Plantation of County Cavan

"There were three different categories of grantees, English and lowland Scottish undertakers (civilian groups, so called because of the conditions they undertook to fulfill), servitors (military officers and government officials who had been employed in Ireland), and Irish from the confiscated counties who were restored to some of the land. The servitors, who were, allowed to have Irish tenantry, were placed in the same baronies as the Irish grantees, it being considered that their military experience could be of value in such a juxtaposition
[From Hunter, R.J. ibid]


  • 1612-1613 Survey of Undertakers Planted in Cavan, His. Mss. Comm. Rep. (Hastings Mss) v.4, 1947, p. 159-82
  • O'Hart, J., Irish Pedigrees, vol. 2, Dublin, 1892
    • Precinct of Castle Rahen
      • Servitors
        • Sir John Elliott, Knight.
        • John Ridgeway, Esq.
        • Sir William Taaffe, Knight.
        • Roger Garth, Gent.
        • Sir Edmund Fettiplace, Knight.
      • Natives
        • Walter Thomas, and Patrick Bradie, Gents.
        • Cahir McShane O'Reily, of Cornegall, Gent.
        • Barnaby Reily, of Nacorraghes, Gent.
        • Shane McHugh O'Reily, of Ballaghana, Gent.
        • Thomas McJames Bane (O'Reily), of Kilmore, Gent.
        • Philip McBrien McHugh O'Reily, Gent.
        • Owen McShane O'Reily, Gent.
        • Bryan O'Coggye O'Reily
        • Mulmorie McOwen O'Reily
        • Hugh Roe McShane O'Reily
        • Philip and Shane O'Reily, brothers
        • Shane McPhilip O'Reily, Gent.
        • Shane Bane O'Moeltully ), Gent.
        • Edward Nugent, Gent.
        • Owen McMulmorie O'Reily, Gent.
        • Hugh McGlasney (O'Reily), Gent.
        • Shane McPhilip O'Reily
    • Precinct Of Clanchy
      • Scottish Undertakers
        • Esme Stuart, Lord Aubigny (son of Esme Stewart, the first Duke of Lennox)
        • William Bailie, Esq.
        • John Raleston, Esq.
        • William Downbarr.
    • Precinct of Clonmahone
      • Servitors
        • Sir Oliver Lambert, Knight
        • Joseph Johnes, Gent.
        • John Russon, Gent.
        • Anthony Atkinson, Gent.
      • Natives
        • Mulmorie McHugh Connalagh O'Rely, Gent.
        • Gerald Fleming, Esq.
        • Hugh McBrien O'Reyly, Gent.
        • Edward Nugent, Gent.
        • Christopher Nugent, Gent.
        • Edward Nugent, Gent.
        • Philip McTirlagh Bradie, Gent.
        • Richard Fitzsimons
    • Precinct Of Loughtee
      • English Undertakers
        • Sir Richard Waldron, Knight
        • John Fishe, Esq.
        • Sir Stephen Butler, Knight
        • Sir Nicholas Lusher, Knight
        • Sir Hugh Wyrrall, Knight
        • John Tailor, Gent.
    • Precinct of Tullaghgarvy
      • Servitors
        • Sir Thomas Ashe, Knight; and John Ashe, Gent.
        • Archibald and Brent Moore (brothers), Gents.
        • Captain Richard Tirrell, Esq.
      • Natives
        • Mulmorie Oge O'Reylie, Gent.
        • Mulmorie McPhilip O'Reilie, Esq.
        • Hugh O'Reylie, Esq.
        • Terence Braddy, Gent.
        • Morish McTully, Gent.
        • Thomas Braddy, Gent.
        • Connor McShane Roe O'Bradie, Gent.
        • Henry Betagh, Gent.
    • Precinct Of Tullochonco
      • Scottish Undertakers
        • Sir Alexander Hamilton, of Endervicke, in Scotland, Knight
        • Sir Claude Hamilton (his son), Knight.
        • Alexander Achmootie.
        • John Achmootie (brother of said Alexander)
        • John Browne, of Gorgeemill, Gent.
    • Precinct of Tullyhaw
      • Servitors
        • Sir George and Sir Richard Greame , Knights.
        • Hugh Coolme and Walter Talbott, Esq.
        • Nicholas Pynnar, Esq.
        • Bryan McPhilip O'Reyly and Edward Rutlidge, Gents.
        • Thomas Johnes, Gent.
      • Natives
        • John and Connor O'Reilly, Gent.
        • Cahir McOwen (O'Reilly), Gent
        • Cahell McOwen O'Reilly, Gent.
        • Donell McOwen (O'Reilly), Gent.
        • Owen O'Sheredan , Gent.
        • Cahill McBrien O'Reilly, Gent.
        • Mulmore McHugh McFarrall O'Reyly, Gent.
        • Cormacke McGawran
        • Donough Magauran, Gent.
        • Hugh McManus Oge Magauran, Gent
        • Breene Oge McGauran, Gent.
        • Mulmorie McTirlagh O'Reily, Gent.
        • Felim, Brian, and Cahir, sons of Hugh O'Reyly, late of Ballaghaneo
        • Tirlagh McHugh McBryan Bane O'Reylie
        • Bryan McKernan, Gent.
        • Donnell McFarrall Oge McKernan, Gent.
        • Callo (or Calvagh) O'Gowne (or O'Gowan), Gent.
        • Shane McCabe, Gent.
        • Wony McThomas McKernan
        • Donill Backagh McShane O'Reyly, Gent.
        • Bryan McShane O'Reyly, Gent.
  • Hunter, R.J. "The English Undertakers in the Plantation of Ulster, 1610-41" Breifne Vol. 4 No. 16 1973-75, p. 471-500.
    • Landowners in the Barony of Loughtee. Acreages are in statute measure. The accompanying figures, given for the undertakers, indicate the size of forfeited lands as granted.
      John Taylor6,8421,500
      John Fishe8,8682,000
      Sir Hugh Wirrall6,6061,500
      Stephen Butler13,55212,0022
      Richard Waldron7,0932,000
      Sir Nicholas Lusher6,6192,000
      William Lusher5,7541,500
      Native Irish
      Walter, Thomas and Patrick Brady2,265 
      Hugh McGlasney [O'Reilly]371 
      Mulmory oge O'Reilly893 
      Tirlagh McDonnell O'Reilly of Killagh5,834 
      Mulmory McHugh Connelagh O'Reilly782 
      Shane Bane O'Moeltully222 
      British Grantees who were not undertakers
      Hugh Culme1,215 
      Roger Downeton1,195 
      William Binde292 
      Sir Thomas Rotherham141 
      Sir Thomas Ashe9 
      Old English
      Sir Claud Hamilton673 
      Richard Nugent, Baron Delvin299 
      James Dillon, Earl of Roscommon4,150 
      Edward Nugent499 
      School and Town Lands
      School Lands917 
      Town of Cavan683 
      Bishopric of Kilmore14,116 
      Unidentified Ownership
    1. Includes 1,320 acres in modern Tullaghgarvy barony.
    2. 284 acres granted to establish the town of Belturbet should be added.
    3. A small portion of a Scottish undertaker's estate in Tullyhunco barony, which crosses the modern barony boundary.


  • Origin of Scottish settlers
    • Clankee barony - Ayrshire, Renfrewshire, Stirlingshire
    • Tullyhunco barony - Dunbartonshire, East Lothian, Midlothian