Edgeworth Family Papers

Concerning the parishes of Ballymachugh, Drumlumman and Scrabby. National Archives of Ireland call numbers M1482 thru M1506

Rev Richard Vaughan
Rev. Essex Edgeworth
Vicar Geberal of Diocese of Ardagh
Letter on Edgeworth's
book "The Duties of
Repentance" & its distribution
d. 10.1.1734/5

Accounts of books
received & distributed
d. 10.1.1734/5

An account of ye number of Books receiv'd & ye name of yr Parishoners to whom they were given.

  1. William Strong
  2. James Ferguson
  3. Edward Beaty
  4. David ____out
  5. John _arren
  6. John _gomery
  7. Andr Bell
  8. _____ jove
  9. _____ oah
  10. _____ Eliot
  11. _____ Wood
  12. __eha Lahy
  13. ___ Mary Meily
  14. James Duncan
  15. James McDowell
  16. Loghlin Smith
  17. Ed Simpson
  18. Arthur Brock
  19. Hugh Kerr
  20. Tho Stratford
  21. ___ Walker
  22. Albert Pearfon
  23. David Jackfon
  24. Thomas Cook
  25. Anne Lahy wid.
  26. John Bell
  27. Tho: Gibbs
  28. Will: Heany
  29. Tho: Sloan
  • This document was crumbling and several small pieces were missing and is the underlying reason why some of the names could not be deciphered.
  • In the case of #4 the first letter of the surname survived but the handwriting was unclear. It appeared as shown below:
__th Returned

I believe about twenty books more will be sufficient to supply every Family in the 3 parishes yr G Lerve
Richd Vaughan
Jan: 10th 1734/5

List of protestant inhabitants of parishes of Drumloman, BallyMcHugh & BallMcAleny (alias Scrabie) who have not that useful book entitled "The Whole Duty of Man"

James Stanbrook
Henry Logan
Richd Biglan
Tho: Connor
Will: Rose
Philip Gains
James McDowell
Richd: Chifers
James Smith
Will: Dugdate
Charles Lee
Geo: Fitzpatrick
Ambrofe Blakely
Richd Fitzpatrick
John Strong
Daniel Low
Will: Sloan
John Scott junr
Daniel Campbell
Tho: Cooper
James Pattifon
Ed: Pearfon
Widow Fry

Several of your parishioners are very defirous to have the ____ edition of your Book of Famil Devotion.

Receipt for goods purchased from John Chambers, Sep 9 1723, signed by Margt Chambers.

Account Book of Rev Essex Edgeworth 1719

Drumlumman, p.35-40
KillgolahEdmd Carolan
CarrickakillewCharl Mallan
CarrickakillewAlice Keefon
ToharnaroffHugh Donaho
Moynah LowerJn Smith
CortrasnaJames McCarmak
Maharibye UpperManus Smith
Cullebye LowerRichard Reyly
PottlebaneWm Murlogh
TullygullenRedman Handlan
Carlso FreeOwen Reyly
AhabyeCharles Reyly
DundevanCharles Reyly
LiffnadarraRob Nugent
MullahoranHugh Burn
KilledoonJam: McDowell
ClonuslceArthur Web
KilleogeThom Strong
ClonloghanEdmd Nugent
BracklaneWm Ker
Callenagh UpperConnr Reyly
CloonkevadBrian Brady
Moynah UpperMr Vaughan
CarrickdunbeggenMr Evers
CarrickabareEdmd Donelly
GreeduffDennis Halton
Lower CalanaghLewis Tilood
Carriagh LowerJames McDowel
KillcatronHugh Burn
Carnagh Upper(none listed)
DrumhavnyHugh Reyly
KillfaranCharles Reyly
DrumgorePat Sheridan
Carrick Cloonush LittleMr Evers "they gave no notice"
LegweyAndrew Mcdowell
Mahanbye LowerJames Deafe
DrumproglaffOwen McCarmack & Phillip Reyly
Maharibye LowerJames Deafe
KilledreamPat Sheridan
LoughdavanPhil Reyly
Upper CarneghHugh Burn
Cullebye UpperConnor Connel
KillgalaghCon O Reyly
KillgolashTho Cruse
DrumcorJn McDwoell
CormododuftConnor Reyly
DrumhaverConnor Reyly
LiffenahJm Deefe
p. 41
BallimacueCapt Hampson
ScraboMr Stout
p. 111
Scrabo Parish
let to Mr Stout 1721, 1722, 1723, 1724
he has cleared for the years 1718, 1719, 1720
let to Mr Smyth for 1721, 1722, 1723, 1724
all cleared for 1718, 1719, 1720