Census for Boats at Worcester Wharf, Birmingham, 1841-1891


Warwickshire Strays

Transcribed by Maureen Surman © 2000

This page lists those recorded on the census at Worcester Wharf, Birmingham in 1841 as Boatmen, whether born in the county or otherwise, and for 1851-1891 those born in Warwickshire, or for whom birthplaces is unknown. The 1841 and 1851 census does not list Boats by name, so we have included all those for whom an occupation was given as 'Boatman'. Also included are the names of persons who did not know their place of birth or who were absent. Where one member of a family was born in Warwickshire or one member was a Boatman, the whole family is listed. 1841 Census (Fiche 1147 2+)
(Surname, Christian, Age, Occupation, Born in County Y/N)
Wharf Street
BISHOP,William, Aged 25, Boatman,Brn: No
BISHOP, Sarah, Aged 25, Brn: Yes
BISHOP, William, Aged 2, Brn: Yes
BISHOP, Sarah, Aged 3mths, Brn: Yes
GETHING, Lydia, Aged 46, wife of Boatman, Brn: Yes
GETHING, James, Aged 7, Brn: No
HARTLEBURY, Thomas, Aged 20, Boatman, Brn: No
HARTLEBURY, Ann, Aged 20, Brn: No
HARTLEBURY, Sarah, Aged 1mth, Brn: Yes
CLAY, George, Aged 20, Boatman, Brn: No
CLAY, Elizabeth, Aged 20, Brn: No
CLAY, Georgina, Aged 7 mths, Brn: Yes

1851 Census (HO107/2052 Reel 11)
Notes as per 1841 - area covered Worcester Wharf, Bridge Street, Wharf Street.
No. 148
WOLFINDALES,? James, Aged 39, Boatman, Brn: Tardebigg, Worcs
WOLFINDALES, Delia, wife, Aged 44, Brn: Birmingham, Warks
Wharf Street
No. 49
WILLIAMS, Samuel, lodger, Aged 24, Unm., Boatman, Brn:
No. 50
SPEAKMAN, Charles, Aged 26, Boatman, Brn: Wolverhampton, Staffs
SPEAKMAN, Sarah, wife, Aged 20, Brn: Birmingham, Warks
No. 102
NEALE, Joseph, Aged 41, Boatman, Brn: Loansome Forde (?)
NEALE, Anne, wife, Aged 40, Brn: Birmingham, Warks
NEALE, John, Aged 17, ginger beer maker, Brn: Birmingham, Warks
NEALE, Catharine, Aged 15, Brn: Birmingham, Warks
NEALE, Mary, Aged 8, Brn: Birmingham, Warks
NEALE, William, Aged 3, Brn: Birmingham, Warks
SUTTON, Joseph, wdw, Aged 50, Coal Heaver, Brn: Birmingham, Warks
No. 111 Snaper Bldgs
BISHOP, William, wdw.,Aged 35, Boatman, Brn: Keynsham, London
BISHOP, William, son, Aged 12, Brn: Birmingham, Warks
No. 168
STAMPS, John,Aged 32, Boatman, Brn: Smethwick, Staffs
STAMPS, Winifred, wife, Aged 31, Brn: Wolverhampton, Staffs
STAMPS, William, Aged 13, Brn: Smethwick, Staffs
STAMPS, Elizabeth, Aged 8, Brn: Smethwick, Staffs
STAMPS, Sarah, Aged 2, Brn: Birmingham, Warks

1861 Census (Reel 13) Boats lying at Worcester Wharf
(Surname, Christian, Status, Age, Occupation, Place of Birth)
The Rover of Birmingham 30 tons - canal boat - general carrier
DOVEY, William, Unm., Aged 20, Master, Brn: not known
PALMER, George, Unm., Aged 20, Mate, Brn: Preston Baggott, Warks
The Eliza of Chafford 30 tons canal boat - timber
DEAN, William, over 20 , Master, Brn: Absent when visited
DEAN, ? , under 20, Mate, Brn: Absent when visited
The Georgina of Shuckborough 30 ton canal boat - general carrier
CROSHAW, Edward , Mar., Aged 35, Master, Brn: Nuneaton, Warks
WARWICK, William, Aged 14, Mate, Brn: Nuneaton, Warks
The Railway Queen of Stratford on Avon 30 tons canal boat - general carrier
EDWARDS, Henry, Mar., Aged 37, Master, Brn: Chatford on 7, Warks
WARD, Henry, Unm., Aged 20, Mate, Brn: Chatford on 7, Warks
The Selina of Oldbury Canal boat
BUCKINGHAM, William, Aged 30, Master, Brn: not known
PETTITT, Sarah Ann, Aged 30, Brn: Rowington, Warks.
CHATWIN, George, Unm., Aged 20, Mate, Brn: not known
The Fannie of Worcestershire
DAVIES, Benjamin, Mar., Aged 61, Master, Brn: Stroud, Glocs.
DAVIES, Mary, Mar., Aged 58, wife, Brn: Pike, Worcs.
WEAMAN, Benjamin, Aged 15, Mate, Brn: Birmingham, Warks

1871 Census (Reel 11 RG10/3100) Boats lying at Worcester Wharf
No. 341
TUBB, William, Unm., Aged 19, Master, Brn. -
No. 347
JACKSON, Henry, Unm., Aged 22, Master, Brn. Stratford on Avon, WARK
JACKSON, Henry, Aged 60, B'man, Brn. Stratford on Avon, WARK
No. 355
SPARES, Herbert, Mar., Aged 36, Master, Brn. Worc
SPARES, Mary Ann, Mar., Aged 36, wife, Brn. Worc
SPARES, Susan, dau., Aged 14, Brn. Worc
SPARES, Samuel, son, Aged 6, Brn. Worcs
SPARES, Albert, son, Aged 3, Brn. Birmingham, WARK
SPARES, John Henry, son, Aged 6 wks, Brn. Bilston, Staffs
No. 358
DAYUS, Noah, Mar., Aged 38, Master, Brn. Worcs
DAYUS, Elizabeth, Mar ., Aged 34, Brn. Worcs
DAYUS, William, Aged 14, Brn. Dudley, Worcs
DAYUS, Richard, Aged 4, Brn. Birmingham, Warks.
DAYUS, Sarah Ann, Aged 6 mths, Brn. Birmingham, Warks
No. 363
HERRITAGE, William, Mar., Aged 23, Master, Brn. Stratford on Avon, WAR
HERRITAGE, Mary, Mar., Aged 22, Brn. Oldbury, Worcs
HERRITAGE, Emily, dau., Aged 7 mths , Brn. Stratford on Avon, WAR
BLACKFORD, John, Aged 12, B'man, Brn. Stratford on Avon, WAR
No. 368
MOORE, George, Mar., Aged 40, Master, Brn. Stratford on Avon, Warks
ALLCOCK, John, Aged 15, B'man, Brn. Stratford on Avon, Warks
No. 372 (Bar Lock)
RIDDING, Charles, Mar., Aged 49, Master, Brn. Stratford, Warks
HODGKINS, Richard, Unm., Aged 17, B'man, Brn. Stratford, Warks
No. 374
JENKINS, George, Wdw., Aged 50, Master, Brn. Alvechurch, Worcs
JEFF, Edward, Unm., Aged 20, B'man, Brn. Tardebigg, Warks
No. 375
LEA, Thomas, Mar., Aged 35, Master, Brn. Hockley Heath, Warks
LEA, Sarah, Mar., Aged 31, wife , Brn. Stratford on Avon, "
YOUNG, George, Unm., Aged 18, B'man, Brn. Kingswood, Warks

1881 Census (Reel 13 RG2977 33 60) Boats lying at Worcester Wharf
BRAYNE, Richard, Mar., Aged 38, Capt B'man, Brn. Bidford, WARK
BRAYNE, Sarah, Mar., Aged 32, wife, Brn. Stratford, WARK
BRAYNE, Harriet, Aged 9, dau., Brn. Stratford, WARK
BRAYNE, Ellen, Aged 5, dau., Brn. Stratford, WARK
BRAYNE, Lucy, Aged 2, dau., Brn. Stratford, WARK
STOKES, Henry, Mar., Aged 57, Capt, B'man, Brn. Birmingham, WARKS
STOKES, Lucy, Mar., Aged 44, wife, Brn, Wolverhampton, Staffs
STOKES, Emma, Unm., Aged 17, Brn. Wolverhampton, Staffs
STOKES, Mary Ann, Aged 9, dau., Brn. Banbury, OXF
STOKES, Hannah, Aged 5, dau., Brn. Banbury, OXF
STOKES ,Sarah Ann, Aged 12m., Brn. Ellesmere Port, SHR

1891 Census (RG12/2378 1+) Boats lying at Worcester Wharf
None recorded

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