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Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades' for TICKHILL in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for TICKHILL in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


Gentry &c.:

  • Alderson Ann, gentlewoman
  • Alderson John, gentleman
  • Alderson Mary Ann, ladies' seminary
  • Allenby John, rope maker
  • Amery Thomas, butcher
  • Anson Edward, gentleman
  • Armitage John, Esq.
  • Ash Rev. Benjamin, Dissenting minister, and gentleman's academy
  • Ash Thomas, officer of excise
  • Ashton Francis, butcher
  • Basket Roger, gentleman
  • Beet Joshua, nail maker
  • Binge George, victualler, Red Lion, (excise and post office)
  • Booker William, gentleman
  • Bosfield Sarah, earthenware dealer
  • Brooksbank Rev. Edward, vicar and magistrate
  • Brown John, house and sign painter, and gilder
  • Brunt Matthew, blacksmith
  • Clarke W. S. surgeon
  • Copley Richard, gentleman
  • Copley Richard, joiner
  • Craven John, gentleman
  • Croker Michael, shoemkr. & flour dlr.
  • Dawson Bartholomew John, joiner
  • Dawson Sarah, gentlewoman
  • Downs Geo. surveyor of highways
  • Downs George, butcher
  • Elliott Ann, milliner
  • Elvidge John, blacksmith
  • Faris Joseph, joiner & cabinet maker
  • Fisher Fanny, gentlewoman
  • Flower Edward plasterer
  • Flower Willoughby, plasterer
  • Foster Richard, corn miller
  • Gleadall Francis, joiner
  • Gledhill Elizabeth, gentlewoman
  • Gledhill Hannah, gentlewoman
  • Goodlad Mary, ladies' seminary
  • Gorton John, gentleman
  • Green John joiner and wheelwright
  • Gudridge William, tailor
  • Guest Charles, tailor
  • Hackett Sarah, gentlewoman
  • Hancock Peter, victualler, Old Carpenter's Arms
  • Hickson Edward, tailor
  • Hill John, boot and shoe maker
  • Holderson John, gentleman
  • Holmes Caleb, governor of workhouse and overseer
  • Howson George, stone mason
  • Howson William stone mason
  • Hudson John, baler and flour dealer
  • Hunt Martha, gentlewoman
  • Jaques John, flour dealer
  • Jarvis Ann straw hat manufacturer
  • Jarvis Joshua, grocer linen draper and shoe warehouse
  • Jefferson William, farrier
  • Jennings Daniel tailor
  • Jennings Robert, shoemaker
  • Kemp George, boot and shoe maker
  • Kemp Joseph, grocer, linen & woollen draper, hatter and hosier
  • Keniwell William, stone mason
  • Lambert Edw. joiner & wheelwright
  • Laughton Edmund, Esq.
  • Laughton Sarah, gentlewoman
  • Linley Wm. boot and shoe maker
  • Lockwood Wm. maltster
  • Ludlam John, joiner
  • Lumley Frederick, Esq. castle
  • Lye Reuben, schoolmaster
  • Machin John, boot and shoe maker
  • Marsden John and Son, maltsters
  • Marshall Edw. saddler & collar mkr.
  • May Samuel, surgeon
  • Milnes Ann, straw hat manufacturer
  • Milnes John, stonemason
  • Milnes Robert, stone mason
  • Milnes Thomas, stone mason
  • Morton Sarah gentlewoman
  • Nettleship John, Esq.
  • Niven Henry, tinner and brazier
  • Orton William, shoe maker
  • Owen William, sieve maker
  • Pagden Edw. corn miller flour dlr.
  • Palethorp George Elisha, butcher
  • Parkin James Robert, gentleman
  • Pashley Mary, gentlewoman
  • Pearson Edward & Son, grocers, linen & woollen drapers, hatters, hosiers and tallow chandlers.
  • Percy James, tailor
  • Percy Wm. boot and shoe maker
  • Rea Thos. linen weaver and bleacher
  • Rea Wm. linen weaver and bleacher
  • Rhodes Thomas, tanner
  • Rickards Robert, wheelwright
  • Ridgill John, plumber and glazier
  • Royston Henry, nail maker
  • Saxton Geo. vict. Angel Inn
  • Selby Ann, gentlewoman
  • Shephard Dvd. breeches mkr., glover
  • Sheppard Richard, gentleman
  • Sidwell Geo. boot and shoe maker
  • Sidwell John, victualler, Mill Stone
  • Simpson John, farrier
  • Simpson Samuel, gentleman
  • Sissons Thos. vict. Black Swan, & tailor
  • Skelton Benjamin, butcher
  • Smith John, calenderer
  • Staniford George, flour dealer
  • Stocks Hy. boot, shoe mkr. & sexton
  • Storer George, tailor and draper
  • Storer James, boot and shoe maker
  • Sudbury Richard, flour dlr. &c,
  • Thompson John, blacksmith
  • Thompson Thomas blacksmith
  • Tomlinson M. gentleman
  • Towler Sarah, gentlewoman
  • Turner George, hat manufacturer
  • Turner James, hair dresser & perfumer
  • Turner John and Son, chemists, druggists and grocers
  • Turnill John vict. Three Crowns
  • Wand Joseph, saddler & collar maker
  • Watkinson Jas. cooper hoop drawer
  • Watkinson John, cooper
  • Whitaker Sarah, straw hat maker
  • Whitaker Thos. vict. Labour in Vain
  • Wilkinson George, paper maker
  • Wilkinson John, maltster
  • Wilson Richard, gentleman
  • Winks John, gentleman
  • Wood John, butcher
  • Wood John, gentleman
  • Wood Samuel, grocer, linen & woollen draper
  • Wright John, yeoman
  • Wrigleworth Robert, miller


From the Red Lion,

  • The Glasgow Mail, arrives at half past 2 morning and evening
  • The LIGHT POST COACH, arr. every Sun. Tu. and Thu. aft. at 2 from Nottingham, ret, following days, at 9 morning.
  • The ROYAL FORRESTER POST COACH, arr. every Mon. Wed. & Fri. at 2 from Nottingham, and ret. following days, at 9 morning.


  • To Bawtry, Robert Booth, every Thu. returns same days.
  • To Doncaster, Robert Booth, every Tu. and Sat. returns same days.
  • To Doncaster, Robert Ward, every Sat. returns same day
  • To Louth, Christopher Embley, every Mon. returns on Friday
  • To Nottingham, Joseph Pettyford, every Wednesday and Sunday.
  • To Retford, Thomas Malkin and Son, every Sat, returns same days.
  • To Retford, Wm. Green, every Sat. returns same day.
  • To Sheffield, Christ. Embley, every Friday, returns Saturday
  • To Sheffield, Thomas Malkin and Son, every Mon. returns Tuesday
  • To Sheffield, William Green, every Mon. evg. returns Tu. evg.
  • To Worksop, Robert Ward, every Wednesday, returns same days.
  • To York, Joseph Pettyford, every Tu. and Saturday.

Transcript of the entry of 'professions and trades'
for WELLINGLEY in Baines's Directory and Gazetteer Directory of 1822.


  • Conway Thos.
  • Dunwell Ann
  • Dunwell Geo.
  • Grime John
  • Law Richard
  • Littlewell John

Transcribed by Colin Hinson. ©2003