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"Extent, &c. - The parish of Stirling is chiefly confined to the town. The whole land in it does not exceed 200 acres. The castle, the constabulary, by which is meant a small portion of land, formerly annexed to the office of constable, are not reckoned in the parish of Stirling. As little are the Royal Domains, or King's park. They are exempted from all parochial assessment, and are in the parish only quoad sacra, and that only since the chaplain ceased to officiate, or reside in the castle. The landward part of the parish lies between the town and the Forth. It extends along the south side of the river, from Kildean, about a mile above the bridge of Stirling, to the east fo the town, with some parks on the south of it. These lands, on an average, are rented at 50 s. per acre. The small village, called the Abbey, which occupies the place where the celebrated Abbacy of Cambuskenneth, and which is situated in a northern link of the Forth, east from Stirling, has hitherto, along with the barony of Cambuskenneth, in which it is situated, been reckoned part of the parish of Stirling. What gave rise to this arrangement is not known, unless it was, that the servants belonging the Abbacy worshipped in Stirling; or that the Canons, Monks or Friars of that monastery, performed divine service, in the church of Stirling, and formed a kind of connexion which continued to subsist after the reformation. One thing is certain, that it has subsisted; for there is actually a seat in the church of Stirling, alloted for the inhabitants of that village; and it appears, that an elder from it has sat in the session of Stirling, almost uniformaly since the year 1559. The barony of Cambuskenneth pays a part of the stipend of the first minister of Stirling; but it is subject to poor's rates in the parish of Logie, and to the jurisdiction of the sherriff of Clackmannan. The commissary of Stirling also exercises his jurisdiction over it, as part of the parish of Stirling; and the commissary of Dunblane exercises his jurisdiction, as lying within the parish of Logie.

Town and Parish of Stirling (County and Presbytery of Stirling - Synod of Perth an Stirling) By the Rev. Mr James Sommerville, one of the Ministers of that Town. (Statistical Account of Scotland 1791-1799)


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Scotland's sixth city and the largest settlement and administrative centre of Stirling Council Area, Stirling lies between the River Forth and the prominent 122m (400 feet) high crag on top of which sits Stirling Castle. Situated midway between the east and west coasts of Scotland at the lowest crossing point on the River Forth, it was for long a place of great strategic significance. To hold Stirling was to hold Scotland.

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A history of the castle including many pictures, tells its story through the ages. The Great Hall has recently been renovated.