"Tullaroan", a parish, in the barony of Cranagh, county of Kilkenny, and province of Leinster, 7 miles (N.W.) from Kilkenny; containing 3650 inhabitants, of which number 182 are in the village. Tullaroan formed part of the extensive territories of Raymond le Gros, Earl Strongbow's companion in arms. He fixed his principal residence at Courtstown, in this parish, whence the head of the family was in after times sometimes styled Baron of Tullaroan or of Courtstown, and the surrounding land were often distinguished by the name of Grace's parish. Its eastern boubdary lies within 4 miles of the city of Kilkenny, joining the liberties; its western is the small river Munster, which borders it for three miles, forming the demarcation between Kilkenny and Tipperary: its extent is about six miles from east to west and five miles from north to south. Three-fourths of the parish consist of hills of considerable height, enclosing a fertile and spacious vale of pasture and meadow-ground.
It is a rectory and vicarage, in the diocese of Ossory, forming part of the union of Callan. In the R. C. divisions it is part of the union or district of Freshford: the chapel is on the townland of Brith. There are six private schools, in which about 280 children receive instruction. There is scarcely a townland in which some vestige of remote antiquity cannot be traced. One of the most perfect raths is at Courtstown: it is composed of a large moated enclosure encompassing a smaller: on the same townland are two others of inferior dimensions: others of very large size are on the lands of Rathely-Grace, and near the site of the old parish church. The ruins of Courtstown castle, ..., are now reduced to little more than an outline of the foundations. About a half mile eastward of the castle are the ruins of Tullaroan church and Grace's chapel, both founded by members of the Grace family; the former are of small extent and present little to attract attention; the latter, which is an offset from the church, is entered by a curiously decorated ogee gateway. In the village are two ornamented stone crosses in a perfect state; a throd, now mutilated, is on the roadside near Bonnetstown.
[From A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837)]


Church Records

Civil Parish: Tullaroan. RC Parish: Tullaroan.
Earliest Records: b. Mar 1843; m. Apr 1843.

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 Civil           Roman Catholic  Time            FHLC 
parish           parish           period           number 
Tullaroan       Tullaroan       1843-1880       0926204 
Note: Tullaroan was formed from southern Freshford R.C. parish.  

Description & Travel

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The transcription of the section for this parish from the National Gazetteer (1868), provided by Colin Hinson.


Historical Geography

Townlands (1851)
 Parish         Townland                Acres   Diocese 
Tullaroan       Adamstown Lower         189     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Adamstown Upper         284     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Ballaghcloneen          285     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Ballintarsna            128     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Ballybeagh              1124    Ossory     
Tullaroan       Ballycuddihy            575     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Ballyroe (Grace)        220     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Ballyroe (Maher)        201     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Boggan                  460     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Brabstown               200     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Briskalagh              85      Ossory     
Tullaroan       Brittas                 551     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Canvarstown             373     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Coolnapisha             38      Ossory     
Tullaroan       Courtstown              429     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Curraghscarteen         116     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Foylatalure             357     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Gortnagap               654     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Huntstown               568     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Knocknamuck             250     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Kyleballyoughter        295     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Lates                   124     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Lisballyfroot           544     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Lisnalea                286     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Monavadaroe             169     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Newengland              308     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Oldtown                 282     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Oldtownhill             403     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Picketstown             115     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Raheen                  382     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Rathealy                596     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Rathmacan               656     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Remeen                  222     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Trenchardstown          429     Ossory     
Tullaroan       Tullaroan               443     Ossory     


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