Glebe Kirkyard


The RR reference numbers used in this document are from the book "Rousay Roots" by Robert C. Marwick

No..RR Ref.Inscription
1.See A598Erected by John Gibson in memory of his beloved daughter Isabella Gibson died 15th June 1868 aged 1 year 10 months. Also his beloved daughter Betsy Gibson who died 20th July 1885 aged 21 years. Also Mary Jane Gibson of Swartafiold who died 11th March 1925 aged 56 years.
2.A895Erected by John Corsie in memory of his beloved wife Margaret Jane Skethaway who died 1st July 1906 aged 37 and their son William Corsie died 28th November 1892 aged 6 months. Also the above John Corsie who died at Banks, Rousay 1st Dec. 1943 aged 77.
3.See A840In memory of Martha Craigie who departed this life 17th Oct. 1864 aged 19 years and Margaret Craigie who departed this life November 10th 1861 aged 13 years and Jane Craigie died March 6th 1866 aged 9 years.
4 Erected by Thomas Mainland in memory of his beloved wife Jane Craigie who died 4 May 1977 aged 61 years.
5.See B3In memory of Mary Allan who died 2nd April 1863 aged 16 years.
6. Erected by........ (Rest of inscription illegible.)
7. (Inscription illegible)
8.A997William Craigie who died at 4 Gill Pier, Westray 13 May 1915 aged 94 years. Also his wife Martha Mainland who died at Laro 10th Nov. 1866 aged 35 years. Erected by survivors of their family.
9.B2Erected in memory of James Marwick who died 21st March 1875 aged 81 years and his wife Christina Groundwater who died 1st Jany. 1878 aged 84 years.
10.See B126Erected by Margaret Sinclair in memory of her beloved daughter Mary Janet Gibson who departed this life December 14th 1879 aged 14 years.
11.B126Erected by Margaret Sinclair in memory of her beloved husband James Gibson who departed this life Aug. 8th 1870 aged 33 years.
12.A840Erected by Betsy Mainland in memory of her beloved husband James Craigie who departed this life Feby. 3rd 1870 aged 61 years.
13. Erected in memory of John and Sarah infant children of the Revd. McLellan, minister of the United Presbyterian Church, Rousay.
14.See B506In memory of Betsy Harcus beloved wife of William Robertson who died October 31st 1888 aged 79 years.
15.See A974Erected in memory of William Mainland Jnr. who departed this life March 29th 1883 aged 47 years also his father William Mainland who died Jany. 14th 1892 aged 81 years and his son David Mainland who died February 7th 1894 aged 43 years.


No..RR Ref.Inscription
16.A841In loving memory of William Craigie who died 2nd March 1906 aged 65 years and also his wife Ann Mainland who died 18th April 1913 aged 74 years. Erected by their sons
17.E96Erected by Ann Mainland in memory of her father Robert Mainland who died 16th Nov. 1889 aged 72 and her mother Julia Mainland who died 12th Jany. 1892 aged 78 years.
18.See E96Erected in memory of Robert Mainland Jr. who died January 8th 1865 aged 17 years.
19.See B127Erected by David and Ann Gibson in memory of their children John died 4th September 1882 aged 2 years 8 months and Jane died 1st August 1889 aged 5 months.
20. Erected by ............ in memory of ......... (Rest illegible)
21.A975Erected by Lydia and Jane in memory of their beloved father John Mowat who died 29th August 1869 aged 76 years and his wife Isabella Yorston who died 26th Feby. 1885 aged 95 years.
22. Erected in loving memory of our dear father Peter B. Brymer, engineer "S.S. Active" who was drowned 25th December 1915. To memory ever dear.
23. In loving memory of James Scott Jamieson who was drowned through the foundering of the "s.s. Active" on 25th December 1915 aged 37. Son of Andrew Jamieson, Longhill, Sandwick, Shetland.
24.A941To the memory of William Mainland, Cotafea, who died 12th December 1857 aged 70 years and of his wife Barbara Reid who died 11th July 1863 aged 61 years.
25. (Vault but no stone.)
26. (Mostly illegible but contains two names) Isabel Craigie and John Gibson . (Possibly A597.)
27.B121In memory of Magnus Craigie who died 7th Feby. 1840 aged 54 years and Christina Craigie his beloved wife who died 4th September 1872 aged 86 years. Erected by their children.
28.B122 and A929Erected by John Mainland in memory of his beloved wife Margaret Craigie who died 18th April 1880 aged 52 years, and by Hugh Craigie in memory of his beloved wife Mary Craigie who died Jany. 9th 1896. "Asleep in Jesus. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord."
29.See B121In memory of James Craigie who died 12th April 1910 aged 85 years and his beloved wife Betsy Mowat who died 28th November 1912 aged 82 years.
30.B124Erected to the memory of Alexander Mainland who died 26th March 1856 aged 86 years and his wife Mary M. Cooper who died 20th March 1877 aged 84 years.

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