Newspapers in Angus


A number of newspapers existed and still exist in Angus. The following lists those papers which have survived either in the British Library, local libraries or with the publishers. Gaps may exist within the years quoted here.


Angus Herald, 1930-1933
Daily Argus and Forfar, Perth and Fife Advertiser, 1859-1861
Peoples Journal for Forfarshire, 1868-1901
People's Journal for Forfarshire and Forfarshire East Coast, 1901-1928


Arbroath and Forfar News, and Angus Advertiser, 1856-1857
Arbroath Argus, or Forfarshire Political and Critical Review, 1835-1836
Arbroath Argus Redivivus, 1841-1842
Arbroath Guide, 1842-1989
Arbroath Herald and Advertiser for the Montrose Burghs, 1885-1940
Arbroath Herald and Angus County Advertiser, 1940-present
Arbroath Herald and Angus-shire Political, Literary, Commercial and Agricultural Advertiser, 1838-1839
Arbroath Journal and Forfarshire Political and Critical review, 1836-1842
Arbroath Miscellany, 1836


Brechin Advertiser, 1880-present
Brechin Advertiser and Angus and Mearns Intelligencer, 1848-1880
Brechin and District News, 1952-1953
Brechin Herald and Angus and Mearns News, 1889-1892

Broughty Ferry

Bro'ty Advertiser, 1913-1916
Bro'ty Advertiser and Carnoustie Herald, 1916-1919
Broughty Ferry and Carnoustie Advertiser, 1867
Broughty Ferry Burgh Pilot, 1901-1903
Broughty Ferry Burgh Pilot and Tayside Recorder, 1903
Broughty Ferry Guide and Advertiser, 1887-1906
Broughty Ferry Guide and Carnoustie Gazette, Monifieth Advertiser, 1931-present
Broughty Ferry Guide and Carnoustie Gazette, Monifieth and Tayport Advertiser, 1913-1931
Broughty Ferry Guide and Monifieth and Tayport Advertiser, 1906-1913
Broughty Ferry Times, 1976-1977


Carnoustie and Monifieth Times, 1976-1978
Carnoustie Free Press, 1891
Carnoustie Herald and Bro'ty Advertiser, 1916-1919
Carnoustie Leader, 1989-1990


Citizen, 1946-1949
Citizen and Dundee Forward, 1949-1956
City Echo, 1913
Courier and Advertiser, 1926-present
Courier and Argus, 1899-1926
Dundee Advertiser, 1861-1926
Dundee and Glasgow Weekly News, 1898
Dundee and Perth Saturday Post and General Advertiser for the Midland Counties of Scotland, 1855-1859
Dundee and Perth Weekly Express, 1857-1858
Dundee Catholic Herald, 1893-1939
Dundee Christian Monitor, 1874
Dundee Chronicle, 1830-1840
Dundee Citizen, 1946-1949
Dundee Commercial Gazette and Shipping Register, 1860-1861
Dundee Commercial List, 1840
Dundee Courier, 1817-1832
Dundee Courier, 1834-1861
Dundee Courier and Argus, 1862-1899
Dundee Courier and Argus and Northern Warder, 1873
Dundee Courier and Daily Argus, 1861-1862
Dundee Distributor, 1876
Dundee Free Press, 1899-1903
Dundee Free Press, 1926-1933, 1974
Dundee Herald, 1841
Dundee Magazine and Caledonian Review, 1822
Dundee Magazine and Journal of the Times, 1799-1802
Dundee Mercantile Gazette and Shipping List, 1845-1848
Dundee, Perth and Cupar Advertiser, 1803-1861
Dundee, Perth, Fife and Forfar People's Journal, 1858-1868
Dundee Prices and Current Shipping Register, 1845-1958
Dundee Reformer and Lochee Observer, 1885
Dundee Repository of Political and Miscellaneous Information, 1793-1794
Dundee Standard, 1979-present
Dundee Warder, 1841-1845
Dundee Weekly Advertiser and Angusshire Intelligencer, 1801
Dundee Weekly Courier, 1816-1817
Dundee Weekly Magazine, 1775-1778
Dundee Weekly News, 1855-1856
Dundee Weekly News, 1885-1904
Dundee Weekly News (Fife and Kinross Edition), 1894
Dundee Weekly News (Forfarshire Edition), 1894
Dundee Weekly News (Perthshire Edition), 1894
Dundee Weekly News and Edinburgh Weekly News, 1900-1903
Dundee Weekly News and Glasgow Weekly News, 1896-1897
Dundee Weekly News (Edinburgh and the South Edition), 1894-1900
Dundee Weekly News for Fife and Kinross, 1894-1903
Dundee Weekly News for Fifeshire and Kinross-shire, 1894
Dundee Weekly News for Forfarshire, 1894-1903
Dundee Weekly News for Perthshire, 1894-1903
Dundee Weekly News for Stirling District, 1894-1903
Dundee Weekly News (Glasgow and West Edition), 1894-1896
Evening Telegraph, 1877-1905
Evening Telegraph and Post, 1905-present


Forfar Dispatch, 1884-present
Forfar Herald, 1879-1930
Forfar Reformer, 1884-1885
Forfar Reformer and Kirriemuir Mercury, 1883-1884
Forfar Review and Strathmore Advertiser, 1888-1926
Forfar Times, 1974-1978


Kirriemuir Free Press and Angus Advertiser, 1884-1975
Kirriemuir Herald, Strathmore Advertiser and Kirriemuir Dispatch, 1949-present
Kirriemuir Observer and Braes of Angus Reporter, 1869-1883
Kirriemuir Observer and General Advertiser, 1883-1949


Montrose and Brechin Chronicle, 1895-1911
Montrose, Arbroath and Brechin Review; and Forfar and Kincardineshire Advertiser, 1811-1919
Montrose Chronicle, 1894-1895
Montrose Chronicle, 1819-1823
Montrose Courant, 1884-1885
Montrose Courier and General Advertiser for the Counties of Forfar and Kincardine, 1815-1816
Montrose Express and Angus and Mearns Reporter, 1889
Montrose Review and Angus and Kincardineshire Advertiser, 1919-present
Montrose Standard and Angus and Mearns Register, 1837-1970
Montrose Telegraph, 1855-1867