Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: KIRKBY OVERBLOW.     Church dedication: ALL SAINTS.     Church type: Rectory in charge.

Area, 10,730 acres. Claro wapentake, U. D *2. -Population, 1,528 *3; Church and Chapel-room, 600 *4; Net value, £944. -A Rectory which anciently belonged to the patronage of the Lords Percy.

Torre gives a catalogue of the Rectors.

5th November 1362, at the supplications and submissions of Sir Richard Tempest, knight, and William de Newport, Rector of Spofford, executors of the testament of Henry Lord Percy, and also on 7th November 1362, at the submission of Robert de Ede, then Rector of the Church, made to the ordination of John Archbishop of York, he, the said Archbishop, by virtue of the King's license, decreed that the Rector and his successors shall be called provosts of the same Church, and shall have all cure of the souls of the parishioners, and all rule and government of it, and that there shall be four chaplains, whereof one shall be in the Cathedral Church of York bearing the name, state, and habit of one of the parsons of the Church, and the other three shall have their perpetual Chantries in the Castle of Alnwick.

The advowson belonged to the Crown and was exchanged with the Duke of Somerset. See Act of Parliament 3d and 4th William and Mary; but it afterwards turned out that the Duke of Somerset was not entitled to the advowson, but that it belonged to the Earl of Egremont, consequently the Act of Parliament was inoperative, and Lord Egremont still presents *5.

The Rectory is valued in Pope Nicholas's Survey at £26. 13s. 4d., which in the New Taxation is reduced to £10, and in the King's Books at £20. 1s., and in the Parliamentary Survey, vol. xviii. p. 132, at £60 per annum.

There is a pension to the chaplain at Stainburn £4; pension to the chaplains in the Chapel at Alnwick £15; pension to the Archbishop £1 ; pension to a chantrist in York Minster £5; pension to the Chamberlain in ditto 10s. Synodals and Procurations 11s. 6d.

An unreported decree was made in the Exchequer as to tithes, in Trinity Term, 11th William III.

The following Inclosure Acts have been passed :-15th Geo. III. (Rigton township), 16th Geo. III. (Stainburn township), 38th Geo. III. (SicklingHall, &c.), 38th Geo. III. and 39th and 40th Geo. III. (Kearby).

There is a glebe house fit for residence.

The Register books commence in the year 1647.

The School. Eleven acres of land, said to have been given about 160 years ago, for educating four poor children. In 1782, a house was built for the master, in consideration of which he educates other two poor children. £1 per annum is also paid by the Rector, and £1. 1s. per annum out of Swindon estate.

Poor's money. Interest of £15 paid out of the rates, the parish having taken the principal.

Easterby rent-charge. 5s. per annum.

Dr. Cooper's bequest. Dividends of £200 three per cents., for clothes for six poor girls to go to church in on Sundays.

Joshua White's legacy, by will, about 1790. Dividends of £200 three per cent consols, laid out in purchasing corn, to be given to the poor at Candlemas.

Interest of £7. Principal taken by the parish. Given to the poor at Sicklinghall ; by will, 16th September 1741.

Richard Saxton's charity. Interest of £100 to the poor : now lost. -Vide 3rd Report. page 462.

Rector's charge. Nine bushels of wheat at Christmas to the poor of the five townships.

Post town: Wetherby.

Vid. Torre's MS., page 181, where also is set forth the order of the masses and services, the endowment of the chaplains, and the pensions reserved. Archbishop Sharp's MS., vol. i. page 79. Mon. Angl. vol. vi. page 1474.

*1 Alias Kirkby Ferrers, alias Kirkby Overblawes, alias Oreblowers.

*2 The township of Swindon is partly in Pannall parish, Lower Claro wapentake.

*3 Viz. Kirkby with Netherby, 281; Kirkby Overblows, 298 ; Rigton, 451 ; Sicklinghall, 212; Stainburn, 290; and Swindon, 46.

*4 In 1818, the Church-room was returned at 480.

*5 Vide 3rd William, 383.

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