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HARTHILL: The Parish Marriage Registers for Harthill, 1920-1939

DateGroom nameGroom SurnameGroom's FatherGroom ParishAgeOccupationBride nameBride SurnameBride's FatherBride ParishAgeNotes
15&nbsp01&nbsp1920Charles EdwardSTOREYWilliam, a LabourerHarthill28LabourerEmmaWATFORDWilliamHarthill23Emma a Domestic Servant
31 01 1920Thomas WilliamTWIGGGeorge, deceased FarmerSt.Oswald's, Sheffield25Foreman EngineerAnnie CeciliaSMITHGeorge Charles, a Colliery LabourerHarthill25Annie a Domestic Servant
17 04 1920HubertBARBERHarry, deceased Coal MinerKiveton Park Colliery24Coal MinerMabel FlorenceBILHAMJohn, a Coal MinerHarthill21 
17 04 1920HarryPENROSEGeorge John, deceased GardenerKiveton Gardens26Drapery ManagerElizabethKIRKJohn William, deceased Coal MinerKiveton Gardens31Elizabeth a School Teacher
19 06 1920WalterKITTSWalter, a Coal MinerAskern29Coal MinerHarriett HettaBAGSHAWEWilliam Henry, a Coal MinerFirvale20 
17 07 1920Herbert JohnBILHAMGeorge, a Coal MinerHarthill26Coal MinerEdith EllenLAKINGArthurFirvale21 
22 07 1920TomLAKINGThomas, a Coal MinerHarthill31Coal MinerLois KathleenRICHARDSCharles William, deceased GardenerAttercliffe33 
16 08 1920JohnBATEMANJohn, deceased Coal MinerFirvale32Coal MinerBeatriceTURNERGeorge, a MasonHarthill31 
24 11 1920FrankHYDESJohn William, deceased Coal MinerFirvale24AC2, RAFFlorenceNORRISWilliam, a LabourerBeighton, DBY23 
24 03 1921SidneySMITHSamuel, deceased FarmerHarthill40Colliery LabourerKateRICHARDSWilliam Richard, deceased BrickLayerHarthill35Kate a Domestic Servant
28 03 1921FrankGARDENERGeorge, a GreenGrocerKillamarsh22Coal MinerAnnie ElizabethWHITLAMGeorge, a Colliery LabourerHarthill21 
28 03 1921George HenryFLOWERJoseph, a Coal MinerFirvale33Coal MinerHannahBATEMANJohn, deceased Coal MinerFirvale29 
30 04 1921ArthurATKINJoseph, deceased Farm LabourerHarthill24Farm LabourerLilySTOREYWilliam, deceased LabourerHarthill20 
16 05 1921CliffordGUNSONWilliam, a Wool WeaverRashcliffe25Painter & DecoratorDorothy WinifredWAKEFIELDHenry, a Coal MinerFirvale25Dorothy a Domestic Servant
27 08 1921LeonardFLOWERJoseph, a Coal MinerFirvale27Coal MinerLucy RebeccaJENNINGSWilliam, a Plate LayerFirvale32Lucy a Domestic Servant
24 09 1921Dick StockdaleCHAPMANWilliam, a QuarryManEmbsay35Wool DresserElsiePEATHenry, a Coal MinerFirvale24 
03 12 1921JohnROSEFrederick, a BlackSmithFirvale21Coal MinerFlorrieFROGGATTWalter John, an InnKeeperHarthill20 
03 12 1921JohnHUNTERJames, a Check WeighmanWales24Motor DriverNellieFROGGATTWalter John, an InnKeeperHarthill23 
24 12 1921JohnWOODALLSamuel, deceased Coal MinerFirvale38Coal MinerEdith EllenMEEKThomas Harrison, a LabourerFirvale38 
21 01 1922ColinCOULBECKRobert Wain, a ManagerWales23Colliery MechanicGertrudeBILHAMJoseph, a Coal MinerHarthill20 
25 03 1922GeorgeOLIVANTJohn, a Farm LabourerScolthorpe, LIN24Farm LabourerNellieMALTBYAmos, a Colliery LabourerPennyholme22 
01 04 1922RichardWESTONJohn, a Coal MinerFirvale21Coal MinerNellieCOLEGeorge, a Coal MinerFirvale19 
01 05 1922James WilliamWAINSCOATJohn, deceased Colliery BlackSmithHarthill22Coal MinerFlorence MaryCOWLEYWillis, a Coal MinerFirvale22 
03 06 1922WilliamHOLMESSamuel, a QuarryManAnston29Coal MinerElizabethHICKLINGJesse, a Coal MinerFirvale19 
01 07 1922LawrenceDOWNINGWilliam, a Coal MinerHarthill28Coal MinerEvelynDOWNINGCharles Henry, a Coal MinerHarthill18 
09 08 1922EdwinCALVERTFrederick Alison, deceased OverLookerBurley in Wharfdale31Wool SorterAda LilyROSEFrederick, a BlackSmithHarthill25Ada a Domestic Servant
31 08 1922FredJONESRichard, a Coal MinerFirvale24Coal MinerAnnieSNOWDENWilliam, a Coal MinerHarthill21 
26 10 1922HaroldPICKERINGWilfred, deceased FarmerBridlington38Coach BuilderEveline AnnHARRISONSamuel, a SchoolMasterHarthill29Eveline a Nurse
14 11 1922William HenrySMITHCass, deceased FarmerHarthill42TeacherLilian MabelTURNERFrederick, deceased FarmerWoodall36 
26 12 1922SamuelCHAMBERSCharles, a Colliery LabourerHarthill43Coal MinerEsther ElizabethUNWINThomas Allsop, deceased Farm LabourerHarthill41 
31 03 1923ErnestBILLAMJoseph, a MinerHarthill24MinerHildaWIDDISONJoseph, a MinerHarthill19 
21 05 1923LawrenceBENNETTJames, a Coal MinerHarthill24Coal MinerSarah AnnSTANIFORTHArchibald, an AnnealerHarthill23 
22 05 1923John WilliamGAFNEYWilliam, a MinerFirvale27CobblerWinifredBOOTHFrederick Alcock, a MinerFirvale28 
21 07 1923ArthurLAWSONElijah, deceased LabourerFirvale27Coal MinerBeatriceALLSOPWilliam, a Coal MinerFirvale20 
21 07 1923FredWIDDISONJohn, deceased Coal MinerFirvale23Coal MinerMaryPARKERJesse, a Coal MinerKiveton Park24 
24 11 1923HoraceSTEWARDSONMartin Brittain, a Coal MinerFirvale24Coal MinerEdith MarySEVERNWilliam, a BlackSmithHarthill20 
08 12 1923HerbertBATTERSBYGeorge, deceased Railway Signalman8 Maple Road, Kiveton Park25Railway ShunterLilySMITHGeorge Charles, a BlackSmithHarthill22 
25 12 1923MartinSTEWARDSONMartin Brittain, a Coal MinerHarthill22Coal MinerEthelCOPEJohn William, an EngineerHarthill21 
19 04 1924SamuelDENNISJoseph, a Coal Miner50 Wales Road, Kiveton Park22Coal MinerAnnie ElizabethGOULDTHORPEWilliam, a QuarryManHarthill21 
23 07 1924William HenryFROGGATTWalter John, a Licenced VictuallerHarthill27MinerClariceFEATHERSTONEWilliam, deceased MinerHarthill27 
04 08 1924AlbertIBBERSONWilliam, a Farm LabourerHarthill23MinerConstance AnnieLAKINGCharles, a MinerFirvale22 
15 09 1924Thomas FrederickBELLRichard, a Coal Miner31 Trent Street, Worksop24Coal MinerAnnie ElizabethUNWINJohn, deceased BanksmanHarthill22 
12 11 1924EdwardCLARKEGeorge, deceased FarmerHarthill22Motor DriverGladysELLIOTTFrederick, a Coal MinerKillamarsh17 
25 12 1924HarryTAYLORGeorge Stubbings, a FarmerHarthill23Coal MinerAlexandra OttolineHARRISONSamuel, a retired SchoolMasterHarthill21 
27 06 1925ThomasWEBBHenry, a retired Carpenter259 Waterloo Street, Burton on Trent36Motor DriverSusannaWAINSCOATJohn, deceased BlackSmithHarthill27 
15 07 1925Duncan VictorREVITTPriestly, deceased FarmerHodsock nr Worksop30FarmerMabelTRICKETTGeorge Jenkinson, deceased FarmerWoodall26 
18 07 1925HaroldWIDDISONJohn, deceased Coal MinerFirvale22Coal MinerSarahBAILEYSamuel, a Coal MinerHarthill20 
12 09 1925BertieCAUDWELLStephen Holmes, a MinerKiveton Park27MinerHannahALLSOPTimothy, a MinerHarthill19 
16 02 1926HarryBARLOWGeorge, a Farm LabourerFirvale40Coal MinerEdithWALKERGeorge, a CarterFirvale38 
05 04 1926HenrySNOWDENWilliam, a Coal MinerHarthill23Coal MinerLucyBENNETTJoseph William, deceased Coal MinerFirvale20 
05 04 1926GeorgeBRADSHAWJohn William, a Coal MinerHarthill24Coal MinerEveline AliceSEARSTONEWilliam, deceased Coal MinerHarthill21 
24 05 1926James AlfredMARTINWilliam, a Collier72 Aberconway Street, Blidworth, Mansfield23BrickLayerLilyPEARCEJoseph, a PostmanHarthill20 
17 07 1926John WilliamFROGGATTHenry, deceased MinerWales24MinerZillahSWAINJoe Gilbert, a MinerHarthill19 
14 08 1926PercySOUTHWELLGeorge Henry, a Miner45 Mandeville Street, Darnall24BrickLayer's LabourerAnnie ElizaFREEMANAlbert, a Farm LabourerHarthill24 
18 09 1926John ThomasCROFTSJoseph, a FarmerHarthill32FarmerAda MarySTANLEYGeorge Thompson, a FarmerHoneysykes, Thorpe Salvin31 
25 09 1926Charles SpencerSCOTTCharles, a WoodmanFirvale22WoodmanEthel AnnieJENKINSWilliam, a Coal MinerFirvale19 
13 10 1926John WillieBRADSHAWJohn Willie, a Coal MinerHarthill28Coal MinerFlorence SarahGUESTJarvis, a Coal MinerWoodall26 
21 12 1926John FisherSCOTTAlbert, an Engineer21 Wales Road, Kiveton Park22Coal MinerNellieROSEFrederick, a Coal MinerHarthill19 
25 12 1926Arthur BransonHOLLANDGeorge Arthur, an EngineerMeadowside, Waleswood24ChemistPattie RevinaLANCASHIREWilliam, a GrocerFirvale23 
26 02 1927Alfred SpencerSISSONSJohn William, a Coal MinerWales29Coal MinerFlorenceRICHARDSONGeorge, a Coal MinerHarthill28 
01 03 1927MauriceWAINSCOATJohn, deceased Colliery BlackSmithHarthill26Farm HorsemanDoris MaryBROWNCharles, a Farm BailiffCastle Hill Farm, Whitwell25 
16 04 1927JamesPICKLESBenjamin Arthur, a Master Motor Engineer10 Belmont Crescent, Shipley20FitterIrene EvaROSEJohn, a BlackSmithHarthill20 
18 04 1927Robert ParkinsonWELCHJohn William, an Insurance Agent61 Otter Street, Derby30Motor EngineerHarriett JessieCROFTSJoseph, a FarmerHarthill35 
18 04 1927Albert ThomasBILLAMJoseph, a Coal MinerHarthill24Coal MinerElsieWALKERSamuel, a Coal Miner42 Barlborough Road, Clowne19 
18 04 1927William HoraceCOALWOODJohn, a Roadman28 Barlborough Road, Clowne23Coal MinerViolet AliceMOSELEYFrederick, deceased Coal MinerHarthill24 
04 06 1927Frederick WilliamFAIRBURNWillie, a ButcherCommon Farm, Barlborough28FarmerEmmaWOODWARDHerbert, a FarmerWoodall25 
23 07 1927Gilbert WillowsEDGINGTONWilfred Frederick, deceased PainterHarthill26Coal MinerIvyCOWLEYAlbert, a Coal MinerFirvale24 
22 10 1927HarrySTEVENSONWilliam, a Coal MinerHarthill24Coal MinerBeatrice SarahWAKEFIELDHenry, a Colliery DeputyHarthill21 
08 12 1927JackUNWINJohn, deceased Colliery BanksmanHarthill22Coal MinerDorothyHODGKINSONJohn, deceased Congregational MinisterKiveton Park21 
12 12 1927Vincent HowardTYEJohn, a Coal MinerPark Terrace, Kiveton Park22Coal MinerRuthHILLJacob, a Coal MinerHarthill22 
17 12 1927JohnWAINSCOATJohn, deceased Colliery BlackSmithHarthill24Coal MinerIvyFROGGATTHarry, deceased Coal MinerKiveton Park20 
04 02 1928CharlesMATTHEWSCharles, a Coal MinerFirvale22Coal MinerAliceWAPLINGTONWilliam, deceased Coal MinerFirvale26 
04 02 1928CharlesPURSERCharles, deceased Coal MinerSutton in Ashfield24Police ConstableEllenGAFNEYWilliam, a Coal MinerFirvale27 
11 02 1928Albert JohnBIGGSCharles, a Labourer10 Invicta Cottages, West End, Greenford, Northolt, MDX21FencerIvy PriscillaDALLEYJohn, a Coal MinerFirvale22 
03 03 1928John DonaldRIDLEYRichard Cook, a Retired ColonelHarthill23Electrical EngineerRita MayGARNHAMVictor Edward, a Master BrickLayerGate Farm, Shotley, SFK23Rita a SchoolMistress
09 04 1928Clarence HaydenWOODWARDHayden, a Wine & Spirit MerchantCattrerick Camp, Hipswell, Richmond25SoldierHildaKINGSamuel, a Coal MinerHarthill20 
26 05 1928Thomas HenryBENNETTWilliam, a Rural District Council EmployeeHarthill24Rural District Council EmployeeLilyWIDDISONJohn, deceased Coal MinerHarthill19 
26 05 1928AlbertWIDDISONJohn, deceased Coal MinerHarthill23Coal MinerEmilyBENNETTWilliam, a Rural District Council EmployeeFirvale22 
21 07 1928FrederickSWAINJoe Gilbert, a Coal MinerHarthill22Coal MinerDorothyTURFORDArcher, a GardenerHarthill21 
21 07 1928CyrilKINGSamuel, a Coal MinerHarthill23Coal MinerDorothyFLETCHERBertie, a Coal MinerHarthill21 
22 10 1928HenryWATERFIELDAlbert Ernest, a BrickSetter491 Chester Road, Old Trafford, Manchester23Tram ConductorAnnie ElizabethMASSEYJoseph, a Coal MinerHarthill24 
22 10 1928George IrvingWHITLAMGeorge, a Coal MinerHarthill25Coal MinerAliceMASSEYJoseph, a Coal MinerHarthill23 
26 12 1928Joseph LindleyWOODHarold, a Coal Miner83 Station Road, Kiveton Park24Coal MinerMayCOPEJohn William, an EngineerField House, Herd Lane, Harthill23 
09 02 1929Charles JosephLAKINGCharles, a Coal MinerFirvale23Coal MinerEva LilianBILHAMJohn, deceased Coal MinerHarthill22 
20 04 1929CecilSMITHWilliam, a Coal MinerFirvale29Coal MinerNelliePEARCEHerbert Smith, a LabourerBarlborough27 
20 04 1929AlbertSCOTTAlbert, a Colliery Engine WinderWaverly Avenue, Kiveton Park26JoinerPhyllis MaySMITHGeorge Charles, a Coal MinerHarthill24 
30 04 1929HoraceSMITHSamuel, deceasedWoodall50WoodmanAnnie MariaGUESTJarvis, a MinerWoodall32 
11 05 1929CharlesROTHERFORTHCharles John, deceasedFirvale21Coal MinerLilyHALLAMJohn Henry, a Colliery Surface WorkerFirvale18 
21 05 1929William VernonHARTLEYWilliam Ezekial, a FarmerManor Farm, Harthill26FarmerMurielBRADYWilliam Henry, an Engine WinderHarthill26 
01 06 1929Arthur HammondPEACEHerbert William Fretson, a Steel ManufacturerHighall Farm, Woodhall Spa, LIN26FarmerJessie DoreenSTANLEYGeorge Thompson, a FarmerHoneysykes, Thorpe Salvin26 
13 06 1929HaroldHOPKINSONFrank, a Monumental MasonNorth Anston20ClerkAlice EdnaWOODHEADJohn Thomas, a Coal MinerKiveton Park20 
18 06 1929William DickinsonBUTTERWORTHThomas, deceased EngineerHammond Read in Whalley, Blackburn, LAN23EngineerNoraBRADYRobert, a Coal MinerHarthill23 
20 07 1929BertiePEAT Harthill28Coal MinerMaryBATEMAN Harthill26Mary a Domestic Servant
01 08 1929ReginaldHALL Kiveton Park, Wales24Colliery FitterNora EdithWOODHEAD Harthill26 
07 09 1929William HallamBLAGG Kiveton Park22BrickLayerDoris MayHUNT  26 
28 09 1929HarryFIELD Kiveton Park21Coal MinerGertrudeROSE Harthill19 
04 01 1930John HenryBAILEY Harthill27Coal MinerDorisBENNETT Harthill18 
19 04 1930ErnestBRADSHAW Harthill22Coal MinerEdith MarjorieFROGGATT Harthill24Edith a Domestic Servant
21 04 1930Thomas WilliamTRISTRAM Wales25Coal MinerAnnieIBBESON Harthill24 
19 07 1930Sidney PresswoodBILHAM Firvale36Coal MinerKathleenMEEK Firvale19 
21 07 1930Joseph WrayMALLENDER Harthill27Railway FiremanElsie MayRATHBONE Harthill23 
18 10 1930FredGREAVES Barlborough40Colliery OfficialGladys MariaJEPSON Firvale44Fred a Widower and Gladys a Widow
18 10 1930Clarence LockheedWAINSCOAT Harthill28ButcherElsieFROGGATT Harthill27 
19 12 1930TomATKINSON Kiveton Park24Coal MinerViolet AnnieSEVERN Harthill23 
26 12 1931WilliamSTUBBINGS Harthill38Coal MinerElsieBENNETT Harthill23 
26 12 1931Kenneth JamesCULLIP Crawley, SSX21PlumberMaryBOOTH Woodall19 
17 02 1932BenjaminBAGSHAWE Firvale23Haulage HandGladys MayPROVINES Firvale19 
28 03 1932Albert EdwardMARSHALL Harthill24Farm LabourerAliceBOOTH Woodall21 
14 05 1932Lawrence EdwardNEWBOLD Kiveton Park25Coal MinerElsieTURNER Harthill23 
02 07 1932Joseph EdwardBATTY Harthill22Coal MinerEthelBILLAM Harthill23 
05 10 1932MauriceSAMPSON Woodall30Quarry LabourerBetsy EleanorUNWIN Woodall21 
05 11 1932James WilliamSHAW Harthill38Coal MinerBerthaKNIGHT Harthill39Bertha a Widow
04 01 1933EricROBINSON Kiveton Park24LabourerLouieBILLAM Harthill22 
22 07 1933George ArthurROSS Kiveton Park30Coal MinerAnniePEAT Harthill27 
05 08 1933BernardREEVE Dinnington24Coal MinerEdith MaryDALLEY Harthill18 
23 12 1933HarryGOODLAD Killamarsh26Colliery Horse KeeperEmma LouiseROPER Woodall22 
23 12 1933John GilbertSWAIN Harthill22Coal MinerEvelynSCOTT Kiveton Park22 
17 02 1934John LloydGODFREY Kiveton Park20Coal MinerMildred EthelWAKEFIELD Harthill21 
02 04 1934WilfredATKINS Kiveton Park40Coal MinerFlorence EmmaHYDES Harthill33Wilfred a Widower
02 04 1934RandallNORRIS Penistone42CaretakerAnnie HarrietHYDES Harthill44Randall a Widower
02 04 1934JohnBENNETT Firvale27Coal MinerElsieBILHAM Harthill21 
02 04 1934JohnALLSOP Harthill20Rural District Council EmployeeNorahLADDS Kiveton Park19 
20 10 1934ColinGILLATT Harthill21MinerIvyKING Harthill22 
03 11 1934SteadmanHYDES Harthill23News AgentPhyllisHUGHES Kiveton Park, Wales23 
22 12 1934Thomas EdgarLACEY Dinnington22Coal MinerSylviaWALKER Harthill22 
26 12 1934George HaydenWILKS Kiveton Park27Coal MinerAvisCLARK Harthill25 
26 12 1934Colin FrankBURGESS Kiveton Park Station23Motor EngineerWinsome IrisDOWNING Harthill23 
09 02 1935ThomasSNOWDEN Harthill29Coal MinerWinifred MaryCOLE Harthill22 
23 03 1935HarrySMITH Oldcoates, Maltby24PostmanWinsomeCAPE Harthill19 
22 04 1935WilliamNORRIS Firvale21MinerPansyATKINSON Firvale21 
25 05 1935JackLEIGH Manchester28ClerkHilda PhillipaDALLEY Kiveton Park25 
08 06 1935Dennis WilliamTHOMPSON Harthill23MinerAnnieRICHARDS Harthill21 
10 06 1935LeonardRICHARDSON Firvale26MinerMaryUNWIN Harthill23 
27 07 1935ClarenceKING Harthill28LabourerMaggie Ada ElizabethPETERS  34 
17 08 1935EdwardHALLAM Brinsworth24EngineerJessie DoreenWHITLAW Harthill25 
30 11 1935James AlbertRAYFIELD Harthill27ArchitectPhyllis ConstanceCOOPER Harthill21Phyllis a Nurse
21 12 1935Robert FrancisJERRAM Barlborough25MoulderMildredHILL Harthill25 
21 12 1935Horace EdwardBANKS Eckington34Lorry DriverConstanceUNWIN Harthill31 
11 04 1936GeorgeWIDDISON Firvale21Coal MinerMarjorie EthelTYE Firvale21 
29 06 1936Cecil ShawSMITH Woodall24Farm LabourerFredaKIRKBY Harthill24 
22 08 1936Samuel EdwardSHINWELL Killamarsh22MinerPhyllisBENNETT Harthill22 
08 10 1936Philip EdwinRUSSUM Tickhill28ManagerLilian MaryBISHOP Harthill26 
17 10 1936HaroldKING Thorpe Salvin31JoinerHildaSMITH Harthill30 
31 10 1936Leslie RonaldWILKES Wales26EngineerVeraCLARKE Harthill24 
05 12 1936HoraceSHARPE Barlborough28Estate WorkerFrances ElizabethWAGSTAFF Harthill25 
05 12 1936Thomas EdwardGATES Killamarsh25SchoolMasterAlice GertrudeWILLIS Woodhill, Wales26 
05 12 1936Wilfred ListerCHAMBERS Kiveton Park29CollierRosalineALLSOP Harthill25 
26 12 1936SidneyDRAKETT Killamarsh27MinerMaggieLAKING Harthill24 
27 03 1937HaroldROSE Harthill34BrickLayerWinifredALLSOP Harthill23 
03 04 1937Frederick WilliamCOLE Barlborough26MinerLilyPEAT Harthill20 
10 04 1937AddyTYAS Todwick35Farm HandAnnieWARD Harthill28 
24 04 1937HoraceBRADLEY Kiveton Park22MinerMyrtle AmyLAKING Harthill20 
15 05 1937WilliamRHODES Harthill Grange29Farm WorkerMarySNOWDEN Harthill22 
05 06 1937FrederickWILKINSON Killamarsh38MinerHannah MaryWALKER Harthill36Frederick a Widower
10 06 1937George William WhitneySTANLEY Honeysykes Farm, Woodall40FarmerHildaNILAN Wood28 
23 06 1937Kenyon ChesterBISHOP Tickhill36FarmerLucy RebeccaSNELL Firvale31 
17 07 1937FredWIDDISON Harthill36MinerDorothy EvelynSALTER Harthill30 
02 08 1937Albert WilliamRAY Attercliffe, Sheffield27Core MakerEleanora ElizabethDOWNING Harthill23 
14 08 1937William JosephNICHOLS Kiveton Park26FitterRosemaryBARLOW Harthill31 
11 09 1937WilliamMARTIN Kiveton Park24MinerBeatrice MayFROGGATT Harthill20 
20 12 1937DenisMOGLEY Kiveton Park29GreenGrocerAnnieMOSELEY Harthill24 
27 12 1937JosephFULLER Old Whittington24Motor DriverFrancesBATEMAN Harthill25 
12 02 1938CharlesHICKLIN Harthill25MinerNellie BarnhamJONES Harthill21 
26 02 1938EricHIGGINS Harthill23Soldier [Private]Sarah ElizabethHILL Harthill24 
05 03 1938ThomasCUNNINGHAM Burnley23Store ManagerCatherineBRADY Harthill21 
05 06 1938GeorgeBATEMAN Firvale27MinerJoanHOLDEN Kiveton Park18 
06 06 1938JohnSTOCKS Kiveton Park24MinerVeraWOOD Harthill20 
23 07 1938JohnHARTLEY Harthill26MechanicInaWOODWARD Harthill32 
17 09 1938Kenneth GeorgeCLARKE Barlborough24MinerWinifred SevinaCLARK Harthill21 
15 10 1938George ArthurGOACHER Harthill28MoulderVioletKING Harthill26 
24 12 1938AlbertCLARK Harthill26CollierFlorence MayBENNETT Harthill22 
28 01 1939George GrahamMANGHAM Killamarsh21MinerGraceWALKER Harthill21 
08 04 1939George RobertMEEK Harthill30CollierKate IvyREYNOLDS Harthill35 
08 04 1939Victor HenryFERN Portsmouth25Bulding SurveyorAudrey MaryLAKING Harthill21 
06 05 1939Emlyn ThomasWILLIAMS Creswell31MinerMarionROSE Harthill26 
29 05 1939George BernardSTAMPER Harthill26Railway WorkerIrene IsabelDOWNING Harthill22 
15 07 1939Dennis VerdunWALKER Harthill22ChemistEdith HelenaEVANS Wales21 
02 09 1939John WilliamBATTY Killamarsh28MinerElla ElizabethWOOD Harthill24 

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2010
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