Bromley Hurst Hearth Tax 1666



The Hearth Tax or chimney-money was a payment to the king of 2s. on every hearth " in all houses paying to church and poor," first levied in 1662. It was repealed in 1689, although it was producing £170,000 a year, on account of its unpopularity, the tax being especially obnoxious because of its inquisitorial 

Bromley hurst Constablewicke. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr Christopher Smyth    Seaven, 

Richard Dickenson,    Two, 

John Pye  One 

Robert Wood Two 

John Groome  One 

Henry Alport  Two 

Edward Hary  Two 

William Alport Two 

Thomas Coxe One 

John Gray Three 

Edward Snape One 

Thomas Cooke One 

Richard Whistons One 

Robert Jackson Two 

Francis Browne One 

Richard Withering One 

Eliz. Ouldacre One 

Christopher Barnes One 

Walter Cottam One 

Jacob Jackson Two 

Thomas Aldridge One 

Michaell Whiston One 

Widdow Browne One 

Lewis Sexelbee One 

Walter Robotham Foure 

Humfrey Blake One 

Ralph Whilton One 

Widdow Tunnycliffe One 

Thomas Milner One 

William Phillipps, Senior    One 

Robert Walkelate  Three 

George Wilcox One 

William Welles, gentleman   One 

William Johnson One 

Thomas Turner One 

Widdow Conway One 

Richard Corradine Two 

John Sexelbee One 

Thomas Standley One 

Anne Phillippes, vidua One 

Thomas Whiston One 

William Phillippes, Junior One 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable according to the Acte as aforesaid, (vizt.). 

Ralph Jackson                    Widdow Elsmore 

William Blakeman               Eliz. Ensor 

Thomas Pakeman              Edward Addams 

John Ensor                         Thomas Barnes 

Edward Harvey, Webster   Henry Harvey 

Widdow Blockley              William Baggaley 

Widdow Pixley                  Francis Aldridge 


By Nathaniell Mott,       Minister. 

Thomas Morris and Robert Jackson, Churchwardens. 

Allowed by : Ed. Bagot and Wal Chetwynd Justices of the Peace 

      per me : Tho. Aldridge       Constable