Guisborough Directory of Trades and Professions for 1834


Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for GUISBOROUGH in Pigot's Directory of 1834.

  • Post Office, John Pulman, Post master
Gentry & Clergy,
  • Bird Mr. James, West gate
  • Canning Miss Ann, West gate
  • Danby William, esq. West gate
  • Dundas Major General the Hon. Sir Robert Lawrence, bart. Long hull
  • Hutchinson Thomas, esq. Brotton
  • Lea John, esq. Pinchinthorp
  • Lowther Sir Jno. bart. Wilton castle
  • Parrington Rev. Matthew (curate) Pond side
  • Pennyman Sir William, bart. Ormanby hall
  • Wilcock Rev. James, Church st
  • Wilkinson Rev. Joseph, Redcar
Academies & Schools,
  • Graham Timothy, Church st
  • Grammar School --- Rev. James Wilcock, master
  • Peacock Edward, West gate
  • Providence School --- George Lowe, master ; Elizabeth Cooper,
  • mistress
  • Taylor Elizabeth, West gate
  • Clarke Henry, West gate
  • Hickson William Hugewson, Church st
  • Palmer Robert, Market place
  • Stephenson Thomas, West gate
  • Watson Jno. (& appraiser) Market place
  • Westwick William, West gate
Bakers & Flour Dealers,
  • Theakstone William, Ayton
  • Waugh James, Patten lane
  • Williamson Margaret, West gate
  • Darlington District Banking Company, Market place --- (draw on Barclay & Co. London) --- John Barr, agent
  • Skinner William and Co. (branch of Stockton) --- draw on Barclay & Co. London)
  • Brown Joseph, West gate
  • Culley Robert, Church st
  • Pulman Ralph, Market place
  • Rawling Thomas, West gate
  • Robinson Robert, Church st
  • Rutter Marshall, Patten lane
Boot & Shoe Makers,
  • Alderson John, Bellman gate
  • Pennock Thomas, West gate
  • Porritt Thomas, Bellman gate
  • Robinson Thomas, Church st
  • Rymer Richard, West gate
  • Weatherall John, Market place
Braziers & Tin Plate Workers,
  • Bulmer Thomas, Market place
  • Wilson John, Bellman gate
  • Askell Thomas, Market place
  • Graham John (& maltster) North Route gate
Brick Makers,
  • Moss William, Tile sheds
  • Winter Thomas, Church st
  • Naggs John, West gate
  • Moore William, Bellman gate
  • Williamson Robert, Patten lane
  • Winter Thomas, Church st
  • Winter Thomas, jun. Church st
  • Atkinson Thomas, Church st
  • Leng Thomas, Church st
  • Sanders William, Market place
  • Borrow William, West gate
  • Howcroft & Johnson, West gate
  • Johnson Thomas, North Route gate
Chymists & Druggists,
  • Duck Daniel, Market place
  • Smith John, Market place
Clog Makers,
  • Morley John, North Route gate
  • Robinson Thomas, Church st
Curriers & Leather Cutters,
  • Ord Richard, West gate
  • Walker Robert, Church st
  • Gricewood William, Patten lane
  • Pulman Alexander, West gate
Fire, &c. Office Agents,
  • Atlas, Henry Clarke, West gate
  • Guardian, William H. Hickson, Church st
  • Phoenix, John Corney, Market place
  • Yorkshire, Thomas Stephenson, Market place
Flax Dressers,
  • Corney John, West gate
  • Smith William, West gate
Grocers & Drapers,
  • Baker John, Church st
  • Briggs Isaac & Co. (grocers only) West gate
  • Dixon Thomas, Market place
  • Johnson Thomas, Church st
  • Pulman William (draper only) Market place
  • Smith John, Market place
  • Symmonds Charles, Church st
  • Watson John, Market place
Hair Dressers,
  • Dent Edmond, Market place
  • Wright John, West gate
  • Havelock William, Bow st
  • Pulman William, Market place
  • Buck, John Wilson, Market place
  • Cock, Thomas Marsh, Market place
Joiners, Carpenters & Cabinet Makers,
  • Clarke Morley, Market place
  • Dennis Thomas, Bellman gate
  • Harpley Richard, Market place
  • Small John (& upholsterer) Church st
  • Taylor Benjamin, West gate
Linen Manufacturers,
  • Leng John, Church st
  • Smith William, West gate
  • Fletcher George, West gate
  • Pollard Benjamin, Howlbeck mill
  • Aisalby Ann, West gate
  • Charlton Margaret, Ballman gate
  • Corney Mary,
  • Hindson Caroline, West gate
  • Hodgson Eliza, Market place
  • King Ann, Bellman gate
  • Scaife Martha, Market place
  • Scarth Jane, Bellman gate
  • Wilson Annabella, West gate
Painters, Plumbers & Glaziers,
  • Bulmer John, Bellman gate
  • Bulmer Richard, Church st
  • Wright Robert, West gate
Rope Makers,
  • Corney John, Market place
  • Lincoln Robert, Church st
  • Smith William, West gate
Saddlers & Harness Makers,
  • Booth Thomas, West gate
  • Clarke George, Market place
  • Cole John (& tawer) Bow st
Shopkeepers & Dealers in Sundries,
  • Butement John, Church st
  • Campion John, West gate
  • Dale Richard, Market place
  • King Matthew, West gate
  • Laing James, Market place
  • Robson John, Bellman gate
Stone Masons,
  • Pretty Richard, Bellman gate
  • Stockton John, West gate
  • Williamson Edward, West gate
Straw Hat Makers,
  • Corney Ann, Market place
  • Leng Jane, West gate
  • Pattison Elizabeth, Bellman gate
  • Scaife Martha, Market place
  • Scarth Jane, Bellman gate
  • Wilson Annabella, West gate
  • Mackereth Michael, West gate
  • Thomson Walter, West gate
  • Wilson Henry William, West gate
  • Wilson William, Bow st
  • Barker Robert, Church st
  • Beaumont William, Patten lane
  • Burn William, Bellman gate
  • Havelock John & William, Bellman gate
  • Hodgson Thomas, West gate
  • Rooks John, Bellman gate
  • Williamson William, Church st
Tallow Chandlers,
  • Askew William (& seedsman) West gate
  • Corney William (& seedsman) West gate
Taverns & Public Houses,
  • Anchor, William Page, Bellman gate
  • Black Swan, Ann Pearson, Market place
  • Fox, William Lee, Bellman gate
  • George & Dragon, John Scaife, Market place
  • Golden Lion, John Hewitt, Market place
  • Highland Laddie, Elizabeth Leng, Church st
  • King George IV, Edward Williamson, West gate
  • King William IV, Ralph Greathead, Church st
  • Mermaid, John Peart, Market place
  • Red Lion, Joseph Wynn, Church st
  • Seven Stars, George Morley, Market place
  • Ship, Ann Walker, West gate
  • Three Fiddlers, Thomas Booth, West gate
Wine & Spirit Merchants,
  • Askew William, West gate
  • Corney William, Market place
Watch Makers,
  • Unthank George, Market place
  • Wilson Thomas, market place
  • Earl William, nail maker, North Route gate
  • Harrison John, postman, Church st
  • Hickson Joseph, chief constable of East Langbaurgh, Church st
  • Hodgson Ralph, printer, bookseller, and bookbinder, Market place
  • Scaife John, slater, Market place
  • Thompson John, tea dealer, Church st
  • Walker Richard, tanner, West gate
  • Walmsley Henry, dyer, Church st
  • Watson John, cooper, West gate
  • Wilson Thomas, ironmonger, Market place
  • To Castleton, Thomas Baker, every Tuesday
  • To Marsk & Redcar, George Hogarth, every Tuesday -- and Peter Kitching, every Monday & Thursday
  • To Stockton, George Hogarth, every Tuesday --- Thomas Johnson & Christopher Weley, every Wed. & Sat. --- and Robert Johnson, every Mon. Wed. Fri. & Sat.
  • To Stokesley, Thomas Johnson, every Wed. & Sat. --- and Christopher Weley, every Tues. & Sat.
  • To Whitby, Thomas Johnson & Christopher Weley, every Mon. & Thurs.

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000