Harrogate, War Memorial transcription


Knaresborough parish:

Harrogate, War Memorial transcription:

The the War Memorial in the grounds of Ashville College, Harrogate.

The front of the Memorial (see also Photo)

Amalgamated in 1930 with
Ashville College
1914 - 1918
In Memory of Old Boys
of New College who fell
in the Great War

Ashley M. Oncken W.G.
Bennett J. Oxley C.
Buckley G.H. Phillips G.S.
Butterfield R.H. Phillips F.S.
Chinnery R.C. Quarmby J.S.
Cheshire J.S. Reynolds P.
Clay V.H. Robinson A.V.
Cook J.E. Scholefield H.
Cook F.E. Small N.H.
Deakin R.H. Spencer A.
Field N. Thompson R.G.
Gimson W.S. Thompson H.C.
Herbert C.S. Turnbull J.P.
Jackson D.R.E. Vause T.C.
John I.G. Walker G.W.Q.
Knowles H.R. Wilson J.M.
Lawton C. Wilson C.
Lockwood F. Wilkinson J.R.
Nilsson G.B. Willan T.A.
Ogston K. Woodin J.B.
Woodin W.G.

The left hand side of the Memorial (see also Photo)

Amalgamated in 1932 with
Ashville College
1914 - 1918
In Memory of Old Boys
of Elmfield College who
fell in the Great War

Allison J.N. Morris A.
Atkinson C.R. Normandale T.W.
Bannister R. Petler E.M.
Blythe H. Price G.
Breed J.B. Raworth P.
Brock H.L. Redhead J.F.
Carr R.M. Roberts C.C.
Chipchase C.J. Shepherd N.
Chippendale C. Smith S.
Fell M.H. Spence J.R.
Featherby W.S. Spencer W.
Holden G.F. Trafford A.E.
Hodson W.C.M. Vaughan J.D.
Jopling J.W. Whiteley A.I.C.
Ladlay E. Whittaker H.
Mather T.P. Winch A.
Maynard C.A. Woolfenden R.
McBeath B.E. Wrigley P.B.
Quibell Cooper

The back of the Memorial (see also Photo)

"Live thou for England
we for England died."

Ronald W. Benson. Ernest Longley.
Clement S. Binns. Leonard D. Lupton.
Donald A. Brown. E. Stanley Marrs.
Arnold Cartledge. Edgar Milnes.
Charles N. Cleminson. Laurence Monks.
Edward Collier. Hugh S. Moore.
William Conyers. William Nixon.
Charles N. Cox. Cyril P. Pitchford.
Charles F. Douglas. Harold F. Poppleton.
George T. Easten. Harold H. Proudfoot.
Robert W. Embleton. Lancelot W. Ritchie.
Charles Farrar. Arthur C. Rushworth.
Reginald Foster. James M. Russell.
Arnold J. Gaskell. William D. Soulsby.
Philip Heywood. Leonard Swallow.
Harry D. Hickling. Luther Swallow.
Frank Horton. Thomas B. Wakefield.
F. Royce Hughes. Bernard White.
Eric R. Lamb. Reginald H. Wood.

The right hand side of the memorial (see also Photo)

1939 - 1945

Thomas D. Ambler Owen J. Laverack
Brian J.L. Armitage F. Ryall Lawson
John Austin W. Peter Lawson
Sydney Austin Charles W. Lee
Henry Bailey Donald J. MacDonald
John H. Booth James MacKinnon
Alastair ? R. Bourne T. Peter T. Oliver
Edwin W. Broadley William W. Parkinson
Peter W.T.E. Browne Alexander Park
Stanley Burdon Alan C. Perry
Peter D. Bushell George A. Prest
Stanley T. Calcott Frederick A. Reading
W. Duncan Corr Ronald A. Robinson
James S. Crank William Robinson
P. Brian Crosby J. Clifford Rothwell
Oswald Davidson A. Kenneth Saxon
Alan S. Denby E. Alan Scott
Raymond Dixon Richard C. Scriminger
W.A. Farrell Kenneth Swale
Samuel K. Foster G. Kenneth Thompson
Christopher G. Freeman Basil J. Thompson
John M. Garnett Lawrence E. Toogood
John F. Heaton Geoffrey B. Turnock
Erik L. Hetherington Edward F. Tyler
John M. Hicks George S. Waddell
Menno Jaarsma Phil Waite
E. Sydney Jenner Robert B. Ward
David M. Johnson Roger B. Wark
William Kemp Peter A. White
Donald H. Knight J. Stuart Willett
Roy S. Yeadon
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning
we will remember them

Data transcribed by
Patricia Hayward
from photography by Colin Hinson