ann Callow; son in law Geo Payton - exec; son in law Henry Payton - overs

PAYTON, Henry jr - Hinton on the Green, husb +

Alice & Eliz dtrs of bro Geo P; bro Thos Payne & his wife Joan, my sis & their 5 child; bro Geo Payton exec; overs: Gyles Wade & Edm Payton

PEACH, Edward - Upton St Leonard +

child Thos, Margt & Marie; wifes dtr Eliz; wife exec; overs: Wlm Loudie & bro Wlm Peach; witn: Edw --, Rich Lake & Jn Lewes

PEGLAR, Richard - Kingscote

child Jn, Joan & Marie; wife Eliz exec; overs: Thos Poole & Abrm Kingscote

PETTETT, Thomas, senr - Stroud +

wife Mary; sons Jn, Wlm & Rich

PINNOCK, Elizabeth - Twyning, widow +

eldst son Rich exec; child Jn, Eliz, Mary & Susan; my dtr Joyce, her husb Rich Margreth & their 3 child; Eliz dtr of son Thos P; overs: Thos Edgiock & Gyles Sewell

PLAYSTED, John - Elton, Westbury

dtrs Joyce, Sara, Agn, (Doris?); sons Dan, Nich; Thos Horne & his wife; exec wife Agn

POOLE, Elizabeth - Swanley, Berkeley, widow

Jn Hammes & his dtr Margy; Thos Smith senr of Wicke; Wlm & Eliz Jonnes; Mary dtr Wlm Jonnes; Agn, Jms & Eliz Baylie; wife of Jms Nicolas; Alice dtr Rich Hammes; Anth Holie; dtr of Thos Smith; Jn Hurne; Joan Cole; Marie Croom; poor of Alkerton; Nich Young; wid Purnell; exec Jn Nelme; witn Jn Hurne & Jms Baylie

POOLE, Richard - Frocester, husb

sis Margy Horwood & her 5 child; goddtr Joan dtr of Wlm Selwin; Kath dtr of Thos Bicke; wife Margt exec; overs: Jn Pegler, neighb Edw Browning & Thos Bicke

POOLE, William - Coates, esq

late wife Margt; dtr Bridgett & her husb Henry Alford esq; dtrs Margt, Anne & Eliz; bro Henry P; son Henry exec; overs nephew Henry Powle

PULLEN, James, senr - Tytherington +

son Wlm; 2 sons named Jn; dtrs Eliz & Joan; wife Margt exec; overs: Jms Pullen & Wlm Smith

PURNELL, Mary - Woodmancote, Dursley +

sis Margt; bro Jn P & his dtr Margy; Thos, Jn & Kath, child of Thos Sandford & my late sis Kath; sis Anne wife of Wlm Trotman; mother Anne exec; overs: uncles Wlm Harding & Nich Smith

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RADBURNE, Thomas - Cow Honeybourne, Worcestershire, husb +

Joane Cart; wife Anne exec; overs: Matt Bagge & Jn Morrels

RANDLE, John - Little Shurdington, Badgeworth, yeo

child Margt & Jn; Jn Bubbe; wife Margt exec; overs: bro Thos R & Rich Bubbe

RICARDS, William - Manswell, Berkeley

dtr Anne; bro Thos; wife Eliz exec; overs: friends Wlm Flower, Jn Ricards & Jn Turner jr

RICKARD, George - Cirencester, broadweaver

child; wife Margt exec; witn: Thos Smyth, Thos Myles & Jn Rogers

ROBERTS, Hugh - Nether Slaughter, husb +

sons Silvester, Edw, Rich, Jn, Ann & Alice; Wlm son of Thos Hauckes of Upper Sltr; Eliz dtr Wlm Roberts of Nether Sltr; wife (Lucie??) exec; overs: Wlm Roberts & Thos Hauckes of Upper Slaughter

ROBINS, William - Whetford, Kempsford

child Thos, Edith & Alice; wife Margt exec; overs: Franc Wilkes & Thos Robins

ROCH, Thomas - Tortworth

sons Thos, Jn, Rob & Geo; wife Joane exec; witns: Jn Francombe, Rich Gilham & Henry Collins

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SAUNDERS, George - Avening, husb

sons Jn, Rich & Thos; wife exec; overs: fath in law Anth Grime & neighb Rich Sparrow

SCOVILL, John, senr - Fairford, yeo

Thos Crippes of Poulton & his child Jn, Edith, Wlm, Gyles, Rich & Toby; godson Thos son of Wlm Parker of Bibury; Nathaniel, Margt, Wlm, Johan & Edith child of Wlm Parker; son Jn & his sons Geo & Edw; execs wife Edith & son Jn; overs: Chris Nicholson vicar & Edw Crippes yeo

SEABRIDGE, John - Aston Underhill

bro in law Rob Crise & his child Rich, Jn, Anth, Rob, Anne; Rob son of Anth Crise; Thos Weathwaye; svt Mary Warde; Isab Willis; Jn Hyett; exec Thos Hyett alias Stokes; overs Jn Partridge

SELMAN, Richard - Hillesley, Hawkesbury

child Geo, Sarah, Alice; bond with Henry Nolme, clothier of Wotton under Edge; sons in law Hugh Taylor alias Rodman, Franc Taylor, Wlm Taylor & Thos Taylor; Joane wife of Jn Dorney; wife Isab exec; overs: Wlm Machin & Rich Heming

SHERVENTON, Margaret - residence unknown

sis Marian Hayford; Thos, Elnr & Wlm Narrick; Jane & Thos Philipps

SISEMORE, Richard - Hartpury, yeo

child Wlm, Dennys, Johane, Thos & Jn; wife Johane exec

SMART, Robert - North Nibley

wife Eliz exec; overs friend Sam Tratman of Stancombe

SMITH, Bartholomew - Beckford, mason

debt of Abrm Griffin late of Beckford; son Rob; dtr Christian to marry Chris Baldon; exec wife Margy

SMITH, Elizabeth - St Owens, Gloucester, widow

son Rob exec; Jane, Rich & Rob child of Rob Egley & his wife Alice; late husb Rich S of Hempsted; Rich Atkins of Tuffley, esq & Ann Herriott

SMITH, Margery - Beckford, widow

Franc Nime; Eliz Smith; Mary dtr of Rob Smith; Eliz wife of Jn Newman; dtr Christian wife of Chris Baldwin & their 3 sons; Jn Price; son Rob; exec Jn Newman; overs Jn Newman & Jn Gatley

SMITH, Richard - Frogpit, Berkeley

son Wlm; Wlm son of Thos S; Eliz & Joan dtrs of Anth Horne of Hinton; Rich & Jn sons of Jn S; Jn Boulton; svt Catreen Howell; widow Smith of Brockend; widow Clevear; Wlm Driver; wife Juliane exec

SMITH, Walter - residence unknown

godson Walt Smith; Rob & Eliz child of Nich Robens; Jn son of Henry Smith; Thos son of Geo Smith; Alice & Miles child of Jn Smith; dtr Sarah & her dtr Alice; son Wlm & his son Franc; wife Mary exec

SMITH, William - Kempsford

child Rob, Rich, Wlm, Jn, Eliz, Jone, Ralph & Mary; wife Agn; son Thos exec; overs: Henry Curtis & Edmund Pope

STROUD, John - Elmeston, husb

bros Wlm & Anth; kinsm Wlm Drinkwater; son in law Wlm Kent of Arle & his dtr Alice; child Kath, Margy, Anth, Jn & Wlm; wife Margy; son Rich & his sons Jn & Rich; father Rich S; son Thos exec; overs: Thos Buckle senr & bro Rich S

SURMAN, Anne - Temple Guiting, widow +

dtr Anne Marshall & her children; son Wlm & his children; son John ; dtr Jone Powle, dtr Margery Deane; son Rich & his 5 children; 5 children of Paul Powle; dtr Susanna & her 5 children; Thomas son of John Deane; exec - son Thos; overs - cousin Thos Weale

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TAWNY, Elizabeth - Toddington, widow +

Henry Hambline; son in law Walt Hambline & his son Wlm; grandtr Eliz Fox; Rob Jenkins; grandson Henry Jenkins; grandtr Elnr Tawny; Sam Adams; dtrs child Frances Adams; exec son Henry T; overs: Jn Read & Jn Curtis

TAYNTON, John, senr - Greaton, Winchcombe, husb

son Henry & his child; son Thos & his child; son Jn; wife Margt exec; overs: bro Henry T & friend Henry Hide senr

TENNANT, John - Maugersbery, Stow on the Wold, laborer

Eliz Penner; Mary Marshall; Jn Appleby exec

TIMBRELL, William - Coln Rogers +

dtr Margt exec; other child; overs: bros Rich & Jn T; witns: Rob Oldsworth, Jms Allen & Rich Pugh

TIPPER, John - Marshfield

child Edw, Rob & Johane; dtr Margt wife of Jn Osburne; svt Edw Jones; son Thos exec

TOMBES, Henry - Fiddington, Ashchurch

bro Rich; Jn None; Jane Edwards; goddtr Margt dtr of Franc Tombes; bro Thos T; exec Thos Morton

TOMBES, William - of Meysey Hampton, Glouc & Marston Meysey, Wilts

wife Joane exec; pres Jn Wilkes clerk

TOUGHT, Edward - Frampton upon Severn +

Hugh & Wlm Tought; Jn Addyes of Newport par Berkeley; Rich T of Riddlesford par Berkeley yeo; bro Jn T of Frampton

TOULSON, Elizabeth - Leonard Stanley, widow

sons Wlm & Jn; son in law Nich Berche & his dtr Sara & Margy; Sara & Priscilla dtr of Alice King; dtr Elnr & her husb Jn Whitefoot; dtr Elnr & her 3 child; cousins Briget Smith, Anne King & Jane Solmon; goddtr Joan Chambridge; said dtr Alice (King?) exec; overs: Gyles Wood & Jn Cornwell sen

TYNDALE, Richard - Stinchcombe, yeo

child Thos, Arthur, Sam, Nathaniel, Matt, Kath & Brianna; Hugh Perry; sis in law Agn Webb; execs: wife & son Wlm; overs: Matt Smithe of Wanswell, cousin Wlm Tratman of Dursley & son Thos T

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VENN, Thomas - Minsterworth, yeo +

mother Cath V; bron Jn; sis Rachel Jenkins; wife Margt exec; overs: Wlm Arnoll & Rich Breether

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WADE, John - Stone, Berkeley, husb

sons Edw & Jn; Bridget Arthure; wife Elnr exec; overs: Thos Mallett alias Newton of Rockhampton, yeo & Thos Jenkins of Stone, husb

WALLINGTON, John - Woodmancote, Dursley, clothworker +

wife Margy; son Jn

WARRAND, Thomas - Tetbury, butcher +

child Mary & Henry; wife Margt exec; overs: neighb Jn Driver & Roger Webb

WATKINS, John - Elmore

dtr Sara; wife exec; overs: Franc Morgan & Thos Litler

WATTON, John - Bourton on the Hill, shepherd

sis Frances & her child; exec bro Thos

WELLAVISE, Joan - South Cerney, widow

svt Elnr Bayly; sis N Taylor; sis Isabel Portlock; cousins Lucy, Rich & Wlm Portlock; cous Joan Morris; Mary dtr of my bro Thos Remington; cousin Jn Morris & his sons Wlm & Jn; execs: Wlm Taylor & cousin Wlm Portlock;

WHITTINGTON, James - St Briavel, gent +

child Wlm, Jn & Marie; wife Alice exec; overs: bros Wlm W, Wlm Tiller & Jn Janne

WHITTINGTON, Rowland - Gloucester, gent

bro Philip; present Francis Philipps & Henry Jones

WILKINS, John - Charlton, Tetbury, yeo +

sis Margy Shillam; sis Joan Tilton & her 6 child; Margt Tilton; Thos & Marie Shillam; my aunt, wife of Jn Pearce; bro Edw Wilkins exec; overs Chas Wright & Jasper Wier

WILLIAMS, William - residence unknown

bro Geo Atkins; Edw Janne; bros son Wlm Atkins; kinswm Margt Longe; Thos Packe of Littelton; godson Wlm Lonney; Thos Barton; Jn Longe; sis Marg Williams of Wickwar; bros son Rob Atkins exec; overs: Chris Nash & Jn Rive

WILSE, Anne - Dymoke, widow

Ann, Jane, Jn & Margy children of son in law Jn Hope; Jane, Ann, Wlm children of son in law Jn Sybleyes of Ledbury; Jn Hankins son of son in law Jn Hankins of Dymoke; dtr of kinswmn Matthews; 3 dtrs Jane Hope, Joan Sybleys & Margt Hankins

WILSE, John - Down Hatherley, yeo

marr of Thos son of Jn Wilse with Dorothy dtr of Jn Greeves of Hadwicke, Elmeston, yeo, both deceased; dtr Alice; neph Wlm Simons; wife Anne exec; bro Rob W & his 3 child; Eliz & Wlm Wilse; Eliz Baker; land in Norton from Wlm Reed esq of Bromfield Castle, Hereford; overs: bros in law Jn Beard, Jn Riley, Wlm Hall & Wlm Reste

WINCHCOMBE, Thomas - Stanton, miller +

buried in Dumbleton; (list of about 20 neighbors with no apparent relation); bro Rich Peart & his 3 child; sists child Ann, Hugh & Jn Douglas; bro Wlm Pearts dtr Alice; exec Alice Cutter of Dumbleton Mills; overs: Wlm Sandvile of Wormington, bro Rich Peart of Parshon & Wlm Peart of Nether Guiting

WINSTON, William - Brockworth

dtr Kath; wife Joan exec; witns Eliz Whone & Kath Pirry

WINTELL, Richard - Minsterworth, yeo +

wife Eliz; Hester Nyblet; Margt, Eliz & Arnold Wyntell; uncle Jn W; son; bro Thos exec; overs: Wlm Hiet & Jn Nerry

WISE alias BOND, William - Cowley, broadweaver +

Mary dtr Wlm Lye; bro Jn B of Bisley; bro Rich B of Bathesford; sis Joane Griffin & her son Jms; Jasper Crowse; my father; wife exec; overs: Rich Partridge senr & jr of Canhill

WOOD alias ATWOOD, John - Woodchester, yeo

sons Thos, Wlm & Geo; grandtr Elnr, dtr of son in law Jn Staple; son Alex & his sons Wlm & Thos; son Rich & his son Jn; wife Elnr exec; overs: son Rich & Thos Browning senr

WORGAN, John, senr- Clearwell, Newland

son Edw & his child Rich, Margy & Eliz; son Jn; son Rich & his son Thos; Sibyl Ratenell; Edith M; dtr Eliz; wife Maud exec; son Wlm; land in Awre

WORSHAM, Robert - Whitminster, miller

child; wife Eliz exec; overs: friends Thos Playde esq & Wlm Smies

WYER, Alice - Upton, Hawkesbury, widow

dtr Joan (grandtr of N Toggill); Jn Corbut senr of Yate; Mrgy dtr Edm Wyer; Alex Prichard; Jn Pearce; Thos Alway; exec son Wlm W; overs: Wlm Neal & Thos Longden

WYMBOLL, George - Hawkesbury, carp

son Geo; wife Cath; overs: Art Wymboll & Edw Farr

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YATE, William - Weston under Edge

child Jn, Edmund, Eliz & Ann; wife Anne exec; overs: Jn Walford & friends Edw Ballard, Rich Coleman & Jn Dirram