Kirkcaldy Church Records


Data provided by the  Scottish Archive Network (SCAN)

The Parish Church (Established Church, Church of Scotland):

The original Old Parish Registers (of baptisms / births, proclamations / marriages, and deaths / burials) of the Church of Scotland, which cover the years up to 1854, are held in the National Records of Scotland in Edinburgh, and they can all be consulted there at the National Records of Scotland. The baptisms / births, proclamations / marriages and deaths / burials indexes can be searched at the ScotlandsPeople website. Copies of the register entries may be purchased.

Parish reference number: 442

The Old Parish Registers (OPRs) span the following dates (although there are gaps within these ranges):

Kirkcaldy OPR Births / baptisms Proclamations / marriages Deaths / burials / mortcloths
442/1 1614-1691 1615-1688  
442/2 1696-1743 1732-1743 1732-1743
442/3 1743-1783 1743-1783 1743-1783
442/4 1783-1819 1783-1819  
442/5 1820-1854    
442/6   1820-1854  
Register of Neglected Entries 1842-1851    
(Data supplied by the National Records of Scotland)

The Detailed List of the Old Parochial Registers of Scotland, published 1872, provides this information about the content of the OPRs, including the gaps within them:

B.  blank Jan. 1630 - March 1638, March 1662 - Nov. 1673, April 1691 - April 1696 and Nov. 1730 - Jan. 1732, from which date to 1743, B. M. and D. are entered in parallel cols. of the same Record. This last portion not carefully kept. Separate Record of B. after 1743. Indices to B. and M. 1743 - 1783.
M.  blank Jan. 1666 - Nov. 1673, Aug. 1688 - Jan. 1732. Record 1733 - 1739 incl. is one of persons contracted for Marriage. Not carefully kept 1732 - 1743.
D.  Deaths prior to 1752; after that date, Deaths and Burials. From 1732 - 1752 entries recorded in cols. of the Register of M. Separate Record after 1752.
[Vol. 442/3 contains an index to B. 1743 - 1783 (surname plus abbreviated form of father's forename, followed by full first name of child); and an index to M. 1743 - 1783 (parties' surnames and forenames, bridegroom's first). Vol. 442/5 contains an index to B. 1839 - 1854 (surname plus abbreviated form of father's forename, followed by full first name of child). Vol. 442/6 contains an index to M 1841 - 1854 (both parties' surnames, bridegroom's first; entry number as well as page number.)

Copies of the registers on microfilm may be consulted in some local libraries and at LDS Family Search Centres around the world. The indexes to baptisms / births and proclamations / marriages can also be searched on the LDS Family Search website or on the IGI on microfiche in local libraries.

LDS Library Film Numbers:

1040186 Baptisms, 1614-1630, 1638-1662, 1673-1783; Marriages, 1615-1666, 1673-1688, 1732-1783; Burials, 1732-1752.
1040187 Items 1 - 4 Burials, 1752-1783; Baptisms, 1783-1854; Baptisms (supplement), 1820-1854; Marriages, 1783-1867; Neglected entries (3 baptisms), 1842-1851.
(Data provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)

Deaths / burials are listed on Fife Family History Society's  Pre-1855 Fife Deaths CD.

Further information on the main Fife page.

Kirk Session records (Kirkcaldy Old - CH2/636) are at the National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh. The Presbytrie Book of Kirkcaldie, the record of the proceedings of the Presbytery of Kirkcaldy, from 15 April 1630 - 14 September 1653, is available through the web archive.

Heritors' Records (HR239) are at the National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Dysart and Abbotshall parishes also had parish churches. 

At the National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh:

  • CH2/636
    Kirkcaldy Old Kirk Session, Kirkcaldy St Bryce Kirk
    Minutes and accounts, 1614-1645 and 1663-1908; Treasurer's book, 1713-1733; Cash book, 1854-1892; Baptisms, 1662-1666, 1855-1870 and 1874; General Assembly schemes committee minutes, 1836-1842; Ladies' association committee minutes, 1849-1851; Proclamation register, 1894-1909; Burial register, 1768-1795, 1826-1950 and 1972; Register of pews, 1806-1923; Printed overtures and Acts of Assembly, 1705-1717; An exposition upon the Ten Commandments, 1692; Detailed account of the cost of burning Alison Dick and William Coke, accused as witches, 1633.
  • MR21/1
    Kirkcaldy Parish Church
    Blotter registers: baptisms, 1750-1769; births, 1790-1795. The National Records of Scotland's Minor Records Catalogue labels them "not a copy of the OPR". These records have been filmed as part of the Minor Records series.

    The LDS have filmed the following records which may be consulted at LDS Family History Centres.
    LDS Library Film Numbers:

    1068235 Item 1 Kirkcaldy Parish Church Blotter registers: baptisms, 1750-1769; births, 1790-1795. Original documents: MR21/1 National Records of Scotland
    (Data provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)
  • HR/239
    Kirkcaldy parish heritors' records
    Minutes, 1804-1815, 1824-1928; Accounts, 1844-1928; Papers relating to transference to Church of Scotland, 1927; Rectified locality of parish, 1926; Plans of church, 1927.
At the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh:
  • MS4000
    Account Book of St Brice Church 2nd Charge, Kirkcaldy, 1683-1712
    (i) Receipts for collections, 1683-90 (f. i)
    (ii) Receipts for seat rents, 1690-1709 (f. 34)
    (iii) List of pews, with number and names of seatholders, and amount of seat rent, 1708-12 (f. 50v.). (iv) Debursements by the kirk treasurer, 1683-9 (f. i inverted)
    (v) Miscellaneous receipts and debursements, 1689-1709 (f. 43 inverted)

Other Churches:

At the National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh:

  • CH3/1143
    Dunnikier Free Church
    Minutes, 1855-1913; Deacons' court minutes, 1852-1873, 1885-1910; Cash book, 1893-1916; Baptismal register, 1876-1916.
  • CH2/907
    Pathhead Church (Pathhead East)
    Minutes, 1851-1922; Manager's minutes, 1840-1926; Accounts, 1840-1843; Seat rent cash book, 1824-1840; Proclamation register, 1876-1890; Communion roll, 1848-1898.
  • CH2/834
    Raith Church
    Minutes, 1878-1964; Manager's minutes, 1877-1964; Baptismal register, 1884-1964; Proclamation register, 1887-1899 and 1913-1963; Marriage register, 1888-1963; Communion roll, 1875-1958; Supplementary roll, 1962; Accounts, 1895-1964; Congregational cash book, 1896-1904 and 1915-1926; Seat letting book, 1888-1937 and 1954-1963; List of deaths, 1952-1964; List of members, 1903-1935; Sewing class minutes, 1889-1939; Young men and women's guild minutes, 1891-1922; Women's guild treasurer's accounts, 1915-1963; Women's guild minutes, 1922-1939; Printed monthly notes, 1888-1925; Bank statements, 1960-1964; Rules and regulations of the management of poorhouses, 1892; Miscellaneous papers, 1878-1961; Copy deed of constitution.
  • CH2/967
    St James's Church
    Minutes, 1872-1969; Manager's and trustee's minutes, 1854-1878; Manager's, trustee's and financial committee minutes, 1906-1929; Congregational board minutes, 1961-1970; Baptismal register, 1887-1970; Proclamation register, 1875-1968; Communion roll, 1878-1896 and 1911-1969; Supplementary roll, 1968; Record of deeds and securities, 1872; Seat rent accounts, 1905-1941; Literary society minutes, 1897-1927.
  • CH2/1327
    St Clairtown Church
    Baptismal register, 1887-1950; Proclamation register, 1950-1977.
  • CH2/1166
    Templehall Church
    Proclamation registers, 1954-1978.
  • CH2/1646
    St John's Church
    Financial Records, 1908-1965; Communion Rolls, 1903-1953; Marriage Proclamation Registers, 1916-1977.
  • CH2/1645
    Abbotsrood Church
    Board Minutes, 1935-1953; Communion Rolls, 1929-1959.
  • CH3/316
    Gallatown Free Church, United Free and Church of Scotland
    Session minutes, 1863-1894 and 1935-1977; Mission Committee and Deacon's Court minutes, 1857-1879; Deacon's court minutes, 1926-1977; Baptismal register, 1920-1977; Proclamation register, 1940-1977; Communion roll, 1941-1970; Supplementary roll, 1946-1964; Property register, 1959-1969.
  • CH3/605
    Loughborough Road United Presbyterian Church, United Free and Church of Scotland
    Minutes, 1878-1969; Manager's minutes, 1877-1969; Cash book, 1877-1952; Door collections, 1944-1950; Freewill offering register, 1969; Property register, 1956-1968; Baptisms, 1878-1969; Proclamations, 1932-1969; Roll of young persons, 1908-1929; Communion roll, 1878-1969; Woman's Guild minutes, 1842-1957; Supplementary roll, 1939-1967; Congregational board cash book, 1964-1969; Reports and financial statements, 1956-1968; Returns and newspaper cuttings, 19-20 cent; Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, 20 cent; Architectural plans, later 19 cent.
  • CH3/1145
    Victoria Road United Presbyterian Church
    Cash book, 1886-1895.
  • CH3/873
    Pathhead Free Church, United Free, Pathhead West Church of Scotland
    Minutes, 1840-1911 (C of S, 1840-1843); Deacons' court minutes, 1844-1909; Baptisms, 1876-1908, 1932-1948 (Pathhead West C of S); Communion roll, 1842-1864, 1866-1898.
  • CH3/988
    Kirkcaldy United Original Secession (UP)
    Minutes, 1853-1946, 1953; Baptisms, 1892-1910; Register of members, 1874-1912; Congregational minutes, 1857-1944, 1955.
  • CH3/1144
    Pathhead Antiburgher Church, Associate Session (Linktoun), United Presbyterian
    Minutes, 1743-1763, 1794-1820, 1837-1854; Tacksmen's minutes, 1777-1821 (gaps); Managers' minutes, 1777-1839 (gaps); Collectors' minutes, 1818-1839; Afternoon collection book, 1843-1870; Baptisms, 1760-1774, 1786-1791, 1794-1799, 1802-1808, 1807-1829, 1831-1836, 1839-1876; Committee minutes, 1840-1841; Deaths, 1839-1880.
    See also CH3/1143 for records of this congregation after it joined the Free church as Dunnikier Church in 1852.

    A transcript of the following records has been published by the Fife Family History Society Baptismal Registers No. 3 and is also available on CD and on the Records page of their website:

    Pathhead Associate Congregation Baptisms Burials
    CH3/1144/6,7 and 8 1760-1854 1839-1854
  • CH3/1455
    Invertiel Free Church Kirk Session, United Free, Invertiel North Church of Scotland
    Minutes, 1843-1952; Deacons' court minutes, 1926-1952; Congregational board minutes, 1952-1981; Marriages, 1980-1982.
  • CH2/925
    Inverteil Church
    Minutes, 1870-1949; Manager's minutes, 1835-1844 and 1867-1930; Accounts, 1868-1870; Narrative of the history of the church, 1871; Minutes of meetings of committee and congregation, 1856-1865; Scroll manse committee minutes, 1884-1889; Manse fund accounts, 1882-1903; Baptismal register, 1844-1854; Communion roll, n.d.; Congregational board minutes, 1932-1952.

    A transcript of the following records has been published by the Fife Family History Society Baptismal Registers No. 5. It is also available on CD and is on the Records pages of their website:

    Inverteil quoad sacra Baptisms
    CH2/925/7 1844-1854
  • CH12/8
    St Peter's Episcopal
    • CH12/8/1-2 Managers' minutes 1839-1858
    • CH12/8/3 Congregational minutes 1864-1908
    • CH12/8/4-5 Managers'/vestry minutes 1875-1900
    • CH12/8/6-12 Vestry minutes 1900-1962
    • CH12/8/13-14 Record of services 1895-1910, 1940-1953
    • CH12/8/15 F W O record 1937-1942
    • CH12/8/16-18 Accounts 1932-1960
    • CH12/8/19 Record of births and baptisms, 1812-51; Marriages 1813-52(with gaps)
    • CH12/8/20 Record of births and baptisms 1851-1858
    • CH12/8/21 Register of baptisms 1895-1912; Register of confirmations 1895-1912; Register of marriages 1895-1912; Register of burials 1895-1912
    • CH12/8/22 Register of baptisms 1913-22; Register of confirmations 1913-38; Register of marriages 1913-28; Register of burials 1913-34 
    • CH12/8/23 Register of baptisms 1922-1957
    • CH12/8/24 Register of marriages 1928-1951
    • CH12/8/25 Register of burials 1934-1971
    • CH12/8/26 Register of baptisms (St Michael's mission) 1901-42; Register of marriages 1908-41
    • CH12/8/27 Register of baptisms (St Columba's mission) 1913-44; Register of baptisms (St Michael's) 1947 (1 entry) Register of marriages 1915-34 (with gaps); Register of burials 1915-38
    • CH12/8/28-34 Church magazine 1901-1925
    • CH12/8/35 Correspondence file 1975-1980
    • CH12/8/36 Accounts and financial papers 20th century

    The Episcopal Church in Kirkcaldy (St Peter's) has registers which are held  by the National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh. A transcript has been published by the Fife Family History Society Baptismal Registers No. 4, also available on CD:

    Kirkcaldy St Peter Baptisms Marriages
    CH12/8 1812-1854 1813-1854
  • CH3/197
    Kirkcaldy Second Associate Congregation (later Union United Presbyterian and United Free Church)
    Session minutes, 1822-1928; Congregational and manager's minutes, 1821-1864 and 1875-1927; Congregational Missionary Society minutes, 1834-1876; Sabbath Morning Association minutes, 1875-1890; Property and Finance Committee minutes, 1871-1872; Account book, 1821-1914; Collection book, 1867-1884; Treasurer's Book, 1899-1907; Baptismal register, 1866-1918; Deaths register, 1881-1918; Communion rolls, 1852-1927; Non-communicants roll, 1876-1882; Non-communicants certificate book, 1876-1877; Miscellaneous vouchers, accounts and correspondence.

    The LDS have filmed the following records which may be consulted at LDS Family History Centres.
    LDS Library Film Numbers:

    1562922 Items 3-6 Kirkcaldy Second Associate Congregation (United Presbyterian Church) Minutes, 1821-1882. Account books, 1821 - Dec. 1876. Original documents: CH3/197/1-2, 16-18, 22-24 National Records of Scotland
    1562923 Items 1-5 Kirkcaldy Second Associate Congregation (United Presbyterian Church) Account book, 1821-1882. Account book, 1824-1863. Baptisms, 1866-1918; deaths, 1880-1918.
    (Data provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)
  • CH3/846
    Kirkcaldy Bethelfield burgher (UP) church
    Minutes, 1807-1901; Proclamation, 1836-1838; Managers' minutes, 1797-1960; Subscriptions, 1831; Accounts, 1798-1845; Penny savings bank cash book and ledger, 1886-1891; Assistance fund committee minutes, 1849-1856; Baptismal register, 1852-1861; Marriage register, 1856-1861; Communion roll, 1855-1915; Index, 1887.
    The registers are being made available on the ScotlandsPeople website.

    A transcript of the following records has been published by the Fife Family History Society Baptismal Registers No. 1, and is also available on CD and on the Records page of their website:

    Kirkcaldy Bethelfield (United Presbyterian) Baptisms
    CH3/846/14 1852-1854
  • RH21/84
    Kirkcaldy Roman Catholic congregation: Our Lady of Perpetual Succour
    Baptisms 1846 - 1895; Confirmations 1888-1895; Marriages 1847 - 1895.
    Roman Catholic marriages which took place in Kirkcaldy prior to 1855 have been transcribed and published by the Fife Family History Society in Publication 22 - Fife Roman Catholic Marriage Registers 1793 - 1854.
    Indexes to and images of the Roman Catholic births and baptism registers 1846-1895 are available at the National Records of Scotland and are also on the ScotlandsPeople website.
  • CH14/10
    West End Congregational Church, Kirkcaldy
    Minutes,1914-1921, 1934-1936, 1939-1957; Accounts, 1935-1936.
  • CH11/5
    Sinclairtown (Kirkcaldy) Wesleyan church, 1883-1977
    Treasurer's cashbook, 1883-1929; Trustees' minutes, 1887-1933; Leaders' weekly accounts, 1883-1887; Leaders' weekly accounts, 1886-1889; Leaders' meeting minutes, 1948-1970; Chapel stewards' cash book, 1888-1960; Pulpit intimation book, 1941-1942; Pulpit intimation book, 1942-1946; Collection journal, 1915-1920; Collection journal, 1921-1933; Collection book, 1932-1935; Record of envelope system collections, nd; Trustees' minutes, 1933-1976; Manse trust minutes, 1960-1976; Manse trust accounts, 1960-1977; Miscellaneous papers, 19th-20th century.
At the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, USA, but available on microfilm at LDS Family History Centres around the world:
  • Microfilm no. 104154 Item 6
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Kirkcaldy Branch
    Record of members, 1842-1849.
  • Microfilm no. 104155 Item 4
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Kirkcaldy Branch
    Branch records, 1881.

The Kirkcaldy page of the LDS Family Search Research Wiki has more information about church history and records.