Warslow in 1817


Description from A Topographical History of Staffordshire by William Pitt (1817)


Warnslow is a small township belonging to Alstonefield parish, situate to the north-east of Butterton. The village of Warnslow consists of several good houses; the Church or Chapel is a small modern structure: the Rev. Richardson, is curate.

Upper Elkstone is a township and village about two miles to the west of Warnslow. The hamlet of Upper Elkstone consists of about six houses, and that of Lower Elkstone of twelve. The surrounding country is barren and uneven, in many places overgrown with heath, and altogether an uncomfortable district to reside in.

The Church is a small modern structure. It is a curacy, the Rev. Richardson, who also officiates at Warnslow, is curate.

The following inscription on a tomb-stone in Elkstone churchyard, is worthy of notice:
"William Grindon, of Stonyfold, died Dec. 26, 1791, aged 62 years.
In hopes of future bliss content I lie,
Tho' pleas'd to live, yet not displeas'd to die:
Life has its comforts, and its sorrows too,
For both to all-wise heaven our thanks are due.
How far my hopes and views are founded well
God only knows - but the last day will tell."