Scarborough Bailiffs up to 1810.


Transcription of the Scarborough Bailiffs, up to 1810

Source=h:/!Genuki/RecordTranscriptions/NRY/ScarboroughBailiffsAndMPs.txt The History and Antiquities of Scarborough and the Vicinity was published in 1811 by Thomas Hinderwell. There follows a List of Baliffs of Scarborough, elected anually, 30th September, from the Year 1600 to the present time (1810) extracted from this book.

1600William ConyersThomas Battie
1601Wm. PeacockThomas Butler
1602Wm. HicksonJohn Farrer
1603Paul PeacockThomas Battie
1604Wm. conyersChristopher Thompson
1605Wm. PeacockWm. Thompson
1606Wm. HicksonJohn Lacy
1607Paul PeacockJohn Farrer
1608Wm. ConyersRobert Fysh
1609Wm. HicksonThomas Battie
1610Sir T Posthumous Hoby.Christopher Thompson
1611Wm. ThompsonJohn Lacy
1612Thomas BattieJohn Dobson
1613John FarrerFrancis Thompson
1614Chr. ThompsonThomas Foord
1615Roger BayneGregory Fysh
1616Wm ThompsonRobert Fysh
1617Chr. ThompsonPaul Peacock
1618Thos.BattieGregory Fysh
1619John FarrerJohn Dobson
1620Wm Conyers died 
1620Wm. Thompson SucceededRobt. Harthroppe
1621Robert FyshWm. Headley
1622Gregory FyshRichd. Thompson
1623Francis ThompsonWm. Battie
1624Paul PeacockThos. Foord
1625John Farrer.Richard Peacock
1626Robert FyshJohn Harrison
1627Gregory FyshWm Conyers
1628Robert HarthroppWm. Batty
1629Wm. ThompsonThos. Foord
1630Stephen ThompsonWm. Foord
1631Francis ThompsonJohn Harrison
1632Wm. BattyeWm. Tennant
1633Gregory FyshTimothy Thompson
1634John HarrisonMark Alman
1635Robert FyshWm. Tennant
1636Roger WyvillWm.Foord
1637Christ. ThompsonWm. Fysh
1638Timothy ThompsonMark Alman
1639Richard ThompsonThomas Moone
1640Francis ThompsonWm. Foord
1641Wm. HeadleyWm. Fysh
1642John HarrisonWm. Chapman
1643Roger WyvillJohn Hickson
1644Christ. ThompsonTristram Fysh
1645John Harrison senThomas Gill
1646John Harrison junwm. Nesfield
1647Chr JarrattNicholas Saunders
1648John Harrison senMatthew Fowler
1649Thomas GillWm Saunders
1650John Harrison senJohn Burton
1651Luke Robinson M.PChr. Jarratt
1652John Analby M.PMatthew Fowler
1653William FoordPeter Hodgson
1654John Harrison senWm Saunders
1655Christ. JarrattJohn Keay
1656Thomas Gill Died 
1656Wm. Foord succeededWm. Robinson
1657Wm. NesfieldWm. Walker
1658Matthew FowlerRobt Rogers
1659John HarrisonLieut. Col. John Cottrell
1660Wm SaundersWm Lawson
1661Wm. ThompsonTimothy Foord
1662John HicksonJohn Keay
1663Thomas SwannFrancis Thompson
1664Tristram FyshWm Lawson
1665Wm SaundersJohn Dodsworth
1666Timothy FoordWm. Robinson
1667John HicksonJohn Keay
1668Francis ThompsonThomas Oliver
1669Sir John Legard; Bart.Wm Lawson
1670Tristram FyshFrancis Sollitt
1671Wm. SaundersJohn Craven
1672John DodsworthThomas Sedman
1673Wm.robinsonDaniel Foord
1674Wm. LawsonJohn Cockrill
1675Timothy FoordWm. Alman
1676Wm. SaundersJohn Craven
1677John WyvillThos. Sedman
1678Tristram FyshJohn Robinson
1679Daniel FoordEdward Porter
1680John CravenWm. Porrett
1681Thos. SedmanWm. Fowler
1682Timothy FoordNicholas Saunders
1683John RobinsonWm. Megginson

Mayors under the Charter 36th Charles the Second
1684John Knowsley Esq.
1685Sir John Legard, Bart
1686Sir William Cayley, Bart
1687Sir Richard Osbaldston,Knt
1688Thomas Aislaby Esq. The Last Mayor

Bailiffs under former Charters, restored at the revolution.
1688Nov 16 John WyvillJame Cockrill
1689Timothy FoordRalph Porter
1690Wm. MegginsonFrancis Hickson
1691Thomas SedmanPaul Batty
1692Ralph PorterAdam Farside
1693Richard BlanchardWm, Foord
1694James CockrillRichard Allatson
1695Francis HicksonWm. Burton
1696Wm, FoordFras. Hodgson
1697Wm, FoordFras. Hodgson
1697Vice Rich. AllatsonW. Coulson refused to serve
1698Adam FarsideJohn Robinson
1699Paul BattyWm. Robinson
1700Thomas SedmanThos. Porter
1701Francis HicksonEdward Johnson
1702Richard AllatsonEdward Carter
1703Thomas SedmanWilliam Coulson
1704John RobinsonWilliam Tindall
1705Edward JohnsonFrancis Clark
1706Wm. RobinsonJohn Bell
1707Wm. FoordJohn Craven
1708Wm. CoulsonGeorge Porrett
1709Edward CarterThomas Bielby
1710Wm. TindallWm. Porrett
1711Richard AllatsonJohn Nunwick
1712John RobinsonWm. Farside died
1712 George Porrett succeeded.
1713Wm FoordPhatuel Foord
1714Francis ClarkJohn Batty
1715John BellJohn Harrison
1716John CravenRichard Thorpe
1717John Nunwick died ... 
1717Phatuel Foord succeededRalph Porter
1718John BellPeter Maxwell
1719Edw. CarterThomas Coulson
1720Fras. ClarkBenj. Fowler
1721Wm. PorrettThos. Goland died
1721 John Mowld Succeeded
1722Richard ThorpMatthew Endick
1723John HarrisonWilliam Fowler
1724John CravenThos. Cockrill
1725Edward CarterJohn Huntriss
1726Francis ClarkJohn Hebden
1727Thomas CoulsonHenry Cottrell
1728Benj. FowlerCulmer Cockrill
1729John CravenValentine Fowler
1730John HarrisonWm. Maling
1731Thos. CockrillJohn Tindall
1732Henry CottrellWm. Batty
1733Henry CottrellJames Hebden
1734John HebdenThos. Skelton
1735John Huntriss senAllatson Bell
1736Wm. BattyMatthew Armstrong

From this date elections were irregular,
two sets of Officers having been chosen annually,
untill a Mandamus from the court of King's bench was Issued.
1743/Apr/3Jas. HebdenFrancis Goland
1743/Sep/30Tho. SkeltonJohn Robinson
1744Thomas CoulsonRobert Goland
1745Thomas CockerillWm. Dickinson
1746Benj. FowlerTimothy Otbie
1747Valentine FowlerMilburn Botterill
1748James HebdenWilliam Fowler
1749Fras. Goland senHugh Andrew
1750James HebdenJohn Raine
1751John Robinson senThos. Lewen
1752John RaineJonathon Rickinson
1753Wm. FowlerCornelius Burgh
1754Thos. CoulsonWm. Haggitt
1755Milburn BotterillWm. Coulson
1756Fras. Goland senWm. Porrett
1757Wm. HaggittRobert Cockerill
1758Wm. CoulsonRobert Foster
1759Wm. FowlerRobert Duesbury
1760Wm. PorrettBenj. Fowler jun.
1761Robt. DuesburyThomas Maling
1762Wm. CoulsonChristpher Harrison
1763Wm. PorrettJohn Tindall
1764Robert DuesburyThomas Maling
1765Robert Cockerill died 
1765Wm. Coulson succeededFrancis Harrison
1766Wm. PorrettWm. Frank
1767Thos. MallingFrancis Coulson
1768Benj. FowlerWm. Bean
1769Francis CoulsonJohn Travis
1770Wm. PorrettJohn Mackley
1771Wm. PorrettPlaxton Dickinson
1772Robt. DuesburyRalph Bettson
1773John MackleyMatthew Duesbury died
1773 James Goland succeeded
1774Plaxton DickinsonGawan Tranmar
1775Wm. PorrettThomas Hinderwell
1776John TravisJoseph Huntriss
1777John MackleyJohn Halley
1778Plaxton DickinsonJonas Sutton
1779Wm. PorrettThos Haggitt
1780John TravisJames Tindall
1781Joseph HuntrissThos. Hinderwell jun.
1782John HalleyJohn Garnet
1783Thomas HaggittTimothy Otbie
1784Thos. Hinderwell jun.John Harrison
1785James TindallRichard Fox
1786Thomas HaggittWm. Parkin
1789John HarrisonJohn Woodall
1790Thos. Hinderwell jun.Thomas Foster
1791Richard FoxValentine Fowler
1792John WoodallJohn Coulson
1793Wm. ClarksonThos. Philliskirk
1794Thomas FosterBenj. Fowler
1795Valentine FowlerWilliam Hall
1798John WoodallAnthony Beswick
1799Thos, Hinderwell jun.Wm. Herbert
1800John CoulsonSedgfield Dale
1801Robert TindallGawan Taylor
1802John WoodallJohn Hopper died
1802 John Hall succeeded
1803Gawan TaylorWilliam Travis
1804Sedgfield DaleJohn Woodall jun.
1805John TravisThomas Keld
1806William TravisGeorge Fowler
1807Gawan TaylorJoseph N. Vickerman
1808John Woodall jun.Samuel Wharton
1809Thomas KeldJoseph Wilson
1810Robert TindallWilliam Chambers

The History and Antiquities of Scarborough and the Vicinity
by Thomas Hinderwell, 1811
Transcribed by Christine Metcalfe ©2000