Walton & Aston Hearth Tax 1666



The Hearth Tax or chimney-money was a payment to the king of 2s. on every hearth " in all houses paying to church and poor," first levied in 1662. It was repealed in 1689, although it was producing £170,000 a year, on account of its unpopularity, the tax being especially obnoxious because of its inquisitorial 


Walton and Aston Constablewick. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Thomas Amery Two 

John Twyford Two 

Walter Heveningham, Esquire Three 

Thomas Beardmore Three 

Thomas Whistons Two 

Randle Peake Two 

William Amery, Junior One 

Robert Whilton One 

Thomas Fivion One 

Robert Shelley One 

John Gryme One 

Thomas Bromley Two 

Anne Wollascroft One 

Thomas Asbury Foure 

Robert Vram One 

William Shelley Foure 

Jane Shelley One 


Mr. Leacroft, Senior Five 

Mr. Crompton, now Mr. Hancockes Five 

Mrs. Gullyford Foure 

Mr. Bryan One 

William Robbinson Two 

William Goodale One 

Tho. Morry, now Jos. Chawner One 

Richard Tomkinson One 

Jeffrey Holland One 

Mr. Thomas Leacroft Three 

Sampson Pye One 

                                                Total 57 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt). 

David Price                             Robert Porter 

Anne Hathorne, vidua            Joane Nickinson, vidua 



By James Hancocke,                       Vicar de Stone. 

Richard Horne                                 Churchwarden. 

Henry Hatrell                                    Ouerseer

Allowed by : George  Digby and Tho. Whitgrove    Justices of the peace. 

By Mrs Anne Gullyford,                         Constable Ibidem