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Help and advice for Staffordshire Inns, Taverns & Public Houses 1818 -

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Staffordshire Inns, Taverns & Public Houses 1818 -

Extracted from Parsons & Bradshaw Staffordshire General & Commercial Directory, 1818 Part 3 by Helen Verrall


Acorn - J Beckett, Bridge Street
Anchor - Jacob Brereton, Dark Lane
Angel - Jas. Rowen, Hall Fold
Balloon - B. Willetts, High Street
Barley Mow - William Wilkes, Mill Lane
Big Coal - Phoebe Thompson, Pinfold Street
Bird-in-Hand (Old) - E. Fawzbrook, High Street
Bird-in-Hand - William Grayer, High Street
Black Horse - Ezekiel Morris, High Street
Black Swan - J. Hill, Swan Bank
Blue Boar- Thomas Cockeyne, Newtown
Boat - J. Tompkinson, Hampton Street
Bricklayers' Arms - J. Shayshut, Wood Street
Brown Lion - Esther Brown, Newtown
Bull's Head - W. Smith, Church Street
Bush - T. Cooper, Lichfield Street
Bush (Old) - J. Hickman, Hampton Street
Bush ( Holly) - Jno. Hopkins, High Street
Cape of Good Hope - J. Jenks, Hampton Street
Castle - J. Chamberlain, Church Street
Cock - Stephen Hill, Cold Lane
Cock- W. Tomkys, Church Street
Coopers' Arms - Robt. Haynes, Church Street
Crown ( Old) - S. Mayberry, Crown Street
Crown & Anchor- T. Hall, Coseley Row
Fox - M. Reynolds, Church Street
George Inn - J. Jones, Stafford Street
Golden Lion - Wm. Howes, Church Street
Green Dragon - C. Hackwood, High Street
Grey Hound - Job Hartshorn, High Street
Hand and Bottle - O. Johnson, Hampton Street
Hand & Keys (Old) - J. Foster, Hampton Street
Hop Pole - R. Chambers, Hall Street
Horse and Jockey - S. Holloway, Church Street
King's Arms - Jno. Tompkys, Church Street
King's Head - J. Shale, Field Lane
Lamb and Flag - Thos. Banks, Shropshire Row
Leopard - J. Fellows, Church Street
Malt Shovel - Wm. Brown, Newtown
Malt Shovel - Susanna Holford, Church Street
Mermaid - William Hazledine, Shropshire Row
Nag's Head, Edw. Holloway, Hampton Street
Navigation - Abrm. Brereton, Pot-House Bridge
New Bull's Head - Jno. Bate, High Street
Old Crown - S. Brown, Bridge Street
Old Ball - R. Morris, Green Croft
Recruiting Sergeant - J. Harthill, High Street
Red Cow - Noah Caddick, Bridge Street
Roe Buck - J. Hall, Bridge Street
Rolling Mill - Edward Jones, Stafford Row
Rose - George Banks, Church Street
Rose and Crown - J. Grainger, Field Lane
Royal Oak - James Johnson, Shropshire Row
Seven Stars - Edwd. Beebee, High Street
Ship & Rainbow - E. Jennings, Bow Street
Sir John Moore - Thos. James, High Street
Spread Eagle - Wm. Taylor, Lichfield Street
Turk's Head - Hannah Price, High Street
Waggon and Horses - J. Walters, Newtown
Waterloo - Sarah Robinson, Newtown
Wheat Sheaf - D. Poyser, Newtown
White Horse - Abm. Cross, High Street
White Lion - Joseph Dancer, Mill Lane


Angel - James Parkes ( also Veterinary Surgeon and Blacksmith, Stafford Street
Chequered Ball - Elizabeth Moreton, Bargate Street
Fleur-de-Lis - Hugh Sinister, Market Place
Jefford's Arms - Herb. Perry, Stafford Street
Red Lion - Charles Baker ( also Butcher), Stafford Street
Rodney - Sarah Anslow, Dean's End
Swan - William Pearson, Market Place


Blue Bell - William Foster, Church Street
Boat - Anne Garrett, Darlaston Green
Britannia - Sarah Hatton, Bilston Road
Crown - Stephen Pedley, Cromp Hall Bank
Duke of York - Benjamin Skidmore, Catherine's Cross
King's Head Inn - Edward Wilson, King Street
Nag's Head - Matthew Bailey , Darlaston Green
Nelson's Tavern - Ralph Longmore, Catherine's Cross
Old Bush - Elizabeth Foster, Darlaston Green
Red Lion - James Jones, Church Street
Swan - Thomas Page, Bilston Road
Waggon & Horses - Nancy Bailey, King Street
White Lion - George Green, King Street


Blue Ball- Samuel Dalton
Crown and Cushion - Misses Riley
Frighted Horse - George Ottley
Gough's Arms - Thomas Cooper, Perry Bar
Handsworth Tavern - William Woodward
New Inn - John Crockett
Queen's Head - Elizabeth Turner
Red Lion - William Smith
Scott's Arms,- Thomas Field, Perry Bar
Waggon & Horses - Jane Toney


Bell - Joseph Hawkins, High Green
Boat - William Whitehouse, Lower Green
Britannia Inn - Edward Aston, Owen Street
Dudley Port Inn- Edward Williams
Duke's Head - Hannah Nicklin, Owen Street
Gate - Samuel Timmins
Green Dragon - Samuel Taylor, Park Lane
Hen & Chickens - William Lakin
Holly Bush - Joseph Aston, Deep Field
King's Arms - William Whitehouse, Blomfield
King's Head - John Smith, Dudley Road
Navigation House - Sarah Aston, Park Lane
New Furnaces - Thomas Jones, Copy Street
New Inn - Thomas Pugh, Owen Street
Red Lion - William Nicklin, Park Lane
Three Horse Shoes - Ann Elwell, Lower Green


Anchor - Thos. Male, Rushall Road
Barley Mow - Charles Timbrell, Church Street
Bird-in-Hand - Jermh. Nicholls, Hampton Lane
Black Boy - John Holder, New Street
Blue Boar - Charles Butler, New Street
Bowling Green - James Broadhurst, Windmill
Britannia - Ed Jones, Rushall Street
Bull's Head - Edward Woollett, Rushall Street
Castle - John Vickers, High Street
Church - Richard Lee, Church Street
Crown and Shovel - John Elton, New Street
Cup - Joseph Smith, Park Street
Dragon Inn - William Farmer, New Street
Duke of Wellington - Robert Smith, Stafford Street
Fox - Mary Wood , Stafford Street
Fox and Dogs - Edward Burton, Rushall Street
George and Dragon - Thomas Croxall, Park Street
George Inn & Hotel - R. M. Fletcher, Digbeth
Golden Cup (Old) - Jonathan Smith, Park Street
Green Man - John Farrington, Dudley Street
Greyhound - John Westley, High Street
Hare and Hounds - Joseph Cooper, Rushall Street
Hen and Chickens - Mary Padgett, Rushall Street
Jolly Gardener - John Unitt, Rushall Street
King's Arms - William Derry, Rushall Street
Leathern Bottle - Joseph Bold, Church Street
Letters - Wm. Dutton, Church Street
Malt Shovel - Samuel Tonks, Rushall Street
Nag's Head - Richard Hickin, Park Street
Nag's Head - Sarah Jackson, Abelwell Street
Navigation - Elizabeth Powell, near Park Street
New Inn - George Fox, Park Street
Old Peal - Ann Chillingsworth, Peal Street
Old Rodney - James Whitehouse, Park Street
Old Still - Thomas Horton, Digbeth
Old White Lion - Eliz. Porter, Little London
Original Green Man - Miles Errington, George Street
Plough and Harrow - J. Lynex, Abelwell Street
Prince Blucher - Joseph Wiley, Stafford Street
Queen's Head - Sarah Eagles, Hill Street
Red Lion - John Sheldon, Park Street
Roe Buck - John Lea, Rushall Street
Royal Exchange - Wm Wood, Abelwell Street
Royal Oak - Joseph Middleton, Abelwell Street
Shakespeare - Benjamin James, Church Street
Spread Eagle - Joseph Whitehouse Jnr., Park Street
Swan-with-two-Necks - Sarah Wilson, Park Street
Talbot - Joe. Wright, Digbeth
Three Crowns - Richard Mayo, New Street
Three Swans and Peal - G. Adderley, Peal Street
Three Tuns - Wm. Mallebar, Rushall Street
Three Tuns - John Sansom, Church Street
Turk's Head - Robert Middlemore, Digbeth
Union - Thomas Carless, Windmill
Vine - Wm. Green Hall Lane
Watering Trough - Js. Wright, Abelwell street
White Hart - Henry Cater, Coldmore
White Swan - Joseph Carless, Dudley Street
Wool Pack - James Lucas, High Street


Admiral Vernon - S. Stirk, 103 Canal Street
Appollo - W. F. Morris, Stafford Street
Angel - P. Price, 10 Salop Street
Angel - T. Spilsbury, Dudley Street
Barley Mow - J. Harding, Piper's Row
Bell - W. Ryley, Bell Street
Bird-in-Hand - K. Banks, High Green
Black Boy - J. Perks, Horsefair
Blue Ball - T. Hartill, Biston Street
Blue Boar - J. Cooper, Worcester Street
Boot & Star - W. Webb, High Green
Bricklayers' Arms - J. Walton, 74 Walsall Street
Britannia - R. Shuter, Stafford Street
Britannia - C Burtin, Walsall Road
Brown Bear - D. Taylor, Lichfield Steret
Bull's Head - T. Hodgetts, near Market Place
Bush - J. Nock, Can Lane
Cape of Good Hope - J. Guttridge, Canal Street
Captain Cook- M. Dutton, Brickkiln Street
Castle Inn - J. Lewis, Dudley Street
Chequered Ball - W. Child, North Street
Clog - J Barnett, 93 Canal Street
Coach and Horses - F. Fern, Wheeler's Fold
Cock - J. Miller, 37 Great Berry Street
Crown - L. Davis, 17 Horsegate
Crown & Anchor - J. Stanley, St. James' Square
Crown & Bottle - T. Matthews, 39 Canal Street
Crown & Cushion - J. Sale, Dudley Street
Dog - H. Graham, Little Berry Street
Dog & Duck - M. Brothers, 18 Piper's Row
Dog & Partridge - S. Marston, 97 Canal Street
Dolphin - R. Partridge, 9 Temple Street
Druid's Head - T Billingsley, 39 North Street
Duke of Wellington - W. Penson, Horsley Field
Duke of York - J. Bradley, 16 Princes Street
Duke of York - J. Jones, Little Brickkiln Street
Elephant & Castle - J. Trafford, 42 St John Street
Fleur-de-Lis - J. Short, 31 Horsefair
Fox - H. Williams, 40 New Street
Fountain - J. Wiley, 22 New Street
Four Ashes - J. Haynes, 31 Stafford Street
Free Masons' Arms - W. Sheldon, Horsefair
George - W. Walker, 1 St John's Square
George - R. Spittle, 87 Salop Street
George & Dragon - J. Meanley, Snow Hill
Gifford's Arms - E. Wilcox, Cork Street
Golden Ball - W Jones, High Green
Golden Cup - H. Nash, Cork Street
Golden Fleece - M. Butler, 52 Dudley Street
Golden Lion - J Noake, 111 Salop Street
Green Man - E. Taylor, 40 Bilston Street
Hand & Bottle - S. Tongue, 25 Cock Street
Hand & Trumpet - R. Adams, 51 Brickkiln Street
Hare - George Sweet, Little Berry Street
Hare and Hounds - E Walker, Church Lane
Hen and Chickens - T. Radford, 24 Dudley Street
Hop Pole - J. Barnsley, nr Highgate
Horse and Jockey - I. Tortoiseshell, Bilston Road
King's Arms - T. Meredith, Brickkiln Street
King's Arms - T. Nevill, Canal Street
King's Head - E. Morris, Bell Street
Lion Inn - R. Evans, North Street
Little Swan - T. Deans, Horsley Field
Minerva - J. Mason, Salop Street
Mitre - J. Brierley, 18 Worcester Street
Mughouse - Wm. Pearce, 11 Stafford Street
Mughouse - T. Cotterill, 38 Stafford Street
Nag's Head - W. Shuter, Little Berry Street
Navigation House - Wm. Allsop, Bilston Road
New Inn - F. Fieldhouse, 90 Salop Street
New Inn - J. Bate, Horsley Field
Noah's Ark - R. Hitchcox, Lichfield Street
Old Anchor - J. Dance, 40 St John's Street
Old Black Horse - T. Gibbons, Horsefair
Old Bush - J. Stone, 26 Piper's Row
Old Bush - T. Stone, Bilston Street
Old Cock & Cross Keys - J. Stone, Horsefair
Old Crown - Charles Hatshorn, Wheeler's Fold
Old King's Head - W Gibbons, 26 Dudley Street
Old Leathern Bottle - W. Aston, 69 Canal Street
Old Saracen's Head - J. Riley, 11 King Street
Pack Horse - K. Butler, 14 Dudley Street
Peacock Inn - R. Perry, 23 Dudley Street
Pheasant - G. Walker, 12 New Street
Pied Bull - M. Hawkes, Snow Hill
Pig & Whistle - G. Robinson, Wheeler's Fold
Plough - G. Spink, St John's Street
Plume of Feathers - B. Jordan, North Street
Prince of Wales - D. Bucknall, Chapel Ash
Queen's Head - J. Chesworth, 6 Worcester Street
Red Cow - B. Heath, Dudley Street
Red Lion - A. Fisher, Walsall Road
Ring o' Bells - G. Sweet, Dudley Road
Rising Sun - T Addy, 17 Queen Street
Rose & Crown - Wm. Batty, 48 Great Berry Street
Rose & Punch Bowl - T. Hart, 27 Berry Street
Royal Hussar - T. Sadler, Stafford Street
Royal Oak - A. Hand, Stafford Street
Seven Stars - A. Wallers, St John's Street
Ship & Rainbow - T. Williams, Dudley Road
Smoke Shop - J. Williams, 34 Lichfield Street
Spread Eagle - J. Yates, 41 Cock Street
Staffordshire Knot - J. Creswell, Charles Street
Star & Garter - J. Law, 8 Cock Street
Swan Inn - G. Gale, High Street
Three Crowns - M. Spilsbury, 49 Dudley Street
Three Tuns - W. Toy, Dudley Steet
Tiger - W. Bickley, 4 Church Street
Turk's Head - Wm. Thomas, 8 Bilston Street
Union - J. Grove, Canal Street
Union Mill - G. Ward, 22 Can Lane
Union Mill Tap House - Ann Short, Horsley Field
Waggon & Horses - J. Johnson, 55 Bilston Street
Wheat Sheaf - J. Taylor, 25 High Street
White Hart - C. Wright, 48 Worcester Street
White Horse - A. Jones, 50 Worcester Street
White Lion - W. Sanders, 3 North Street
White Rose - J. Hargrove, 40 Lichfield Street


Anchor - W Woodhouse
Barley Mow - Moses Jennings
Blue Ball - W. Horobin
Plough & Harrow - W. Winters
Swan - Edward Smith


Church House - John Whitehouse
Talbot - Ralph Lowe


Bell - Charles Beech
Bull's Head - T. Taylor
King's Arms - T. Totty
Swan - Charles Dace
Trooper - Charles James
Edward Devey
Phineas Somerfield


Holly Bush - J. Kent


Holly Bush - J. Jeavons
George & Dragon - E. Wooton, Hall Green


Gate - William Swindell
White Hart Inn - Humphrey Higgott


Dog Inn - John Wood
Holly Bush - Mark Richards, Slade
Red Lion Inn - Joseph Rushton
Swan Inn - Benj. Lead


Holly Bush - Benjamin Greenfield
Holly Bush - Edward Pitt
New Inn T. Tompkinson
Sun - Samuel Thompson
Waterloo - John Shaw
Whimsey Inn - J. Turley
White Horse - D. Taylor


Bull's Head - John Turner
Sun - Richard Westwood


Hope & Anchor - Jarvie Forrester


Holy Cross - Ambrose Wall


Fish - William Sims
Star - Thomas Green
Turk's Head - Margaret Padgett
Wellington Arms - John Mullett
Victualer- John Guest


Bull - John Salmon
Holly Bush - John Jinks
Lord Nelson - Robert Drinkwater

Bell - Thomas Heywood

Duke of York - Thomas Turley


Nicholls Arms - Mrs Perkin

DEEPFIELD (nr Bilston)

Engine - Benjamin Caddick
Rising Sun - John Thompson


Blue Pump - Mary Lord
Cross Keys - J. Massey


Cat - John Taylor
Swan Inn - John Thomas
White Hart - Edward Barnes


Victualler- Joseph Smart


Bull's Head - Samuel Parkin
Crown - John Heath


Holly Bush - Anne Bowler


Scot Arms Inn - Thomas Field


Clifford Arms - Jas. Ward


Plough - John Hardy


Crown Inn - Margaret Woolley
Red Lion - W. Conway


Fish - Samuel Stevens
Green man - J. Westwood
Nag's Head - W. Gray


Red Lion - W. Benefield


New Inn - Mrs Kendrick
Horse Shoe - M. Walters
Spotted Gate - J. Dunn


Buck's Head - Abraham Smith


Victualler - John Potts


Red Lion - W. Gadsby
The Chequers - Thomas Proudman


Innkeepers - John Badkin
         - William Jackson


Plough - Francis Chamberlain


Dragon ( & Excise Office) - William Newman
George & Dragon - Eliz. Clark
Lock Inn - John Perrins
Plough - Joseph Collins
White Hart - Thomas Hartwright
Victualler - George Morgan


Lord Dudley's Court House - William Fletcher
Victualler - J. Gretton


Lamb and Flag - John Dixon
Red Lion - Griffith Bott

LITTLE HEY (nr Shebstone)

Holly Bush - Elizabeth Griffin


Red Lion - Edward Nevill
Swan-with-two-Necks - John Orton


Barley Mow - Mrs Peggy Andritt


Green Man - John Banks


Crown - Ann Weston
New Inn - Matthew Shenton


Coach & Horses - Jas. Hawkins
Duke of York - Edward Butler
New Inn - Thomas Bill, Bilston Road
Odd fellows - J. Morris
Spotted Leopard - Priest Fields
Victualler - William Hunt


Swan - Wiliam Richards
Wellington Arms - Samuel Edge, Brittle Lane
Victualler - N. Cox, Brittle Lane


Fleur-de-Lis - William Smith
Holly Bush - William Mann


Fox & Goose - James Allen
Roe Buck - J. Hancock
Rose & Crown - Josiah Bedard
Stag's Head - William Toft


Pigot's Arms - Eliz Hollis
White Hart - Sarah Plant


Crow - Thomas Stackhouse
Holly Bush - Thomas Stanley
St Luke - Ellen Snape ?
(Possibly Ellen Snape , Victualler at St Luke)
Swan Inn - William Snape
White Lion - William Harrison


Three Tuns - Thomas Cooper
Victualler - Thomas Beley, Muckley Corner

RADFORD (nr Stafford)

Hand & Trumpet - William Kent


Blue Ball - William Mills
Court House - John Hadley
Swan - William Adams
Ten Bells - Edward Bridgewater
Victualler - Richard Bowater


Gate - Edward Allblaster
George - Thomas Thornton
May Pole - Samuel Meanly, Daw End
Three Horse Shoes - Thomas Eaton


7 Stars - Thomas Dix
Dog & Doublet Inn - Benj. Tomlinson
Park Horse - Richard Collins
Royal Oak - William Chinn


Red Lion - John Jenkins
Swan - Eliz. Cromblehome
White Lion - Josh. Baker


Horse & Jockey - Sarah Braddock
Swan - John Turner


Blue Ball - Joseph Fisher
Bull's Head - William Goss
Fox and Hounds - James Hilton
Leopard & King William - Jas. Johnson
Victualler - Joseph Lakin


Bell - William Wittell
Sun - John Wittingham


Baron & Saracen's Head - Charles Moore


Bear - Thomas Cleft
Blue Gates - Daniel Holloway
Cross - Edward Lewis
Navigation Inn - Thomas Scott
Red Cow - Wm. Smallwood
Sow & Pigs - Eliz. Horton
White Gate - John Eccleshall

STANALL Upper & Lower

Leopard - Chas. Glover
Victualler - Matthew Smith


Anchor - Henry Harding


Field House - William Nicholls
Mitre - Anthony Lee
Rose & Crown - James Dawes
Rose & Crown - Joseph Hartill


7 Stars - J. Sims, Seisdon
Blue Bell - Benjamin Richards


Dog & Partridge - John Gascoine, High Street
Old Vine - Thomas Mould , Nutgate Street
Queen's Head - Joseph Upton, High Street
Rose & Crown - George Clarke, Burton Street
Shoulder of Mutton - Edith Gascoigne
Wheel - Richard Hanson


7 Stars - James Holmes


Greyhound - Thos. Wood
Black Lion - John Brindley


Crown - Ralph Bullock
George and Dragon - Joseph Poulton


Dog & Partridge - Samuel Marston
Tiger - Joseph Tonkys
White Horse - Daniel Taylor


Nag's Head - John Robonson
Red Lion - Thomas Horobin


Bradford Arms - Joseph Smith
Gate - Thomas Hescock
Hare & Hounds - Robert Shotton
King's Arms - Ezekiel Cartwright
Nag's Head - Thomas Slaney


Plough - James Birtles


Dockham Heifer - Wm. Malkin


Dyott's Arms - J. Brown
Talbot - J. Heathcote


Flitch of Bacon - William Stretton, Wichnor Bridge


Royal Oak - William Hunt


Roebuck - Edward Dunn
Wolseley Arms Inn - Wakefield & Handasides


Holly Bush - John Noake
New Inn - Joseph Aston
Red Lion - Edward Traunter


Jolly Potters - George Clarke
Plough - Thomas Orme


Cat - Sarah Cooper
George Rex - Hannah Sutton
Rose & Crown - William Hand
Rose & Crown - Ann Skidmore
Wheat Sheaf - Mary Hancox
White Hart - Thomas Weaver


Lord Nelson - William Summerfield
Red Lion - John Whittaker


Crown - Thomas Waltho
Cup Inn - Mary Woolley