County of Armagh - Major Collections re: Manors, held at the PRONI



  • The Armstrong of Deans Hill Papers
  • Ballyard and Tullyah estates, Co. Armagh, papers, PRONI ref. D/2135
  • The Bath and Brownlow Estate Papers
  • Bell, John estate, Co. Armagh, papers, PRONI ref. D/3188
  • The Belmore Papers
  • The Brownlow Papers
  • The Caledon Papers
  • Castledillon Estate, Co. Armagh, History of by William Molyneux, PRONI ref. MIC/215
  • The Dartrey Papers
  • The Gosford Papers
  • Kernan, Manor of, Co. Armagh-related document, PRONI ref. D/2530
  • The Kilmorey Papers
  • The Lenox-Conyngham Papers
  • The MacGeough Bond Papers
  • The Tipping Papers
  • The Verner Wingfield Papers