Betley Hearth Tax 1666



The Hearth Tax or chimney-money was a payment to the king of 2s. on every hearth " in all houses paying to church and poor," first levied in 1662. It was repealed in 1689, although it was producing £170,000 a year, on account of its unpopularity, the tax being especially obnoxious because of its inquisitorial 


Bettley Constablewicke. Hearthes Chargeable. 


Randle Egerton, Esquire Sixe 

Mrs. Elizabeth Egerton Five 

Robert Cooper Five 

John Hardinge Foure 

Stephen Lea Two 

George Salte Two 

Thomas Corne Three 

Richard Lowe One 

William Noden, Senior One 

Richard Gorton One 

Richard Serjeant One 

Thomas Jenninges One 

Thomas Whittingam Foure 

John Lawton Three 

William Palmer One 

Widdow Hough Two 

John Baddaley One 

Ralph Saxton, Senior Foure 

Ralph Saxton, Junior Two 

William Fynney One 

William Vnwyn Two 

Mr. Thomas Beverley Two 

John Snape One 

William Corne Two 

Thomas Morton One 

William Brittayne Foure 

Widdow Latham Two 

Ralph Noden Two 

Robert Vnwyn One 

John Hanley One 

Richard Agland One 

Ralph Bloore One 

Edward Corne One 

Ralph Stubbes One 

Ottiwell Tymmins One 

John Sandes Two 

Robert Latham Three 

Richard Eare One 

William Knight One 

John Knight One 

John Wilkinson One 

Richard Browne One 

Widdow Corne Two 

Randle Greene One 

George Bate Two 

Henry Viggers One 

John Butterton One 

Robert Latham Two 

Richard Beestons Two 

Roger Boulton One 

Widdow Moore One 

Henry Shingleton One 

Robert Sanders One 

Thomas Cornes Two 

Widdow Noden Two 

John Tompkin Two 

Thomas Whittacres One 

George Bate Two 

William Noden One 

Edward Gorstlowe One 

Hugh Corne Three 

Owyn Ellis One 

Richard Greenewood Two 

Thomas Serjeant Two 

Mr. William Puttland One 

                                                   Total  118 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Joseph Corne                                 Robert Agland 

Jane Hemes, vidua                        Thomas Towton 

John Serjeant                                John Baddaley 

Ellen Bitterton                                Thomas Lome 

Eliz. Yonge, vidua                          Thomas Corne 

John Minshaw                                Christ. Baxter 

John Hartes                                   Ralph Corne 

William Stirropp                             William Twamlow 

Nathaniell Bloore                           Henry Smith 

William Burchall                            Widdow Corke 

John Davyes                                 Richard Eare 

Robert Fleycher                            William Jolley 

William Corke                               Richard Browne 

John Knight                                  Mary Whittacres 

Thomas Hanley                            Randle Price 

Robert Bromly                              William Cornes 

Anne Greene 


By William Catlyn,                      Minister. 

Robert Vnwyn and Rich. Agland         Churchwardens. 

William Fynney,           Ouerseer. 

Allowed by : 

E. Mainwaring and George Parker     Justices of the peace. 

By Roger Whittacres,  John Lawton        Constables