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Abstracts from

WILLS 1615 - 1624

for Thornbury & Oldbury on Severn

Contact: Leslie Mahler

Complete Document can be seen on L.D.S. Film series #0091394 thru to #0091398 obtainable at your local L.D.S. Family History Library.

All known probate records in the Gloucester registry, for Thornbury and Oldbury.

Abbreviations should be fairly self explanatory.

Exec = executor, Overs = overseers. Jn = John, Geo = George, etc


CAPLE, William - Thornbury, gent (proved at Canterbury)

wife Eliz; godchildr Anthony & Mary childr of Geo Arundell, gent; godson Wlm son of Wlm Serch deceased; bro Mr Chris C of city of Gloucester; dtr Elnr exec; overs bro Mr Roger C, bro in law Mr Thos Morse & son in law Mr Geo Arundell [NB: added to list: 14 Sep 1998]

COKSEY, John - Thornbury, shoemaker

dtr Eliz; wife Cath exec; overs: Nich Hobbs & Jn Champney

MALYNE, Thomas - Eastwood, yeo

sons Jn & Jms; dtr Susan wife of Thos Barber; wifes grandson Thos Parker; son in law Jn Mabbet; svts Anne Hicks & Alice Mallot; exec wife Margt; overs: Mr Tyndale of Eastwood & Walter Webb of Elberton

MORTIMER, John - Morton, yeo

child Wlm, Francis & Johane; wife Johane exec; overs: bro in law Jn Searche

SKIDMORE, Elizabeth - Morlewood, singlewoman

Rich Jones; child of Geo Baker; Ellen wife of Jn Jhanes shoemaker, now wife of Thos Edwards; widow Merick; Edith & Alice Holbrook; Rich Phillips; Wlm & Mary child of Wlm Skidmore; child of Chris Carnock & Joyce dtr of my bro Rich S; Mary dtr of Thos Lawr ence; Thos Tawyer & his 3 child; Franc Tawyer; Dorothy Wyneard; Dorothy Stafford; Thos Wisse; Jn & Johan child of Peter Hawksworth; Ellen dtr of Edw White; sis in law Marie S; Susan Stonehouse; svt Joan Morris; bro Wlm S & his dtrs Eliz, Margt & Marie; Ellen Harold widow; Alison Lewis; wife of Wlm Crome; exec Jn Stafford; overs: Thos Mose & Wlm Rider

SMITH, Charity - Thornbury, widow

son in law Rich Greening - exec


BRIDGES, Henry - (Thornbury?), esquire

niece Francis B; dtr Dorothy Dennis; dtr Anne Wright; Eliz wife of Rich Jeffreys & their child Chas, Alice, Margt & Jane; grandtr Francis King; wife Alice; svt Jn Wisse; Stephen Risle; execs: Geo Huntley of Boxwell knt & nephew Giles Bridges

CLARKE, Margery - Morton

Mary & Joan, child of son in law Jn Howell; Margery, Alice & Wlm, child of Jn Searche; dtr Cath; Wlm son of Jn Howell; exec Jn Howell; overs: Jn Search & Wlm Stones

EARL, Christian - Oldbury, widow

son Jn Field; son Jn Earl; child Edith, Wlm, Alice & Margery; overs: Wlm Lawrence & Rich Thurner

EARL, William - Thornbury, husb

child Thos & Jane; Rob Linck of Rockhampton; Thos Mallett; wife Joan exec; overs: Wlm Linck of Charlton in Tetbury & Wlm Howell

HOWELL, William - Mortey, yeo

4 child of Jms Howell; 3 child of Jn Howell; wife Agn; son Edmund; son Jms H; son Jn exec; overs: Wlm Linck & Wlm Stones

JACKMAN, Richard - husb

sis Margt Thorne; dtr Eliz Chapman; Rich, Jn, Mary, Eliz & Peter Gawer; Agn Kinscot; Eliz Browning; Mary, Jane & Alice Cheapman; Alice Harris; Isabel Dychemar; Sara Holborow; Jn Dymock; wife Alice exec; overs: Jn Idolles & Rob Chapel

JOBBINS, John - Kington

wife Joane exec; overs: Rob Simmons & Wlm Nashe

STEPHENS, John - Mortoy, husb

goddtr Mary Goddinge; Ellen dtr of Jn White; dtr Eliz; wife Mary exec; overs: Mr Sprinte, Jn Baker & Wlm Lyncke


GODDING, John - Morton, Thornbury, husb

child Wlm & Mary; wife Ellen exec; overs: Wlm Mildmay & Wlm Crote

LEWIS, William - Thornbury

child Thos, Wlm, Nich, Joan, Ellen & Jn; exec son David

LINK, Joan - Oldbury

dtr Margt & her uncle Rich Whitfield; bro Rich Orchit of Littleton; bro Thos; sis Marie Champnies; son Rich exec; overs: Jn Martone of Elberton & Wlm Champneys

ORCHARD, John - Oldbury, husb

child Wlm & Alice; Rich son of Thos Beard; wife Alice exec; overs: Wlm Hall

TREHERNE, Thomas - Oldbury, fisherman

sons child Thos & Joan; svt Eliz; son Thos exec; overs: Thos Russell & Jn We


DUNSTER, Richard - Oldbury

sis Eliz D; sis Joan Jones; Wlm Symons; bro Chas Jones exec; overs: Henry Linck & Davy Lewis

EARL, Joane - R, widow

late husb Wlm E; son Rob Lynck & his dtr Judith; Edmund Skegge, Jn Rowels, Cicely Pullen, Kath Walker & Johan dtr Rob Skegge; Lucy Rowls; dtr Anne; execs son Thos & dtr Jane; overs: Wlm Howell & Nich Well

EDWARDS alias NOOTE, John - Oldbury, yeo

Thos & Jane Trehearn; Jn Howell; Thos Taylor; Thos Cowley; Alice Wood; Kath Davies; Catren Wallis; Joan Floner; Eliz Ayten; wife Eliz exec; overs: Wlm Howell & Thos Trehearn


BRIDGES, Richard - Susemore, husb

sons Wlm & Jn; dtr Joan Draper; wife Agnes exec

COOKE, Richard - Hope

son Rich; dtrs dtr Ellin; dtrs son Jn Cowley; wife Alice exec; overs: father in law Rich Warner & neighb Thos Barnes

JONES, Thomas -

son Thos & his wife Eliz; son Jn & his wife Ellen; son Wlm & his wife Eliz; dtr Isabel Whitfield; Humphrey & Thos Whitfield Jr; Ellen Thorner; Ellen, Eliz, Marg & Jone dtrs of Thos Jones; execs: son Jn & wife Jone


HILL, Richard - Thornbury, glover

wife Elnr; child Thos, Rich, Edith, Johan & Elnr; bro Thos H; overs: kinsm Jn Awored & Jn Wype

KING, John - Kington, yeo

dtrs Mary & Elnr; wife Edith exec; overs: Rob Alsop & Jn Adye

RUSSELL, Ralph - Rockhampton, yo

dtr Margery Bower; dtr Margt to marry Wlm Howelder; dtr Alice R; wife Agn exec; overs: Thos Mallett & Thos Gryning

TURNEE, John - Groven, husb

bro Jn T; sis Margery T; Henry son of Geo Weste; son Wlm T & his dtr Edith; wife Susan exec; overs: Rich Agrove & Wlm Payne

TYNDALE, Nicholas - Grovening, weaver

kinsman Thos Hewlings; sons in law Wlm & Jn Brigges; dtr in law Johan Drap & her child Wlm, Rich & Edw; wife Ann exec


CHOPP (or ALLEN?), Anthony - Oldbury

child Anthony, Agn, Thos & Margt; bro Henry Allen; wife Jane exec; overs: Wlm Champnis

COOKE, Thomas - Thornbury, shoemaker

bro in laws son Thos Hurne; wife Margt exec; overs: Jn Jones sen & Thos Thorne sen

GRIFFIN, Charles - Thornbury

wife Margt exec

PICHER, Richard - Thornbury

child Susan, Rich, Agn, Joan & Wlm; wife exec; overs: Rich Smith of Littleton & Wlm Boyce

SNOTTER, Elizabeth - Oldbury, widow

svt Briggett Weste; exec- dtrs dtr Margt Edwards; overs: Thos Russell & Thos Treherne sen


ADAMS, Anthony - Kinton, Thornbury, husb

2 sons named Wlm; dtrs Jane & Yedie; wife Yedie exec; overs Wlm Thurner of Morton & bro Phil A

BROOKE, Thomas - Kington, Thornbury, yeo

bur at Oldbury; childr Mary, Joan, Rich, Thos, Agn, Jn & Alice; wife Joan exec; overs Wlm Boyce & Rich Smith of Littleton

FRINDE, James - Buckover, Thornbury, yeo

poor of Morton & Faulfyld; Margt Mayo, widow; Jn & Jms sons of Peter Barnes; dtr Eliz Barnes; son in law Peter Barnes & his dtr Joan; son Jn exec; overs friends Wlm Tratman & Rich Colle of Buckover

HOBBES, John - Oldbury, Thornbury, husb

Rich Adams of Cowhill; Wlm Lawrence; Jn Marten; son Jms; dtr Margt; sis Joan Dimirie; wife exec; overs Edward Thurston & Jn W.

TAWYER, Thomas - Thornbury, gent

poor of Kington; Mr Sprinte, minister; dtr Elnr Smith & her childr Frederick Badminton & Hannah & Hester Smith; bond of Thos Smith; present wife Ann exec; overs Wlm Rider, Rich Atwells, Jn Parker & Jn Champneyes, gent & sons Francis & Ferdinando T


JONES, Richard - Oldbury (same as will found in 1626)

LAWRENCE, Ann - Sibland, Thornbury, gent

son Guy & his childr Wlm & Kath; son in law Francis Hathwaye & his dtr Jelian; kinswmn Ann dtr of Thos Patch of Morton; Ann dtr of Wlm Morton of Grovening; dtr Ann wife of Wlm Morton of Grovening; Thos Fortune of Sibland; execs dtr Julian & Margery L; overs son in law Thos Patch of Morton, son Guy L of Sibland, Wlm Fowler & kinsman Jn Tayer

SCAY, Thomas - Falfield, Thornbury

Jn & Sara childr of Wlm Ames & his wife Joan; exec Jn Scay