Newcastle, All Saints


"ALL SAINTS CHURCH is situated on the brow of a steep bank, on the south side of Silver-street, at the foot of Pilgrim-street. It was erected on 1796, at a cost of £27,000, on the site of the former church of All Saints, which was erected previous to the year 1284, but the precise date is not known. It is an elliptical structure of 86 feet by 72, and in the Grecian Style of architecture, the spire having an elevation of 202 feet. This elegant edifice is constructed of freestone, and the pews are all formed of mahogany. ... The register commences in 1600." [From History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland, Whellan, 1855]




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  • The history of Byker and Heaton is included in:- Northumberland County History Committee, History of Northumberland, Volume 13. Newcastle, A. Reid, 1930. (Available on fiche from Ancestral Indexes).


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Military Records

Newcastle Upon Tyne All Saints Church
11 Aug 1921  John Holland,  Private 41346 West Yorkshire Regiment Prince of Wales Own,Transferred to  22nd Bn 19th Company Labour Corps, age 46 husband of Dora Holland of Newcastle [grave A.C. 342]
14 Aug 1918  George Spence,  Rifelman 568037 16th London Regt Queens Westminster Rifles [grave B.C. 675]
17 Aug 1917  W Wilson,  Sergeant 27/1401 D Company 27th (Tyneside Irish) Northumberland Fusiliers, age 31 son of Nicholas and Sarah Wilson, husband of Margaret Ann Wilson  Sandgate Newcastle  [grave C.U. 844]
22 Aug 1918  James Burlinson, Private 25/27 3rd Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 26 husband of Charlotte Burlinson of Newcastle [grave B.C. 229]
24 Aug 1916  James Edward Morgan, Private 22/1707 C Company 3/22 (Tyneside Irish) Northumberland Fusiliers, age 18 son of Mary and the Late John Morgan of  Gateshead [grave B.U. 95]
26 Aug 1919  J. E. Hall, L/Cpl 4/9727 10th Bn Durham Light Infantry age 37 husband of Sarah Hall of Shieldfield Newcastle [grave C. C. 366]
4 Sep 1917  George Gilbert, Senior Reserve Attendant M/9645 RN Auxilliary HMS Pembroke Sick Berth Reserve, age 51 son of George and Mary Lane Gilbert of Birmingham, husband of Ellen Johnstone (formerly Gilbert) of Scotswood Road Newcastle [grave J.C. 585]
10 Sep 1918  John Thompson Pearson, Air Mechanic 2nd Class  142620  11 Training Depot RAF, age 18 son of Thomas Bell and Annie Pearson of Heaton Newcastle [grave A.U. 392]
13 Sep 1920   David Jobe, Aircraftman 2nd Class 283845 RAF, age 29 son of William and Ann Jobe, husband of Mary Jobe of Newcastle on Tyne [grave A uncons 159]
20 Sep 1919   William Jones Private 23/1180 Northumberland Fusiliers (23rd Tyneside Scottish), age 40 son of William Jones [grave J.C. 657]
24 Sep 1915   William Young, Private S4/085070 Army Service Corps Cleaning Office, age 31 son of David and Mary Young, husband of Jane Young of Newcastle on Tyne [grave C.C. 126]
25 Sep 1918   William Gilroy, Private 642 Northumberland Fusiliers, age 36 son of the late William and Eleanor Gilroy of Shieldfield Newcstle [grave J.C. 309]
29 Sep 1918   John Corston, Private 39652 Depot Durham Light Infantry, transferd to 471 Home service Employment Corps, Labour Corps, age 33 son of Charles and Mary Jane Corston of Gateshead, husband of Annie Corston of Newcastle on Tyne [grave D.U. 389]
4 Oct 1919   Daniel Lynch, Private 22195 Northumberland Fusiliers, age 24 son of James Finlay and Mary Lynch of Newcastle [grave B.U. 1051]
5 Oct 1919   J Lockey, Private 24/445 Northumberland Fusiliers (24th Tyneside Irish) [grave D.U.663]
7 Oct 1919   Robert Jamieson Liddell, Private 5653 3rd Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 31 son of the late George and Frances Liddell, husband of Margaret Liddell of Newcastle [grave F.C.348]
11 Oct 1919    Frederick Thompson, Private 227544 360 Reserve Employment Coy. Labour Corps, age 36 son of William and Elizabeth Thompson, husband of Elizabeth Sarah Jane Thompson of newcastle [grave J.C. 605]
12 Oct 1920   George Grandison, Private 43414 West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales Own), age 37 husband of Isabella Grandison of Newcastle [grave B.C.691]
18 Oct 1914   W Gibson, Private 5651 2nd Bn Kings Own Scots Borderes, age 24 son of Thomas and the late Margaret Gibson of Shieldfield, husband of Annie Gibson of Newcastle [grave B.C. 1029]
29 Oct 1918   Joseph Willis Willis, Private 2736 B Squadron South Irish Horse transfered to (573185) 51 Coy Labour Corps, husband of Catherine Jane Willis of Shieldfield [grave A.C. 344]
31 Oct 1920   A. Celino, L/Cpl 93648 Northumberland Fusiliers Depot, age 20  son of John and Annie Celino of Newcastle [grave D.U. 326]
1 Nov 1918    Patrick Mullen,  Sapper WR/335596 Royal Engineers Inland Water Transportr, age 38 husband of Mary Mullen of Newcastle [grave C.U 852]
2 Nov 1917   Alfred Findlay Private 240250 Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 5th Bn, age 21 born Arbroath son of David and Betsy Findlay of Newcastle [grave C.U 900]
2 Nov 1918   A. Wright Private 60073 Northumberland Fusiliers 8th Bn, age 19 son of Mr and Mrs D. C. Wright of Newcastle [grave C.C 556]
2 Nov 1919   T. Reynolds, Private 22683 Kings Own Yorkshire light Infantry, age 27 husband of Elizabeth Reynolds of Newcastle [grave C.U 409]
3 Nov 1918   J.V.L. Connell Private 35369 Lincolnshire Regt 8th Bn transfered to ( 27742) Northern Command Labour Corps, age 21 son of James and Elizabeth Connell, husband of C Hughes (formerly Connell)  [grave B.U 744]
4 Nov 1917   G. Stewart, Private 31506 Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 17th Bn age 34 son of Rhowden and Margaret Stewart, husband of Grace Stewart of Newcastle [grave J.C 589]
4 Nov 1920   Joseph Russell Boyd, Sgt 750416 Royal Field Artillery C Btty 275 Brigade  [Military Medal} age 36 son of John George and the late Elizabeth Catharine Boyd, husband of Jane Ann Boyd of Newcastle [grave C.C 829]
5 Nov 1918   A. McG Gallon Gunner 187969 Royal Garrison Artillery, age 27 husband of Rebecca Davidson (formerly Gallon) of Shieldfield [grave F.C 185]
8 Nov 1916   Thomas McMulligan, Private 3618 Northumberland fusiliers 1/6th Bn, age 33 son of John and Mary McMulligan [grave C.U 533]
10 Nov 1917   T. Hills Private 33834 Northumberland Fusiliers 3rd Bn  [grave C.U294]
13 Nov 1914    J. E. Bianchi, Private 589 Northumberland Fusiliers, Depot, age 29 son of Isabella and the late John Edward Bianchi, husband of Mary Matilda Bianchi of Newcastle [grave C.C 767]
17 Nov 1919   T. Palmer, Private 55382 Royal Army Medical Corps, husband of A Palmer of Shieldfield [grave B.C 409]
18 Nov 1918   J. W. Hall, Private 19/1647 Northumberland Fusiliers Depot  [grave D.C 176]
20 Nov 1919   E. J Dunleavy,  Staff Sergeant 24834 3rd Bn Northumberland Fusiliers age 59 father of Miss C Dunleavy of Newcastle [grave C.U 579]
25 Nov 1918   Joseph Oliver Dixon, Bombardier 39652 Royal Garrison Artillery No 2 Depot, age 38 born Quarrington Hill Durham son of George and Julia Dixon, husband of Mary Isabella Dixon (nee Kay) of Heaton [grace J.C 635]
28 Nov 1915   John Christie,  Private M2/222981 Army Service Corps Mechanical Transport Reserve Depot (Grove Park), age 34 husband of Annie Christie of Jesmond  [grave J.C 282]
29 Nov 1918   Robert Allen, Leuitenant RN Volunteer Reserve HMS Actaeon, age 31 son of Thomas and Mary Jane Allen of Newcastle [grave E.U 35
15 August 1946  Bartholomew Bainbridge Jameson, Leading Aircraftman 1087523 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 35 son of Frederick and Janet Jameson, husband of Margaret Jameson of Newcastle [grave J Cons 709]
17 August 1947  John William Adamson, Leading Telegraphist C/JX161228 RN HMS Pembroke, age 24 son of Richard and Elizabeth Adamson of Newcastle, husband of Alice Adamson of Heaton [grave Sec J Cons 159]
23 August 1941  Russell Naylor, Sergeant 754349 502 Squadron RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 21 son of William Hindmarsh and Annie Naylor of Newcastle [grave M Cons 225]
2 September 1941   John Lang Boyle, Sergeant 2215726 584th Army Field Coy. Royal Engineers, age 34 son of Thomas and Mary Boyle husband of Hilda Boyle (nee Atkinson) of Shieldfield Newcastle [grave I uncons 362]
14 September 1944  Albert William Hood Watson, W/O 1109376 206 Squadron RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 35 son of Mark and Esther Isabella Watson of Jesmond [grave H Cons 269]
16 September 1946   Edmund William Grimmer, Gunner 1487045 5th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, age 17 son of William and Frances Grimmer of Shieldfield Newcastle  [grave M. Cons 818]
1 October 1941   Thomas Wardle Lynch, Private 13103785 Pioneer Corps [grave M cons 786]
8 October 1940   Sydney Chambers, Sergeant 759176 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 33 son of Frederick and Jane Chambers, husband of Elizabeth Chambers of Newcastle [grave M 353]
9 October 1944   Oswald Cuthbert Sweetman, Flying Officer 145171 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 27 son of William and Mary Elizabeth Sweetman, husband of Jessie Sweetman of Newcastle [grave E Uncons 191]
19 Oct 1944   Thomas Henry Miller, Captain 181401 Royal Engineers [grave M. 122]
26 Oct 1944   Augustine Vincent Giordano, Private 10666009 Royal Army Service Corps, age 22 son of Augustino and Matilda Giordano of Newcastle [grave C uncos 1170]
29 Oct 1946   Frederick Tait, Cpl 988308 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 30 son of George and Annie Tait of Newcastle  [grave M 429]  
1 Nov 1941   Thomas Stephenson, Ordinary Seaman LT/JX176 RN Patrol Service HMS Lynx, son of William and Mary Stephenson of Newcastle [grave M cons 226]
9 Nov 1943   Patrick O'Connor Trooper 4271839 Royal Army Corps, age 25 son of Patrick and Agnes O'Connor of Newcastle, husband of Doris O'Connor of Shieldfield [grave I Uncons 626]
11 Nov 1940   George Albert Thompson, Aircraftman 1st Class 980969 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 21 son of George Alfred and Charlotte Hannah Thompson of Tynemouth [grave J Cons 554]
27 Nov 1942   William Grieveson, Aircraftman Ist Class 866591 RAF Auxilliary AF, age 30 son of Andrew and Mary Grieveson, husband of Isabella Martin Grieveson of Shieldfield, [grave M cons 204]
1 Dec 1940   Charles Henry Armstrong,  Gunner 1616276 Royal Artillery 383 Btty (5th Bn The Lincolnshire Regiment) Searchlight Regiment, age 28 son of Robert and Catharine Armstrong, husband of Mary Theresa Armstrong of Newcastle [ grave A uncons 136]
11 Dec  1944   Peter Robinson,  Private 14867115 General Service Corps son of Mr and Mrs J E Robinson of Newcastle [grave I uncons 421]
Newcastle Byker and Heaton Cemetery (Newcastle All saints)
1 Aug 1916   George Benfield Hurst, Sapper 1209 1st Field Company Royal Engineers, age 19 son of Michael John and Alice Ann Hurst of Byker Newcastle [grave O.C. 63]
4 Aug 1915   Alexander Joseph Hearn, Private 1451 4th Bn Australian Infantry, son of Morris and Margaret Hearn of Canterbury, Sydney N.S.W. [grave xiv U. 173]
5 Aug 1919   Arthur Crickmay, Private 20776 Royal Army Medical Corps 9th Station Hospital, age 29 son of George Crickmay, husband of Emily Crickmay of  Byker [grave xxii U.166]
8 Aug 1920   George Carpenter, Private 8264 D Company 3rd Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 25 son of Bridget Ann and the late Joseph Carpenter, of Byker [grave P.C. 102]
9 Aug 1918   H. Egglestone, Private 8029 4th Bn Durham Light Infantry, age 39 husband of Jane Egglestone of Byker [grave xxii U. 246]
10 Aug 1918   W. Kelly, Private 100477 Durham Light Infantry, age 20 son of James and Annie Kelly of Heaton [grave xi U. 13]
10 Aug 1920   John Skinner, Sapper WR/291024 Railway Operating Division Royal Engineers, age 31 son of James and Ellen Skinner of Dorset, husband of Bessie Skinner of Byker [grave H.N.C. 54]
12 Aug 1919   Smith Bruce, Private 240911 5th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 40 husband of Mary Catherine Bruce of Byker [grave xxii U. 194]
13 Aug 1917   John Cocks Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class RN HMS President  [grave A.C. 42]
15 Aug 1921   John Edward Smith, Private 104607 Durham Light Infantry age 22 son of Mary E Smith and the late Henry Smith of Byker [ J.C. 355]
17 Aug 1921   Francis Aubin Gellender, Company Sgt/Major 16/923 9th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 33 son of John and Margaret Jane Gellender of Newcastle [grave xxii U.55]
18 Aug 1921   James Hartle, Private S/445658 Royal Army Service Corps, age 28 son of Walter Hartle of West Bromwich, husband of Frances Jane Hartle of  Newcastle [grave xxiii U. 509]
20 Aug 1918   N.H. Bateson, Boy 39829 3rd Bn Duke of Wellingtons West Riding Regiment, age 16 son of Mrs A E Bateson of Haxby York [grave xxii U. 445]
4 Sep 1919   Joseph Borthwick, Private 1645 16th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 27 son of the late John Clasper Borthwick [grave K.C. 379]
5 Sep 1914   William Donald McKenzie, Colour Sgt/Major 21/882 (23 Tyneside Scottish), Northumberland Fusiliers, age 37 husband of Ellen McKenzie of Walkergate Newcastle [grave xxii U.129]
6 Sep 1918  James Henry Smithers, Gunner RMA/13397 Royal Marine Artillery HMS President lll, age 20 nephew of Mrs M A Brown of Watford Herts. [grave xxii U. 115]
9 Sep 1916   W. Robinson, Private 26949 3rd Bn South Staffordshire Regiment,age 28 husband of Susannah C Robinson North Street Barrow on Humber Hull [grave viii U. 105]
10 Sep 1915   William Golightly, Private 3239 2nd/6th Bn Durham Light Infantry, age 22 son of John and Jane Golightly of Spennymoor, husband of Annie Brey (formerly Golightly) of Page Bank Co Durham [grave xivU. 43]
13 Sep 1918   Robert Bagnall Long, Private 65455 C Company 1st Bn Yorkshire Regiment, age 43 husband of Margaret Ann Long of Newcastle [grave M.C. 77]
14 Sep 1918 Mark Steel, Private 21/832 (21 Tyneside Scottish), Northumberland Fusiliers, age 30 son of William Steel of Heaton, husband of Mary Annie Steel of Hulme Manchester [grave vi U. 231]
21 Sep 1919   Alexander M Cuthbertson, Private 34775 A Coy 4th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 23, born Gateshead, son of Annie and the late James Cuthbertson of Byker [grave Xll U. 238]
24 Sep 1916   Stephen Horsley, Private16853 3rd Bn Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding Regiment), age 21 son of Frank and Elizabeth Horsley of Byker [grave D.C. 122]
29 Sep 1920   Herbert Wilfred Shaw, Private 301412 8th Bn Manchester Regiment, age 38 son of the late Robert and Isabella Shaw of Sunderland [grave H.C. 292]
9 Oct 1919    J R Barnes, Pioneer WR/20435 Road Construction Coy Royal Engineers, age 49 husband of E I Barnes of Heaton Newcastle [grave H.N.C. 151]
17 Oct 1918   James Young, Private 29674  8th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 34 son of James and Elizabeth Young of Tweedmouth, husband of Barbara Young of Byker [grave XXII U 82]
18 Oct 1919   I Moore, Private 40721 25th Bn Durham Light Infantry transfered to (L/Cpl 187471) Western Command Labour Centre Labour Corps  [grave l U 71]
22 Oct 1920   H Bowman, Private 5107 158 Protection Coy. Royal Defence Corps, age 67 husband of Mary Bowman of Byker [grave HNC 130]
23 Oct 1920   George Edward Victor Ross, Cpl 750111 1st Northumbrian Brigade Royal Field Artillery, age 51 husband of Sarah Elizabeth Ross of Byker [grave HNC 123]
24 Oct 1918   John Robert Daley, Air Mechanic 2nd Class No 10 Training Depot RAF, age 26 son of James and the late Ellen Daley husband of Lilian Lisle Daley of Newcastle [grave HNC 322]
28 Oct 1918   William Thomas Harrison, Sapper 457874 449 Field Coy Royal engineers, age 43 son of the late William Carr and Mary S Harrison, husband of Ann Harrison of Heaton [grave CC 331]
28 Oct 1919   Samuel Turner   Private 1047 Northumberland Fusiliers, age 39 son of the late James and Elizabeth Turner of Ludworth Co Durham husband of  Eliza Jane Turner  of Heaton [grave HNC 240]
3 Nov 1918   E. Chesser Private 8846 Royal Defense Corps 151 Coy, age 51 husband of Emily Chesser of Newcastle [grave F.C 279]
3 Nov 1919   Walter Fairley, Pioneer WR/210749 Royal Engineers Railway Operating Div. age 31 son of Walter and the late Lizzie Fairley of Whitley Bay [grave XII U 213]
7 Nov 1918   J.  Moore,  Driver 260746 Army Service Corps, age 21 son of Margaret and the late Joseph Moore of Byker [grave E.C. 214]
9 Nov 1918   A .J Bell, Private 73442  served as Armstrong
9 Nov 1918 Alfred James Armstrong Private 73442 Royal Defence Corps 466 Coy age 19 son of Mr and Mrs Armstrong of Heaton - Served as A J Bell [grave J.C 187]
10 Nov 1917   R. Black, Private 28/340 Northumberland Fusiliers 28 Bn age 40 son of Thomas and Mary Ann Black of Newcastle, husband of Elizabeth Black of Byker [grave IV U 195]
12 Nov 1919   William White,  Sapper 1446 Royal Engineers Durham Fortress Coy. age 27 born Newcastle,  son of John and Jane White of Kirk Yetholm Kelso [grave i U 354]
13 Nov 1919   Thomas Lightfoot Twizell,  Cpl 31188 16th Bn Yorkshire Regiment, Transfered to (13210) Labour Corps, age 32  son of Mary Ellen Turnbull of Byker [grave K.C 46]
18 Nov 1917   Frederick William Pond,  L/Cpl 20/118 D Coy. 10th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers, age 21 son of John Robert and Sarah Agnes Pond of Byker [grave xxii U 357]
17 Nov 1920   W. Wilkie,  Private 40771 25th Bn Durham Light Infantry Transfered to (195066) Labour Corps, age 41 husband of Ethel Wilkie of Byker [grave xxiii U 292]
21 Nov 1916   William Arthur Lock,  Private 32826 West Yorkshire regiment (Prince of Wales Own), age 31 son of William and Ann Lock of Boston Spa, husband of Margaret Greenshaw (formerly Lock)  [grave xiv U 252]
24 Nov 1918   Joseph Tough,  Gunner 69200 Royal Garrison Artillery No 4 Depot, age 25 son of David and Margaret Tough, of Holy Island Beal Northumberland [grave xii U 11]
25 Nov 1919   William Wallace,  Driver 112051 8th Btty. 13th Bgde. Royal Field Artillery, age 39  brother of Mrs P Duffus of Blairgowrie [grave xxiii U 218]
26 Nov 1918   Albert May,  Private 4383 8th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, age 36 husband of Dorothy May of Heaton [grave iv U 284]
29 Nov 1918   R. Guthrie,  Gunner 154817, Royal Garrison Artillery No 1 (Essex and Suffolk) Coy. [grave viii U. 25]
7 Dec 1916   W. H. Burke,  Private 6764 1/6th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers, son of F Burke of Heaton [grave xviii U 194]
10 Dec 1920   John Henry Ridley,  Private 19/1321 Z Coy 19th Bn  Northumberland Fusiliers, age 25 son of Robert W and Emily A Ridley [grave M.C 315]
11 Dec 1915   J. M Bailey, L/Cpl 1726 4th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers son of J. H. Bailey of Heaton [grave iv U 59]
1 Aug 1945   William Dixon, Leading Aircraftman 115037 5002 Airfield Construction Squadron RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 25 son of William and Eliza Dixon of Byker [grave A.N. 183]
9 Aug 1942   Edward Andrew Cameron, Cpl 3130450 Pioneer Corps, age 22 husband of Irene Howard Cameron of Byker [grave 20/375
15 Aug 1944   Arthur Hale, Sergeant 1672855 Navigator/Wireless Operator RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 21 son of Richard and Daisy Wallace Hale of Byker [grave 24/443
17 Aug 1940   Albert Edward Fearon, Sapper 4270436 10th Bn (The Kings (Liverpool) Regiment Royal Engineers,age 20 son of Christopher Stephenson and Alice Fearon of Byker [grave G. 251]
23 Aug 1946    John Ballantyne, Private 903045 Army Catering Corps, age 37 son of George and Margaret Ballantyne, husband of Lily Agnes Ballantyne of Walker [grave K.N. Cons. 318]
30 Aug 1944   John Thomas Campbell, Sergeant 102331 Pioneer Corps, age 41 son of John Thomas and Emily Campbell, husband of Evelyn Campbell of Heaton [grave I.N. Cons. 203]
31 Aug 1944   Peter Hamilton, Fusilier 14553971 25th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers, age 19 son of P and Jane Hamilton of St Anthonys Newcastle [grave 20/373]
2 Sep 1941   John Horwood, Fusilier 4276414 Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, age 21 son of Thomas and Sarah Ann Horwood of Byker [grave 20/438]
4 Sep 1943   John Whillis, Private D/39370 6th Bn Border Regiment [Served as WATTS], age 47 son of James Renton and Margaret Whillis of Newcastle [grace C 113]
10 Sep 1940   Smith Frederick Greenwell, L/Sgt 2036621 Royal Engineers, age 25 son of S.F and Mary Greenwell of Heaton [grave D 357]
10 Sep 1941   Alan Duthie, Leading Aircraftman 1089016 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 20 son of Andrew Robert and Mary Jane Duthie of Heaton [grave I.N. cons 334]
12 Sep 1942   Albert Edmund Hepple, Sergeant 754407 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 25 son of Joseph Edmund Tweedy and Ellen Hepple of Walkerville [grave I.N. Cons. 408]
15 Sep 1944   Charles William Elliott, Flight Sergeant 1104649 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 24 son of Charles Johnson and Hannah Elliott husband of Virginia May Elliott of Heaton [grave K.C. cons 229]
18 Sep 1946   Charles Henry Dobson, Driver T/4278974 Royal Army Service Corps, age 44 son of George and Esther Ann Edith Dobson, husband of Elizabeth Dobson of Byker [grave L cons 352 1/2]
19 Sep 1941   Henry Marr, L/Cpl 27518 10th Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers [grave G.N. 91]
19 Sep 1942   John Thomas Fairbairn, Stoker 2nd Class P/KX119404 RN, HMS Nelson, age 41 son of Robinson Wilson and Edith Moor Fairbairn husband of Annie Fairbairn of Byker [grave 20/441]
22 Sep 1943   William Dowling Sergeant 1562767 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 31 son of George and Rachel Dobson of Walkerville [grave 20/436]
28 Sep 1942   John Dixey, Fusilier D/12219 10th (H.D.)Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, age 60 son of Laura Dixey husband of Winifred Maud Dixey of Walker [buried Walker Christchurch] {Special Memorial]
3 Oct 1944   Joseph John Curry, sergeant 4388551 Green Howards Yorkshire Regiment, (attached to 14th Bn Durham Light Infantry, age 30 son of Percy Harold and Annie Lavinia Curry of Byker Newcastle [grave I. N. cons 157]
7 Oct 1941   Donald Fernie Campbell, Private 3064745 Royal Scots, age 34 son of Archibold [M.B., C.M.] and Frances Edna Campbell of Wooler Northumberland [grave 4/34]
8 Oct 1945   Florence Cross, L/Cpl W/161881 Auxiliary Territorial Service (attached to Royal Army Ordnance Cps), age 23 daughter of  John William and Rose Anna Brierly of Newcastle, wife of Albert William Cusack Cross of Byker Newcastle [grave 168A]
19 Oct 1940   John B Long, Sick Berth Attendant C/SBR/X7491 Royal Navy HMS Pembroke, age 23 son of John Bagnell and Annie Long of Byker [grave B 3]
19 Oct 1941   Robert Winship, Chief Motor Mechanic P/MX 79166 Royal Navy HMS Europa, age 25 son of Thomas and Rose Ann Winship of Heaton [grave 20/377]
22 Oct 1940    Robert Alexander Winter, L/Cpl S/103689 Royal Army Service Corps, age 44 son of Robert and Susan Reid Winter of Walker, husband of Gladys Lilian Winter   Buried at Christ Church Walker [grave Special Memorial]
23 Oct 1942   Isaac Atkinson Sapper 2058453 58 Chemical Warfare Coy. Royal Engineers, age 22 son of Mary Atkinson of Newcastle [grave 20/302]
24 Oct 1941   James Laidler Able seaman C/JX 249805  Royal Navy HMS President III, age 29 son of George Ralph and Alice Laidler of Newcastle, husband of Doris Laidler of Edmonton Middlesex [grave A.N. 146]
25 Oct 1943   Alfred George Bailes, Signalman 2363470 1st L of C Signals Royal Corps of Signals, age 21 son of Lilian Bailes, husband of Margaret Coulson Bailes of Newcastle [grave 20/376]
26 Oct 1940   James Forbes Sapper 2091229 506 Field Coy. Royal Engineers age 36 son of Andrew and Mary Bridget Forbes of Newcastle husband of Barbara Forbes of Byker [grave 12/191]
27 Oct 1945   Charles Albert Rhodes, Marine CH/13759 Royal Marine, age 58 son of Horatio and Mary Ann Rhodes, husband of Sarah Lilian Rhodes of Oxwich, Glamorgan [grave 20/317]
29 Oct 1943   Thomas Arthur Watson, Private 4620232 7th Bn Duke of Wellingtons (West Riding Regiment) age 27  son of Thomas and Amy Agnes Watson (nee Clarke) [grave 7/159]
30 Oct 1939   Edward Grant , Aircraftman Ist Class 531937 RAF Volunteer Reserve 9 squadron, age 23 son of James and Annie Grant of Newcastle [grave 23 uncons 141]
31 Oct 1944   Septimus Mark Best, Sergeant 1595801 RAF Volunteer Reserve, age 20 son of Mark and Beatrice Ann Best of Wallsend [grave l N cons 235]
6 Nov 1946   Tyson Calvin, Fusilier 4263830 Royal Northumberland Fusiliers 2nd Bn, age 42 son of James and Rose Ann Calvin, husband of Hannah Rosemary Calvin of Walker [grave Spec memorial see also Walker Christchurch]
7 Nov 1942   John Richardson, Sgt 521595 RAF 83 Squadron, age 28 son of John George and Isabella Richardson of Newcastle [grave IN uncons 281]
8 Nov 1939   Rex Mitchell, Sgt 580183 RAF 220 Squadron, age 24 son of Charles and Margaret Mitchell of Newcastle [grave 26/370]
12 Nov 1947   Matthew Balmain,  Private 14297951 Royal Pioneer Corps, age 42 husband of Alice Balmain of Walker [grave 26/442]
14 Nov 1940   Robert William Dowson,  Fusilier 4271189 Royal Northumberland Fusiliers served as McDonough [grave 6/250
14 Nov 1940  Robert William McDonough,  Fusilier 4271189 - see Dowson
18 Nov 1940   Allan Crozier,  Private 3191906 6th Bn Kings own Scottish Borderers, age 22 son of Peter Ross and Jane A Crozier of Byker [grave I.N. cons 131]
18 Nov 1940   Selby Douglas Reed,  Private 3191809 6th Bn Kings Own Scots Borderers, age 21 son of Selby Douglas and Meggie Reed of Byker [grave 2/48]
19 Nov 1945   John William Render,  Stoker 1st Class D/KX119670 Royal Navy, age 29 son of William James and Mary Jane Render, husband of Agnes Brydon Render of Byker [grave 26 uncons 89]
20 Nov 1945   Ivan Stephenson,  Master Merchant Navy SS Empire Welfare (Sunderland), age 35 son of Thomas and Barbara Anne Stephenson, husband of Elsie Stephenson of Newcastle [grave I.N cons 414]
22 Nov 1943   William Guthrie Thomson,  Sergeant 1680443 RAF Volunteer Reserve 77 Squadron, age 19  son of Frederick and Edith Thomson of Heaton [grave 20/379]
27 Nov 1940   William Simpson,  Leading Stoker P/X60784 RN. HMS Gladiolus, age 40 husband of Annie Simpson (also served 1914-1918 war) [grave I.N cons 89]
2 Dec 1945    John Soulsby Gilroy,  Sapper 14606818 Royal Engineers, age 37 son of John Soulsby and Mary Elizabeth Gilroy, husband of Isabella Gilroy of Newcastle [grave J.N 405]
5 Dec 1945   Robert Green,  P/O C/JX249001 RN HMS President lll, age 29 son of Robert and isabella Green of Heaton [grave 20/434]
6 Dec 1945   George Albert Herring,  Gunner 4264990 Royal Artillery 4 Field regiment, age 39 son of George Alfred and Margaret Ann Herring, husband of Florence Herring of Walkergate [grave 31/58]
7 Dec 1940   Percy Bellis,  Seaman C/X 18690A RN Reserve HMS Pembroke, age 34 son of James and Jennie Bellis, husband of Mabel Bellis of Byker [grave N cons 216]
10 Dec 1945   Ole Jacob Fritz Fugloy,  Fireman Merchant Navy SS Dago ll (London)  [grave 20/381]