Norfolk Reciprocal Research or Reciprocal Lookups


Reciprocal Research allows people who can do research in one location, to offer to do so in exchange for research somewhere else. The research can range from simple lookups to something more extensive. This list is to put into contact people who are able to do research in Norfolk, with people who need research in Norfolk, but who are unable to do the research themselves - instead, they will do reciprocal research in the place in which they are living.

If you wish to contact someone on the list, please send a short mail message outlining the research you need, and asking what you can do in return. When you both agree that reciprocal research can go ahead, and the time that should initially be spent (for example 2 hours), you can send more details.

It is intended that no charge is made for any work, except for such things as photocopying, unless this is agreed in advance.

There is also a list of volunteers who will help with Lookups and Simple Queries.

Everyone is welcome to join the list. The only requirements are that one of the locations must be in Norfolk, and that you must have email access. You do not have to be a member of the list in order to contact someone on it, but the more people who join, the greater the chance of finding someone offering to do research in the location you want. Please contact me if you wish to join.

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October 2005


When you contact a researcher, please say that you found his or her name in the Genuki Norfolk Reciprocal Research Page


Research OFFERED in Norfolk

Researcher's Name   Location Offered   Location Needed
Paddy Apling (E.C.Apling[at]btinternet[dot]com)   Norfolk, UK   Cambridgeshire, Devon, Dorset, Lincolnshire and Somerset, UK
Graham Crummett (graham[at]crummett.freeserve.co[dot]uk)  Norfolk, UK   Sussex, UK
Keith Johnson (johnson[at]paston.co[dot]uk)  Norfolk, UK   Suffolk, UK


Research NEEDED in Norfolk

Researcher's Name   Location Offered   Location Needed
Julie Beadle (wait.productions[at]xtra.co[dot]nz)  New Zealand   Norfolk, UK
Marcy Gilding Billings (mabillings[at]cox[dot]net)  UK and USA records available at LDS and NARA Centres   Norfolk, UK
Neil Bloy (nbpmb[at]iafrica[dot]com)  Natal, South Africa   Norfolk, UK
Nigel Cook (diverse[at]tcp.co[dot]uk)  Hampshire Record Office or Southampton Archives   Norfolk, UK
Detta Dickinson (hd3[at]york.ac[dot]uk)  Yorkshire (and other northern counties available at the Borthwick Institute), UK   Norfolk, UK
Richard Dixon (RiPd[at]bigpond[dot]com)  Australia   Great Yarmouth - Lowestoft area, (Norfolk, Suffolk) UK
Terry Dowinton (trymads[at]guernsey[dot]net)  Guernsey (and some Jersey census), Channel Islands   Norfolk, UK
Jill Forster (ronforster[at]s054.aone.net[dot]au)   Australia, especially N.S.W.   Norfolk (Great Yarmouth area), UK
Hazel Fuller (hazel[at]fuller1972.freeserve.co[dot]uk)   South Devon (Totnes area), UK  Norfolk, UK
Kathy Grant (grantaka[at]optusnet.com[dot]au)   Australia, especially Queensland.  Norfolk, UK
Helena Hayden (hthayden[at]att[dot]net)   New Hampshire, USA   Norfolk, UK
Les Hewett (ljhewett[at]ihug.co[dot]nz)   New Zealand   Norfolk, UK
William Higgins (higginsw[at]ica[dot]net)   Ontario, Canada (Ontario Censuses 1871-1901 and Ontario BMDs 1870-1920)   Norfolk, UK
Mark Howells (markhow[at]oz[dot]net)   Washington State, USA   Norfolk, UK
Ron Kerrison (ron[at]ronker47.freeserve.co[dot]uk)   Cleveland, UK   Norfolk, UK
Caroline Kesseler (caroline.kesseler[at]ntlworld[dot]com)  Huntingdonshire area, UK   Norfolk, UK
Lisa Lipman (lisamlipman[at]hotmail[dot]com)   Norway, Scandinavia   Norfolk, UK
Stuart Marshall (stuart.marshall[at]tesco[dot]net)   Bedfordshire Archives, UK   Norfolk, UK
Alan McGee (alan.mcg[at]bigpond.net[dot]au)   Australia, in particular Tasmania   Norfolk, UK
Lucy Nuttall (pnuttall[at]ballaratsc.vic.edu[dot]au)   Australia, especially Victoria   Norfolk, UK
Stephen Osborne (72046.410[at]compuserve[dot]com)   Hampshire Records Office   Norfolk, UK
Valerie Pardoe (vpardoe[at]lineone[dot]net)   East Sussex Record Office, and the General Record Office at Myddleton Street, London, UK   Norfolk, UK
John Pemberton (johnpemberton[at]compuserve[dot]com)   Cheshire or Shropshire, UK   Norfolk, UK
Kim Semmence (semmence[at]semmence.karoo.co[dot]uk)   Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire  Norfolk, UK
Anne Standing (stand.fam[at]xtra.co[dot]nz)   New Zealand   Norfolk, UK
Janet Summers (JSumm93338[at]aol[dot]com)   Birmingham Central Reference Library (the old county of Warwickshire and surrounding areas), UK   Norfolk, UK