Thorngumbald: Thorngumbald Cemetery gravestones etc..




These photos of the Thorngumbald Cemetery gravestones etc. were taken in 2019 and consequently no graves after this date appear here.

The index consists of a table of surnames (below), each being linked to the first image of that surname. To get to the rest of the same surname images, simply use the scroll facilities on each succeeding page.

The number for the photograph is given in the caption below the photograph.

I made no attempt to remove grass from graves (no tools) but tried to remove the moss etc. from the graves which consist of a cross.

If you can identify the names on the "Unknown" graves, please drop me a line by email (use the "Report Problems" link at the bottom of the relevant page).

There are three sizes of photos: the thumbnail images which link to a page containing a larger image (640 by 480 pixels), and then a full size image which is linked from the previously mentioned larger image. The full size image can of course be saved for your own personal use.

You will appreciate that there is ample scope for errors in this, so if you find any, please drop me a line - there is a link to the error form at the bottom of each page.

Happy hunting!

Colin Hinson.

!General  Acey  Ackrill  Adams  Andrew  Atkin 
Atkinson  Bainbridge  Baker  Barker  Barron  Beacher 
Beadle  Beall  Beautement  Beilby  Bell  Billham 
Birkett  Blain  Blood  Blythe  Boasman  Bonnar 
Bradley  Brigham  Briglin  Brisby  Brooks  Brown 
Bryan  Buckle  Campbell  Carr  Carter  Casson 
Cawkell  Chadwick  Chambers  Claret  Clifford  Close 
Clubley  Coates  Cockerill  Collingwood  Collinson  Cook 
Cooke  Cookson  Coulson  Cousins  Cowell  Cox 
Coyle  Cranwell  Cripps  Crossley  Dalton  Davison 
Dawson  Day  Dearing  Dee  Deer  Dibnah 
Dickson  Dodson  Doncaster  Downes  Downs  Doyle 
Dutton  Dyson  Eaglen  Eastburn  Eldon  Ellerington 
Elletson  Ellis  England  English  Feaster  Fenton 
Fenwick  Fewson  Fisher  Fletcher  Flowers  Foster 
Frankland  Franks  Friend  Frost  Frow  Gant 
Gardner  Garton  Gemmell  Gerda  Gibson  Grange 
Gray  Gregory  Groom  Grubb  Habblett  Harding 
Hardwidge  Harland  Harrison  Hart  Hatfield  Headley 
Henrickson  Higginson  Hill  Hockey  Hogg  Hook 
Hornsey  Howes  Hoyle  Hudson  Hunt  Hutchinson 
Hutson  Hutt  Hyde  Jackson  Johnson  Kaufmann 
Kay  Kirby  Kitchen  Knowles  Lawson  Lawton 
Lazenby  Lee  Lickiss  Liddell  Lindley  Lissett 
Lloyd  Long  Lorimer  Lunn  Markham  Marks 
Marshall  Mathewson  Matson  Matthews  May  McGowan 
McIntyre  McKinley  Medforth  Mellows  Middlewood  Miller 
Milner  Mortimer  Moses  Ness  Newton  Ogilvie 
Osgerby  Osler  Parker  Parrington  Pashley  Patrick 
Pawson  Pearson  Peck  Pickersgill  Pincheon  Pinder 
Pitcher  Pizer  Plows  Plumridge  Poppleton  Poskitt 
Postlethwaite  Pratt  Priestley  Puckering  Ralph  Reisenauer 
Rhodes  Richardson  Roberts  Robertson  Robinson  Rodgers 
Rogers  Rogerson  Russell  Rymer  Salter  Sedam 
Sensier  Shaw  Sherwood  Skeggs  Skowron  Slater 
Smith  Southcoat  Spaven  Spencer  Stansfield  Stevenson 
Stirling  Stone  Sugden  Sutton  Tansey  Tarbotton 
Tennison  Thompson  Tindle  Towner  Towse  Tracey 
Turner  Tyler  Unknown*  Vickers  Wales  Wallis 
Waltham  Walton  Ward  Watkin  Weightman  Welburn 
Weldon  Whatling  Whiting  Wigley  Wild  Wilkin 
Wilkinson  Willerton  Williams  Willingham  Wilson  Wood 
* Please note that the "Unknown*" section contains those with unreadable full surnames.