Norfolk: Trowse Newton


Hunt's Directory of East Norfolk with Part of Suffolk, 1850

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TROWSE-with-NEWTON, a village having a Railway Station, 1 mile S.E. of Norwich. The parish comprises 1252 acres, and contained, in 1841, 562 inhabitants; its present residents are:-

         Aldis     Jonathan            shoemaker
         Beloe     James               basket & sieve makr.
         Bolton    George              shoemaker
         Bullard   Thomas              grocery dealer
         Carter    Rev. George         (vicar)
         Chasteney Miss Eliza
         Coleman   Robert              beer retailer
         Cooper    James               gardener
         Daniels   Robert              blacksmith
         Day       Frederick           grocery dealer
         Denny     Thomas              pork butcher
         Dent      Elizabeth Ann       Infant school
         Drew      Charles             dish turner
         Finch     John                wheelwright
         Goose     Joseph              lime burner
         Goose     Robert              'Carpenter's Arms'
         Gowen     Thomas              coal dealer
         Grief     Hamlet              parish clerk
         Grief     Jonathan            pork butcher
         Hall      George              'White Horse' (and joiner)
         Harris    William             'Angel'
         Jarvis    Richard             'Drovers'
         Johnson   Danl.               carpenter & sawyer
         King      Philip              'Lime Kiln' (and wheeler)
         Le Grys
           and Co.                     carpenters and timber yard
         Martin    John                cowkeeper
         Money     Captain Philip John
         Money     General Archibald   Crown Point
         Newson    Samuel              grocery dealer and baker
         Park      Ann                 National school
         Plant     Jas.                registrar & tax collector
         Proudfoot Wm. B.              baker & grocery dealer
         Read      Thos. Wm. & Co.     millers and merchants
         Thetford  William             butcher
         Thurlow   John                grocery dealer
         Turner    Robert              hair dresser
         Wells     Mr. Henry
         Wilson    Mr. Thomas
         Wortley   John                'White House' (ferry)
         Youngs    Wm. Francis         butcher
         Alborough Thomas
         Buttle    William             (and cowkeeper)
         Gowing    George
         Jecks     Isaac
         Plant     James
         Turner    John

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