1834 Electoral Roll for the parish of Cottingham


The Names of the Persons entitled to vote in the Election of Knights of the Shire for the East-Riding of the County of York, and the Town and County of the Town of Kingston-upon-Hull, with a Description of their Qualifications.

  • The numbers given are those in the original book.
  • The Description of the Property is by name, or by the name of the Tenant, or by the Street in the Parish where situate.
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and Surname
Place of AbodeNature of QualificationDescription of property
3817Archbutt, WilliamCottinghamFreehold propertyParks
3818Archbutt, ThomasCottinghamTenant of a farm £100 per annumNorwoods
3819Allinson, WilliamCottinghamFreehold property, house and landHailgate and King Street
3820Agar, JohnCottinghamTenant of a farm £50 per annumWises
3821Astrough, EdwardCottinghamFreehold propertyCottingham Field
3822Agars, RobertCottinghamTenant of a farm £50 per annumNewland
3823Alderson, JamesSculcoatesCopyhold house and fieldWilliam Brumby
3824Briggs, RawdonHalifaxLands and houseRobert Briggs
3825Briggs, Robert CarlileCottinghamHouse and landBack Street
3826Bailey, JohnCottinghamFreehold and copyholdGeorge Street and in Common
3827Brignill, WilliamSculcoatesTenant, exceeding £50 per annumNewland
3828Bursell, JosephCottinghamTenant of a farm £100 per annumKelgate Wells
3829Burgess, GeorgeCottinghamFreehold propertyWest Green, Cottingham
3830Barnby, WilliamCottinghamTenant of a farm, £50 per annumDunswell
3831Boothby, WilliamCottinghamCopyhold and freeholdHallgate
3832Bolton, SamuelCottinghamFreehold propertyCaucle Lane
3833Barker, Ralph, clerkCottinghamAs vicar of CottinghamChurch Yard
3834Carr, William HardyCottinghamTenant, exceeding £50 per annumin Cottingham, arable field
3835Cockran, JohnCottinghamTenant, exceeding £50 per annumNewland
3836Carr, JamesDrypoolCopyhold and freeholdCottingham
3837Codd, GeorgeCottinghamCopyholdJohn Wilson
3838Coates, WilliamCottinghamTenant of a farm, £50 per annumIgglemire
3839Coldbreath, RobertCottinghamFreehold house and landNorthgate
3840Coverdale, JosephCottinghamTenant of a farm, £50 per annumDunswell
3841Codd, SamuelCottinghamFreehold propertyHarland Rise
3842Dryden, WilliamBowlalley Lane, HullCopyhold and freehold propertyBroad Lane, Thwaite, and Igglemire
3843Day, RobertCottinghamTenant of a farm £400 per annumMoor House
3844Dales, ThomasCottinghamTenant of a farm £160 per annumWood Hill
3845Dalby, DanielCottinghamFreehold propertyMarket Green
3846Dugelby, MatthewCottinghamTenant exceeding £50 per annumHull Bank
3847Davies, George JohnChurch Side, HullFreehold landsAbraham Martin
3848Dickinson, ThomasCottinghamFreehold propertyHallgate
3849Dalby, JamesHessleFreehold landSouth Wood
3850Ellyard, SamuelHaltemprizeTenant of land £80 per annumCottingham
3851Fielding, GeorgeKingston Sq. HullLand, copyholdSalt Ings
3852Gee, JosephCottinghamFreehold and copyhold propertyNewgate Street
3853Green, JohnCottinghamCopyhold house and landBroad Lane
3854Gray, StephenCottinghamTenant of a farm £50 per annumSouth Woods
3855Gould, JohnCottinghamTenant, £50 per annumNewland
3856Gardham, JohnCottinghamTenant of a farm £50 per annumNewland
3857Hunton, ChristopherCottinghamTenant of a farm £50 per annumSpring Park
3858Hundey, PeterCottinghamFreehold propertyNewland Clough
3859Hardy, RobertLockingtonHouse and land, copyholdJ. Stephenson, Cottingham
3860Hodsman, JosephCottinghamTenant, exceeding £50 per annumNewland
3861Hunton, WilliamCottinghamTenant of a farm, £100 per annumSpring Park
3862Harrison, ThomasCottinghamFreehold house and landPratwoods
3863Haworth, Benjamin BlaydeCottinghamFreehold house and landHull Bank House
3864Hardy, RobertCottinghamTenant, of a farm, £50 per annumNewgate Street
3865Hall, WilliamCottinghamFreehold propertyPeckthorp, Preston, and Hollym
3866Horsley, JohnCottinghamCopyhold propertyHallgate
3867Hicks, ThomasCottinghamPark Close, and Chapel HouseFinkle Street
3868Hill, WilliamCottinghamTenant of a farm £60 per annumLoatleys, in Cottingham
3869Holland, MancklinCottinghamFreehold house and landHeppleworth
3870Hawkins, RichardBeverleyCopyhold landJohn Wilkinson
3871Johnson, SamuelCottinghamTenant, exceeding £50 per annumEndike Lane
3872Kirk, WilliamCottinghamCopyhold houses and landBroadlane
3873Kay, WilliamCottinghamFreehold house and landNewgate Street
3874Kirk, RobertCottinghamCopyhold propertyBeck Bank
3875Kirk, Robert, the youngerCottinghamTenant of £50 per annumNewgate Street
3876Lightfoot, SamuelCottinghamFreehold landSpring Head
3877Lund, WilliamCottinghamTenant of a farm £150 per annumBurn Park
3878Longhorn, WilliamCottinghamTenant of a farm £80 per annumNewland Tofts
3879Lambert, WilliamCottinghamTenant of a farm £50 per annumWhaite
3880Locking, RobertCottinghamFreehold propertyCrescent Street
3881Mason, ThomasCottinghamCopyhold and freeholdNewland
3882Martin, AbrahamCottinghamTenant of £50 per annumNorthgate
3883North, GeorgeCottinghamCopyhold and freeholdNorthgate
3884Nicholson, GeorgeCottinghamTenant, exceeding £50 per annumNewland
3885Newton, JohnCottinghamCopyhold £10 per annumHallgate
3886Pickering, JosephCottinghamTenant, exceeding £10 per annumHull Bank
3887Poppleton, JosephCottinghamTenant, exceeding £50 per annumNewland
3888Peploe, SamuelGarnstone, HertsCopyhold and leaseholdNewgate
3889Rispin, ThomasCottinghamTenant, exceeding £50 per annumCommon Side
3890Ruston, ThomasCottinghamTenant of a farm £50 per annumDunswell
3891Rudston, GeorgeCottinghamFreehold landNewland
3892Ross, FrancisCottinghamCopyhold propertyHallgate
3893Robinson, BethellCottinghamCopyhold propertyHallgate
3894Rumley, WilliamCottinghamTenant, exceeding £50 per annumHull Bank
3895Raikes, RobertEastdaleFreehold farm and premisesWood Hill
3896Ringrose, WilliamSculcoatesFreehold landCottingham
3897Sykes, FrederickCottinghamTenant, £50 per annumBack Street
3898Stainton, ThomasCottinghamFreehold and copyholdNorthgate
3899Syphe, JamesCottinghamTenant of a farm £50 per annumSouthwood Hall
3900Spenceley, ThomasCottinghamCopyhold propertyBroadland
3901Smith, RobertCottinghamTenant of a farm £50 per annumNewland Tofts
3902Sykes, JosephWolferton LodgeRaywell, freehold landCottingham Parish
3903Teasdale, JohnCottinghamFreehold house and landBack Street
3904Thompson, WilliamSkidbyFreehold propertyNorth Field, Cottingham
3905Todd, RobertCottinghamTenant of a farm £120 per annumHarland
3906Tindall, FrancisCottinghamTenant of a farm £50 per annumNewland Tofts
3907Twidle, WilliamCottinghamTenant of a farm £150 per annumWest Bull
3908Terry, AvisonCottinghamCopyhold £10 per annumNewland
3909Voase, GeorgeSkidbyTenant, £50 per annumold arable field of Cottingham
3910Wilson, RobertCottinghamCopyhold house and landBack Street
3911Waltham, JosephCottinghamFreehold houseHallgate
3912Wilson, RichardCottinghamTenant, exceeding £50 per annumEndike Lane
3913Witty, EdwardCottinghamTenant, £60 per annumNew Village
3914Wride, JohnCottinghamFreehold landNewgate Street
3915Wilkinson, Watson WilliamCottinghamFreehold landsHallgate
3916Wilson, ThomasCottinghamTenant of a farm, £150 per annumHarpins
3917Wray, JohnPall Mall, LondonFreehold house and landSouthwood Hall
3918Witty, WilliamCottinghamFreehold propertyNewgate
3919Wilkinson, JohnCottinghamHouse and landDunswell
3920Watson, SamuelCottinghamFreehold house and gardenHallgate
3921Witty, William, jun.CottinghamTenant, £50 per annumBack Street
3922Young, WilliamCottinghamTenant, £50 per annumHallgate

The above copyright data was taken from the book
The Electoral Rolls of the East Riding of Yorkshire, 1834
and was presented to Genuki by the author:
Colin Blanshard Withers M.Sc., M.B.A..