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HALIFAX: Members of the second West Yorks Cavalry, 1845

A list of the members of the Second West York Yeomanry Cavalry 1845, transcribed by Tana Johnson.

ACKROYD,JohnPteD Troop, Bradford
ADDISON,GeorgeCornetD Troop, Bradford
AINLEY,ThomasPteC Troop, Huddersfield
AKED,JosiahPteB Troop, Halifax
AKERS,WilliamPteB Troop, Halifax
AKROYD,HenryLieutenantB Troop, Halifax
ALDERSLEY,WilliamPteD Troop, Bradford
ALEXANDER,ThomasPteB Troop, Halifax
ARMITAGE,EdwardPteC Troop, Huddersfield
ARMITAGE,JohnPteC Troop, Huddersfield
ARMITAGE,JohnCaptainC Troop, Huddersfield
ASPINALL,JobPteB Troop, Halifax
ATKINSON,Charles J.PteC Troop, Huddersfield
ATKINSON,RichardPteD Troop, Bradford
ATKINSON,RichardSgtC Troop, Huddersfield
AVISON,WignallPteB Troop, Halifax
BAIRSTOW,John (1)Pte.A Troop, Halifax
BAIRSTOW,John (2)Pte.A Troop, Halifax
BAKES,WilliamPteD Troop, Bradford
BATES,John)Pte.A Troop, Halifax
BATLEY,JohnPteC Troop, Huddersfield
BEANLAND,GeorgePteD Troop, Bradford
BEDFORD,WilliamPteD Troop, Bradford
BEDFORD,JamesPte.A Troop, Halifax
BELL,JohnSgt.A Troop, Halifax
BENNETT,EdwardPteB Troop, Halifax
BENTLEY,Edwind [sic]PteD Troop, Bradford
BERRY,AbnerPteC Troop, Huddersfield
BILLING,WilliamPteB Troop, Halifax
BINKS,WilliamPteD Troop, Bradford
BLAMIRES,JosephPteD Troop, Bradford
BLAND,MatthewPteB Troop, Halifax
BOOTH,Joseph (1)Pte.A Troop, Halifax
BOOTH,Joseph (2)Pte.A Troop, Halifax
BOTTOMLEY,JosephPte.A Troop, Halifax
BOWER,HenryPteD Troop, Bradford
BOWER,JosephPteD Troop, Bradford
BRAY,ThomasPteC Troop, Huddersfield
BROOK,Charles WilliamPteC Troop, Huddersfield
BROOK,WilliamPte.A Troop, Halifax
BROOK,G. HenryLieutenantC Troop, Huddersfield
BROOK,JosephCornetC Troop, Huddersfield
BROOK,ThomasCplC Troop, Huddersfield
BUCKLEY,SamuelTrumpeterC Troop, Huddersfield
BURNETT,DanielPte.A Troop, Halifax
BUTTERFIELD,DavidPteD Troop, Bradford
BUTTERFIELD,RobertPteD Troop, Bradford
CADNEY,Henry OCpl.A Troop, Halifax
CANT,FrederickPteC Troop, Huddersfield
CARR,JohnTp.S.MajorA Troop, Halifax
CARTER,RichardCplB Troop, Halifax
CARTER,JohnPteB Troop, Halifax
CHADWICK,JamesPteD Troop, Bradford
CHAMBERS,Thomas BPteB Troop, Halifax
CLARKE,CourtnayCornetB Troop, Halifax
CLAY,JohnPteC Troop, Huddersfield
CLOUGH,JamesPteD Troop, Bradford
COCKERHAM,EdwardSgt.A Troop, Halifax
COOPER,JohnPte.A Troop, Halifax
COUSEN,John RCplD Troop, Bradford
CRAMPTON,JamesPteB Troop, Halifax
CRONHELM,WilliamSgtB Troop, Halifax
CROSSLEY,FrancisSgtB Troop, Halifax
CROWTHER,AmosPte.A Troop, Halifax
CROWTHER,William (1)Pte.A Troop, Halifax
CROWTHER,William (2)Pte.A Troop, Halifax
CROWTHER,J. B.Pte.A Troop, Halifax
DAVIS,JamesPte.A Troop, Halifax
DENTON,RichardPte.A Troop, Halifax
DEWHIRST,WilliamSgtC Troop, Huddersfield
DICKINSON,RichardCplC Troop, Huddersfield
DRAKE,WilliamPteB Troop, Halifax
DRANSFIELD,CharlesPteC Troop, Huddersfield
DUNCAN,ThomasPteB Troop, Halifax
DYSON,HenryPteB Troop, Halifax
DYSON,ThomasCplC Troop, Huddersfield
EASTWOOD,EdwinPteC Troop, Huddersfield
EASTWOOD,ThomasPteC Troop, Huddersfield
EDDISON,WilliamPteC Troop, Huddersfield
EDLESTON,DickinsonPteB Troop, Halifax
EDWARDS,HenryCaptainB Troop, Halifax
ELLAM,JohnPteC Troop, Huddersfield
ELLIS,ThomasPteC Troop, Huddersfield
FARRER,John J.PteC Troop, Huddersfield
FIELDEN,AbrahamPte.A Troop, Halifax
FIELDHOUSE,JohnTrumpeterD Troop, Bradford
FIELDING,JamesPteB Troop, Halifax
FIRTH,WilliamPteB Troop, Halifax
FLETCHER,JamesPteD Troop, Bradford
FLETCHER,RichardPteD Troop, Bradford
FORREST,JamesPteD Troop, Bradford
FOSTER,WilliamPteB Troop, Halifax
GILL,JohnPte.A Troop, Halifax
GLEDHILL,GeorgePte.A Troop, Halifax
GRAHAM,BenjaminPteC Troop, Huddersfield
HAIGH,HenryPte.A Troop, Halifax
HALLAS,RobertPteC Troop, Huddersfield
HANSON,CharlesPte.A Troop, Halifax
HARPER,GeorgePte.A Troop, Halifax
HARPIN,JohnPteC Troop, Huddersfield
HARRY,JohnSgtC Troop, Huddersfield
HARTLEY,GeorgePte.A Troop, Halifax
HARTLEY,HenryPteB Troop, Halifax
HAYCOCK,WilliamPteC Troop, Huddersfield
HELLAWELL,ThomasPteC Troop, Huddersfield
HEPWORTH,JosephPte.A Troop, Halifax
HILEY,JamesPteB Troop, Halifax
HILEY,JosephPteB Troop, Halifax
HIRST,JohnPteC Troop, Huddersfield
HIRST,GeorgePteB Troop, Halifax
HIRST,JosephPteD Troop, Bradford
HOLDROYD,BenjaminPteB Troop, Halifax
HOLDSWORTH,GeorgeCplB Troop, Halifax
HOLLIDAY,JohnPteD Troop, Bradford
HOLROYD,WilliamPteC Troop, Huddersfield
HOLROYD,JohnPte.A Troop, Halifax
HOLROYD,JosephPte.A Troop, Halifax
HOLROYD,JeremiahPteB Troop, Halifax
HOLROYD,John MasonPteB Troop, Halifax
HORSFALL,JohnPteD Troop, Bradford
HORSFALL,Thomas HCaptainD Troop, Bradford
HUNTER,JohnPteD Troop, Bradford
INGLE,John BCplD Troop, Bradford
JACKSON,JosephPteC Troop, Huddersfield
JACKSON,HenryPteB Troop, Halifax
JENNINGS,JohnPte.A Troop, Halifax
JESSOP,JohnTrumpeterB Troop, Halifax
JOHNSON,J.W.PteC Troop, Huddersfield
KAYE,William HenryPteC Troop, Huddersfield
KERSHAW,HenryPteB Troop, Halifax
KILNER,JosephPteC Troop, Huddersfield
LAWTON,JohnPteC Troop, Huddersfield
LEES,CharlesPteD Troop, Bradford
LEWIS,HodgsonCplB Troop, Halifax
LISTER,DavidPteD Troop, Bradford
LOWENTHALL,SeigmundCplD Troop, Bradford
LUCAS,HenryPteC Troop, Huddersfield
LUND,ThomasPteD Troop, Bradford
LUPTON,JohnPteD Troop, Bradford
LUPTON,HenryPteC Troop, Huddersfield
LYLE,LowdyPte.A Troop, Halifax
MALLINSON,JamesPte.A Troop, Halifax
MANN,EdwardPte.A Troop, Halifax
MANN,JohnLieutenantD Troop, Bradford
MARSDEN,JamesPteD Troop, Bradford
MARSH,JohnPteB Troop, Halifax
MARSHALL,WilliamPteC Troop, Huddersfield
MAUDE,JohnPteD Troop, Bradford
McTAGGART,DavidPte.A Troop, Halifax
MERCER,RobertPteB Troop, Halifax
MOORE,WilliamPte.A Troop, Halifax
MORRIS,JosephSgtD Troop, Bradford
MURGATROYD,SamuelPte.A Troop, Halifax
NEWELL,FrederickPteD Troop, Bradford
NORCLIFFE,MarkPteC Troop, Huddersfield
NORRIS,James EdwardPteB Troop, Halifax
NORTON,ThomasPteC Troop, Huddersfield
PARKER,SamuelPteD Troop, Bradford
PERCIVAL,JohnSgtB Troop, Halifax
PHELON,RobertPte.A Troop, Halifax
PIERCY,GeorgeCpl.A Troop, Halifax
PIERCY,WilliamSgtB Troop, Halifax
POLLARD,George T.LieutenantA Troop, Halifax
RADCLIFEE,JohnPteD Troop, Bradford
RATCLIFFE,JohnPteB Troop, Halifax
RAWSON,Jeremiah S.PteB Troop, Halifax
RENNARDS,ThomasPteD Troop, Bradford
RHODES,WilliamPteD Troop, Bradford
RHODES,JohnPteC Troop, Huddersfield
RIDEHALGH,JamesPteB Troop, Halifax
RIPLEY,JamesPteD Troop, Bradford
ROBINSON,GeorgePteC Troop, Huddersfield
SAGAR,HenryPteD Troop, Bradford
SCARLETT,HenryPteC Troop, Huddersfield
SCHOFIELD,JosephPte.A Troop, Halifax
SCHOLEFIELD,JohnPteD Troop, Bradford
SHACKLETON,JohnPteD Troop, Bradford
SHAW,WilliamPteC Troop, Huddersfield
SHAW,Thomas JamesCpl.A Troop, Halifax
SHEARD,JamesPteC Troop, Huddersfield
SHIELDS,JamesSgtD Troop, Bradford
SIMPSON,GeorgePte.A Troop, Halifax
SKELTON,JohnPteB Troop, Halifax
SMITH,JohnPteD Troop, Bradford
SMITH,BenjaminPteC Troop, Huddersfield
SMITHIES,RichardPteB Troop, Halifax
STANSFIELD,JonathanPteD Troop, Bradford
STOCKS,W.B.,Pte.A Troop, Halifax
SUNDERLAND,WilliamPteB Troop, Halifax
SUTCLIFFE,WilliamPteB Troop, Halifax
SUTCLIFFE,ThomasPteB Troop, Halifax
SUTCLIFFE,RobertTrumpeterA Troop, Halifax
SWAINE,JohnPteB Troop, Halifax
SWAINE,HenryPte.A Troop, Halifax
SYKES,LawPteC Troop, Huddersfield
SYKES,WilliamPteC Troop, Huddersfield
TEMPEST,JamesPte.A Troop, Halifax
TETLEY,JamesPteD Troop, Bradford
THOMPSON,SamuelPte.A Troop, Halifax
THOMPSON,MatthewPteB Troop, Halifax
THWAITES,EdwardPteD Troop, Bradford
TONGUE,WilliamPteB Troop, Halifax
TOWNSEND,T.W.,Pte.A Troop, Halifax
TURNER,WilliamPteB Troop, Halifax
UTTLEY,JamesPteB Troop, Halifax
WAGSTAFF,John ReidSgtD Troop, Bradford
WALKER,DavidPteC Troop, Huddersfield
WALKER,HarperSgt.A Troop, Halifax
WALKER,Thomas E.PteB Troop, Halifax
WALKER,JohnPte.A Troop, Halifax
WALLIS,JohnPteB Troop, Halifax
WALTON,JamesPteB Troop, Halifax
WATERHOUSE,SamuelCaptainA Troop, Halifax
WHEATLEY,RalphPteD Troop, Bradford
WIGNEY,Thomas J.SgtC Troop, Huddersfield
WIGNEY,JamesPteC Troop, Huddersfield
WILKINSON,ZaccheusPte.A Troop, Halifax
WILKINSON,JosephPte.A Troop, Halifax
WILSON,GeorgePteC Troop, Huddersfield
WOOD,ThomasPteB Troop, Halifax
WRIGHT,George RoylePteD Troop, Bradford

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