Regalities and Baronies, Perthshire


Historically there were a number of regalties and baronies within Perthshire (as elsewhere in Scotland), where Crown vassals held lands by charter on which they held their own courts, as laid down by the individual charter. These charters can be found in the Register of the Great Seal. Although regalities were abolished under the Heritable Jurisdictions Act (1747), baronies continued to exist but eventually ceased to be used in practice.

This list is by no means exhaustive:

  • Abercairny Barony
  • Achmore Barony
  • Alyth Barony
  • Atholl Regality
  • Balquhidder Barony
  • Callender Barony
  • Coupar Angus Regality
  • Cultoquhey Barony
  • Drumcharry Barony
  • Drummond Regality and Barony
  • Dunblane Regality
  • Dunkeld Barony and Regality
  • Gorthie Barony
  • Grandtully Barony
  • Innerwick Barony
  • Keilour Barony
  • Kippendavie Barony
  • Laighwood Barony
  • Letham Barony
  • Lude Barony
  • Menteith Regality
  • Menzies Barony
  • Stanley Barony
  • Strathgartney Barony
  • Strathyre Barony
  • Rossie Ochil Barony
  • Tulliallan Barony

Surviving records are with the National Archives of Scotland.

Boundary changes, 1891

There were significant changes made to both county and parish boundaries in 1891. There is a seperate page dealing with the county changes while parish changes are dealt with on the relevant parish pages.