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Help and advice for Bishops of Durham

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Bishops of Durham

Dates Name
 955-1018 Aldhun
1020-1041 Eadmund
1041-104? Eadred
1042-1056 Aethelric
1056-1071 Aethelwin
1071-1080 Walcher
1081-1096 William of St Calais
1099-1128 Rannulph Flambard
1133-1140 Geoffrey Rufus
1143-1152 William of St Barbara
1153-1195 Hugh of Le Puiset
1197-1208 Philip of Poitou
1217-1225 Richard Marsh
1229-1237 Richard le Poor
1241-1248 Nicholas Farnham
1249-1260 Walter Kirkham
1260-1274 Robert Stichill
1274-1283 Robert of Holy Island
1284-1310 Antony Bek
1311-1316 Richard Kellaw
1318-1333 Lewis de Beaumont
133}-1345 Richard of Bury
1345-1381 Thomas Hatfield
1382-1388 John Fordham
1388-1406 Walter Skirlaw
1406-1437 Thomas Langley
1437-1457 Robert Neville
1457-1476 Laurence Booth
1476-1483 Wllliam Dudley
1484-1494 John Sherwood
1494-1501 Richard Fox
1502-1505 William Senhouse
1507-1508 Christopher Bainbridge
1509-1523 Thomas Ruthall
1523-1529 Thomas Wolsey
1530-1559 Cuthbert Tunstall
1561-1576 James Pilkington
1577-1587 Richard Barnes
1589-1595 Matthew Hutton
1595-1606 Tobias Matthew
1606-1617 William James
1617-1627 Richard Neile
1628 George Monteigne
1628-1632 John Howson
1632-1659 Thomas Morton
1660-1672 John Cosin
1674-1722 Nathaniel Crewe
1722-1730 William Talbot
1730-1750 Edward Chandler
1750-1752 Joseph Butler
1752-1771 Richard Trevor
1771-1787 John Egerton
1787-1791 Thomas Thurlow
1791-1826 The Hon. Shute Barrington
1826-1836 William Van Mildert
1836-1856 Edward Maltby
1856-1860 Charles Thomas Longley
1860-1861 The Hon. Henry Montague Villiers
1861-1879 Charles Baring
1879-1889 Joseph Barber Lightfoot
1890-1901 Brooke Foss Westcott
1901-1920 Handley Carr Glyn Moule
1920-1939 Herbert Hensley Henson
1939-1952 Alwyn Terre Petre Wllliams
1952-1956 Arthur Michael Ramsey
1956-1966 Maurice Henry Harland
1966-1972 Ian Thomas Ramsey
1973-1983 John Stapylton Habgood
1984-1994 David Edward Jenkins
1994- Anthony Michael Arnold Turnbull
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