Monkton and Prestwick


"MONKTON AND PRESTWICK, an united parish in the district of Kyle, county Ayr, Scotland. It comprises the post-office village of its own name, also the burgh of barony of Prestwick, and the village of Prestwick-Toll, at which places are stations on the Ayr section of the Glasgow and South-Western railway. It extends in length about 34 miles from N. to S., with a breadth varying from 1½ mile to 3½ miles, and is bounded by the Firth of Clyde and the parishes of Dundonald, Symington, Craigie, Tarbolton, St. Quivox, and Newton-upon-Ayr. The surface is moderately flat, rising gently from the Firth. The soil in the central district consists of a deep rich loam, while along the coast and over a large extent of the southern district it is light and sandy, and in the N. and N.E. a strong clay. Red and white sandstone are quarried, and coal has been extensively worked. The coast line, which extends for about 24 miles in length, is low and sandy. The parish is traversed by the road from Irvine to Ayr, and by the Glasgow and Ayr railway. The village of Monkton is distant about 3½ miles N.E. of Ayr, and 8 S.W. of Kilmarnock. The parish is watered by the rivers Pow, Rumbler, and several small streams. It formerly belonged to Paisley Abbey, by the name of Orangefield. This parish is in the presbytery of Ayr, and synod of Glasgow and Ayr. The minister has a stipend of £275. The new parish church is situated betwixt the villages of Monkton and Prestwick, and serves as a landmark to vessels entering the Firth of Clyde. It was erected in 1837. The old parish churches of Monkton and Prestwick are of great antiquity. There is a Free church, also a Free Church school, besides other schools. Between Prestwick and Prestwick-Toll are the ruins of Kincase, a lepers' hospital, founded by Bruce. At Monkton Hill is a pillar stone."

Description(s) from The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868)


Church History


Architecturally, the most important structure in the village are the ruins of St. Cuthbert's Church, in Main Street. Built several centuries ago as a single oblong chamber, it has been considerably changed over time, before being re-roofed in 1837. The Church and graveyard, because of their historical importance, are protected buildings. Also protected are the neighbouring Manse to the Parish Church, and its stables. The manse was constructed in 1822 and is a two storey building with a central porch.


The ruin of the 13th century St Nicholas Church is in Kirk Street. Other churches in the town included:

  • Old St Cuthbert's Church.
  • North Church, built in 1874.
  • South Church, built between 1882-4.
  • St Nicholas Church, built in 1908.
  • St Ninian's Episcopal Church, Kingcase, built in 1926.
  • New Life Christian Centre, built in 1837 as the Monkton and Prestwick Parish Church.

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