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Help and advice for Angersleigh Marriages 1693-1892

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Angersleigh Marriages 1693-1892

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22 Jun 1693
Richard West Pitminster
Susanna Smith otp
4 Feb 1694
Hugo Sidenham
Silfia Butstone West Buckland
3 Feb 1695
Julielmus Stocker Pitminster
Maria Westcombe otp
25 Apr 1695
Johannes Bindon Tsm
Elizabeth Clitsome at Otterford?
2 Jun 1696
Julielmus Thomas both otp
26 May 1697
Johannes Wiatt
Prudentia Welman
20 Jun 1697
Willielmus Proctor
Joan Cox Wilton
29 Jul 1697
Johanes Pomry Buckland
Maria Follett
17 Sep 1697
Thomas Morren Tsm
Gratia Perry ?msurname
24 Jun 1698
Johannes Warr Liddeard Bishopi
Gratia Mutter West Monkton
25 Aug 1698
Gulielmus Old
Maria Jones
24 Nov 1698
Samuel Reed sergemaker
Martha Dickes Wilton
2 Apr 1700
Thomas Perris @ Honton Pitminster
Elizabeth David Willton
20 May 1700
Henericus Gullye sergemaker, Wilton
Hanna Strange Wilton
4 Jul 1700
John Clode Hemiock
Joane Stamp Clayhaydon
6 Dec 1700
Roger Caswell husbandman, Trull
Ann Stevens otp
2 Feb 1701
William Aplin both of Pitminster
Jone Brake
17 Feb 1701
John Totton Wilton
Mary Gibbs Tsm
21 Mar 1701
Lancelot Gale Wilscombe
Joane Lawrence
9 Jun 1701
Robert Tone Wilton
Joan Davis Tsm
7 Jul 1701
Zacharye Trott St Mary Oterye DEV
Dorothe Kilway lately otp
15 Nov 1701
John Bryant Weelm[Willand?] DEV
Thomasin Ley West Buckland
3 Dec 1701
James Hearn miller, Otterford
Mary Burton Buckland St Mary
9 Jan 1702
Thomas Pudding Combe Rawely DEV
Hannah Broome Seventon
29 Jan 1702
John Hews Trull
Joan Weste West Buckland ?fsurname
6 Apr 1702
John Culverwell Bishops Hull
Hannah Hallat Wilton
17 May 1702
John Mockreeg @ Burman both of Pitminster
Catharine Mountstephen
1 Jul 1702
Joseph Withers Tolland
Grace Cornish Fitzheade
4 Jul 1702
Robert Barrell
Cressett Pill Wilton
31 Aug 1702
Edward Ridge Sheldon
Elizabeth Buncombe Wilton
6 Sep 1702
Edward Rotherton both of Wilton
Mary Fouracre
16 Nov 1702
Daniel Higgens Wilton
Hannah Crocker Bishops Hull
23 Nov 1702
Edward Poles both of Bishops Lydiard
Joan Tucker
29 Mar 1703
John Blackmore
Ann Hembury
27 May 1703
Joseph Foxwell Otterford
Hester Sparke Churchstanton
29 Aug 1703
Roger Commons Wilton
Joan Camplin Hill Bishops
29 Oct 1703
John Baker Tsm
Anne Webber North Petherton
9 Jun 1704
John Adams both of Bishops Lydeard
Anne Green
11 Jun 1704
Thomas Barber Exeter St Thomas DEV
Catharine Stephens West Buckland
13 May 1705
John Bab Pitminster
Bridget Baker otp
14 Feb 1706
Anthony Ellesdon Charmouth DEV
Ann Gale Bishops Hull lic
22 Mar 1708
William Buncombe Trull
Mary Wellman Pitminster lic
30 May 1710
Richard Hurley Pitminster
Sarah White otp
4 Mar 1711
William Hunt otp
Joan Richards
30 Jun 1720
Thomas Minifie Tsm lic
Joan Towils
15 Apr 1723
Malachy Herring otp
Ann Shadick Pitminster
9 Nov 1725
William Edwards Westhatch
Catharine Southwood otp lic
27 Sep 1726
Farnham Haskell Dinhead WIL
Hanah Welman Pitminster lic
6 Nov 1727
Clement Brown Pitminster
Elizabeth Bond otp
7 Jul 1731
Noah Flood of Wichtaunton lic
Elizabeth Knot
22 May 1732
Richard Blake Mr
Mary Buncomb Mrs
20 Apr 1738
Joseph Case
Mary Poyntington
-- --- 1741
Thomas Warren married at Wilton ?year
Mary Marks
15 Dec 1741
John Turel
Grace Culverwel
7 Jun 1744
Samuel Aplin ?fsurname
Ann Cridla
31 Oct 1759
Thomas Woodrow both otp
Betty Elsen
23 Jun 1760
John Mark Pitminster
Elizabeth Blake otp lic
31 Jun 1760
Shadrach Blackmore otp
Mary Snook otp widow
7 Apr 1762
Richard Davy Trull
Betty Pym otp lic
9 Aug 1763
William Goodland Pitminster
Betty Hill otp lic
1 Jun 1772
Henry Hill otp widower
Mary Toler otp
29 Sep 1772
Thomas Oaten both otp
Sarah Pursey
24 Oct 1780
Jonathan Hariman Tsm
Margaret Hurwood otp lic
2 May 1782
James Morrish Cothelston
Mary Mattock otp
4 Mar 1784
James Colman Pitminster
Susanna Mattock otp lic
19 Oct 1790
John Blackmore both otp
Ann Taylor
18 Dec 1792
John Jennings both otp
Elizabeth Blackmore
9 Apr 1793
William Gollup both otp
Hannah Culverwell
21 Apr 1794
Samuel Salter both otp
Joney Toler
8 Mar 1796
Thomas Snook both otp
Mary Binding
1 Apr 1798
James Coles otp lab
Liz Hokes otp
20 Aug 1798
Robert Webber parish of O..ll.e
Elizabeth Mills otp
26 May 1799
Thomas Fouracre Trull
Charlotte Hill otp
4 Mar 1801
William Jennings Trull
Mary Marks otp widow lic
26 May 1801
William Bond Pitminster
Hannah Phipps otp
6 Apr 1802
John Griffin Trull
Betty Bennet otp
29 Aug 1803
David Shaddlen indweller
Jane Pring otp, ?msurname
6 Nov 1806
James Halse both otp
Mary Berre
27 Feb 1809
James Harris both otp
Hannah Pring
25 Mar 1810
John Hutchings Trull lab
Mary Bennett otp
19 Oct 1812
Abraham Pyke both otp
Mary Davis
13 Nov 1812
William Bryant otp lab
Mary Marshall otp
16 Feb 1814
John Salter Pitminster lab
Susannah Tatcher otp
21 Jul 1814
William Pring West Buckland
Mary Anne Marke otp
26 Oct 1815
William Linham both otp ?msurname
Mary Membery
31 Dec 1816
Isaac Pursey Pitminster
Mary Bryant otp widow
8 Dec 1818
William Gollop both otp
Elizabeth Hallett
29 Mar 1819
William Hayes otp labourer
Sarah Spark otp
8 May 1820
Thomas Willey Norton
Mary Mullings otp
9 Jun 1821
Simon Blackmore both otp
Mary Ann Biffin
13 Dec 1821
Bedel Stanford Wilton & Cavan IRL
Elizabeth Christian Gale otp lic
6 Nov 1827
David Crocombe Wilton
Maria Fouracre otp
16 Jul 1835
John Marshall Upottery DEV
Elizabeth Hartnell otp
5 Oct 1835
Richard Nation Bradford
Susannah Griffin otp lic
7 Apr 1836
John Moore Pitminster
Ann Board otp
16 May 1842
James Wyatt 28 s William
Anne Dere? 24 d John
7 Nov 1842
John Blackmore 34 butcher s John
Charlotte Anne Fouracre 24 d Thomas
12 Jan 1843
George Dinning 23 dairyman s George
Elizabeth Eveleigh 25 d John
19 Mar 1843
William Hawler? 42 lab s John
Mary Dimon 40 wid d John Jennings
28 Mar 1843
Charles Winter 28 lab s John
Harriet Pursey 20 d Thomas
28 Jan 1850
James Redwood Morgan 25 servant s James
Elizabeth Andrews 21 d Richard
28 Jan 1850
Eli Pendel 27 servant s John
Charlotte Redwood Morgan 30 d James
10 Jun 1851
Henry Bishop farmer s William
Louisa Hine d Richard
10 Sep 1855
Charles Babb 28 servant s James
Elizabeth Sarah Page 20 d John
3 Dec 1856
Charles Chaplin b servant s Joseph
Caroline Marley servant d John
29 Dec 1857
Charles James Trott 23 lab s James, Creech St Michael
Sarah Coles 20 d John
10 Mar 1864
Henry Snell 26 farmer s James, Pitminster
Elizabeth Bishop 26 d William
26 Mar 1867
Edward Bright farmer s John, Pitminster
Jemima Bishop d William
26 Mar 1867
Francis Stock farmer s Francis, Halse
Ann Bishop d William
20 May 1867
William Bishop farmer s William
Jemima Stock d Francis, West Buckland
14 Mar 1872
Walter Dyer baker s Henry, Pitminster
Emma Marke d John
22 Jun 1875
James Bradbeer labourer s James
Elizabeth Connit d John
7 May 1878
Joseph John Croze 33 s Joseph, Bridgwater
Sarah Clarke 29 d Samuel
21 --- 1887
Henry Hellier 26 fireman s Henry+, Bala
Clare Coles 28 d James
28 Aug 1888
William Ayre 24 gardener s Frederick
Annie Thomas 24 d James, Pitminster
25 Dec 1888
James Charles Benton 27 mason s Charles, Milverton
Mary Jane Dimond 25 d Joseph
26 Dec 1888
James William Giles 27 gamekeeper s James
Elizabeth May 25 d John, Kingsdon
14 Aug 1889
Frank Henry Gardiner 27 s Robert deceased
Ellen Davis 27 d William
26 May 1890
George Richard Westcott 28 s Richard, Alphington
Kate Salter 25, illegitimate
17 Jun 1890
James Sweet s John
Ellen Mary Jennings d Edward John deceased, Howleigh
29 Aug 1890
George Chapple s Silas
Rosina Mary Small 31 d John, Howleigh
9 May 1892
Albert R* s John, Taunton?
Harriett Hill 25 d William

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