Kings and Queens of England and Scotland

(and some of the people around them.)

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Monarchs since the Norman Conquest in 1066 showing the dates of their reigns

House of Normandy House of Stuart
1066-1087 William I 1603-1625 James I
1087-1100 William II 1625-1649 Charles I
1100-1135 Henry I 1649-1653 Commonwealth/protectorate
1135-1154 Stephen 1653-1658 Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell
    1658-1659 Protectorate of Richard Cromwell
House of Plantagenet    
1154-1189 Henry II House of Stuart restored
1189-1199 Richard I 1660-1685 Charles II
1199-1216 John 1685-1688 James II
1216-1272 Henry III 1689-1694 William and Mary (jointly)
1272-1307 Edward I    
1307-1327 Edward II House of Orange
1327-1377 Edward III 1694-1702 William III (sole ruler)
1377-1399 Richard II 1702-1714 Anne
House of Lancaster House of Hanover
1399-1413 Henry IV 1714-1727 George I
1413-1422 Henry V 1727-1760 George II
1422-1461 Henry VI 1760-1820 George III
    1820-1830 George IV
House of York 1830-1837 William IV
1461-1483 Edward IV 1837-1901 Victoria
1483 Edward V    
1483-1485 Richard III House of Saxe-Coburg
    1901-1910 Edward VII
House of Tudor    
1485-1509 Henry VII House of Windsor
1509-1547 Henry VIII 1910-1936 George V (a Saxe-Coburg until 1917)
1547-1553 Edward VI 1936 Edward VIII
1553-1558 Mary I 1936-1952 George VI
1558-1603 Elizabeth I 1952- Elizabeth II

Please note

  • From 1542 to 1801 all were Kings (or Queens) of Ireland.
  • From James I & VI to Anne, all were both English and Scottish monarchs.
  • Anne has the peculiar distinction of having been Queen of England and of Scotland until 1707 and of Great Britain thereafter.
  • The George I & II were Kings of Great Britain and of Ireland, George III was King of Great Britain and of Ireland until the union (1801) when he became King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, as were all the following monarchs.
  • Monarchs from William IV onwards had various other titles as well, such as Emperor/Empress of India (Victoria etc), King of British Dominions, etc, etc.
  • In the lists below, you will find the term "King of England" or "Queen of England", this is intended simply to distinguish them from those kings who were only kings of Scots and is not intended as a title.


Kings of England (with dates of birth and death)

  • Alfred the Great, King of England. (849-901)
  • Athelstan, King of England. (c895-940)
  • Canute, the Dane, King of England. (c994-1035)
  • Charles I., King of England. (1600-1649)
  • Charles II., King of England. (1630-1685)
  • Edgar, King of England. (944-975)
  • St.Edmund, King of the East Angles. (?-870)
  • Edmund I., Edmund the Elder, King of England. (c922-946)
  • Edmund II., Edmund Ironside, King of England. (c981-1016)
  • Edred, King of England. (?-955)
  • Edward the Elder, King of England. (?-925)
  • Edward the Martyr, King of England. (c962-978)
  • Edward the Confessor, King of England. (c1005-1066)
  • Edward I., King of England. (1239-1307)
  • Edward II., King of England. (1284-1327)
  • Edward III., King of England. (1312-1377)
  • Edward IV., King of England. (1441-1483)
  • Edward V., Prince of Wales, Earl of Ludlow, King of England. (1470-1483)
  • Edward VI., King of England. (1537-1553)
  • Edward VII., King of England. (1537-1553)
  • Edward VIII., King of England. (1894-1972)
  • Edwin, King of Northumbria. (?-638)
  • Edwy, King of England. (c940-959)
  • Egbert, King of England. (?-839)
  • Ethelbert, King of Kent. (c552-616)
  • Ethelbert, King of England. (?-866)
  • Ethelred I., King of England (?-871)
  • Ethelred II., King of England, the Unready. (c968-1016)
  • Ethelwolf, King of England. (?-857)
  • George I., Lewis, King of England. (1660-1727)
  • George II., Augustus, King of England. (1683-1760)
  • George III., William Frederick, King of England. (1738-1820)
  • George IV., Augustus Frederick, King of England. (1762-1830)
  • George V., King of England. (1865-1936)
  • George VI., King of England. (1895-1952)
  • Hardicanute King of England and Denmark. (1018-1041)
  • Harold I., Harefoot, King of England. (?-1039)
  • Harold II., King of England. (c1026-1066)
  • Henry I., King of England. (1068-1135)
  • Henry II., King of England. (1133-1189)
  • Henry III., King of England. (1207-1272)
  • Henry IV., King of England. (1366-1413)
  • Henry V., King of England. (1388-1422)
  • Henry VI., King of England. (1421-1471)
  • Henry VII., King of England. (1456-1509)
  • Henry VIII., King of England. (1491-1547)
  • Ina, King of the West Saxons. (6??-7??)
  • James I. of England, and VI of Scotland. (1566-1625)
  • James II., King of England. (1633-1701)
  • John, King of England. (1166-1216)
  • Offa, King of Mercia. (?-794)
  • Oswald, King of Northumbria. (?-642)
  • Penda, King of Mercia. (c580-655)
  • Richard I., the Lionheart, King of England. (1157-1199)
  • Richard II., King of England. (1366-1400)
  • Richard III., King of England, Duke of Gloucester. (1450-1485)
  • Stephen, King of England. (c 1096-1154)
  • William I., the Conqueror, King of England, Duke of Normandy. (1027-1087)
  • William II., Rufus, King of England. (c1060-1100)
  • William III., King of England (with Mary) Prince of Orange. (1650-1702)
  • William IV., King of England. (1765-1837)


Kings of Scots







  • Odo, Bishop of Bayeux and Earl of Kent. (c1032-1096)



  • George Monk, duke of Albemarle. (1608-1670)
  • George, Duke of Clarence, Lieutenant of Ireland. (1449-1478)
  • William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland. (1721-1765)
  • George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham. (1592-1628)
  • George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham. (1627-1688)
  • John, Duke of Bedford, Regent of France. (1390-1435)
  • Charles, the last Duke of Burgundy, Count of Charolais. (1433-1477)
  • Augustus Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton. (1736-1811)
  • Thomas, Duke of Gloucester, Lord High Constable of England. (?-1397)
  • John of Gaunt, Earl of Derby, Duke of Lancaster. (1340-1399)
  • James, Duke of Monmouth. (1649-1685)
  • Henry, Duke of Lancaster, Earl of Derby. (?-1362)
  • John Maitland, Duke of Lauderdale. (1616-1682)
  • John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, Viscount Lisle, Earl of Warwick. (1502-1553)
  • Richard, third Duke of York, Regent of France, Lieutenant of Ireland.(?-1460) .




Emperors and Empresses






Eminent Men





  • Edgar Atheling, or Prince Edgar. (105?-11??)
  • Edward, Prince of Wales, the Black Prince. (1330-1376)
  • George, Prince of Denmark. (1653-1708)
  • Prince Rupert, or Robert, Prince of Bavaria. (1619-1682)


Queens of Kings



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