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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for PONTEFRACT in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Market street, William Nunns, Post master
  • Post Office, Castleford, Matthew Kemp, Post master

Nobility, Gentry, & Clergy,

  • Adams Captain ---, Ackworth
  • Armstrong Rev. Charles Edward, Hemsworth
  • Aspinall the Misses ---, Horse fair
  • Atkinson Rev. John, Roper gate
  • Barnes Rev. Theophilus, Castleford
  • Barton ---, esq. Stapleton
  • Bland Mrs. A. Hundhill cottage
  • Bland Thomas Davidson, esq. Kippax park
  • Broomhead Mrs. Mary, Roper gate
  • Brown Daniel, esq. Belle vue
  • Brumley Thomas, esq. Monk hill
  • Buchanan Dr. Robert, Priory
  • Carter Mr. Thomas, Tanshelf
  • Cathcart the Hon. & Rev. A.C. Kippax
  • Cator Rev. Thomas, Shelbrooke park
  • Champeys Rev. H.W. Badsworth hall
  • Errington William, esq. Grove cottage
  • Forbes Mrs. ---, Playhouse yard (book says "lane", but believed to be incorrect)
  • Fryer Mr. Thomas, Horse fair
  • Goldsworthy Major ---, Ackworth
  • Gooch Colonel William, Carlton
  • Goodwin Mrs. Jane, Beast fair
  • Greaves George B. esq. Elmsall lodge
  • Gully John, esq. M.P. Ackworth park
  • Hall Thomas, esq. Puntone lodge
  • Hall Thomas, esq. Tanshelf
  • Hartley Mrs. Elizabeth, Back lane
  • Hawke Hon. Lord, Womersley park
  • Hepworth William, esq. Horse fair
  • Holgate James, esq. Roper gate
  • Howard Luke, esq. Ackworth villa
  • Ibbetson Lady ---, Wool market
  • Ibbinson John, esq. Bailey gate
  • Jowitt Benjamin, esq. Carlton
  • Leatham Flintoff, esq. Castle house
  • Lee William, esq. Grove hall
  • Marshall Miss Elizabeth, Beast fair
  • Marshall Mrs. Sarah, Roper gate
  • Medhurst Rev. Charles, Ledsham
  • Mexborough the Earl of, Meshley park
  • Milnes Robert Pemberton, esq. Frystone hall
  • Muscroft Miss ---, Bridge
  • Norton Mrs. Sarah, Roper gate
  • Nottingham Mr. Edward, Jubilee
  • Oliver Mrs. ---, Darrington hall
  • Pease Rev. George, Darrington
  • Perfect Mrs. Catherine Maria, Roper gate
  • Perfect Miss Grosvenor, Roper gate
  • Perfect John, esq. Roper gate
  • Perfect Miss Julia, Roper gate
  • Perkins Mrs. Mary, Horse fair
  • Pettyt Mrs. ---, Roper gate
  • Pugh Rev. Edward Edward, Tanshelf
  • Purslove Miss Mary, Horse fair
  • Purslove William, esq. Tanshelf
  • Pymont Mrs. Amelia, Tanshelf
  • Ramsden Sir John, bart. Byram hall
  • Rawson Rev. James, Northgate
  • Robinson Captain ---, Carlton
  • Russell Rev. Edmund, Bellmont
  • Scott Joseph, esq. Badsworth hall
  • Shepherd Mr. William, Beast fair
  • Simpson Mr. Charles, Castleford
  • Stainsforth Rev. Richard, Bellmont
  • Taylor Henry, esq. Salter row
  • Thompson Mr. Joseph, Tanshelf
  • Thwaite Mr. ---, Monk hill
  • Trueman Joshua, esq. Market place
  • Tute Mrs. Mary, Bailey gate
  • Vincent Colonel ---, Hemsworth
  • Wainwright Mrs. Elizabeth, Beast fair
  • Watman Rev. Pattison, Northgate
  • Wemyss Colonel ---, Salter row
  • Wilson Richard, esq. Ackworth grange
  • Wilson Mr. Samuel, Castleford
  • Wilson Thomas, esq. Hemsworth

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools,

  • Dyson Edward, Northgate
  • Free Grammar School, Northgate --- Rev. Pattison Watman, master
  • Friends' Boarding School, Ackworth --- Henry Whitaker, master
  • Infants' School, Northgate --- Elizabeth Frances Scarr, mistress
  • Ingham James, Castleford
  • Jefferson William, Horse fair
  • Mann Hannah, Maria & Sarah, Roper gate
  • National School, Northgate --- Charles Anthony Martin, master; Elizabeth Vaux, mistress
  • Watson John, Castleford


  • Belk Thomas, Beast market
  • Clough William & John Rhodes, Market place
  • Coleman Henry John (& town clerk, and perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women for the West Riding) Roper gate
  • Foster John, Market place
  • Horner William, Roper gate
  • Jefferson Edward, Beast fair
  • Mitton Michael & Son, Roper gate
  • Smithson & Ramskill, Beast fair
  • Wood & Standish, Beast fair


  • Carr Thomas, Market place
  • Dickinson William, Horse fair
  • Haigh George, Market place

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Barker Benjamin, Horse fair
  • Carter Joseph, Horse fair
  • Foster Thomas, Horse fair
  • Pease John, Salter row
  • Pease Peter, Horse fair
  • Spink Joseph, Salter row
  • Vaux Richard, Horse fair
  • Walshaw Thomas, Salter row
  • Wilson Robert, Roper gate


  • Leatham, Tew & Co. Market place -- (draw on Joseph Denison & Co. London)
  • Perfect John & William & Co. Roper gate -- (draw on Jones, Loyd & Co. London)
  • Savings' Bank, Town hall -- Martin Charles Anthony, secretary

Basket Makers,

  • Arundel Jonas, Booths
  • Bilbrough William, Crown & Anchor yard
  • Hall John, Market place
  • Sadler Richard, Horse fair
  • Wriglesworth Dobson, Northgate


  • Hetherington George, Castleford
  • Jackson William, Northgate
  • Kay Michael, Salter row
  • Middleton Robert, Beast fair
  • Moorehouse Matthew, Castleford
  • Newall John, Tanshelf
  • Sidwell William, Back lane
  • Thorp William, Castleford

Booksellers, Stationers, & Printers,

  • Elcock Charles, Market place
  • Fox John & Son (& stamp distributers) Market place

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Arundel Thomas, Back lane
  • Atkinson William, Back lane
  • Bell Thomas, Roper gate
  • Birkby Thomas, Northgate
  • Bond John, Castleford
  • Bower Joseph, Tanshelf
  • Brown & Bean, Shoe market
  • Brown John, Paradise hill
  • Brown John, Salter row
  • Carter James, Northgate
  • Dodsworth James, Roper gate
  • Hackwell Obadiah, Tanshelf
  • Harthorn Joseph, Castleford
  • Hopkinson George, Beast fair
  • Lacy Benjamin, Beast fair
  • Lea Thomas, Market place
  • Malkin George, Market place
  • Moody John, Castleford
  • Petty Nicholas, Beast fair
  • Smith Robert, Hartley's yard
  • Thompson William, Northgate
  • Towns Robert, Bridge
  • Vant Francis, Beast fair
  • Walton Benjamin, Castleford
  • Waterhouse Benjamin, North st
  • Wilcock William, Beast fair

Braziers & Tin Plate Workers,

  • Barratt William, Beast fair
  • England Ann, Roper gate
  • Eyre Thomas, Beast fair
  • Marshall Joseph, Wool market
  • Nunns Thomas, Market place


  • Boys Samuel, Wool market
  • England George, Back lane
  • Gundel John, Booths
  • Hall John, Back lane
  • Haseltine Thomas, Back lane
  • Moody John, Horse fair
  • Sykes William (& brick maker) Castleford
  • Taylor Thomas, Beast fair


  • Burkinshaw George, Horse fair
  • Burton Ann Elizabeth, Horse fair
  • Carnes Alexander, Castleford
  • England George, Castleford
  • Fisher Francis, Horse fair
  • Hirst John, Castleford
  • Langhorn John, Castleford
  • Lodge William, Horse fair
  • Petty John, Monk hill
  • Shackleton William, Tanshelf
  • Simpson Thomas, Castleford
  • Tasker Joseph, Market place
  • Webster Richard, Playhouse yard (book says "lane", but believed to be incorrect)
  • Wheatley Thomas, Salter row

Child Bed Linen Warehouses,

  • Dixon & Hall, Wool market
  • Swallow Sarah, Beast fair

China, Glass & Earthenware Dealers,

  • Berry Richard, Market place
  • Fisher Elizabeth, Shoe market
  • Taylor Thomas Lee (glass only) Market place

Chymists & Druggists,

  • Brice James, Market place
  • Fox William, Market place
  • Parkinson William, Market place
  • Priestlay Henry, Market place
  • Whaley Thomas Gooddy, Castleford

Clothes Dealers,

  • Horner Abraham, Roper gate
  • Spink John, Market place
  • Wainwright Thomas, Beast fair


  • Bradbury John, Horse fair
  • Foster Thomas, Beast fair
  • Hall Benjamin, Market place
  • Thwaite Mary & Sisters, Market place


  • Bilbrough William, Crown & Anchor yard
  • Hall John, Market place
  • Sadler Richard, Horse fair

Curriers & Leather Cutters,

  • Robson James, Salter row
  • Warrington Richard, Horse fair
  • Winterburn Richard, Horse fair


  • Baumforth Mary, Sessions yard
  • Millet Ann, Horse fair


  • Purslove Thomas (& leather dresser) Bailey gate
  • Thwaites Thomas, Bailey gate

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • County, John Foster, Market place
  • Pelican (life) and Phoenix (fire) Richard Chambers, Roper gate
  • Protector, Charles Elcock, Market place
  • Royal Exchange, John Fox & Son, Market place
  • Sun, Thomas Lea, Market place

Gardeners & Seedsmen,
(See also Nursery & Seedsmen)

  • Baumforth Thomas, Sessions yard
  • Carr Richard, Monk hill
  • Heckingbottom James, Northgate
  • Heckingbottom, William, Paradise hill
  • Petty Richard, Monk hill
  • Pinder Joseph, Beast fair

Grocers & Tea Dealers,
(See also Shopkeepers)

  • Booth Joseph, Market place
  • Brown Richard, Bridge
  • Dawson Matthew, Beast fair
  • Himsworth John, Roper gate
  • Jowett Edward, Market place
  • Knight Samuel, Market place
  • Phillips John, Beast fair
  • Spivey John, Market place
  • Ullathorne & Routledge, Beast fair
  • Whaley Thomas Gooddy, Castleford
  • Wigham Davison, Market place

Hair Dressers,

  • Beaumont Richard, Market place
  • Bell Thomas, Castleford
  • Freeman George, Beast fair
  • Holmes John, Castleford
  • Jackson George, Roper gate
  • Mountain John, Shoe market
  • Standish Samuel, Bridge
  • Stringer Benjamin, Horse fair

Hat Manufacturers,

  • Addingley Samuel, Roper gate
  • Fox John, Horse fair
  • Rishworth James, Market place
  • Sutcliffe Thomas, Beast fair

(See also Linen Drapers)

  • Higgins William, Shoe market
  • Scholefield Henry, Market place


  • New Elephant, John Harrison, Market place
  • Old Elephant, William Gill, Salter row
  • Red Lion Hotel (& posting house) William Arton, Market place
  • Star, Isaac Shaw, Market place

Iron & Brass Founder,

  • Bevitt William, Roper gate


  • Eyre Thomas, Beast fair
  • Ratcliff George (& manufacturer of hot air stoves, with ascending & descending flues) Shoe market
  • Thewlis Charles George, Shoe market
  • Walton Thomas, Market place

Joiners & Cabinet Makers,

  • Athorn John, Horse fair
  • Barber Thomas, Shoe market
  • Carr Thomas, Market place
  • Dickinson William, Horse fair
  • Foster Thomas, Horse fair
  • Harrison George, Walton's yard
  • Hewitt William, Castleford
  • Marshall Dorothy, Horse fair
  • Nettleton Thomas, Northgate
  • Pease John, Roper gate
  • Pease Midgley, Booths
  • Sykes Samuel, Mill hill
  • Teal James, Gill's yard
  • Turner John, Roper gate
  • Turpin Thomas, Castleford

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Dibb John, Bridge
  • Hartley John, Market place
  • Robertshaw John, Salter row
  • Serle Thomas, Market place
  • Shirtcliff William, Roper gate
  • Ullathorne & Routledge, Beast fair
  • Vant George, Beast fair
  • Wood James, Market place

Liquorice Dealers,

  • Dickon George, Roper gate
  • Dunhill Francis, Horse fair
  • Dunhill Thomas, Horse fair
  • Firth Thomas, Market place


  • Barker Francis, Castle hill
  • Barker John, Horse fair
  • Barty Paul, Castle hill
  • Dunhill William, Horse fair
  • Fox Thomas, jun. Bailey gate
  • Gill William, Salter row
  • Hick William, Beast fair
  • Hurst Samuel, Horse fair
  • Hutchinson Matthew, North st
  • Leng William, Tanshelf
  • Moxon William, Horse fair
  • Purslove William, Beast fair
  • Robson James, Salter row
  • Spink Edward, Beast fair
  • Spink Edward, jun, Beast fair


  • Hepponstall Thomas, Castleford
  • Nodder Martha, Monk hill
  • Pease John, Church lane
  • Ramsden Joseph, Castleford
  • Womack Richard, Mill hill

Milliners & Dress Makers,

  • Brown Ann, Beast fair
  • Dickinson Elizabeth & Sarah, Roper gate
  • Jackson Isabella, Roper gate
  • Jowett Elizabeth, Baxter gate
  • Smith Ann, Beast fair
  • Taylor Mary, Hartley's yard

Music Sellers,

  • Hargrave John, Horse fair
  • Hill Thomas, Tanshelf

Nursery & Seedsmen,

  • Hanks & Co. Beast fair
  • Mitton Richard, Beast fair

Miscellany of trades

  • Painters -- House, Sign, &c.
  • Clark John, Horse fair
  • Downing William, Horse fair

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Barker William, Horse fair
  • Ingham David, Market place
  • Nunns Thomas, Market place
  • Scholey Thomas, Beast fair
  • Wilson William, Castleford


  • Bateson & Co. Castleford
  • Cawthorn Joseph, Bailey gate
  • Fletcher Isaac, Castleford
  • Taylor George & Co. Castleford
  • Wood Samuel & Co. Castleford

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Dickinson Thomas, Beast fair
  • Longley Jonathan, Castleford
  • Vickers George, Roper gate


  • Elliott William, Beast fair
  • Hodgson William, Castleford
  • Jameson Richard Scott, Market place
  • Nicholson John, Bridge
  • Smith Kirkman, Beast fair
  • Sudbury Thomas, Beast fair
  • Wheatley Richard, Market place
  • Williamson William, Beast fair

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Armitage William, Horse fair
  • Ashton Richard, Castleford
  • Barratt James, Roper gate
  • Barratt Sarah, Beast fair
  • Baumforth Thomas, Beast fair
  • Bell John, Beast fair
  • Brook George, Northgate
  • Brown Michael, Booths
  • Burton Francis, Horse fair
  • Colley Thomas, Horse fair
  • Dickon George, Roper gate
  • Dunhill Ruth, Broad lane
  • Ellis William, Horse fair
  • Gelder George, North st
  • Gelder William, Horse fair
  • Harrison Richard, Castleford
  • Hawkins John, Beast fair
  • Hirst William, Roper gate
  • Jowett Edward, Castleford
  • Murgetroyd Francis, Bailey gate
  • Prince Charles, Shoe market
  • Shackleton William, Tanshelf
  • Taylor George, Castleford
  • Walker George, Beast fair
  • Williamson David, Northgate
  • Wood Elizabeth, Castleford

Stay Makers,

  • Balmforth Jane, Shoe market
  • Gelder Sarah, Northgate
  • Jameson Maria, Market place

Stone Masons,

  • Lindley William, Tanshelf
  • Plowes William, Tanshelf

Straw Hat Makers,

  • Baines Mary, Beast fair
  • Dyson Edward, Market place
  • Heseltine Ann, Beast fair
  • Sutcliffe Mary, Beast fair
  • Walker Joseph, Shoe market
  • Westerby Elizabeth, Beast fair


  • Brook Lionel John, Beast fair
  • Jessop Adam, Castleford
  • Long Edwin, Roper gate
  • Muscroft James, Horse fair
  • Oxley Robert, Horse fair
  • Smith Robert, Market place
  • Swallow Richard, Beast fair
  • Thompson Joseph, Market place
  • Thompson Moses, Horse fair


  • Atkinson William, Castleford
  • Beckett William, Castleford
  • Brown Daniel (& draper) Beast fair
  • Fatham Arthur, Castleford
  • Haigh John, Roper gate
  • Hatfield William, Beast fair
  • Hetherington Joseph, Castleford
  • Kemp Christopher, Castleford
  • Kidd Samuel, Horse fair
  • Kidd William, Beast fair
  • Nell John, Horse fair
  • Owen Thomas, Castleford
  • Reeder James, Beast fair
  • Shaw John, Horse fair
  • Smith Frederick, Salter row
  • Thompson John, Horse fair
  • Whitehead William Hunter, Northgate
  • Williamson David, Northgate

Tallow Chandlers,

  • Abbott William, Church lane
  • Gelder William, jun. Horse fair
  • Robson James, Salter row

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Black Bull, Thomas Moorey, Walker's gate
  • Black Moor's Head, James Shilleto, Beast fair
  • Blue Bell, John Atkinson, Roper gate
  • Corporation Arms, Sarah Waite, Salter row
  • Cropt Horse, William Moody, Shoe market
  • Cross Keys, Thomas Crosby, Shoe market
  • Cross Swords, Joseph Spink, Salter row
  • Crown & Anchor, John Scholey, Beast fair
  • Currier's Arms, John Grant, Shoe market
  • Dolphin, Elizabeth Brown, Horse fair
  • Fox, Elizabeth Marshall, Bailey gate
  • George & Dragon, John Longley, Castleford
  • Golden Ball, James Rhodes, Horse fair
  • Green Dragon, William Blunt, Beast fair
  • Greyhound, John Charlesworth, Beast fair
  • Griffin, Richard Watson, Castleford
  • Horse Shoes, William Heatley, Beast fair
  • Horse Shoes, William Thorp, Castleford
  • Keel, Charles Battersby, Castleford
  • King's Arms, Thomas Barber, Shoe market
  • Malt Shovel, George Cartner, Beast fair
  • Mexborough Arms, George Parker, Castleford
  • Nag's Head, Thomas Davison, Roper gate
  • Navigation Inn, William Pearson, Castleford
  • New Inn, Mark Pearson, Tanshelf
  • Old Castle, Richard Dunhill, Horse fair
  • Ordnance Arms, John Watterton, Church lane
  • Pine Apple, John Wheatley, Baxter gate
  • Ramsden Arms, John Charlesworth, Sessions yard
  • Robin Hood, William Pease, Tanshelf
  • Royal Oak, Midgley Pease, Booths
  • Ship Inn, Thomas Parkinson, Castleford
  • Spangled Bull, William McAcy, Northgate
  • Starkie's Arms, Richard Thompson, Church lane
  • Turk's Head, Thomas Whitaker, Playhouse yard (book says "lane", but believed to be incorrect)
  • Wellington Arms, Joseph Hatfield, Horse fair
  • Wheel, Ann Haigh, Roper gate
  • White Lion, Nathaniel Scholey, Market place
  • White Swan, Philip Street Sykes, Horse fair
  • Windmill, Robert William Sheppard, Wool market
  • Woodman, John Athorn, Horse fair

Retailers of Beer,

  • Ashton Joseph, Castleford
  • Atkinson Richard, Bailey gate
  • Barker Benjamin, Horse fair
  • Blanco William, Salter row
  • Briggs Elizabeth, Bailey gate
  • Briggs James, Horse fair
  • Gawthorn Richard, Bailey gate
  • Gelder George, North st
  • Harrison Richard, Castleford
  • Heppleston William, Booths
  • Lazenby John, Back lane
  • Lindley William, Tanshelf
  • Liversidge Richard, Castleford
  • Pollard William, North st
  • Sanderson John, Church lane
  • Sidwell William, Horse fair
  • Tomlinson Hannah, Beast fair

Timber Merchants,

  • Carr Henry, Beast fair
  • Sykes Samuel, Mill hill

Veterinary Surgeons,

  • Peech John Darsey, Beast fair
  • Pike William, Horse fair
  • Wood William, Beast fair

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Berry Richard, Market place
  • Farrer Benjamin, Beast fair
  • Farrer Joshua, Beast fair
  • Taylor Thomas Lee, Market place


  • Barker Thomas, Bailey gate
  • England Matthew, Castleford
  • Mountain John, Tanshelf
  • Smith Thomas, Newgate
  • Teal James, Gill's yard
  • Walker William, Castleford

White & Gun-Smiths,

  • Burland Robert, Market place
  • Portlock John, Shoe market
  • Pottage Francis, Baxter gate
  • Ratcliff George (& bell hanger) Shoe market
  • Ratcliff Mary, Beast fair

Wine & Spirit Merchants,

  • Berry John, Market place
  • Brice James & Co. Market place
  • Gill Thomas, Market place
  • Handley Ann, Beast fair
  • Long Thomas, Roper gate
  • Parkinson William, Market place
  • Rhodes Edward, Salter row
  • Spink James, Horse fair

Woollen Drapers,

  • Poskitt William, Bridge
  • Rideal David, Market place

Worsted Manufacturers,

  • Hardacre John, Tanshelf
  • Higgins William, Shoe market


  • Addy Godfrey, tanner, Tanshelf
  • Anderson George, plasterer, Beast fair
  • Dawson Ann, fishmonger, Market place
  • Dispensary, Baxter gate --- John Clement, house surgeon
  • Fryer John, wire worker, Baxter gate
  • Hargrave Joseph, nail maker, Northgate
  • Hartley Bernard, architect, &c. Park view
  • Hayes John, tobacco pipe maker, Ass hill
  • Lee William, treasurer to the corporation, Town hall
  • McDowall Hugh, travelling tea dealer, Salter row
  • Ramsden Joseph, seed crusher, Castleford
  • Robinson Thomas, coach builder, Star yard
  • Spink John, pawnbroker, Market place
  • Standish John, landscape painter, Horse fair
  • Strafford Isaac Backhouse, carver & gilder, Beast fair
  • Thompson Aaron, supervisor, Horse fair
  • Thwaites Thomas, glover, Bailey gate
  • Webster & Lake, boat builders, Castleford
  • Webster Joseph, fruiterer, Horse fair
  • Whardall William, turner, Tanshelf


  • To Barnsley, Benjamin Archer, from the Star Inn, every Wednesday & Saturday
  • To Ferrybridge, Benjamin Myers, from the Red Lion, daily
  • To Knottingley, Hannah Jackson, from the Windmill, Monday, Wednesday & Saturday
  • To Leeds, Jackson & Co. from the Malt Shovel, daily --- & Joseph Brooks, from his house, every Tues. Thurs. & Sat.
  • To Methley, Isaac Brooks, from the Currier's Arms, every Saturday
  • To Outton, George Bell, from the Ramsden's Arms, every Wednesday & Saturday
  • To Selby, William Golton, from the Star Inn, every Wednesday & Saturday
  • To Sheffield, Ann Dawson, from her house, every Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday
  • To Snaith, William Killingback, from the King's Arms, every Saturday
  • To Wakefield, William Dove, from his house, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • To York, Ann Dawson, from her house, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Conveyance by Water,

  • From Castleford.
  • To Goole, a steam packet, for passengers, every morning (Sunday excepted) at half past six
  • To and from Goole, Leeds, Selby, & Wakefield, boats pass and repass daily.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for KNOTTINGLEY in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Ferry Bridge, Thomas Arnell, Post master

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Champion Mrs. Elizabeth, Ferry Bridge
  • Gaggs Miss Mary, Knottingley
  • Gothard Rev. William, Knottingley
  • Hodgkinson Rev. John, Knottingley
  • Ikin Mrs. ---, Brotherton
  • Isherwood Rev. Charles, Brotherton
  • Ramsden Sir John, bart. Byram hall
  • Richardson Rev. William, Ferry Bridge
  • Saynor Rev. ---, Brotherton

Academies & Schools,

  • Atkinson Silvester, Knottingley
  • Crabtree James, Knottingley
  • Free School, Knottingley -- John Pick, master, Ann Bramham, mistress
  • Saynor Rev. ---, Brotherton
  • Smith Isaac, Ferry Bridge & Knottingley
  • Tinker James, Brotherton

Bakers & Flour Dealers,

  • Jackson Joseph, Knottingley
  • Robinson Joseph, Knottingley


  • Bentley William, Ferry Bridge
  • Fell John, Knottingley
  • Jackson Henry, Brotherton
  • Jackson Robert, Knottingley
  • Pattison William, Ferry Bridge
  • Ripley Joseph, Brotherton
  • Thorp Charles, Knottingley

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Aisdin William, Ferry Bridge
  • Bramham William, Knottingley
  • Brown James, Knottingley
  • Cawthorn George, Knottingley
  • Clayton Matthew, Brotherton
  • Fewster James, Knottingley
  • Robinson Joseph, Knottingley
  • Rylah George, Ferry Bridge
  • Stone Francis, Knottingley


  • Bywater William, Knottingley
  • Gaggs, Carter & Co. Knottingley


  • Atkinson John, Knottingley
  • Claybrough John, Knottingley
  • Grace Thomas, Brotherton
  • Hill John, Knottingley
  • Hill Richard, Brotherton
  • Laidman John, Ferry Bridge
  • Langhorn James, Ferry Bridge
  • Longwood William, Knottingley
  • Smith Charles, Knottingley
  • Smith John, Brotherton
  • Taylor George, Ferry Bridge

Grocers & Tea Dealers,
(See also Shopkeepers)

  • Brears William, Knottingley
  • Briggs John, Knottingley
  • Carter William, Ferry Bridge
  • Cawthorn Joseph Barr, Knottingley
  • Crompton John (tea) Knottingley
  • England Francis, Knottingley
  • Grainger Edward, Knottingley
  • Hoyland Grace, Knottingley
  • Jenkinson Mary & Son, Brotherton
  • Smith William Wilks, Brotherton
  • Willson James, Knottingley

Hair Dressers,

  • Bradford Joseph, Ferry Bridge
  • Lavrack Ann, Knottingley
  • Wass William, Knottingley

Inns & Posting Houses,

  • Angel, William Atkinson, Ferry Bridge
  • Greyhound, Samuel Rusby, Ferry Bridge
  • Swan, Samuel Thwaites, Ferry Bridge

Joiners & Cabinet Makers,

  • Barwick Thomas, Ferry Bridge
  • Bentley Michael, Knottingley
  • Hardy John, Ferry Bridge
  • Metcalf George, Knottingley
  • Moore William, Knottingley
  • Moore William, jun. Knottingley
  • Rayner William, Ferry Bridge
  • Wright James, Brotherton

Lime Merchants & Lime Burners,

  • Acaster Thomas, Brotherton
  • Brears William, Knottingley
  • Gaggs Edward, Knottingley
  • Haxby Samuel, Brotherton
  • Heap John, Knottingley
  • Jackson Thomas, Brotherton & Knottingley
  • Long Robert, Knottingley
  • Long Samuel Maw, Knottingley
  • Moorhouse William, Knottingley
  • Watson & Steniland, Brotherton
  • Wood Thomas, Knottingley
  • Woodall Anthony, Brotherton

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Grainger James, Knottingley
  • Jenkinson Mary & Son, Brotherton
  • Moffatt John Gordon, Knottingley
  • Pinder John, Knottingley
  • Smith William Wilks, Brotherton
  • Willson James, Knottingley


  • Beevers Joseph, Knottingley
  • Jackson William, Knottingley
  • Laycock James, Brotherton
  • Nicholson Charles, Ferry Bridge
  • Scott Joseph, Brotherton


  • Appleyard William, Ferry Bridge
  • Shephard George, Brotherton

Plumbers & Glaziers,

  • Leng James, Knottingley
  • Stillings William, Knottingley
  • Stillings William, jun. Ferry Bridge

Rope & Twine Makers,

  • Acaster Thomas, Brotherton
  • Atkinson Samuel, Knottingley
  • Moorhouse William, Knottingley


  • Pease John, Ferry Bridge
  • Unthank Jonathan, Ferry Bridge

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Appleyard Jane, Brotherton
  • Austerberry William, Brotherton
  • Bradford Thomas, Ferry Bridge
  • Claybrough John, Knottingley
  • Furness George, Brotherton
  • Harrison Sarah, Brotherton
  • Howard Ann, Knottingley
  • Longstaffe John, Brotherton
  • Maskell Thomas, Brotherton
  • Morley Jane, Brotherton
  • Parkin John, Brotherton
  • Rentall William, Brotherton
  • Sedgwick Matthew, Brotherton
  • Taylor Ann, Brotherton
  • Worfolk John, Brotherton

Stone Masons,

  • Lister John, Brotherton
  • Marshall John, Ferry Bridge


  • Alderson George, Ferry Bridge
  • Bywater William, Knottingley
  • Hill Joseph, Knottingley
  • Thwaites Robert, Knottingley
  • Wales Joseph Chapman, Brotherton


  • Gowthwaite Thomas, Knottingley
  • Hinchliffe John (& draper) Ferry Bridge
  • Jackson Richard, Brotherton
  • Smith Thomas (& draper) Knottingley
  • Sutcliff John, Brotherton
  • Whitley Joseph, Knottingley
  • Wilkinson John, Ferry Bridge

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Bay Horse, William Taylor, Knottingley
  • Buck, George Pickering, Knottingley
  • Cherry Tree, John Brown, Knottingley
  • Dog, William Perfect, Knottingley
  • Duke of York, William Smithson, Knottingley
  • Fox, James Lunn, Brotherton
  • Golden Lion, George Hall, Knottingley
  • Greyhound, Robert Hall, Knottingley
  • Hope & Anchor, Henry Midgley, Brotherton
  • Horse & Jockey, Thomas Coupland, Brotherton
  • Horse Shoe, Charles Thorp, Knottingley
  • Jolly Sailor, Edward Spence, Knottingley
  • Leeds Hotel, Samuel Smallpage, Knottingley
  • Letters, Frances Ord, Knottingley
  • Marrow Bone, Robert Bramham, Knottingley
  • Punch Bowl, George Shephard Acaster, Brotherton
  • Red Lion, Benjamin Myers, Ferry Bridge
  • Rising Sun, John Spence, Knottingley
  • Roper's Arms Inn, Samuel Atkinson, Knottingley
  • Royal Oak, Sarah Burton, Knottingley
  • Sailors' Adieu, George Hargreave, Brotherton
  • Ship, John Hodgson, Brotherton
  • Ship, Robert Walker, Knottingley
  • Swan, John Hill, Knottingley
  • Three Horse Shoes, Maria Sanderson, Brotherton
  • Three Horse Shoes, John Laidman, Ferry Bridge
  • Waggon & Horses, Thomas Laidman, Knottingley
  • Wellington, Joseph Butterfield, Brotherton

Retailers of Beer,

  • Abson Charles, Knottingley
  • Acaster Thomas, Knottingley
  • Bentley William, Ferry Bridge
  • Grace Thomas, Brotherton
  • Harrison John, Knottingley
  • Jackson Joseph, Brotherton
  • Myers Benjamin, jun. Ferry Bridge
  • Perfect & Freer, Knottingley
  • Pickering William, Brotherton
  • Richardson Rylah, Ferry Bridge
  • Scott Joseph, Brotherton
  • Shephard George, Brotherton
  • Stone Francis, Knottingley
  • Winkworth Elizabeth, Knottingley


  • Myers Benjamin, Ferry Bridge
  • Myers Benjamin, jun. Ferry Bridge


  • Dixon William, Brotherton
  • Preston William, Brotherton
  • Reyner William, Ferry Bridge


  • Atkinson Joseph, currier, Knottingley
  • Atkinson Samuel, ship chandler, Knottingley
  • Bell Thomas, druggist, Knottingley
  • Bilsbrough Margaret, straw hat maker, Knottingley
  • Darley & Shaw, bone dealers, Knottingley
  • Eastwood Joseph, earthenware dealer, Ferry Bridge
  • Fletcher John, whitesmith, Knottingley
  • Fordham John, watch & clock maker, Knottingley
  • Garrett Ann, dress maker, Knottingley
  • Jackson Joseph, boat builder, Brotherton
  • Jackson Thomas, tallow chandler, Brotherton
  • Morley John, gardener, Brotherton
  • Pinder John, hosier, Knottingley
  • Shaw Matthew, nail maker, Knottingley
  • Shepherd Samuel, coal dealer, Ferry Bridge
  • Taylor Benjamin, potter, Ferry Bridge


  • To Pontefract, Hannah Jackson, from Knottingley, every Mon. Wed. & Sat. -- and Benjamin Myers, from Ferry Bridge, daily
  • To Selby, Stephen Shillito, from Knottingley, every Monday

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000