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"Dunipace, in form, approaches to that of a triangle. It is bounded on the west and north by the parish of St. Ninians; on the east by Larbert; and on the south by the parishes of Falkirk and Denny the Carron separating it from the latter for nearly 5 miles. It is a curious fact that forty years ago there was neither a medical man nor a clergyman, a smith nor a wright, nor even a resident beggar in this parish; and it was only in 1838 that there was either a baker or a tailor. In the latter part of the thirteenth century an uncle of Sir William Wallace was parson of Dunipace, which was originally a chapel of the parish of Ecclis, now St. Ninians. At the time of the Reformation Dunipace and Larbert were erected into two separate parishes the former then being both the more populous, and by far the more wealthy of the two so much so, that the latter could not maintain a minister. A union, therefore, with Dunipace was desired, and accomplished under the authority of two Acts of the Scottish Parliament in 1617 and 1624. The present church stands on top of one of those little knolls with which the whole district abounds. It is built in the Gothic style, with a tower, in which there is a fine bell. It is seated for 604 persons, and was first opened for worship on the 29th June, 1834. The old church stood a mile and a half to the eastward. The population of the parish in 1831 was 1,278; in 1841, 1,578; in 1851, 1,472; in 1861, 1,601; and in 1871, 1,733."

The History of Stirlingshire, by William Nimmo (Third Edition - 1880)


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