Lythe MIs.




Some of the Monumental Inscriptions from the Churchyard (1888)

  • In the church yard are some unique and original memorials of the dead. Many of them are very old eg:
    • Christopher Ripley 1674
    • Christopher Moone 1695
    • Robert Corner 1714
    • Mary Corner 1726
    • John Williamson 1737
    • Elizabeth Galalee 1761
    • Elizabeth Todd 1746

  • "One very noticeable feature to be observed among the tombstones is the great number of people who lived to be a good old age, thus proving the salubrity of the climate and the abstemiousness of the people. We append the names of a few:
    • Joseph Thomson 103 years
    • Isaac Dobson 100
    • Margaret Robinson 100
    • John Sedman 100
    • Wm Cass 96
    • Nanny Thompson 95
    • Nancy Shaw 93
    • Mary Rudsdale 94
    • Wm Garbutt 93
    • Sarah Tinley 93
    • Jane Hill 92
    • Ann Cass 91
    • John Moor 90
    • Elizabeth Robinson 90
    • Hannah Backhouse 89
    • Ann Garbutt 89
    • Ed Corner 89
    • Eliz English 89
    • Sarah Ellerby 88
    • Mary Storm 87
    • Thos Knaggs 86
    • Eliz Laverick 86
    • Margaret Haig 86
    • John Linton 85
    • Francis Laverick 84
    • Wm Robinson 83
    • Susannah Linton 81.

  • "The following are a few of the most noticeable inscriptions:-
    • William Johnson was accidently killed in the jet mines 1859
    • John Harrison, a promising youth, was unfortunately killed by a threshing machine 1824
    • Robert Rosamund, a constable for this township, has 3 wives laid here. He afterwards married a fourth.
    • Robert Booth, John Booth and George Booth, brothers, were drowned, the former two off Whitby out of the brig "Felicity" and the last off Greenwich.
    • John White was drowned near Cape Horn
    • John Rodgers was 41 years in the employment of the Mulgrave family
    • John Moffit head gamekeeper to the Marquis of Normanby, was murdered in Mulgrave Woods 1844
    • John Chapman drowned at Dunkirk 1838
    • Alice Stokes died at Port Royal, Jamaica, 1826
    • Geo Chapman was chief boatswain of HMS Wasp and died at Beyrout in Syria 1841
    • Robert Garbutt was lost in the barque "Ion" which sailed from Quebec 1868
    • Thomas Garbutt, his son, was drowned at Ibrail 1860
    • John William Garbutt, another son, was lost in the barque "Argosy" 1874
    • Thomas Pearson drowned at West Hartlepool 1863
    • John Pearson was registrar 1875
    • John Taylorson died on board the barque "Ann Stephenson" on the Indian Ocean on a voyage from Java to Falmouth 1876
    • Thos Pearson of East Row was a solicitor 1868
    • John Shaw Jackson was an MRCVS and Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Lythe district
    • Thos Lynass was accidently killed at Goldsbro' 1879
    • Ann Scarr Langstaff was for many years school-mistress at Sandsend 1869
    • Thos Harland was drowned at Pillau while bathing 1871
    • Isaac Peacock was an officer of Inland Revenue 1877
    • Wm Cook was drowned at sea 1820
    • Ed Corney was an Excise officer
    • John Stephenson died at sea and was buried at Miramichi in America
    • Lieutenant Geo Ellerby was of His Majesty's Royal Navy 1831
    • Mary Thompson of Pinner Middlesex came on a visit to her friends at Whitby and died there
    • John Oxley died at Carthagena 1812
    • Christopher Swales died at the Island of Guadaloupe
    • John Knaggs and Robert Booth were drowned at Sandsend from a pleasure boat. "Firm friends in life, in death they were not divided" 1819
    • John Kerr, land agent died 1871
    • John Kerr his son, land agent, died 1884

Data transcribed from:
"A history of the ancient parish of Lythe including Sandsend,
East Row, Mulgrave Castle, Mulgrave Woods and grounds,
The Hermitage, Foss Mill" by John Crowther (dated 1888).

By Caroline Gaden